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9/3 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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21:00PM BBT Frank and Jen out by the HT discussing why Dan and Joe are in the Arcade room chatting. Both very surprised. Joe in the Arcade room tells Dan not to use the veto. Dan thanks him for his suggestion and tells him it gives him something to think about.

21:04PM BBT Frank tells Jen what Joe told him earlier about Jani talking to the feeders at night supposed inciting hatred towards Frank (once again...this never happened). Dan and Joe's chat in the Arcade room wraps up. Jen spots Joe exit the Arcade room and head into the KT.

21:06PM BBT Dan remains in the Arcade room by himself. Jen and Frank near the HT Jani bashing. Jen said Jani had a sense of entitlement to her when she was in the house. Feeds switch to Ian and Shane in the hammock. Joe comes out into the BY and joins Jen and Frank in the HT.

21:10PM BBT Ian subtly talking about his DRs and we manages to avoid the fish to start out. Ian switches to telling Shane about Dan's upcoming speech when he goes to use the POV. Shane asks Ian if Frank thinks he's going home. Ian says yes he thinks he is.

21:13PM BBT Jen and Joe around the HT discussing how clean the HT is. Joe asks Jen if she has a HT. Jen is seriously thinking about getting one but she's not sure if she's going to live that long at the place she'll be going to when she gets out of the house. Joe says she'll be married within a year. Jen says she'll curse Joe when it happens. "Chef Joooooooee...."

21:16PM BBT Shane and Ian now rehashing how long the've been in the house and the various important dates of key events. Frank says they've got 4 beers and a bottle of wine. Ian and Shane pass on drinking tonight. Joe and Frank will be drinking. They've give the drinks 30 minutes or so cool down. Jen tells Frank if he doesn't drink them then people like Jesse will come in and take them all away again. Frank says Jesse took 8 beers. "He took 8 of those jokers..."

21:19PM BBT Ian's rocking in the hammock is slowing down a bit, he was really rocking away there for some time. Shane just laying there enjoying the ride. In the HT Frank, Jen and Joe are having idle chit chat. Joe says his wife will be closing up the pool soon and she'll have a busy day tomorrow. Shane yawns (causing me to yawn...grrrr!)

21:23PM BBT Shane tells Ian that he's going to get some cardio knocked out. Ian remains rocking on the hammock. Frank gets up and begins to walk around saying he's trying to free some air in his belly to make room for some beers. Ian asks Frank how he's doing and Frank says he's doing about as well as he can while he's on the block. Ian lets one rip and Frank commends him on it. Jen gets out of the HT and lies on her back near the side. Joe gets out of the HT and sits with his legs in it.

21:25PM BBT Ian begins making farting noises with his mouth and the cams switch to Dan in the Arcade room by himself. The sound of a hairdryer can be heard down the hall in the WA. Joe stands up and Frank asks him he's going to get started (drinking). Joe says he needs to use the restroom. Frank asks if it's a number 1 or number 2. Jen and Frank have a laugh. Frank says he's just curious. "Nobody goes number 2 with a wet butt crack".

21:31PM BBT Feeds switch from Dan to Shane and Dani in the WA. Dani blow drying her hair. Shane tells Dani she has a lot of hair. Dani agrees and says it's extremely thick. Shane throws a "That's what she said." Frank wanders in and notices Shane has changed into his running shoes and asks him if he's going to work out. Shane says yes but he's trying to motivate himself to do it. Dani offers to let Shane brush her hair. Shane passes. Dani dissapointed.

21:38PM BBT Dan shouts out to Shane and Dani from the Arcade room that they should hear this scripture. He begins reading the scripture aloud to them (I missed where from) regarding husbands and wives. After finishing Dan asks for thoughts. Shane said it was very nice. Dan wonders if it fits them. Dani points out that she and Shane aren't married. Dan says not yet. Shane chuckles and laughs nervously.

21:40PM BBT Shane looking at his serial/mic number and he and Dani compared numbers (Shane is not doing a good job of motivating himself to go work out). Out in the BY Jen asks how long "that chicken guy" was on slop for. Ian says 5 weeks. Frank points out that it was slop only because they did not have have-nots that season.

21:45PM BBt BY group remains mostly quiet with random brief chit-chat. Joe and Jen in/around HT. Ian in hammock. Dani flirting with Shane and being mostly shut down.

