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September 5th Live Feed Updates

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Guest somepeople

The whole group chatting and laughing.. H and J wondering why they have lockdown. Maggie said she is so jacked up she should go back to nightshift.

Talking about comp's

High and Dry...April said J overfilled it.

Now A said i did not see that much. She said you need long legs and fingers.

Talking about how James did good.

Still chatting and waiting for dinner..no Ivette

Lockdown Over

They are talking about what happened w/the B-B-Q and if she just does not know how to light one.

H..What did they lock us down for.

Maggie happy for Mc D's..something diff.

Maggie wonders if the others are eating good Mex Food.

H...they are in the Tropics.

At a resort (I guess he will soon find out poor H)

Jan go to DR.

M and A Feeding Fish

April wondering why H has not gone to DR when he is on the block w/her.

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H,Mand A all looking at the fish, talking about each one, what their names are, how they are acting and so forth. They sit and want to watch the fish, maybe they should be here, we get plenty of fish watching live feeds.

Now they are talking about how they get so upset when BB sets the time for things and are always late. I guess they are getting tired of waiting for their food.

H is so tired, A took a ten minute nap today but her heart woke her up again.

H says he couldn't figure out the f*cking faces in the last comp. He said he didn't know if those were faces from BB3 or what. The one he got most screwed up was the one with him and Jenny, he said his future wife and he couldn't figure it out. He said it was a bad representation of skill.

A: is R going to be sad if you go this week,

H: of course she wanted me to win

H: No f*cking way was I going to win that event

M: do you think it was bias?

H: Hell no, I am just not good at it.

A: I think each event is made to let certain people win

A: If I would of known to study faces, I could of done it in a heart beat

H: I am use to see Jenny in person, how would I know in a picture

A: I don't like this feeling

H: it is simple, if you don't win you go home.

H: the coaster game, I didn't want to tie Rae Rae and disqualify her

A: as long as I got one point, I didn't care then. I shouldn't of been that way but I wanted one point

M: they made it sound like it was going to be difficult to even get a point, I was hosting

H: you threw one up and it stood

A; If April can do it anyone can

M: that isn't what we meant.

M: they made it sound so diffcult in the instructions

H: then there was the tie breaker I was in the bathroom when they explained that

A: I knew about that right

H: I and J knew about it

M: I didn't know about it till weeks later

A: if I had known that I would of tried better

H: I threw K away on purpose, but then I thought wait a minute

J comes in and we go to that horrible "oh your so cute, no your cuter, your my beef cake" God let it be over soon.

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J talking about starting her period tomorrow. She said she woke up bitching and greasy and cranky. Ivette said, "like usual". Jan let that one go.

A: I am going to say bye to pepperoni (the fish) when I get evicted.

Earlier Janelle said she feel in a fire

I asked her how she gets in so many bad situations

Janelle said she was f*cking drunk and back in Minn so many weird things happen.

Maggie was starting to say something about DR asking them about talking about others and she said "Oh forget it, can't talk about it"

M was in the DR for an hour and a half.

A asked DR if they could do something for them since it is Labor day.

M: oh that was nice

Now they are telling I how she needed to read the instructions before grilling.

M: you blow things up, B would never blow things up.

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I going along the pictures of house guests and telling them why they got evicted.

When she got to James she said he had to many webs coming out of him but she still liked him.

M: we all have problems, I am not listening, I am not listening, I am not listening, are you talking to me? Okay I have a problem. We all have funny things about us, really funny.

I: I wonder why they gave Ashlea a side view of her, she is very pretty,

M: she is very pretty

A: she has this weird thing going on with her nose (I think is what she said)

M: there is four major players that never took the fall for anything, that is amazing game playing.

