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7/24 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00 BBT Joe spreading the Fact into rumor about Frank not trying too hard at the POV comp.to Wil so as to make him feel as parinoid as Joe does all the time (Ha HYa But True) Wil comes to the KT to share Frank's Beer from the HOH to join in on the PAARRRTTTEEE !!!!!!! Lots of WWWOOOOO !!! yells ... jani says lets get ready to go Hot tubbing

(OK this sad sack is done repoting ... time for some casual voyerism like the rest of U ha ha !!!)

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8:04pm Jani Ian Frank, Boogie jenn all talking about willie saying he wasnt gonna keep me from going anywhere in the house then they make fun of him and his froot loops Jani asking if they think willie got restrained in the dr and we get foth

8:08pm Jani says all i can see is willie with his shirt off and that beer belly on a tug boat with a beard Jenn says brit is still defending willie and he is a f'ing idiot Jani says i dont think brit doesnt likes it because i just didnt like willie she got mad tonight that i said something about willie but i dont remember what i said

8:10pm alot of Willie bashing going on wil says he even said he wasnt a good dad they say he spent time at vegas and didnt care about his kids Jani says how can you be a good dad at 50

8:15pm Shane in the bathroom while Dani is in the shower he was going to leave to give dani her privacy she says you dont have to leave you cant see anything anyways he shakes his head yes she says you can he says yeah your toes she says its nice having someione in there while she showers at home she has music here its nothing

8:20pm Jenn has joined Dani and Shane in the bathroom she ask shane how the slop burger was he says very good

826pm :Jojo and Ash go to bathroom Ash upset because kara is gone shane says this is a game this is not real life we all miss kara it is all willies fault she is gone Ash says i dont like playing with the coaches Jen says we are playing a game we are playing a game guys shane said you had to do what you had to do in that position

8:28pm Jen and shane telling ash that kara knows it isnt personal its a game ash says this is all stupid ash says i just feel like she shouldnt have gone home shane says ash play your game no one elses i wont go home because of a coach i will go home because of myself so dont feel bad play for yourself no one else

8:30pm Ash says i feel like and jenn cuts her off and says we all come in here with statagies and they dont work now and we get foth

8:32pm ash says i feel like everyone blames willie he called that meeting shane said yeah we didnt know it was gonna turn bad shane says everyone misses kara even wil ash says wil is ruthless shane says this season is by far the hardest

8:34pm shane says he thinks the coaches are running this game and everyone needs to do what they have to do ash says i know and keeps crying

8:37pm Wil walks in to wc shane asking do i need to turn on the water before you go in there he says no ash is telling then not to tell wil what is going on they all give kara a shout out

8:42pm ash looking for her bikini jani and danielle putting on their bikinis to go get in the hottub frank in hoh rm with wil now they are watching jojo on the tv screen wil going to use the hoh bathroom now frank tells him mthere is air freshener in there also wil says you are a gem frank heading back downstairs

8:45pm dani blowdrying her hair gives ash a hug ash brushing teeth frank telling jenn its chilly outside he goes to sr brit runs in and tells ash she is gonna die when she sees her boyfriend brit is putting makeup on Ian brit says i think you are really gonna like the way you look

8:49pm hg now have wine and beer for tonight jani trying to figure out who all wants wine

8:51pm Frank is getting everyone in the kt to see who all wants to drink tonight and who wants to drink tomorrow night Jojo is spiking Ians hair after he was bronzed by brit

8:57pm the drinkers Jani Dan Frank Ash all making a toast with their drinks to the slop eaters Joe and Wil in sneaker rm joe telling wil that frank threw the pov yesterday said he didnt throw it but he didnt try hard and i dont know why but its whatever

8:59pm Dani and shane in bathroom kicking at each other shane pulls a muscle in his leg dani says cant hang cant hang shane kicks at her again

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9:06 PM BBT WIl is in a speedo. A lot of HG are in the HT - Dan tells them that Kara used to be in Playboy. Janie says that back in the day when she used to go to the mansion - she remembered her. Wil says that Kara used to be on the Girls Next Door show. Jani says that she knew who Kara was day 3 because they have a mutual friend Destiny.

9:17 PM BBT In the HT - discussion about their "types" . Wil is a fan of "au natural" Dan has really nice things to say about his wife.

9:27 PM BBT In the HT - talking about celebs and kids. Everyone in the HT tells Jani that she doesn't look like she has had a baby.

9:29 PM BBT Jenn and Ian in the WCA talking about staying out of game talk if you don't have to talk game.

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9:33 PM BBT Jani says she just needs another bottle of wine. The HG start to talk about the first time they got drunk.

9:42 PM BBT Jojo and Jenn talking about how guys love it when they are drinking wine or a martini in a club.

9:48 PM BBT Jani telling the HG how awesome Rachel is when she met her after the show. She loves her! And Jani enjoys another beer that Frank gave her.

