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9/3 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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3:31 PM BBT Dani and Dan go over the rules of rummy. The ILD is over and Jenn heads outside to kick back on the BY sofa.

3:39 PM BBT Dan/Dani playing rummy still. Ian heads outside and to the hammock. Frank joins Dani/Dan at the KT table.

3:52 PM BBT Jenn lying out in BY. The game of rummy continues in the KT. Sounds as though Dani is beating Dan. Ian walks through the KT and outside. Frank says something to Dan about Ian being "Little Man".

3:57 PM BBT A small disagreement has broken out about the value of the ace in a game of Rummy (this is the excitement today).

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4:14 AM BBT

Ian and Joe talking by the pool. Ian saying that Frank gets all mad at Dan for Frank and Ashley going up during Ian's mini-HOH but Jenn was one of the people clamouring for it. Jenn never took any heat for it though. That's very interesting.

"You aren't playing for second, you are playing to win. You got a bear on the first night, not a lot of people got those. You survived a reset and basically rendered Wil's HOH useless. You try, I'll give you that." Ian tells Joe they say that Jenn just sleeps. Ian says he will get her out of here, she can't win.

4:21 PM BBT

"She's my absolute last choice. I will never vote for her." Ian says of Jenn "She's the only one that never got a bear on the first night. I feel that Danielle would eventually have got one if she had time."

4:23 PM BBT

"He's out man, love the guy, love everything but he's gone." says Ian

Frank, Dan and Danielle enjoying themselves playing Rummy still.

"You will never, ever in anyway ..." Joe saying to Ian

"Hold it against me?" Ian says.

Joe is not upset that Ian put him up, they are ok, both of them liked Britney so much. They are a possibility together to get to the end.

4:26 PM BBT

Dan is painting with nail polish on a white china mug.

"I do think it's possible to get Shane's vote." says Frank "Do you think so?" asks Dan

"Before I had the chance to ask how he's voting he said to me, I think I might be able to help you get Danielle's vote.

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4:33 PM BBT

"You know that brown sugar and white sugar are the same thing, you know." says Frank to Dan. "It's just been bleached."

"There's a bunch of food liars in this house!" laughs Dan who refers to black olives just being bruised green olives.

They talk about the perfect way to pour a bowl of cereal.

Outside Joe and Ian talk about Fresca. They've stopped talking about Jenn who "won a veto by default and went on slop and is now a superpower."

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4:47 PM BBT

Jenn and Frank talk in the sneaker room. He says he watched them play cards for half an hour. They both lay down for a nap.

4:50 PM BBT

Dan whispering with Danielle. I can't hear them.

Joe sitting at the HT. Ian rocking.

4:51 PM

Dan whispered, "third round...I can beat Shane in an endurance" I think. Dan is about to go out just so she knows, out in rummy I assume.

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5:13 PM BBT

Joe and Ian talking about who they have 'dogged' in the DR. Earning them a "You are not allowed to talk about your Dairy Room with other House Guests" warning.

Shane now at the KT table watching Dan/Danielle play cards.

"Jokers and Survivor Sucks, you can tell Janelle she's looking at the man who might have taken Frank out of the house." Joe says of Ian

"#12pointbuck" says Ian.

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5:27 PM BBT

Ian doing laundry.

Danielle brings down a card and then tries to take it back. "Put it down, you already put it down. Cheaters never win." says Dan. He tells Shane how to score the cards.

5:33 PM BBT

Ian rocking, full bodied, in the hammock in his own form of Jedi Training. Joe, Frank and Jenn asleep. Dan, Danielle and Shane still at KT table playing cards.

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6:05pm dan and dani still playing cards at the dt. shane has now joined and is doing the money for them.ian still rocking in the hammock which is now creaking everytime he rocks. joe in bed sleeping.

6:25pm Joe is now up and sitting with his feet in the hottub not saying anything. ian still on hammock rocking and mummbling to himself. dan,dani and shane still at dt playing cards. frank and jenn are sleeping.

6:38pm dani tells dan she is mad at him he says i am sorry trying to make her laugh a little but it isnt working. she looks at shane and says are you telling him what i have? shane ;laughs and says no. ian is now checking on the washing machine. he now runs back to his hammock and continues his rocking.

6:39pm ian now goes in the house and says shower time and heads to the hoh rm.

6:56pm dani telling shane she doesnt like all the sarcastic remarks toward her. shane says i stopped . she says i know but i get it from you then i get it from dan and its to much. joe is now laying in the hammock resting.

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7:16PM BBT - Frank, Shane, Dan general chit chat in the KT. Jenn making slop cookies. Dani applying makeup in the WA.

7:23PM BBT - Dani at the KT for more cards with Dan. Joe in the BY, grilling something. He tells us he has a long week of campaigning. Gotta get Frank out this week. Joe thinks Janelle will be happy if they get Frank out this week. Knows he needs 3 votes, so needs to steal Jenn's or Dan's. Jenn is close to Frank, and he doesn't know about Dan. Doesn't want a tie, that will leave it in Ian's hands. Has 3 days to campagin hard. Joe wants to win HOH this week to stop everyone. Really wants a letter from his wife, know how his kids are doing. It's tough missing them. Joe says he has a snowball's chance in hell of winning this but can't win it if he ain't in it, so he will keep fighting. "A boy can dream."