A tells I she was put up twice as pawns

I: still very close

A: no it wasn't

I: your safer this week than I ever was

A: a pawn is a pawn

A: minds could be changed in a week

I: yeah but this is a no brainer

A: are you sure

M: yeah no brainer

A: this will be a tie breaker, I can't believe I will be in the first tie breaker

M whispered something

A: they are all f*cking with us

A; God I would of never thought this, Jan's partner left the first week, Mag lost hers on the third week, it isn't a negative to have your partner leave

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A says that the way H talks they want her gone. Jan said she wants I gone. They thought that Mag was the first on their hit list.

M: that is what B said, we shouldn't be talking about this down here.

Now they are moving to a better place to talk. I,A,M goes to BY and starts talking

They are counting how many players and how many points to win on foosball just in case

M: she is watching what we are looking at, she is watching at what we are studying

A: she always does that.

Now they are discussing malls and stores, we got fish for a second.

M: can you realize that soon this whole thing is going to be over? can you see the end? it is obtainable

I: yeah I can

M: she called H down when we were talking about high and dry, she said she didn't know if they were dumb or what.

A: we were talking about who did well, how they did well

she said Janelle, said the reason she did well was because she didn't spill any water and she filled it full and wait till the bubble burst and evidently everyone else was dumb and didn't see that.

A: said well apparently James and someone else wasn't dumb, they beat you

M: she was arrogant about saying we were dumb, you don't say that to someone

A; I told her that those with long fingers and stuff and they did better, Eric came in last because of his height and fingers and was athletic

A; Eric will shit when he sees her gone

M: yeah he wanted her gone the first week.

I: I wish we had more comps like that

M: meta morph was a good comp

A: yeah for Janelle

M: it was a great comp for everyone.

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Now talking about the mud veto, I said she knew that there was more than 12 keys in each slot, Jan must of figured there was 12 keys in each slot.

I: there are plenty of games to do in this game, we don't need repeat games.

I: the pool game was a good one

A: oh shit

M: I didn't play for that, who was HOH

I : beau

M: and he picked James?

A and I: yeah

M: we have all had good runs in this game

I: you have more things under your belt than me

M: yeah you need to win a veto and you will be tied, you can do it to.

A: we have to win this

M: we have a 75% chance to do this but no one cares about percentages

I goes on about playing the lottery and how it doesn't matter how many people play the lottery all the time, it is about the one person that gets the right numbers.

I: you guys, this show is over on a Tues, from tomorrow we only have 14 days.

M: till I am covered in puppy slobber

M: beau would be very unhappy with you (guess she is playing with the grill again)

Talking about the wrap party now and who will get drunk.

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Guest somepeople

A talking about 1 of the fish he is so cute i just want to kiss him.

A..The fish are in heat ( funny)

M.. the other fish are mean to Jenny the go up and hit her w/their tails

Maggie said do you think the veto game was bias against you.


H..said you win or you go home.

April said she could have done so much better on the coaster game. She said she only needed 1 point.

Howie said he could have to.

Howie to DR

Ivette said she smelled like ass after the B_B_Q thing.. H..said no you smelled like a Cuban kabob.

Period talk..all girls Maggie and April whispering?

April going to miss the fish.

M and A baby talking the fish.

Maggie said wont we be one big happy fam when H is gone.

A. M,I they would rather have anyone else there but Janelle.

Maggie said we all have funny things about us...Maggie loves Ash picture.

Maggie said J had 4 major players to hide behind.

Talking about them being pawns.

I said its a no brainer this week. A said i will be the first tie braker.

Maggie said no J will vote off H to get a in w/you A.

Maggie said loosing my partner did not help me.

They are talking about J (cant write it all)

They are talking about who will be J's target. They are telling A it wont be her.

Maggie said we should not be talking about this down here(kitchen)

Outside now

I,A,M,A only feeds

They are having HOH school

Maggie said J is watching them to see what they are looking at..

Talking shopping. 2 min

Game talk ...back to Janelle

Maggie said J is arrogant.

A...Said Eric will shit if he sees J at the End ...M said ya he will he wanted her gone the first week.

M...Guys we need her gone.

