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September 5th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Wake up song was supertrooper - ABBA

April loves ABBA

A, M & I in Kitchen, J putting on makeup, H wandering around

A making H eggs

A - better tell rachel these girls took care of you

I - what are you going to tell beau?

H - Im going to tell him Ivette almost blew her face off

I - i think they will no longer have a bbq again

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I wanted BB to redo the veto ceremony so she could ask H which pawn he wanted sitting next to him.

H told J Mike would be proud of her for saving her BB boobies in the game. She didn't look amused.

A keeps saying her mom is going to freak when she sees her baby on the block. M told I she wished she would of said that A was on the block because she was the only one who hasn't been there.

A says when the time comes (not sure what time she is talking about) she is playing with her heart, why play any other way now?

I joins M and A in the work out room now.

Okay they are trying to figure out about last years comp when Drew, Diane and Cowboy was on the rock and Cowboy fell off because he was helping Diane tie her hair back. I think that is what they are trying to get J to tell them, how long did that comp left.

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Jan: how long do you think you'll be with Holly

Howie: hopefully forever

Howie: Bet you think she thinks Michael is hot too?

Howie: Michael called Janie... (singing and teasing)

Howie: did the operator say, there are 15 mins left in the call

Jan: no there was a monitor

H/J whispering

Howie: the NH will be no match for you

Howie: from the window (singing)

Jan: to the wall (singing)

Howie: you like that song

Jan: yeah

Howie tells story about song

Howie plays coasters by himself

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April, Ivette and Maggie in work out room, talking about April's smoking.

I: My ex gf, every time we would break up she would smoke a pack of cigarettes.

A: oh they're so enjoyable. (To Maggie) did you find them enjoyable?

M: I don't know...I just stopped. I was 17 ... I just stopped.

A: I'm going to look so good! I'm going to do crunches. Are you going to do crunches?

M: I'm going to do 300 instead of 600.

A: I'm going to do 100. I mean I've walked for an hour.

A: I'll have to pee at 30 minutes ... just one cup of coffee a day for me. I just want to have fun here for the rest of the time I'm here. And when I leave here, I just want to leave with grace because I'm going to see my baby in a couple of weeks. Going to go back to my wonderful husband, my wonderful live, my wonderful city, my wonderful son (???).

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A: I think you're such a wonderful person. I can't believe you think you don't deserve this money. I would have no qualms at all about voting for you. Nor Jennifer.

M: Well, that's nice of you to say.

::::::::switching feeds:::::::::

Janelle and Howie sleeping in GR.

A: She (Ivette) goes to the bathroom and tries at least 10 times a day. It's not good take those pills all the time. Fibre pills are more natural for your system.

I: These are natural vegetable pills. It's like a fibre.

M: None of it is good for you.

A: Have you ever had a colonoscopy? You might want to get one of those. How long have you been doing this?

I: Just before I came in here ... at home I'll go because I'm at home. I'll take Metamucil. But here, I know I won't go because of the stress and the game and stuff.

A: All's I'm saying is you might want to get a colonoscopy.

M: The only reason she would need a colonoscopy is if she had blood in her stool - that would be a reason. All they'd tell her is that she Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

::::::::::::switching feeds again (enough of this conversation!)

Janelle:Do you think about settling down soon?

Howie: If I found the right bus stop. If not, I'll become a Jedi.

J: Do you have to call it a bus stop? There's nothing wrong with having a serious relationship.

J: I bet your fans would like to know what it would take for you have a serious relationship.

H: If they ask again this week, I'll give a pc answer.

J: Could you see yourself being with a girl like Ashlea?

H: Uh huh. More boobies than one man could handle!

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I,M,A all talking about watching the BB tapes and not taking anything personal, because BB will clip their statements to make it sound how BB needs it to sound for ratings.

I was worried that her family stopped watching the show because she was not winning anything.

Now they are talking about how BB staff provoke them in the DR

I: Pepperoni, Pepperoni,Pepperoni, my husband, my husband, my husband. (making fun of A while standing there)

A: I have alot of funny sayings.

Now I is saying things in a Texas accent.