21:47PM BBT Dani now trying to pull Shane off the lounger in the WA to motivate him to go work out. Shane doesn't want to. He will when he wants to. He doesn't want to right now. Dani says he doesn't want to because she's telling him to do it. Shane up and into the WC.

21:53PM BBT Joe begins to tell Jen and Frank a Gunther story. Shane and Dani joins Dan in the Arcade. Agree that they have a final 3 deal. Shane says Ian has a plan they need to talk about later. Shane begins to head out and Ian walks in. Shane tells Ian that he was just about to give them a heads up but then Shane and Ian quickly leave the Arcade. After they walk out the door Dan whispers "suckers" and gives Dani a high-five. Dan and Dani whispering super faintly. Dani's hair/shirt rubbing up against her mic making listening to them difficult.

21:59PM BBT Dani and Dan continue to whisper ridiculously soft like. Joe gets a glass full of ice and heads out into the BY with his bottle of wine. Dani in WA brushing her hair. Frank sitting next to the HT reading the back of his beer can aloud. Jen and Dan in KT chatting.

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22:05PM BBT Jen talking about her ex saying they were going to take a trip out of country soon on business and that she originally was going to follow her out a few days later. Dani walks into the KT and Dan asks her what she thinks of Shane's jeans. Dani grumbles playfully the first time she's asked and when he asks a second time she says she thinks they are nice. Dan says he's going to go tell him for her. Frank singing off and on in the BY causing us to get intermittent fish.

22:08PM BBT Feeds back and Ian and Shane are playing pool. Jen has Joined Dani, Frank and Joe near the HT. Random chit chat.

22:11PM BBT Jen telling everyone what Joe said about her getting married within a year...living in the suburbs...Frank throws in working in a bank. Dani asks about herself. Joe says 6 months. Dani tells him to be realistic. Joe thinks about it (he's hosed no matter how he says it...) and responds 4 years. BUZZZZ! Wrong answer. Dani wonders why so long.

22:22PM BBT Talk around the HT has turned to casual dating. Dani has said she casually dated several before. Frank interprets several as 7 or more. Ian and Frank have a laugh because they recently had this argument. Ian and most of the other HGs disagree that several mean 2-3. Dani says yes. She dated 2-3. Dan joins the HT crew.

22:25PM BBT Jen tells the HT crew tell's a story about inviting an ex to a b-day part once and how it's a bad idea. Frank gets up and walks inside, mumbling softly to himself.

22:31PM BBT Assorted conversations about life outside the house around the HT. Ian in to feed feed the fish in HoH.

22:36PM BBT Dani now pointing out the bruises out on her legs reciting which competitions they are from. Ian pacing through the house making assorted noises with his mouth. He finally takes a seat at the KT table looking at the memory wall briefly before standing back up and heading back up to the HoH.

22:40PM BBT Random rehashings of previous comps/seasons and Jesse's appearance around the HT. Ian continuing to pace around his HoH room.

22:47PM BBT Ian wanders out into the BY and the HT crew gives him a slow golf clap. Still random chit-chat including Vegas and bashing of pervious HGs.

22:50PM BBT The producers are clearly as bored as we are, because we know have a single feed dedicated to the fish tank. BB asks the HGs to raise the BY awnings.

22:59PM BBT Ian heads up to the HoH and brings down the scooter he got from Pandora's box but discovers that it'll require a screwdriver to put together. He takes it back upstairs with disappointment. Meanwhile the rest of the HT crew continue to chat about random topics.

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11:05 pm BBT Frank gets called to the DR and complains about it. Shane is cooking himself something. The rest of the HGs making small talk around the HT. Joe comes into the kitchen and tells Shane that Dan talked to him. He say that Dan is pushing Dani hard. Joe says that Dan suggested Shane and Dani are too close and want Dani out. Shane says told you they weren't working together, he has been a jerk to her since the funeral.

11:15 pm BBT The house guests are all around the HT except for Ian who is in his hammock, now talking about introductions and their first impressions. Laughing about a few things here and there.

11:22 pm BBT Joe talks about bar tending. He says that he had a vodka bottle filled with water and a whiskey bottle filled with tea. Joe says when someone bought him a shot he would take a shot of water or tea. Dani says the latest shes ever stayed up partying is 7 or 8 am. Joe says in Vegas he has gone for two days straight.

11:30 pm BBT Shane and Dani are playing corn hole. Dan and Ian are playing pool. Dan decided he hates us live feeders and asks Ian about pokemon.

