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September 4th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

Please keep personal comments to a minimum and feel free to e-mail updates to ranster@mortystv.com

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I am guessing the had a face morph contest like they did before, because they are talking about who had what eye color.

It does seem like this. It was a night comp (that is why FotH for 2 hours after expected start).

It also appears that Jan and H were both nom, so Ivette stuck with the Fiendsheep.


Who loves the idea that Ivette will have to nominate Maggie or April, and cast the deciding vote live...

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Feed 1. Howie and Janelle Rehashing the contest. She had 2:30 as a time. Howie said he got hung up on one with James.

Janelle said she thought she lost it.

Howie is telling her she deserved it because she kicked ass. He is comforting her, she seems kind of sad.

They are strategizing on how to approach Maggie on voting out April. They will tell her that if she does it, they will take her to the final three. If she beats them there, she will definately get the 500,000. Otherwise, Howie tells Janelle to threaten her if she doesn't, then Janelle will go after her.

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MIA in the kitchen...janelle bashing. I'm thinkin they don't like her ;)

I - she beat us by a whole minute..she's an amazing player

A - I knew it..I knew it was between you and her. She stares at people all fuckin day, that's why she was good at it

BB - jan, please move your mic higher

I - she is the girl version of james, i told you that. She might win it all

A - she wont. She doesn't deserve anything. All she does is watch reality shows

I - let's go upstairs

A - i dont even want that coffee..i'll come down later for it

I - what?

A - i can't drink coffee with this burget thing I'm eatin

<M and I> whispering...can't hear her

I - that bitch is gonna win another prize.

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MIA head upstairs to the HOH with their food and stuff..they are yelling to H and J, in a joking way ....

I - Hey janelle...lemme know what the next competition is....


I - she's not gonna give it to him

M - she cant

A - they are playing for themselves now..why do you think she was jumping for joy?

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BB : Janelle please move your microphone higher.

Howie still telling her how great she did against the three girls who know and study all that stuff. Howie is being very sweet. He says if he goes out then she goes and gives them an ass whipping. He will watch her from the side. Janelle keeps hugging him and telling him that he is so sweet. They keep giving each other kisses on the cheek.

Maggie and April yell in good night. Maggie yells congratulations to Janelle. Janelle and Hoie ran out to talk to them. in the kitchen. They compare Janelle and James in veto winning and they say the two J's are the veto winners champions.

Everyone leaves, (Maggie Ivette, April) the cameras and Howie and Janelle get into the kitchen. Food time now for Howie and Janelle.

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MIA are discussing how capable Janelle is in competitions..And generally bashing Janelle. Ivette says that since Janelle is always staring at the pictures on the picture whall...she knows everyone's features better than anyone else. M disagrees adn thinks this was just Janelle's "thing"

BB - Jan - please exchange your mic

I - listen to me..she likes you

A - she would not take me, she would thik she could win against you

I - she gets HOH..worst case scenario..worst case scenario..she puts up M and I ( Ivette). Maggie gets HOH , she puts up hoh..jan gets the veto...

A - jan decides who the fuck stays..

I - i told you we should get rid of that bitch a long time ago. She fuckin blew my mind. I knew howie was gonna suck (april says so too)

I - a blessing would be that she decides it's not worth it....you never know..the principa; was telling me today....

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HOH room......all three still janelle bashing and saying that if she cared anything about Howie, she would give the veto to him...But they feel she wont. Ivette says that Janelle hates her because: she is a lesbian; howie tells her how pretty she is (I)...(?)

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A - i heard her come out of her room 2 or three times and I thought that BB rigged it for her to win. She was in the gold room and I saw her pass one time and I was trying to guestimate how long it took her...a long fuckin time...she did it again...and it took her a long fucking time to come back..she did it at least 2 or 3 times

M - did she maybe go to the bathroom?

A - yeah

I - but BB said we had to go to the bathroom first

M - I dont care

A - I have no faith or trust in reality shows

I - i dont like the way she talks about the producers and handlers

A - should be call howie up here?

M - yeah grab him

A - poor guy..I feel so bad for him...I really do (crying)

M - I know...so do we

Howie comes into the HOH

M - Howie, we are so sorry that you didnt win today

April hugs howie

I - we feel really bad though. We really tried

H - that was HER game..She loves to match the faces. At this point in the game, we just move on

A - we still feel sad

H - I did horrible.

I - I knew it was gonna be between Janelle and myself...yaknowhatimsayin?

I - Janelle has watched all the BB seasons, so she knew what she was doing

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Howie says that he isn't upset at all that Janelle won. He said she played awesome and beat the house.

I - I said from the beginning that Kaysar, Janelle and James were the strongest players in the house

I asks H is he and J have talked about saving each other with the veto...H says "no....at this point in the game...even my mother would kill me if i saved her"..He says taht earlier in the game he would have saved her, but that at this point they are all working for themselves.

(gotta afk for a bit..someone? ;)

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Howie and Janelle up for noms. Janelle won veto.

The friendship can't believe Janelle keeps getting off the block. The friendship say they feel sorry for Howie.

A- took Janelle off now April saying she is going up

M- is dumb struck

I- thinks maybe Janelle may not use veto

I - put up Janelle I- did not get her out.