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A thinks that people who fly under the radar doesn't deserve to be in the f*cking game because they didn't do what they needed to do to finish the game.

M: flying under the radar doesn't mean your not loud or a bad thing.

M thinks it is another way of playing a game, both take thought and skill in doing.

Now they are talking about working out, A wants to walk an hour a day and cut out her caffine intake.

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Very boring day there,

M doing sit ups and saying how the camera moves with her sit ups

A was beginning her warm down on the treadmill

J sleeping in GR

H laying in bed in deep thought

I cleaning the kitchen AGAIN

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A,M and I all in kitchen talking about if B is at the house yet.

A: Jen is probably saying "thank God". James was talking about going to the sequester house with the two most boring people, Jen was probably screaming "come on gang, throw me a bone, throw me a bone."

BB I please go to the DR

I: okay

M and A are talking about playing volley ball

A: so I what do you think about the veto ceremony? (saying that is what BB will ask I in DR)

A: are you going to cry at my good bye message? (to M)

M: no I am not even going to say one to you

A: you have to

M: no I don't

M and A go outside

M: oh she refolded the towels, that makes me so happy

A: huh?

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A complaining about how J and H and DR all told her how M is going to come after her to save I.

M: things are presented in a black and white manner here at this show.


Maggie doesn't want to talk about how the game is played any more. She seems to think BB is going to do what they need to do and the HGs need to accept it.

A: I think you did what is right, they are a target so they would go after them any way.

M: I was a target anyway.

A: I don't know what she is thinking, and I care less to know. (think she is talking about how J feels about I)

A: it is up to the jury, oh well.

A: I don't think, if it were different and I had no friends in this house

M: it would be easier

A: and I was in the final 3 and I had to pick, I wouldn't think who do I want to win the money, I would think who could I win over

M: the friendship isn't made like that though

A: she could think she could bring I with her and we wouldn't vote for I

A: she has no decision, you all think she would take me, but it woudln't be the smartest thing to do (think A thinks that she is more liked over I)

A: it will be interesting to see how she thinks.

M is not really engaging in the convo, think she is all talked out

A: I has been in the DR forever

M: yeah I am going to take a shower and lay down

A: I guess we have to wait and see what happens.

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I, M, H and J all in kitchen making nachos.

M: I like refried beans on my nachos

H: I like poi

M: I could of eatten like 20 of those pies

H: Italians were laughing at us about the pepper pizza, Texans were saying yeah rattle snake, Islanders were going we eat that for breakfast.

M: do you think James will be happy or sad to see you Howie?

H: you mean happy to see me?

I: that fact that he has to hear your voice and call him the veto guy

H: he will be sorry that you beat me, happy that I beat me, happy that I am there after I tried to get him out. I don't know,, I think he wants Ivette to win, you were his closest friend in the house, then Janelle to win, then Maggie and April last to win

I: I thought A was his best friend

H: he considered her the worst person in the house, he kept saying he was getting thrown out of the house by the worst person, April.

H: if you want to get rid of people you have to win HOH

I: he was saving up his power for the wrong comps

H: he was thinking he was on survivor.

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M: think about it, everyone is having a celebration because it is Labor day, and here we are.

H: We could of grilled out if I hadn't blown up the grill

M: yeah that is true

H: I voted out my freaking girlfriend Sarah out, I voted my stylist out of the house, I have voted out the only guy that could use the grill. I got Maggie motivated, look how she beat me. I should be a f*cking motivational speaker.

M: they keep calling everyone in the DR today

H: they have, I didn't hear anyone being called in

M: yeah, I was in there for 30 minutes

H: maybe they want to talk about the veto ceremony

M: what is there to say about it?

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Guest JackShack

I, M, H in kitchen...H talking about playing with his 16" soft balls, a game that is only played in chicago

I talking about watching her first porno (didn't catch whether it was guy on girl or girl on girl)

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BB - You need to quit talking about your DR sessions with other HG

M- I am gonna petition you to shut up!!!

Ivette is pointing to the Wall of Memory saying things about each house guests...

She is stating that James is the root of all problems.