11:40 pm BBT Ian gets called to the DR and while waiting for him to come back Dan talks to Shane a bit. Dan says hey remember that time balls came from the sky and we were killing each other? Shane says that some of them were trying to kill each other. Shane give Dan a look. Dan says me and Ian were out for blood. Shane goes back to corn hole with Dani and they goof around while they play.

11:44 pm BBR So now we have what like to call "Destruct -o -Dan" in the house tonight he takes the rope from outside and goes into the Hoh room with it. He takes the bear that Ian sleeps with every night and hangs it from the balcony outside the Hoh room as a surprise of Ian after pool.

11:46 pm BBT Jenn thinks the hanging bear is hilarious she repeats that she loves death and destruction. Dan asks what she thinks Ian will say? Jenn says he will love it.

11:55 pm BBT Ian walks inside to fill his water bottle and doesn't even notice his hung bear.

11:58 pm BBT Scratch that he noticed and blamed Dani who pointed him in Dan's direction. Ian says Dan has been in the DR! He says poor thing and says Dani must have done it when she got snacks.

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12:04 am BBT Dan gets out of DR to find Shane and Dani playing pool, effectively erasing the game he had started with Ian. Dan gets mad and says fine see what happens to your clothes to Dani. Dan shuts the outside door. and walks to her dresser. Dani chases him down to stop him. Dan says it may not be tonight or tomorrow but I will get you back for this, that was a serious tournament.

12:10 am BBT Jen passes around her slop concoctions she made something with taco seasoning that everyone loves. Jenn heads back in where Frank say he needs to talk to Dan and figure out what hes for sure doing. Frank says he asked Ian what was up and Ian told Frank "we'll talk" Frank doesn't get why Ian just wont be straight up. Jenn doesn't like the way he is using his hoh. She likes Frank's style better.

12:22 am BBT Ian is going over where everyone was and what everyone was doing when they were kidnapped for BB while they play pool. Dan get agitated and tells him to just take his shot. Dan

is losing I think.

12:37 am BBT Dan and Ian talk about the old Nickelodeon show Pete and Pete while Shane and Frank play BBall. The night is pretty slow so far.

12:46 am BBT Ian wins the pool tournament for the night. Dan sits with Jenn and Dani while they talk about lives outside the house. Joe Frank and Shane are playing basketball. Joe keeps missing from across the yard. BB comes on and asks them to move items away from the glass door. Frank turns around and moves the hula hoop (like he didn't know that BB meant the hoop they keep throwing the ball at like its a missile)

1:00am BBT The boys minus Ian are playing B-ball still and the Girls still making small talk about bosses, accents, and friends.

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1:05 am BBT Frank heads inside and asks Dan about the noms tomorrow. Frank says the DR has him worried. Dan asks why and we get Fish. We come back and they are talking about Basketball....thanks Frank.

1:10 am BBT Frank says there aren't many people left who cares if they know about us use it on me. Dan says that puts a huge target on us. Frank says no one can beat us. Dan says ha, maybe not you but they can beat me. Frank just says yeah yeah DR just has me worried.

1:20 am BBT Shane is telling Frank and Joe that Dani told him that she will never work with Dan again ever. Shane tells them he may have her vote going forward more then anyone else. Frank says good. Joe says he thinks Jenn is acting too safe and he doesn't get it. Frank says he thinks she is just waiting to see how veto goes

1:35 am BBT Dan has showered and is getting ready for bed. He talks to Joe about POV. Dan asks him something but I could hear what. Joe says good question I will let you know tomorrow. Joe turns over and goes to sleep while Dan exits to change clothes.

1:44 am BBT Frank shuts the light out and lays in the big circle bed that is in the MBR. 2 down 5 to go.

1:55 am BBT Jenn joins Frank and they talk about veto. Frank says he talked to Shane who talked to Ian. Frank says that Shane says that Ian is under the impression that veto wont be used but that doesn't mean anything. Frank says Shane and Joe want Dan gone and they were hoping Jenn or Frank would win so Dan would go up. Jenn says she is nervous Dan wont use it on her. Frank says Dan was probably nervous about us staying good last week too so lets stay calm. Frank said he explained to Dan if he doesnt use it then one of them goes. Dan wanders in and Frank asks if hes confident in Danis vote. Dan says yeah pretty sure. Frank recaps what Shane told him outside. Dan goes over scenarios. Frank says use it on him and we get the votes for Joe to go. Dan says thats a huge risk for the alliance. Frank says he is not used to being secretive.