9:54 PM BBT Boogie is lifting weights with Ian as his spotter. Jani telling about past HG. Wil talking about how he bought BB7 to watch before the show.

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Shane, Ash and Danielle in the hammock.

Shane tells Danielle that next week it's 6 versus 2 baby, better come to play. If I don't win hoh, I'm going home.

Ash: that's not true. you still could get veto.

Shane says if he wins next week, those 2 girls are safe.

Ashley doesn't care what her team wants, Frank needs to go.

A: I don't trust Ian worth shit. He has a very very vindictive attitude.

Shane: If I won HoH I'd put up-- and this stays here-- Wil and Ian. I'd do Frank, but you know how putting up 2 power houses worked last week.

Ash thinks Ian needs to go sooner rather than later.

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10:19 PM BBT Shane talking about how its not right that they didnt get to choose their alliance. He says he is trying to break himself away.

10:28 PM BBT Ian/Shane/Ashley on the hammock discussing who to trust. Ashley says that Kara never lied.

10:33 PM BBT Talk turns to Willie. Ashley is tired of the crap talking and wants to end it. She tells Ian that Willie liked him. Ian says he liked Willie too.

10:35 PM BBT Shane is upset at being told who he can or can't talk to. Ian says he feels the same way.

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10:50pm bbt

Ashley/Frank talk in the HOH, Frank again says he has an open-door policy so come talk if you need to. He denies having a F2 deal with anyone. Ashley admits the game gets to her head. Meanwhile Jani/Jenn/Wil/Dani in KT making cookies.

10:55pm bbt

Jenn/Dani slip off to the lounge, confirm to each other they feel the other is cool. Jenn feels Ashley may have hurt herself by what she said to the others. Dani wonders if Jani is mad, but Jenn thinks Jani is just drunk.

Dani asks Jenn if she will tell Dani before Thursday if she's going to get voted out. Jenn agrees, but says she feels Dani will be alright, although she says she can't 'confirm or deny it'.

11:00pm bbt

Dani then asks Jenn 'how big are you'? She's referring to Jenn band. Jenn acts coy about it, then says "I'll tell you Thursday", but that makes Dani think she's getting evicted. Joe comes in so the conversation turns to hair grooming.

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11:05pm bbt

In the HOH, Ashley defends herself saying she misses Kara. Frank says tonight is the first time she heard the house felt Frank/Ian have a F2 deal. Wil asks Ashley if she can understand how Joe/Wil would be uneasy with Ashley missing Kara, it makes them feel she isn't tied to their team, and they questioned that Jani gave Ashley the coaches protection key. Ashley chalks it all up to people in the house being paranoid. She has to be able to talk to someone in the house, without everyone thinking it means something and getting upset at her.

11:10pm bbt

Frank again swears this is the first time he heard about a final 2 deal between him/Ian.

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11:25pm bbt

After a bit of WBRB, Ash/Frank/Wil are still in the HOH. Frank says he's counting on their votes if he goes up again. Wil says they all need to relax for 2 weeks. They agree Jojo needs to go this week.

in the HN room, Shane is looking for his blanket. Jojo tells him Brit took it. He finds it on couch, returns to HN saying Jani is out there being fake, saying she likes Boogie. Shane tells Jojo that Joe is worried about her being quiet.

11:30pm bbt

Shane tells Jojo that he asked Frank about changing the vote, and Frank said it's too early. Brit comes in looking for a blanket, because the DR is cold. Shane explains to Brit the idea he told Frank, to b/door Wil. Brit:Why would you tell Frank? He will tell everyone.

11:35pm bbt

Brit/Jojo/Shane compare notes about what they have overheard tonight from others. Brit warns about talking game, agains says Frank will tell everything.

Shane:I shouldn't trust Frank?

Brit:What do you think Willie's mistake was? Trusting Frank.

Brit is sure 'they' will tell her how the vote is going to go. Jojo asks if Frank/Boogie will be open to a deal. Brit says yes, but they have to wait. Boogie approached Brit today about working together, and Brit feels they are sincere.

Brit points out while Jenn/Share are in the HN room, Dani is 'in there with Joe/Jenn, integrating herself in'. Brit feels this week the vote will be 6-0. Brit's point to Frank is he can make a deal with Dani, 1 person, or make a deal with Shane/Jojo, 2 people.

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11:40pm bbt

Ashley joins the HNs, says she isn't talking to anyone. Brit sees an opportunity and asks why. Ash says because Jenn told everyone Ash was crying because she missed Kara. Also Ash feels Jani is throwing her under the bus, and she can't trust Joe or Wil. Brit states the coaches are just riding the player's coattails, but you don't need us.

11:45pm bbt

Cam switches to Jenn telling Dani band stories, she toured with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Ash tells Brit/Shane/Jojo that Wil is ruthless. They tell her they have stayed nice to her, but the others only are nice when they need her.

