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April 8 [Monday] Live Feed Updates

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8:03PM BBT - Emmett, Jillian & Peter in the BY. Emmett & Jillian areworking out, Peter seems to be spotting him. Talla and Andrew in the KT.

8:05PM BBT - Andrew and Talla are cooking a tenderloin BB gave them earlier. Emmett and Peter go into the hallway by the HT to get some cool air. They discuss the lack of plugs.

8:07PM BBT - Emmett asks if Peter has seen Topaz yet. He says yes, and she's mad that Jillian broke "all 3" promises to her. Topaz is the replacement nominee; she is hoping Alec is going home but prepared either way. Her demeanour is fine but Peter thinks she's fuming inside.

8:09PM BBT - Alec & Topaz in the SR. Topaz thinks Jillian wants Alec gone, but Jillian isn't voting. Andrew might vote to keep Alec, Topaz thinks. Alec doesn't think Andrew would rock the boat. Topaz says the only one she sees voting against Alec is Emmett, although she thinks Talla is iffy; she's a wild card. Topaz thinks maybe it could be a tie and Jillian breaking the tie.

8:12PM BBT - Talla tells Topaz she has 43 minutes to go in the HT and pool and "get ready" for dinner; hurry up! she tells Topaz. Talla cleaning the KT, Peter, Emmett and Jillian still working out. Alec on the KT couches watching. Talla is making lobster too.

8:13PM BBT - Andrew in the pool. Emmett telling him he is missing a good workout. Andrew says oh well.

8:25PM BBT - Talla comes outside to the HT where Topaz is. Topaz feels betrayed after how long she stayed up during the endurance comp. Talla says she feels they are not on the same page anymore, Topaz assures her she's always had her back.

8:29PM BBT - Talla tells Topaz that showmances on BB don't last that long. (Topaz is not wearing a mic and is very hard to hear) BB tells her to put on her mic (Thank you, BB!). Talla tells Topaz she's not over her, and Topaz says she's not. Talla says Topaz has her vote.

8:31PM BBT - Topaz is upset Jillian thinks she doesn't trust her, because she did. Topaz feels the guys are closer than the girls and the girls need to stick together. Talla takes over the conversation, telling Topaz that she is going to lie to Alec. Topaz is mad she stepped off the iceburg. Talla tells her she could've been gone last week and don't worry about it this week. Topaz tells Talla to let Andrew know she's not gunning for him.

8:37PM BBT - Talla is going to tell Jillian about their convo, and all of their friendships will get stronger from this because that's how a friendship gets strong; through rough patches. She tells Topaz she loves her and runs back to the KT to check dinner.

8:40PM BBT - Talla jokingly accuses Emmett of stealing a pack of her cigarettes and tells him to sleep with one eye open. He tells her Jillian is a light sleeper. Talla asks Jillian to make a salad, they discuss what kind and what a carnivore is (because Talla doesn't know).

8:42PM BBT - Peter was in the KT and Talla offers to make him a caesar salad without croutons. He's going to have chicken and fries as his dinner. Talla sets the table.

8:45PM BBT - Jillian goes for a shower. Discussion in the BY turns to food loves. Emmett loves swedish berries, Peter loves salty stuff like chips. Alec asks Peter what would happen if he woke up one day and hated chicken nuggets. Peter says he's been eating his way most of his life. Peter takes multi vitamins.

8:47PM BBT - Talla goes screaming for blush to the HOH room. Once inside, she starts telling Jillian about her convo with Topaz. Jillian tells Talla that Alec is campaigning hard. Jillian takes her mic off to get into the shower and it's running, so hard to hear. Talla is talking so fast, she's also hard to understand.

9:08PM BBT - Topaz in the pool, Andrew & Talla cooking in the KT. Everyone else in the WA (or HOH bathroom in Jillian and Emmett's case) getting ready.

9:10PM BBT - Talla orders Topaz out of the pool. Topaz comments she needs a wax; Talla agrees and Topaz freaks that Talla saw it.

9:15PM BBT - Andrew putting wine glasses out, saying they are going to share the vodka evenly. He warns Talla she is going to be careful this time. Talla goes off "You think I can't handle my vodka?" and then starts sputtering in anger. Andrew grins, "You can't even get a sentence out thinking about it!" Alec pipes in that smaller amounts of alcohol get him drunker quicker in the house.