2:05 am BBT Ian, Shane , and Ian going over PB and whether or not Frank lied about his. They don't think so because of the cube thing mixed with the cube in the crane machine. The meting of the QP has begun! They confirm Dan is taking Jen n down. Dan did not find out who Jenn would nom she has been tight lipped about it. They all agree Frank is still the target. Ian says the goal is to cause in fighting between the floaters and make one put up the other. Ian confirms that he will act mad that Dan is using veto.

2:21 am BBT they celebrate the fact that the QP will most likely make at least one of 2 in the finals. Dan leave then Shane right after. Dani retells Ian that Frank is after him so Frank has to go. Ian says he know. Dani makes her exit and all seem to be heading to bed for the night

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2:17am BBT:

As Dan gets into bed ( lights are out) Joe whispers " Dan just came in trying to talk to me", Dan remarks "I am Dan". Joe is quiet after that and keeps eyes closed.

2:18 am BBT:

When Shane goes to bed Dan Says " Heres the guy you wanted to talk to Joe". Dan then continues to joke about the mistaken identity a few minutes prior.

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[Hilarious moment - Joe puts his foot in his mouth.]

Dan gets into bed in the dark, Joe's in his bed and starts whispering to Dan.

Joe: "What's up?"

Joe: "What?"

Dan: "Oh nothing just going to bed."

Joe: "Slide over."

Dan:"Slide over?" (he slides closer)

Joe: "Dan just chased me in here soon as I went to bed."


Joe: "Dan."

Dan: (in a normal loud voice): "This IS Dan. Go to bed Joe."

Joe starts laughing trying to play it off then is silent.

Shane comes in a few minutes later and Dan says, "That's who you wanted to talk to, Joe", then explains to Shane what happened. Joe laughs again but is quiet.

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9:00AM BBT - All are sleeping in the BB house.

9:17AM BBT - BB is letting them sleep in today; all are still sleeping and no wake up call.

[side note: Last night Ian asked for someone to write the word Dinosaur in the wiki article about BB14. Someone had done it; sixth line under production. It appears to have been removed since it was added.]

9:37AM BBT - WBRB; first wake up call.

9:47AM BBT - Dan and Frank are up doing their ADL`s.

9:49AM BBT - Dan goes back to bed. Joe, Ian and Dani are asked by BB to change their batteries. Joe gets up to go, and Dan tells Shane what happened last night when Joe mistook him for Shane. They chuckle and roll over to go back to sleep.

9:52AM BBT - Ian and Dani are again asked by BB to change their batteries. She struggles up to do so. About 30 seconds later, Ian is asked for a third time.

10:00AM BBT - Frank rearranging pillows in BY. Tells us they keep moving them because they are too thick. Says good morning to all us superpassers. He slept pretty good last night. Frank tells us Dan is going to use veto on Jenn today, he`ll stay up with Joe and hopefully will have the votes to stay come Thursday. He got panicky last night, told Dan to use it on him and not worry about keeping it a secret. You gotta take gambles in this game. Cause if Dan wants Frank out of the house, he won`t use it on Frank anyway. Frank hopes he`s right and can trust Dan. Frank is the new record holder in the house for full court hula hoop basketball shots.

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10:21 AM BBT

"He (Ian) talked to everyone individually last night, everyone" says Joe

"Not me," says Frank "I went into the arcade room and he popped up and said it was chilly outside and he was going to get some socks and shoes on.

Well, if you go up and I go home then you will have the chance of beating my record."

10:24 AM BBT

Frank and Joe realize it's Labour Day. "Happy Labour Day Joe!" Frank says, then proceeds to send shout outs to friends and family and says "no parties at the house." Joe also sends out his holiday wishes.

Frank wondering if they will order them BBQ in for the holiday. A case or two of beer. "Ok guys you've been doing great - don't get too out of control or we'll take it from you." he pictures BB saying. They discuss whether or not there is a good BBQ place in Cali. A helicopter flies over - "They are probably thinking - what the heck is that? Grass and a pool? What is that a mini prison down there?"

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10:31 AM BBT

Brief WBRB when we come back we see Dan up and Febreezing his shirt. "Ok, now we find out what's going on." says Frank "It'll suck having to campaigning against you, let's just not stay up too late, ok? How about we agree not to stay up past 1. No campaigning past 1 am." Joe laughs and is called to the DR.