They want games that are even on playing fields....

Not ones that have been on other shows.

M..said we have had good runs at these game.

They are hopeing that they win HOH and the veto.

They think if J wins it will be that she wins the lottery m..said its not the people that play everyday that win its that person thAt plays $1

Talking about wrap party...Maggie says she likes a touch of booze.

Wine and beer...

Dave fav drink Tang 10.

MC D here

(family time)

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H going on about how great he has it, 3 blondes and one carpet muncher, pictures of his family, fish, four bedrooms

A: and we have two carpet munchers

J: that means you H (H was confused with Aprils comment)

Janelle is asking about voodo, Ive admits she knows a few people who do that and is now explaining it is a religion.

J: (to Ive) you don't believe in that do you

I: my family don't practice it but we respect it

J: tell me a story about it

I: they wear colored beads, and those beads are to protect them, they don't take them off.

A: they casts bad spells on people

I: remember when I was doing that weird dance in the bathroom

H: with Beau Beau

I: yeah that is what they do, they go to people's house. People will go to a witch doctor and they will tell you about your life and future, I have been to a few of them, but I don't believe in casting spells on people, the best way of not having a spell come true is to not believe in it, but you need to respect it.

A: let's not talk shit about it because there are people watching us here

I: yeah they will cut your hair and take it home and do spells

A: I have seen movies like that but I didn't know it was true

J talking about a movie she saw about it.

I: yeah my god daughters mom really believes in that, she put a........ then fish.

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Jan asked Ive how she got here, when her parents came over, I said when they were 9 and 12. Jan asked why they came here, Ive said Castro took over and offered the chance to leave so they left. Now Ive is telling stories about how her dad felt when he came over here. How violent Miami was back then.

Janelle says that the beach is so mixed up, so many surfers, bumbs, gays.

April said she went to the mall along the beach and there was so many gays there

Ivette said "gee we are so strang huh?"

H changed the subject back to migrating to the USA quick.

Janelle wants to know why and how the young girls in Cuba who don't speak english come over here.

I tells here about them coming in rafts and such and it takes a very long time.

Some come in boats and they still have water in their shoes when they get off the boat. You don't jump on the raft or boat and risk your life if you don't need to get out of there. Jan is confused why come here if they can't speak english.

Howie knows more about this stuff than Janelle. He is explaining if they have one foot on the beach then they can stay, if they are in the water they are held back. Ivette says Miami can't complain because that city has been transformed by Cubians, they work, they don't use food stamps they don't depend on the government. Miami should be thanking the Cuban people.

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April and Maggie by the hot tub now

Ive, Jan and Howie talking at the table.

April telling Maggie that with all the talk she figures she might as well pack her bags because no one will want her in the end with them because she will win.

Maggie says if she thinks about this to much it gets depressing because she doesn't think she is even an option to win either. Maggie said she didn't think of the scenero that April just described because she only sees stradegy from her point of view.

Maggie says she thinks Janelle thinks she can beat Ive, but she would rather April win the money more than her. We all see things from our own point of view

April wants Maggie to look inside right now, Ive talks to Jan more than she does. Maggie is pointing out that April talks game with Jan, Ive doesn't. April complains that Ive talks to Jan more, but Maggie says it is because they have more in commom such as Florida. Maggie says she learned her lession on getting information either second hand or first hand from James. She says for her she decided that she can't make her choices based on what others say. Maggie said she was part of the problem that April is talking about and she is so sorry, she didn't mean to hurt April. April says she is so f*cking tired of them saying that, she doesn't know how many more times she can say this.

Maggie says that the only game talks she has now is with Ive and April because it is useless to talk to Jan or Howie about the game, she doesn't trust them anyway. April feels like "shit, if I keep getting teamed up with her, I feel like I am on this team with you and Ive, but you both are on a team and I am left out."

Maggie says I picked you over Beau, April says you picked me and Ive over Beau

Maggie trying to convince April that she has her back, Ive is alone really and Ive knows that.

