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September 4th Live Feed Updates

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Janelle is pissed. She keeps calling the others fucking bitches. She is mad that they were all acting to Howie like she (Janelle) couldn't win the game. Howie says it ridiculous for anyone to think they are better then anyone else...they all have had help in this game. Help from scenarios, help from each other.

Howie tells them that they told him they tried to save him. And Maggie said she would be proud to be in the final 2 spot with him. Janelle says for a week...sure.

Howie said that she has the ability to win the whole thing. She says she can't 500,000. Howie tells her that the others are just jealous her. If she makes it to spot two, she has one...because she overcome so many obstacles.

Howie thinks that America should have the vote, or 50% of the vote. He tells her that America love her, she's beautiful, she is competitive, she trash talks, ...

James may be the veto king, but he is kind of quiet and boring.

J & H are the only ones on feeds.

Howie tells Janelle that the next times he wants to see her is on finale night. Thanks Howie! - Janelle

Maggie gets called to the DR.

Feed switches back to HOH.

April comes in and said they are laughing at her...she said she was just the bitch from hell...fishes.

April is saying that she (janelle) deserves to win...that fucking bitch...Ivette chimes in a fucking bitch. Maggie is still in there she mentions that Janelle had said something about the morph game a couple days ago, and then they chose to play it. Feed switched...J and H for a while.

Feed back to HOH...April is telling that Janelle took 20 minutes. She doesn't know how long she started, but she kept going back and forth. She thinks Janelle had 3 or 4 chances. April thinks there is something else going on here they don't know about. Ivette tells april they need to remember the morphs.

first three evicted. Michael - ashlea - cappy. REVISED from earlier convo.

next trio Jennifer ivette howie

Feed swtiched...they must not to want us to know.

Now J and H are talking about the morphs

Sarah-Kaysar-Janelle was a combo

Back to Howie comforting Janelle again for winning. She is looking really down...he said monkeys could have beat him. He had the chance to win...and he didn't. Howie is happy he got to the final five. Janelle is not happy she has no chance to win. He tells her not to let it get to her about not having the votes to win...to not let it bother her.

They go off to the Gold room...

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(Janelle being compassionate as usual & talking about her skin condition while Howie is talking about leaving the game)

H: u go on & win it & be fucking great

J: there is no way I can fucking win it

H: dont give a fuck if u can really win it. look back & say hey I was in the final 2

H: ashlea the first fucking week who knew u know I would'a loved her to be fucking her with us now u know I fucking loved her

H: i can look back u can look back if I could fucking change it

J: (shaking her hair) my hair's dirty

(hard to watch Howie tell Janelle how good she has done & Janelle talk about her hair)

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In the Gold Room.

Howie says they will call him just as he takes his shirt off. BB calls Ivette instead.

Janelle : That fucking bitch Ivette. Howie playing with his saber.


Feed switches to HOH

April says her family will be disappointed in her after the HOH. Aprils says they have to win HOH. April: Worst case scenario...she is such a fan...she gets 50,000.

DiR Discussion...April asks Maggie (like it was asked to her): would you give money to someone who has played the game or someone who would give to charity... Maggie says someone that would do good with the money...April says come on..someone gives a bum fake money and then walks off to watch what he does and laughs about it. (there was a fucking between each word...that was cleaned up version)

Maggie says fucks you to the cameraThe camera is shaking no. Maggie says fuck me? or fuck you. Camera remains still.

They are making fun of Janelle. Speaking like her saying she deserves to win because she played it. April says she wouldn't give the money to someone who would do that to a bum...write her the check, she will do good with it.

April says there is a way to play the game with some morals or values. Doesn't mean she is perfect, or hasn't lied. They asked Maggie there was a chance she would use veto and she....fishes.

Feed back You make us, we are fucking nuts...yells maggie.