Frank gives us a mini speech, "It sucks to be up on the block. Hopefully he puts up Joe. It'll be like with Kara though. People are going to be thinking to vote me out, look at this guy he's a bit more of a threat, but maybe like Kara something can happen."

Frank lowering the awnings at BB request.

Dan telling Danielle about the Joe mistaking him for Shane in the dark last night. "He thought I was Shane, he says, so Dan followed me right in here tonight... so now i know that whatever he told me earlier was a lie."

"What did he say?" asks Danielle

Frank comes into KT and they stop talking.

10:37 AM BBT

Frank and Dan in the KT. Dan getting cereal. He tells Frank that whatever he made last night tasted like dog meat. Frank just laughs.

Joe and Danielle in WCA. Joe brushing teeth, Danielle doing make up.

10:39 AM BBT

Shane comes into WCA and asks Danielle how she's doing. It took him an hour to fall asleep last night, he felt bad for Dan.

In the KT "Good Morning Dan." "Good Morning Joe."

Frank had a dream he went to an Olive Farm last night and there were a ton of black olives. He said to the Farmer, "I said Farmer, (this makes Shane crack up - Farmer!) so there ARE black olives." and the Farmer said to me "No son, we had an earthquake and all of these olives are bruised."

Shane dreamed about Jennifer Aniston last night but he doesn't elaborate.

Jenn now up in the KT as well. Joe talking about the holy trinity - onions, green peppers and red peppers.

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11:35 PM BBT We are back. Shane and Frank in the side room. Frank says he is going to talk to Jenn and Shane says he is going to talk to Dani. Shane says Joe went upstairs and isn't happy. Sounds like the meeting went as planned, Joe is on the block.

Outside by the HT, Jenn and Dan talking. Said that not sure why Ian said what he did. Super smart but socially not good. Jenn says "He really thought you were going to use it".

Dani and Shane in the BY couch. Shane tells her that Frank thinks he has Jenn's vote. Shane tells Dani that he told Frank he would work on Dani. Shane wants to deflect some of his hassling away from her. Dani says Frank told her if Shane is bothering her he (Frank) can get Shane out.

11:46 AM BBT In the KT Frank and Joe go over the number of times they have been nominated together. Dan comes into the KT (Joe has gone outside) and tells Jenn and Frank about Joe's comment to him last night when he thought Dan was Shane. Joe in the NY talking to Dani trying to count his votes. Joe tells Dani that Dan was trying to get Dani and Shane split up.

11:48 PM BBT Joe tells Dani that Dan wanted an answer from him on who he (Joe) would put up. Says that Dan gave him 20 minutes and came back and verified that Joe would be willing to put up Shane and Dani up. Says Dan got upset that none of the his combos included Shane/Dani. Now Joe giving his version of last night and that Dan said he was Shane when he came in and snuck into Shane's bed.

11:52 PM BBT In the KT Shane and Jenn do a fist bump. Shane tells her "he" was throwing everyone under the bus. Dan and Frank come back into the KT and talk stops. Joe talking to Dani still in the BY. Joe tells her that Dan told Joe he wasn't using the VETO and he lied. Dani tells Joe that no matter how confident Frank is that he has her vote, he has lost his mind.

11:54 PM BBT Jenn/Shane/Dan talking about Shane being afraid that he was going up. Gen chit chat about working out today and going for a swim.

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11:58 PM BBT

Frank and Ian swinging on the hammock. "Reset Replay that's what this is. Who knew those nominations would end up here again?" Ian asks

Frank asks what I an will do in the event of a tie. Ian says he'll marinate on it. He didn't promise Shane and Danielle to get rid of someone they want to keep safe, just to keep them safe.

Frank tells Ian that he is fine next week unless Dan wins although he can see Ian and Jenn going up. Frank isn't going to give up trying to get votes. He is going to try and get votes but who's is better. "You've got your work cut out for you." Ian says "You know if it was you and Jenn up there I probably would have sent her packing."

They discuss how Frank might still be able to do this and how Ian isn't just a lame duck HOH. He might actually have to do something this week. "Ok marinade, I"m going to go hit the pool." Frank says. "I've got a lot of thinking to do, I've got to think this all out." says Ian.