April says that everyone changes the story when they are repeating it. They are confused because Jan said Howie wanted Ive out first, and then Beau said that he felt Howie wanted him out first, but Howie put Ive up first during Nom. Fish

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M says They are trying to create a situation in which we'll turn on each other

M saying that Jan has some attachment to A and feels that Jan will take her to the end if janie stays but A says when you say it like that it sounds like your thinking well if thats true I (Al) will be the one going

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April says that because Mag and Ive keeps saying Jan has more of an attachment to April, why would Mag and Ive want April to be in the final three. Maggie says that is how you see it, NOT how we see it. Mag doesn't want to look at that option, she wants clean game playing and to be happy for who won and add sportsmanship.

April thinks Howie is a great sportsman with this and she is proud of him, Maggie agreed. April tells Mag that both Jan and Howie talked to Ive and April today but not Maggie. Maggie says that it is because they are trying to gather information so if Jan wins HOH they will know what to do. April wonders how Jan could really think one of the friendship would change their votes and give her the money. Maggie says they are hoping that the friendship had some major problem and would turn on each other (like April and Ive turn on each other often). Mag thinks that they want those two there so they can cause a problem and Jan will get the extra vote.

We got fish, but when they came back April was talking about how illegal it is to know someone in connection with BB and CBS, Mag said it was in the contract and then we have fish again. (would be funny if at the end we find out Jan is a BB fixture and wasn't an acutal house guest)

Maggie says there is to much time on their hands, April thinks it is because they want to f*ck with their heads. :blink: April is complaining about things someone is doing in the house and Maggie keeps trying to convince April it is part of the game. Now April is trashing Ive, she hopes Ive is being true to herself in this game. How Ive is so devastated about how people lie to her and back stab yet she says one thing and does something different in this game and it is pissing April off. Mag has no comment, I think she knows it is a losing battle trying to convince April of anything.

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H telling I that if he is kept over A, he & Han would keep her if april or maggie put her up and she would have a better chance at making it to the end. I doesn't think she would make it because H & Jan are a team. Jan said you could beat either one of us and H says that A is more of a threat to I than he is because its mostly a memory game from now on.

H now tells I: You have a friendship w/ M & A and if they are your true friends they will be your friends when this is over.

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A: Jan would take Ivette to final 2. Strategically out of you and Ivette, I'd take Ivette. Strategically, you should take Ivette. I haven't thought that far though.

M: I didn't either until you said that. I was like Uh Oh. Strategically, I don't have a partner on the jury. And you do and Ivette does.

A: I automatically has 2 votes in the jury. Unless it's her and Jan at the end. That's the only way that vote changes in the end. James is a wildcard. I guarantee she does. They thought they had a friggin alliance. They still do.

M: We'll never know!

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April says Mag and her have to win HOH bottom fricken line. Mag says yeah and the other needs to win the veto. April thinks it will suck if Jan wins the veto and gets to decide who is going that week. April is also thinking if both Jan and Howie goes to sequester then James will be the tie breaker between the two left.

Now they are talking about how Janelle stares at them, April tries not to make eye contact with her. Maggie wants to go to the HOH room and study things for the next comp.

April and Mag walked in the house and H,J,I stopped talking and Jan left the room. Mag went to get her laundry in the dryer and April came out and said did you notice they all stopped talking and left when we walked in. Mag says welcome to my f*cking world. Ive came out and told Mag that they were trying to get Ive to keep Howie and get rid of April. Mag asked if she was going to do it. Ive just laughed. Ive is now talking about how they are trying to brainwash people.

Mag and Ive were out talking about the things that have been said

BB: Ivette, Maggie, House guests do not talk about what is said in the DR

Maggie: why don't we just not talk for the rest of the time in here.

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Jan talks to April in HOH room

Mag says that Jan thinks Ive practices voodoo, isn't that crazy.

now Ivette joins.