Maggie: How come he sounds different the he does in the place we are not allowed to talk about. Maggie into her mike "whoever is listening into my audio just told on me and I

don't appreciate it"

Maggie is saying that Janelle knew she couldn't make friends in this house, because then you are fucked. She doesn't care about anyone in the house more than herself. (DUH?) They get to go home to love, but Janelle goes home to a guy she knows for two weeks.

18 days left...

Constant Janelle bashing, from saying she doesn't think of anyone's feelings to her time being questionable to her knowing the game too well. April says she told her that she felt bad about Howie...then she said she was going up, and Janelle showed her (April) no compassion, after she took her off the block.

Now BB bashing. They don't think it's fair about doing the same competitions.

Now paranoia about Janelle having Howie go back to the house and saying bad things about them. She doesn't think Howie would do that. They think Howie deserved it much more. Maggie hasn't seen Janelles heart in this game at all, Howie had his bad week.

Feed switches to Gold Room.

They are now talking about telling Ivette that April tried to vote her out week 5? They are discussing the possibility to get Ivette to vote April out. They will tell her that she has a final 3 spot no matter what. She will have to vote April out eventually. April will come for her eventually. Janelle wants Howie to talk to her about it...she doesn't like her. They will think 24 hours on it. Something might change. They hope the final safe has a golden key in it to save Howie.

They are commenting that Beau-Beau didn't get a good-bye message. (How do they know this?) They haven't said any goodbyes though. Howie will be mad if he doesn't get one.

Howie: Jedi Janie, the force is with you.

Alright...I need sleep.

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H & Jan in the GR

H actually trying to come up with a plan to convince Ivette that she must vote off April this week. H telling Janelle to tell Ivette that she is gonna vote April off next week anyway so if she goes ahead & does it this week they (H & Jan) will guarantee her safety next week.

(You can tell Janelle thinks the plan is a no-go)

H playing with his saber. Janelle laying in the bed.

H: i will never fucking talk to April, Ivette, or Maggie again in my fucking life

H: can I say that this is "your" offer

J: say that it is "your" offer. You are on the block

(can't hear over the light saber sound effects)

J: lets do it after the POV ceremony

H: there is an outside chance I was sitting next to Ivette & talking to her blahblahblah (Howie actually thinks he has a chance, I kinda feel sorry for him)

H: the only one Ivette would be offending is maggie (if she votes April off)

H: (what he will say to Ivette) April took out James who was your ally Ivette. April will not take u to final 2

(you can so tell Janelle is done using Howie & he is of no more use to her. I really feel sorry for him :( Oh Howie, guess it's byebye you beefcake)

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A, M, & Iv rehashing the POV

Lotsa Janelle bashing (Janelle knew not to make friends in here. Janelle turned off all fucking compassion when she came in here. blahblahblah)

April being more annoying that usual (if you can believe that)

Ivette trying to say that they shoulda listened to her & backdoored Janelle instead of James (give it a rest Ivette, James is gone)

gotta go nightey nightey all...

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Alright...Feed switched back, so I wanted to hear.

Ivette just got back. Maggie and April tell her not to discuss it, because they just got in trouble, and one time it wasn't the computerized voice.

They discuss that Janelle is probably the creator of the show.

They are discussing their times and how they can't believe she did it so fast.

Another Morph: Rachel Beau Kaysar

Alright...many stories about Janelle and her being a bitch...

Good night.

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9am Sunday BB time and all four feeds show people sleeping. I guess they had a rough night last night. No one is really moving around or stirring so I guess they plan on sleeping for a while longer.

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10am BB time and still all are sleeping and not stirring at all.

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Ivette is up and went to the storage room, now in the kitchen. My feed is dark so I can't really tell what she is doing, but I think she is making herself something to eat.

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Maggie and April awake and talking about sleeping badly and having nightmares. Apparently Maggie was talking in her sleep about Janelle. (LOL)

Now Maggie and April talking about what the next HOH competition will be like.

Janelle bashing...she doesn't know how to make coffee.

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Ivette, Maggie and April talking outside. Maggie is saying how BB hears Janelle practicing for all the questions and BB gives her the questions because she has the answers. :rolleyes:

April wants to practice all the Evicted HG and who won HoH and Veto competitions.