12:04 PM BBT

Jenn corners Danielle, "So let's talk about what you want to do, I'm not talking about voting out Frank, if that's what you want to do that's your prerogative. I'm talking about what we want to do after this. Who do we want to work with? Dan or Ian? I'm telling you that Shane is not my target, we can work this out." Danielle says they've got to work it out. They head outside.

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12:08 PM BBT

Dan and Jenn talking. Dan telling Jenn about the incident with Joe last night. Joe told Dan that he would put Danielle then Ian then Jenn up when he was talking to Dan. Then they went into the BR later and Joe had his little thinking Dan was Shane incident. "He lied to my face, I can tell when someone is lying. He would so put us up." Dan says

"I know, we have to make sure that Frank stays, Joe has to go." Jenn says

"We have to talk about that." says Dan.

They talk about making it a final 3 with Danielle.

Jenn saying that Joe is making random deals and throwing everyone under the bus, he doesn't know what he is doing. He needs to pick a side and stick to it.

Dan says he wished he had never stopped Joe last night - just to hear what he would say. "He knew it too, he knew when I said it was Dan and he was just like oh."

They talk about how Joe wants Frank out because he can't beat him.

"Joe, Joe, it would be nice, he's screwing it up for himself now." says Jenn "I told him that he just has to lay it low, take it cool right now."

"He'll put us up, both of us up." Dan "The thing is, how much do you think we can trust Shane?"

"That's where Danielle comes into play. I talked to her, told her I'm not going to talk to her about voting Frank out, I'm talking to you about Dan, working with Dan."

"Dan feels like he can work with her, she's just been waiting to see if I screw it up." Dan says

Jenn tells him how she made it known that she wasn't going to go after Shane.

"Oh I knew I liked you in this game for a reason, so she's not worried about Shane and she's so happy right now."

They talk about how eventually, if they lull Danielle enough, Shane will be wide out in the open to take out.

Jenn saying how there's girls stuff involved too. SHe said to Danielle what's another few days to find out if what you have in here is right? Don't let this mess you up. (Her showmance with Shane) What if you are out of here, you'll might see sparks fly. So what's another two weeks?

Dan loves how she's planted the seed about Shane and future possibilities and game now.

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12:25 PM BBT

Shane, Danielle and Joe on the patio couches. Talking about how Shane hasn't been in DR in 2 days. He didn't play POV or isn't nominated. Danielle wishes it was Thursday, she hates having three days to wait. "If I was a betting right now, I'd tell you it was going to be a tie." says Joe. "But you know you've got Ian." replies Shane. "Oh it will be such a kicker if he (points at Frank in the pool) gets to him." Joe says.

In the pool Frank and Dan chatting while Ian over in the hammock. They talk about Naples Florida. In winter it's usually in the 60's 70's but sometimes down to 50 or 40 at night. It's a good place to raise a family according to Frank.

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Joe, Danielle and Shane talking about where, anywhere in the US, they would live. Shane would live in South Carolina. He'd raise his kids there. Danielle thinks that's a great idea. "You know you just said 'our kids' right? Joe laughs then asks, "Danielle, working Mom or stay at home Mom?" Shane replies "Stay at home for the first couple of years." "There you go." Joe and Danielle say at the same time and laugh. Danielle would prefer to work part time. Joe says it's so much better if you can stay at home longer.

12:42 AM BBT

Danielle naming her future bridesmaids. She's picked out 6 names. Kristy, Jewel, Maddy, Jessica, Danielle and one or two others.

Shane would have Dozer as his ring bearer and his best man would probably be his Dad. Or his sister as his best woman. He'd do his wedding like a romantic thing with a dance. He's only been to one wedding with people his age. He finds that depressing. Joe asks leave early or stay to party? Danielle, stay to party.

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12:49 PM BBT

"Congrats on the finals" Shane says to Danielle "You too." she replies.

"Do you want to make it a tie and make Ian vote him out or do you want to make it a sure thing?" Shane asks

"I want it to be sure."

"Ok, but Jenn came and talked to me.."

"That's fine but I want him out." Danielle says.

Shane tells her that Jenn and Dan can work with them, she's offered not to put them up if they work together. Etc.

"I want you to....."

"Because we'll be in the F3 with Dan but I want you to start telling him that I'm treating you like crap. So he'll take you." Shane says

"Why do you want me to do that?"

"Because if he thinks that you and me are fighting, maybe he'll throw it to you so you take him. Then you can tell him you'll take him but in reality..you take me."

"Duh, Shane."