Mag asked Ive if Jan really thinks Ive practices voodoo, Ive says that isn't what she was saying, she isn't sure what Jan thinks.

Mag asked Ive : you said you thought they were kissing your ass, can you tell us more about that.

Ive: sort of, they aren't kissing my ass, they are telling me if I went to the end with you guys may chances are pretty slim.

Mag: do we have a better... I think that is what everyone is trying to make us think, we won't win unless we take Janelle.

Ive: How and Jan were telling me that I would be out of their radar next week and I would make it to the final three and then I could beat them.

A: I knew it.

M: how f*cking ballsy

I: if they are your real friends, they will still vote for you in the end.

M: if I choose Jan over April, the friendship is done, that is what the friendship is done, it has secure us

M: they don't get it, because they don't understand that, their group self destructed, if you don't have it then you won't understand what we have.

I: What I said to Howie and Jan, because God forbid these f*ckers think I am talking about them. If I backstab April, to get close to the money, then I am stepping over people and I don't want to be rewarded. I will settle for the 50

M: that is what I said, but it makes them mad

A: you have to be content with things.

A: how did it come up

M: after I left?

M: H feels comfortable with you so that is how they approach you

M: I don't have a connection with them so they won't confront me. Howie and I talked about sequester and Beau and Jen last night when I gave him a back rub

I: Jan said April tried to vote me out before

I: Oh if I want to really play dirty, don't you think I would of kept James.

I: they don't understand how realistic I am, how I am content with the little things.

A: I would rather walk out with friends than the money.

I: listen to this, I said don't you know I understand I am not playing the best game? Am I playing the game the best? No

M: if we were playing the best game we wouldn't make friends in here.

I: James played the game the best he could, he is a true meaning of the game, Jan do you have any connections and friends in this game? No, you are playing an awesome game. She couldn't believe I was telling her this.

I: Howie says April beat him at hockey

A: oh he is trying to say I am stronger than him.

M: I think it is funny they are even attempting this, I am sorry your on the block for this, but it is funny, you have nothing to worry about April.

A: I know

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Ive is telling Mag and April, Jan said because April made an agreement with Jan by saving them, that bought April a free week and put the target on Beau and Ive. April didn't get it but Maggie did. Ive said it didn't matter what April did because the most straedgic move was for them to break up the pair, April didn't put a target on us.

M: I wish I was there, it sounds like a major brain f*ck.

A: so they never promised you the final two, just the final three

I: yeah

I: Jan wanted to know if Ive thought James would pick her over Jan, and Ive said yeah he would vote for you, because you played the game the way he wanted to, he never agreed with my style of playing.

A: I think if he was at the end he would pick Jan because he could win the money over her, but on the jury he will pick you over Jan

I: I didn't trust James that much, I didn't vote for him to stay, so you don't have to say anything to me. I just love the way they were dumb struck, like this girl was for real. If you were really my friends, you would have to understand why I have to pick Howie

M: ahhhh I understand

A: why would you do that?

M: she is joking, then she would stay

I: you really don't understand

A: no I don't

Now Ive is explaining what she meant, A: that sounds like it comes from the f*cking rats.

I: I said, can I use the money? Absolutely, would it make a big difference for my family? 100%, but if I don't get it, it is okay.

A: everyone deserves the money

I: you got brought in this show, I searched this show out because I was trying to solve my family's problems. Maybe this is the answer to my family's prayers, so I tried,, can't say I didn't try for my family.

A: how stupid, that is what I said, if they ever approach me with this final three stuff, now James said they talked about it but they never approach me

M: no the question they asked Ive is so ballsy, I was wondering if you were approached to

A; I am on the block though

M: yeah I forget someone other than Howie is on the block

I: right now Jan is praying if she is staying she has no chance for the 500 so if she keeps me then she has a chance.