I- says she doesnt know who Janelle hates more Ivette or Maggie.

Just alot of Janelle bashing.

A- is saying that she thinks BB might have cheated for Janelle.

The Friendship is calling Howie up now.

Friendship saying sorry to Howie for leaving. They feel sorry for him

A- feels sad for him

Howie seems to be okay. He knows he didnt win. So he know he has to go.

H- says janelle did a good job and she deserves to win

The friendship is sad to see Howie leave because they like his heart.

The group doesn't think James would have done well

If Howie won veto today he couldnt save Janelle. Or he couldn't go home his mom would thinkl he is crazy.

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Janelle and Howie eating at the table.

They have been sitting in silence for a while now. Munching and staring at the picture wall.

Now that they are talking, the audio has dropped.

Switching to 3. Ivette, April and Maggie in Hoh.

They are talking about Janelle. April is saying that BB is sucking. She knows BB likes Janelle but....Janelle is called to DR and interrupts her. She is saying that Janelle kept coming back in and out. She says she has no faith in reality shows.

Ivette doesn't like how Janelle talks about all the different show crew.

They call Howie up. They apologize, he says it's okay. Janelle loves that game (veto) and she did good. Ivette is saying that she watched one season, but she doesn't own the whole series on dvd. She knew Janelle would do good.

Ivette says she knew Janelle and Kaysar were the two players to beat in this game...she said it long ago.

Howie is asked if him and Janelle ever talked about saving each other...He says know, they knew that would be stupid, his family would be mad at him.

Ivette comments again about Janelle being such a fan and then getting to come and play. Ivette asks him is she (Janelle) is playing for the 500,00 and Howie asks who is playing the game to win.

They are bashing BB again. Howie says there wouldn't be any bad blood in the house if it weren't for the DR. He said they get you paranoid when asking questions. April agrees. Oh...now the feed drops to fishes...

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Hi Ranster!

Feeds are back.

Ivette asks Howie if he remembers what she said about Janelle the other day. Howie says yeah, she knows how to manipulate guys on the inside and outside. She gets irritated and says no, what I said after that. She said that Janelle knows everything about this game, and she knows the game when she sees the set.

They all joke about BB should tell them to ask Janelle for directions to the game.

Ivette came in second.

They are discussing how they did in the system. Howie couldn't figure out one...it took him a long time, and it was him.

Ivette Hair- Jennifer eyes- Howie chin is one of the combos.

Ivette tells Howie to tell James that she won HOH and she put Janelle up for him. Howie says it's a clean game now. You play, you lose and then you go home. That simple. He has no regrets.

Howie told them Janelle told him a couple days ago to start learning the picture wall.

April is called to the DR.

Howie is getting ready to leave. Maggie and Ivette give him a hug and tell him sorry. He tells them not to feel bad, they all did awesome. He is not mad.

Ivette asks Howie if he thinks that some people get more help from BB. He says yes...not getting her angle. He talks about different occasions that some people got advantages. I don't know if Howie is avoiding the topic, or if he doesn't undestand. Ivette is definately pushing the angle that Janelle is getting advantages.

She now outright says don't you think Janelle gets advantages...and he again turns topic to Ivette and how good she has played. Ivette keeps saying wow...while Howie rambles on about it. He is rambling about BB doing it for everyone.

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Howie leaving HOH after putting in his breakfast order.

In the contest.

Howie 9:18

Maggie 3:59

April 4:17

Ivette she came in second, but they didn't say.

Howie finally leaves...and Ivette and Maggie are discussing something Howie said about April...making them think that April said something she shouldn't. (Not getting what)

They are questioning how Janelle could have done that well. Ivette: We have to win the HOH and vetos. Maggie: we can, we will.

They are now discussing the potential scenarios for the next competitions.

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Going over Morphs:

1. Howie - Jennifer - Ivette

2. Beau - Kaysar - Rachel

3. Michael face - April hair -

Feed switched to Janelle and Howie in bathroom. He is telling Janelle what Ivette was saying. Janelle calls her a fucking bitch. Howie tells her how she asked if Janelle was playing for the 500,000. Janelle says "no, so she can kick you nasty ass out bitch. "

She says if they are going to be jerks, then lets go and try to work out the deal. Howie is not having much faith. Howie says they should sleep on it.

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Howie & Jan in the bathroom, he tells Janie she's looking better everyday & is losing weight (lmao)

H: next time I see you I want it to be finale night

H: what the hell did I eat for dinner tonight chips?

J: chips

NH in HoH room

A: they are fucking laughing their asses off at me I was the rudest bitch from hell

A: the bitch (Janelle) deserves to be in the final 2 she is a fucking psycho freak from hell about this game

A & Iv bitching about the POV.

A: we are gonna get out of here. there has to be something fucking going on that we don't know about here.

I: u gotta remember that michael, ashlea, & cappy were all morphed together. the 1st 3 evicted were all morphed together. the 2 latin girls & howie all morphed together

(feeds keep switching back & forth from H & Jan & the HoH so it is impossible to follow 1 conversation)

H telling Janelle how everyone is jealous of her (man her head is already full of enough hot air come on Howie)

now my quad feed has no sound

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