Danielle really doesn't want to do it, she doesn't want to throw Shane under the bus.

"If he knows you are taking him t the F2 he might not try as hard." Shane says.

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12:56 PM BBT

"It'll be so weird when you aren't around." Danielle says

"What do you mean?" Shane says thinking she's talking about game

"I mean when we're out of the house."

"Oh, well I think we'll have the Halloween party and we should have yearly reunions." Shane says.

Danielle tells Shane she's a nurse. "Whoa ho Boogie!" he laughs. "I'm not a nurse, I'm a nurse practitioner, I had to drop out for this. I have to reapply, it's not certain I will get back. I'll lose all that money, thousands of dollars. I've been taking classes, I was in a class for a month before being here. I was taking all of these online classes and had a week to finish them. I'm not just a regular nurse. I'm a charge nurse. I work in trauma."

Shane asks her what the worst thing she saw was. [it was a sprouting potato inserted in a woman]. Shane knew because she talked about medical stuff. Now she's telling him that her work is rehab, physical therapy. Tat's what Shane wants to go back to school for. Shane asks if she gives baths and changes diapers. She says no she gives medication and does the repairs, sutures etc. She does a lot of shots, a lot of shots. She could give a shot to anybody anywhere.

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1:09PM BBT: Joe and Ian are in the kitchen . Joe says he isn't going to ask Dan anything he is such a jerk. Ian says yeah he is all over the place. Joe says we will take care of that next week. Ian says yeah but we gotta watch out for Jenn. Joe says I know I do know. Ian heads out to the by and to his hammock to continue his rocking.

1:17PM BBT: Dan and Frank in the pool general chat going on .Joe Danielle and Shane on by couches talking . Joe called to dr. Shane says he told Jenn that Joe is coming after her which is true but he set the next week up.

1:19PM BBT: Joe comes back out to by. Danielle says a feather a feather. Forest Gump. Joe says my son loves that movie. Shane says that's a long move. Joe says yeah it is a long movie for a lil kid.

1:30PM BBT: Dan comes back outside from going to DR with an American flag. he says thank you everyone for doing what you do so we can do what we do. Shane says you going to hang that Dan says yeah I just don't want it to touch the ground.

1:34PM BBT: Dan still trying to figure out how to hang the flag he thinks the best thing to do is to put a pool stick through it and hand it from that.

1:43PM BBT: Joe has made turkey burgers for lunch and some pasta. Joe is toasting bread for Danielle and Ian. Danielle asking Shane if he wants his bread toasted he says no he is fine. Danielle called to DR she says right now and head to dr. Frank is now in and making his lunch. Jenn is in the pool. Dan sitting on by couch working on hanging the flag.

1:49PM BBT: most HG at the table eating wondering why labor day was started no one seems to know. Dan is in by still working on the flag to hang and Jenn is in the pool.

1:53PM BBT: Joe says looks like it is chicken for dinner. Ian says I am not complaining. Joe says Shane and I made a deal no campaigning after 1am so if anyone does tell em shut up. Ian says whoever goes to jury Thursday be sure to make a nice dinner. Frank says I won't be making this shit I assure you that. they all laugh.

1:54PM BBT: Joe says if only I had listened to mike Boogie . get Dan out. Shane says seems I heard that before too in the first week.

1:59PM BBT: Dan tells Danielle to set down and she gets nervous Dan goes to storage room and comes back gives Danielle something and says this is something I like to call panty soufflé. Danielle says OMG Dan you froze my panties. she looks and says OMG Dan this are expensive panties. Ian says please get your panties off the table Danielle goes out telling Jenn Dan froze her panties.

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2:03PM BBT: Danielle is asking BB to turn the hot-tub on so she can unfreeze her panties that Dan froze. Jenn starts laughing and says, "You know Dan has a sister and probably froze her panties sometimes in her life." Danielle says, "I can't believe he was smart enough to freeze my panties."

2:07PM BBT: Danielle comes in after thawing out her panties. Dan says did you melt them in the hot-tub she says yeah. He says, "OK payback we are even now." Dan was given his birthday cake left from him being in solitarie confinment. they say it is a lil dry but no mold. Dan says, "We are even you messed up our pool game I froze your underwear we are even." She says, "It wasn't my idea I didn't do it."