Ivette is going is now listing them all.

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Janie and Howie awake but staying in their respective beds in the GR

April & Maggie making bfast

howie and janie having their cutsie convo

h- i slept pretty good how bout you?

j- I slept great, i needed it

h- 1st time in like 3 days

h- talking bout the morph comp.

h- michael looked so cute in that game

j- michael is cute

h- he is hot, he is dreamy

j- he is dreamy

more talk about the comp

h- does ashleah work out n stuff?



april & maggie going outside in BY to eat

ivette in by doing laundry

i- there are 3 underware

m- yeah and funny there are 3 from guys

i sneezes

m&a - bless you

a- she sneezes all the time

i's mic must be off

a- lets not talk about odds

i- i tryly believe that they throw a bone here and there

a- absolutely, the rats are not ppl

m- who are we to say that they should not reward their fans tho?

m- i got in trouble last night in the DR

m- what do u do?

i- well they cannot say that we didn't have a chance to get rid of her, we are the idiots that kept her here tho

a- just like james

i- we had chances to get rid of her, last week we had her, the week b4 that we hand her

m- uh hu

a- u know what tho, james has changed his story bout how he was picked several times w/ me

i- he told me he got an email

a- i have heard so many things , when we get out of here he will be the one who has lied the most

m- janie is the female version of james

a- james siad that if janie and him had babies we would have the super bb

-plane flying over-

i- we don't think like they do

i- we are not desperate like them so the strat. doesn't come to us

a- if u and janie were at the end who would james vote for?

i- i would hope he would vote for me

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Janelle and howie still in GR talking about the veto competition and the combinations of the faces together. Who's facial parts where together with other houseguest's.

Howie was telling janelle that he struggled to figure out the last pair of eyes which was ashleah's.

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Maggie says she got in trouble in the DR room last night, but what can you do right?

Maggie says that BB has to reward their fans some way.

Ivette says well they are to blame, they had many chances to get rid of Janelle and they didn't.

April states the same was true of James, but he either talked his way out of it or won the veto.

A ask I if it was I and J at the end who would James vote for

I: I don't know, I would like to think me but who knows.

A: well that might be something she is thinking about and will want to get rid of you

M: H and R will vote for J

A: yeah and James will to

M: well so what that is only 3 votes.

I: she needs one more vote and she ain't going to get it no matter

A: I can see James working on the others to get them to swing their vote to her

M: no one of us will be there to keep things in order

I: it doesn't matter what she does.

M: what is it called when your obsessed with something

I: fanatic

M: that is what we should call her from now on

M: she won't make it if we call her a fanatic

M: you called it the other day, we have lives and jobs and loves interest in our lives and not be a fanatic about a reality show

I: she must of watched the episodes of past BB shows 24/7

I: she had to of watched the DVDs of all the past shows

M: she only works three days a week.

I have to go now, hope someone else picks up. Three kids and trying to hear this is crazy.

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Maggie and ivette are outside sitting at the patio table.

Maggie: look, janelle.. there are no camera's on her anymore. She is not the bombshell anymore.

Ivette: sure she is!

Maggie: the camera's dont follow her around as much.

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Maggie and April are talking about her fake boobs.

Maggie tesll April that they dont look real because of her body shape.

April: They would look real on Ivette's shape.

Maggie: mhhh, Noo.


Maggie: You will be 90 years old and a stick cause you always lose weight as you get older with huge boobs.

April goes to check on Ivette and the others. Maggie continues to WO.

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Okay back,

A,H,J,I are all talking in the BY about baby names and I wants to have a baby, she says marriage has been taken from her but being pregnant is beautiful.

A suggests she use Howie's sperm since they made a nice face on the Morph game

I says she has a friend who is blue eyed and blonde hair and she would use him instead.

Now they are talking about eye color in the families.

The girls are dreaming of what their baby girls will look like.

M is working out.

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