9:34PM BBT - Andrew, Alec and Emmett teasing Talla about the last time she got drunk. After a few comments, Talla loses her cool with them about how she embarrassed herself on TV and how she's done with them and not going to eat with them or drink with them. She storms out of the KT.

9:36PM BBT - Talla in the hallway by the HT, ranting about how rude they are and how she was the one who had ruined her night. Talla says they can have her alcohol because they are savages and they can call it even. She wants a cigarette, or gum.

9:38PM BBT - Talla tries to get in the DR; gets in. Andrew, Emmett and Alec commenting about how Talla blows up at the drop of a hat. Alec says surely she can see what they are talking about. Andrew agrees, and thinks she should chill out and just laugh about it.

9:43PM BBT - Jillian comes to the KT, Alec asks her if she heard the blow up with Talla. Andrew is fired up because of Talla and ready to snap. Dinner is minutes away from being ready.

9:49PM BBT - Jillian and Talla in the SR. Talla ranting about the jokes the guys were making. Jillian tells her they don't realize they're bothering her; they're just joking. She tells her to just enjoy her drink. Jillian reassures her that they do want her around and they are just teasing her. Talla searches the SR for the nicorette gum BB told her is there.

9:51PM BBT - Andrew goes into the SR to see Talla. He makes her look him in the eye and asks her to come out there and cut the meat. She says no, so he says he'll carve the tenderloin. Talla begins her rant all over again, and Andrew gently tells her he understands and that they care about her and don't want that to happen again to her. He tells her they are family and she can tell them these things.

9:53PM BBT - Alec & Topaz in the WA, Topaz doing makeup, Alec telling her about Talla's breakdown.

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10:03PM BBT: The Hgs is now having dinner, Talla is talking the most on the table. Andrew said today is his father birthday ( Again) Lots of chit chat about normal stuff no game talk.

10:17PM BBT: Topaz look very calm for someone who was the replacement nominee. No game talk at the dinner table.

10:38PM BBT: Andrew said he failed grade six math. Conversation is all about kindergarten to grade six.

10:45PM BBT: The lobster dinner is over. Jillian and Alec is cleaning up the table.

10:50PM BBT: The Hgs is now talking about Tom again. Lots of talk about past Hgs. Nothing much to report.

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11:45PM BBT - all 7 HGs have been sitting around the KT table and talking about "life" - alcohol bottle sizes, teenage drinking parties, birth weights, "stealing" parents cars while underage, etc. No game talk and many people talking at the same time for the past hour or so.

11:53PM BBT - Talla and Jill keep talking about "the funnest time I had".

11:53PM BBT - Talla - if you knew me a few years ago you would think I was calm now. Everyone expresses some level of disbelief.

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11:19PM BBT: The Hgs is now talking about drinking and playing hockey.

11:21PM BBT: Talks turn to drinking in the bar. Looks like they are going to do some drinking. Let the drinking begin, Talla said this is not like the other night when she got drunk.

11:35PM BBT: The Hgs is now writing down what drinks they would like from BB.

11:40PM BBT: No game talk just general chit chat.

11:59PM BBT: Peter is back from the DR, Talla said ten years ago she was 26 ( She did make a mistake)

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12:11AM BBT- Talla and Topaz discussing Talla's behaviour the night she passed out. she wants to know "was it bad?" BB - please stop talking about DR.

12:12AM BBT - Talla and Topaz in HOH practising a dance they might perform.

12:16AM BBT - words fail me to try to describe the dance routine

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12:18AM BBT - Andrew, Peter and Emmett in hot tub. Discussion around Talla and drinking to excess. Discussion about not having to fight for drinks tonight, possibly becasue Gary is not there.

12:21AM BBT - SotH

12:23AM BBT - and we are back

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12:04Am BBT: Topaz in the WA talking to herself asking BB for more alcohol and please dim the lights. Topaz is now flossing and asking BB for a small bottle for them to drink.

12:15AM BBT: Talla and Topaz practicing a dance move in HoH. Topaz is really dancing and jumping on the bed. Talla keep on saying what the fu** are you doing Topaz. Jillian is now looking at them.

12:20AM BBT: Emmett,Andrew and Alec in HT. Jillian just join them conversation is about going to the bar.

12:35AM BBT: Talla and Topaz is still in the HoH listening to music. Topaz is giving the camera a scene to shot.

12:55AM BBT: Alec and Emmett in HT. Emmett is telling Alec he taught they were coming after them. Alec said if he throws HoH he hope Emmett can trust him. Alec said Talla would end up in a better position.

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