2:23PM BBT: Joe is saying it is about time for a nap. Shane says, "I would but I tend to sleep to long." Joe says, "But Frank will be campagning for that two hours so I will wait 'til he naps." Frank says, "I talk at night." Shane says, "We already said no talking late night anymore. We all go to bed earlier now." Shane asking Danielle if she is laying out she says, "Why not there is nothing else to do."

2:27PM BBT: Dan is in the BY still working on the flag he says Labor Day will be over before he gets this flag done. Ian is in the pool splashing around. Jenn goes in the house.

2:34PM BBT: Jenn and Frank on by couch talking about where everyones votes are going and who wants to work with who. Jenn says yeah I talked to them and says I told them I want Frank to stay and I was straight up . Frank says Dan wants you, me, and Danielle to sit down and talk later.

2:36PM BBT: Joe comes out and Jenn says, "So Frank says no campagning late at night." Joe says, "Yeah not even in bed." Frank says, "So I have yours?" Jenn says, "Yeah I can't have my big boy leave." Frank says, "When I get Danielle one on one and tell her if Dan wants to vote me out I just want to know." Jenn says, "He isn't I know, he isn't. Joe is history."

2:37PM BBT: Jenn says Joe has been throwing me hard under the bus this week and he is pissed that Dan used the PoV on me.

2:39PM BBT: Frank says, "If this is a double eviction week Ian needs to go." Jenn says, "I hope it isn't a quiz thing or he might win anything else Danielle and I have a chance."

2:41PM BBT: Jenn asking Frank, "What is Joe's beef with me?" Frank says, "I have no idea." A helicopter flies over and Jenn says that's a weird looking helicopter.

2:44PM BBT: Frank saying if all goes right and Dan and Danielle aren't BSing them they can make it to the end. Dan is smart and I am good at stength.

2:47PM BBT: Jenn says that Joe thinks he has a final two deal with Dan and that is hilarious to me. I mean Joe has to go. Frank says what is funny is if we pull this off. like two weeks ago they all wanted me out and if I stay one wins competitions and the other goes home. Frank says do you realize this isn't a population contest. Jenn says I know it isn't high school.

2:49PM BBT: Frank says Danielle and Shane wants to keep all the cool kids in the house. He says, "Keep the cool kids if you want I will gut you as soon as I get the chance."

2:49PM BBT: Frank says Dan came to HoH last night saying he wasn't going to use the PoV today. That tells me he is still playing the game with us.

2:52PM BBT: Frank says he told Danielle last night that she doesn't need to win this next HoH that she will be fine. Jenn says yeah she is good.

2:53PM BBT: Frank says if you win HoH who would you put up she says I would put Ian and Shane. Frank says OK that's good.

2:59PM BBT: Dan is heading back outside to work on his flag somemore. He is still trying to get it hung up with a pool stick.

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3:04 PM BBT Frank/Dan in BY couches. Frank telling Dan that Ian was upset at him for using the VETO. Frank says he wants to see when Joe gets to jury and Brit sees him and Joe has to explain that he was sent out 4-0. Frank says that Brit will be able to piece it together.

3:10 PM BBT Dani enters the SBR and Shane is resting in bed. Small talk about it being hot outside. Dani is thought and Shane back to snoozing. In the BY Dan and Frank discuss comps. Dan feels that Ian could win out. Frank says that there is no way Ian will win now and smiles. Talk about Ian's Dad being in the military in the 70's. Talk about Jerry from BB10 having a mistress when he was in Korea.

Dan has an American flag. He is trying to find a place to put it so it won't fall. Ian watching too to make sure it doesn't touch the ground. He finds a place with the weights and places it and says "Happy Labor Day".

3:20 PM BBT The flag slides and Dan grabs it - in search of a new place. He finds a planter and places the flag. Puts it on a table. The flag falls and Ian is panicking that it is touching the ground. BB is telling Dan to "stop that". Dan trying to find someplace that won't block a window. BB just announced a ILD (when the planter went over the planter broke - BB needs to clean it up - Jen was trying to clean it up.

3:23 PM BBT Ian and Dan bring the flag into the house and a the pool cue holder. They managed to get the flag into the holder and place it against the KT chair. Ian heads to HOH and Dan asks him to toss the cards down from above. (Dan brought the flag from home it sounds like - Ian told him great job bringing the flag).

3:26 PM BBT Dan goes into the bedroom and is looking for someone to play with. Dani gets up to play with him. He wants to play rummy. Shane/Joe snoozing. Dani asks why they are on LD. Dan tells her he broke a vase and it shattered.

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