A: she doesn't like you, you or me, you can talk all you want about how she likes me, but like last night, she did that thing about Maggie, she said there is only one person in this house she hates, I didn't even ask who it was. We talked about next week and she said if it was Ive and one other person on the block she would vote that bitch out.

I: I told her don't think I don't know I am the first person she wants out of the house.

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I,M,A talking about how Jan and Howie blame certain people for their team being gone. Ive gets the blame for K, Mag gets the blame for Sarah. April wants to go tell them off but Ive says if she does she won't tell April anything else. April says she was just making a comment, and Ive brings up April talking about getting Ive out a few weeks ago. Now April is trying to clear herself.

A is telling them how Jan wanted her to put Howie up an Ive as a pawn, then take Howie off and put up James. She said Jan didn't feel comfortable with that and April said for her to just sit pretty and trust her. She is really stressing how Jan wanted Ive on the block not her and to get Howie off the block. (sorry listening to a story from April is like going through a maze)

M: they aren't stupid, they just think we are stupid. If you would of done that then there would of been two votes for James to stay.

A: all it does when we sit and listen to them is get us worked up, that is all it does (although Mag and Ive seem pretty calm, April is the only worked up one)

How and Jan asleep in the GR

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April went outside to be alone

M: (to Ive) you put me in a bad position, you came out and told me something and asked me not to tell April and then you came up here and told her and told her you already told me. I was trying to keep my promise and still answer her.

I: sorry

I: well I just told her she didn't sign up for the money, I did

M: I didn't sign up for it either

M: it is okay, I just didn't see it that way.

I: I just think the closer we get to the end, the more she wants it. She makes in the high 80's, her husband makes in the 100's

M: wow that is more than I make as a nurse. How did you know that?

I: she told me, between the both of them they make over 150, I make 300 dollars a week. So for her to sit here and always make it about.... it just really upsets me. She told me and Beau that she has a company car and student loans to pay off, but don't compare the double income of you and your husband of 150 to my little 30 income. It is just funny to see people like that.

I: I don't want to sound like a horrible person but........... then fish.

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Guest somepeople

A...would rather walk out of the house w/friends than the money.

M..If we were playing the game the best we would not have friends in here.

I..Howie tried to sell me that A is the stonger player

A..I am the stronger player.

M..I think this is so funny tat they would try this.

I...Dont worry it makes no sence.

M..It wouls defeat our whole purpose

I..Says she told J dont you think i am the first person you would want out

M..Says that sound like a great mind fuck

They are telling I that James would pick her at the end for the money

Maggie i really wish i was there

I...that H and J said if M and A were really her fiends they would understand why I would have to pick H...M...thats fucking awsome..(very true about real friend)

They said the idea sound like it came from the rats.

I... talking about her family money probs

Maggie said they are really ballsy

M...I trust that you wont evict me

April trying to think of what Jan has said in the past.

April .... Jan will say different thing to each of them

M...we have knocked out everyone Jan has been hiding behind...OOPS

Talking about Kaysar going.

Maggie said they try to put the blame on other people for K and S? going

Talking about the time I was on the block and she new something was going on.

I...they can try anything they want..I wont fall for it.

A..saying J does not hate any of us more than the other..I just think she is trying to get us against each other

M...I have a hard time that they are even doing this

A talking about giving J a H a free bee on the evict James deal

M...they think we are stupid.

A...from what iam going to do from now on is say..you dont even need to talk to me..

A.. Alls this does is get us all worked up.

M...does not want to go downstairs tonight.

I...Jan better not eat my apple pie

A..Mc D yuk

A..Iam going outside to be by my self

M.. you put me in a bad postion to I about something I said A

I...I Hate how A gets money hungry and how A said she did not come here for the money

M...I just dont see it that way.

I..I find it funny how she wants the money

I ...saying how much money A makes high 80's and then her husbands money.

M...She makes more than me and iam a nurse.

I...talking to Maggie about April compare her income w/I

I...i dont want to soud like a horrible person FISH FISH so we cant hear

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