Joe knows Frank has 9 lives, but maybe this week he'll only have 6 lives so he'll leave. He needs the strong men to go home so Joe can win something.

Joe is making grilled lemon chicken tonight. Only so much to work with since "Jessie-claus" didn't leave them with many options.

7:37PM BBT - Joe thinks they should have gotten rid of Dan when they had the chance. Why remove Brit when Dan was a bigger threat? What are you thinkin', brother? (Joe about Frank) You've lost your mind. Now you've got Dan in the house, reading the bible while he stabs you in the back.

Joe tells us live feeders (especially the women) that we'll get to watch Shane work out tonight.

7:39PM BBT - Ian called to the DR. Still general chit chat going on in the KT. Joe now telling us how he got into cooking in the BY. [Joe is making about 18 pieces of chicken... that's a lot of chicken for only 6 people in the house who can eat it -- BBLuver]

7:44PM BBT - Joe thought there were weeks in the beginning where he thought he wouldn't even be here now. He's lucky, he survived the block 4 times.

Dan gets yelled at by BB for singing. Joe: Dan, causing trouble again like usual. He breaks something almost everyday. He breaks or destroys something. Joe says he loves us superpassers and live feeders.

7:47PM BBT - Joe gets called to the DR [Thank you, BB! -- BBLuver]. He gets up to take the chicken off the grill before heading inside. Ian comes outside to do laundry. Ian starts muttering to himself as he folds.

7:52PM BBT - Joe sets out the chicken and zucchini. Dan asks if he is banned from dinner or can he get in on it. Joe tells him to go ahead. Jenn made slop tater tots, not chips. Joe makes himself a plate while everyone washes up for dinner, except Dani who is popping pimples in the WA. Dan asks her if she's considered ever teasing her hair so it's huge. Dani says she'll do it one day for him. Dani yells at BB for moving the camera in front of the mirror she's using for her face and they says "Danielle, you are not allowed to talk about production."

7:57PM BBT - All are in the KT enjoying dinner of zucchini and lemon paprika chicken (or slop tater tots if you're Jenn) except for Dani who is in the WA.

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8:07PM BBT: Everyone is at the table eating except Frank. Frank is putting dishes away. Ian telling them all he feeds the fish everyday. They're talk about a fish names stripes. Ian doesn't know how stripes is still living he doesn't eat.

8:09PM BBT: Everyone thanks Joe for making dinner he says your welcome. Danielle says you are making everything spicy today huh ? Joe says it's a spicy kind of day since Ian threw my ass on the block today. Ian says sorry Joe and we get FotH.

8:13PM BBT: Frank outside in by saying someone left a plate with ketchup on the mini fridge who is going to wash that shit? not me. he sits on couch saying I am on the block again yo. I can't play for HoH this time. so hopefully I won't leave . he says so hopefully I sit out this week and win next week and get Ian out I mam tired of his squeaky lil voice.

8:14PM BBT: Ian and Dan come out to by. Ian is finishing folding his laundry. Dan and Frank talking about their legs hurting from that last competition they played.

8:19PM BBT: Jenn is raising the awnings up in the by for bb. Dan joins Danielle and Joe at the hot-tub. Jenn has finished raising the awnings now and is going to the hot-tub to join the others. Frank has gone inside to the bathroom . no one is saying much just general talk.

8:25PM BBT: All the HGs but Ian sitting at the hot-tub talking about competitions that they have all played in and how hard some of them were and how some of them was funny as hell to watch. Ian is on the hammock rocking as he always does.

8:28PM BBT: Ian is now joining the hot-tub crew. they are all talking about movies that are amazing to watch like American pie.

8:31PM BBT: Frank goes in the house to change his mic out for one in the storage room, then heads to the bathroom. HG in by talk about they have no idea who is running for vice president or anything. Jenn says we know nothing.

8:38PM BBT: Frank talking about some girl at the beach that has 3 hula hoops at one time and how impressive it was.

8:41PM BBT: Joe goes inside to the kitchen gets a bite of chicken walks to the bathroom saying goodnight Sarah kiss the babies and love you then goes in bathroom area then back to the kitchen to eat another bite of chicken . he puts chicken in the fridge then heads back out to the BY.

8:48PM BBT: HG at the hot-tub talking about Danielle teasing her hair. Ian just changes his mic for one in the storage room. Danielle called to the DR.

8:50PM BBT: Shane says Ian you have done some serious hours in that thing today ( hammock) . Ian says at least 5 hours.

8:52PM BBT: Ian called to change his mic in storage room again. Frank, Joe, Jenn, Dan, Shane are all at hot-tub talking about cereal.

8:54PM BBT: Jenn went to the bathroom. as she was in there Dan waits outside the door and yells boo and scares her. he says I got you. Jenn says shit you scared me.

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