J- I brainstorm all the time, lets clean the house

i- you brainstorm

J- yeah all the time, I have ADD


H- So Do I

I- saying that if she were gonna go snorkling and she would put on her equiptment and then you decide you don't want...

Every other work of her mouth is "I'm Like" and "F******"

janie says that her prob at the beach is when she sets her towel out with her romance novel some nasty f*** always comes and sits by her and stares at her...

i- there was some nasty ass drunk dirty ass lating guy that wouldn't leave from in front of her at the beach and she called the police

j- starts talking about some homeless guy that she met at the beach and she was being nice and the homeless guy said why all the ppl here (at the beach) are so snobby, then she said the bum told her that he used to be in AC/DC blah... blah.... blah....


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Guest somepeople

Howie, Ivette Jan and April in kitchen...Talking

I...When guys cheat on their girlfiends its with a latin chick. Janelle ya thats right.

Talking about how Beau is doing. Talking about DR.

Howie made 3 icecream sands. Iv talking about her burnt hair. Janelle said she was in a fight once and some girl took out a chunk of her hair. (some long story) 9th grade...Howie said were you blond....Janelle no it was light brown.

Ivette ya i was in a fight in school .

April said i never fought in my life.

BB said they made the walk to Julie....idiot proof.

April and Ivette outside...

Iv they are trying to play a game w/us..Ivette said i would be beat out by any of the friends.

Ivette said she told them she does not know how its going to play out...BB came on said dont talk about ?..They said were not BB fix your mics.

Ivette the only person i would win the money over is Janelle...April said i dont think so..

Ivette... James was a good guy..(she means like Janelle)

Ivette said Janelle has been playing this game alone.

April to Ivette dose Janelle think we would bring her to the end.

April ....i did not come in here to play dirty..I dont know what they are thinking

Thats what iam saying you would thin Janelle would take me because iam nice to her. I think she should know that the only way she can win this is if there is a SOS we dont know about. They just fuck w/us.

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I, A, H, J all at the dining table

They are all saying what they think J let Michael do to her in the GR bed.

I: u like the dark chocolate H?

H: I like all chicks

A: you mess w/all kinds of girls.

H: hell yea

A: you don't discriminate

H: no

I: he's an equal opportunity employer

H: If they look good I don't care if they are from Mars, Cuba, Florida, MN. I love Latinos.

I: A says that her dad said "I want me a latin girl that will clean my house" (laughing)

J: what? what? what?

A: he knows that Hispanic women...

J: are good at cleaning?

A: that & then also they do what the men tell them to do. They are very ummm submissive

I: ummm

J: more so I think Mexican women though

I: I just think it is histerical that her (A's) dad wants him a little Latin woman to clean his house. Like I want a me little Rosario, a little Lupe.

H: I never banged an Asian chick before

J: I heard um Asian chicks are like... whores, yep

H: really

J: They like to like piss on each other & they are into like rough sex (wow Janie's true colors showing again)

(more blah blah blah)

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Guest somepeople

Ivette to April why do they ask you who Maggie would bring to the end. A..its a selling tec.

A..I just dont know what their reasoning is..This is not fun i dont like it.

A...Trust me Janelle will go to Maggie and say Ivette said to evict A thats just what they do.

Howie and Janelle playing w/light sabers

H..Ihave been waiting for u Jedi Janie

fighting w/the sabers.

H...you wont join the dark side...maybe Mike will.

H...you cant hide forever Janie join the dark side.

H...my powers have doubled since we last met.

H...you should not have come back.

On the HOH landing

I think Howie won

H...you have been well trained they are no match for you.

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Guest somepeople

Jan do you think BB liked cappy

H..No they asked for his DOR the first week.

H to J

Talking about Last week HOH why do you think they made it so lopsidded Janelle i dont know.

Maggie comes in and says BB has a surprise for them.

BB this is a inside lockdown. Maggie said i dont know why thats occuring

They can order Mc D's

They all ordered all this food and A said lets let Maggie order H said what do u want lettuce. Maggie said 2 Big Macs no meat no cheese.


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