11:50pm bbt

Speaking of Wil/Joe, they have met up at the HTub. They agree Jani wants them at the end, since it's good for Jani. Joe feels Wil has a better shot of winning against Frank than Shane.

Shane throws out idea to Ashley that she tell Frank that Joe was looking through his bag to find out if Frank is not really unemployed, to get Frank to snap and not trust Joe. Ashley declines, and Ash/Brit leave Shane/Jojo in the HN room. In HOH, Dan/Boogie are playing with the mind of noobie Ian, asking if he'd be satisfied with 3rd, but feed goes back to Wil/Joe in HTub.

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Midnight bbt

Jenn/Dani/Frank/Ash/Jani are in the lounge talking about nothing, Brit/Wil/Joe are at the HTub talking about not going to bed. Shane is called to the DR. Jani/Ashley wander off screen. Wil/Joe/Brit agree the HGs need to just insert themself into conversations.

12:05am bbt

Ashley/Jojo/Shane back in HN room. Jojo working on bonding with Ashley, says she trusts Ashley. Dani/Jenn/Frank talking BB food/dieting. Ashley wishes she voted to keep Kara and vote out Frank. She admits she is playing for Jani but wanted Brit to win the coaches comp.

12:10am bbt

Jojo tells Shane/Ashley that before nominations, Frank told her there was a good chance she would still be here. Shane says Frank didn't tell him that, and they realize Shane was likely Franks #1 target.

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12:15am bbt

Jani has joined Frank/Jenn/Ashley in the lounge. Ashley tells Shane/Jojo that she doesn't plan to work with Jani, and Wil is going to get upset. Ashley feels Jani only cares about herself, that Jani called Willie a bully but gets upset at Ash for not doing what Jani says. Jojo says the DR tells them to call themselves players, not teams.

12:20am bbt

Frank leaves Jenn/Dani/Jani in the lounge. Jani runs to the KT when Frank mentions beer, but it appears to be a false alarm.

Jojo tells Shane/Ash about Matt winning Golden POV. Says when she opens DR door, she prays there is something on the chair for her, feels she will be better tv than Dani.

12:25am bbt

Ashley leaves Shane/Jojo, they feel good and start to speculate their options if they win HOH next week. Jenn/Dani speculate on what tomorrow holds for them... tanning, laying around.

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12:30am bbt

Brit walks past Jenn/Dani, they ask where everyone is. Brit is "gathering things", Ashley is braiding her hair in WCA, Jojo/Shane trying to see which can whisper the softest. And BB gives us WBRB?

12:35am bbt

Feeds back, Brit/Ash back in HN with Shane/Jojo. Shane asks Brit about idea of telling Frank that Joe went thru his bag. Brit says no, but wavers when she realizes they mean Ashley would tell Frank. Cam returns to HOH, finding Dan/Boogie still talking to Ian. Dan:Can you imagine getting dropped into this game at 21?

Ian says he's noticed some 'dirty play' today. Someone made Ashley sad, telling her that Ian/Frank have a F2 deal, and Ian is just stringing her along. Dan/Boogie get Ian to say that Jenn told him this, and Jenn believed it also. Boogie asks if Ashley has ever seen the show? Ian says no, she walked right out of the shower clueless.

12:40am bbt

Dani joins Jani/Frank/Wil on the patio, who have been talking about Ian's quirky behavior. In HOH, Ian says the HOH room is smaller than it looks on tv. He likes the BB6 HOH room best.

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12:45am bbt

Ian liked BB3 F3 endurance the best, hand on key and bailing water. Last year in butter wasn't good, it should involve a weather condition. Dani leaves the patio to head to bed. Back the HN room, Brit tells Shane/Jojo/Ashley things change constantly in here. Brit feels she does her best thinking in this room. Jojo turns off the light to demonstrate how the night vision cam flashes a light, making the curvy walls look cool. On cue, the night vision cam does come on, but Jojo doesn't see the light she was looking for. So, she turns the light back on, and Brit leaves, again, for bed this time.

Ian feels screwed this season, because this season doesn't have a 50+ HG to tell them what it was like in the olden days when they didn't have roller skates.

12:50am bbt

Dani is wandering the house. She goes to the SR, looks in, and keeps going.

Back to the HN, Jojo is back on the 'Jani is a bully just like Willie' train. Ashley gets confused about who Shane/Jojo are suggesting is in their alliance, so they explain it's them 3, Ian and Frank.

Britney is now up in the HOH with Ian/Dan/Boogie. Brit is confused about what day it is, looking at the fish food packets that are dated. She decides BB doesn't care about the dates, as long as the HGs are feeding them.

Brit: Hi fish... everybody get a fair shot... they aren't all coming up... this happened in my season, the aggresive fish would eat all the food.. I want everyone to know it's dinner time (I'm missing the Shane/Jojo/Ashley strategy talk for this?)

Ian shares the story Joe told of inventing the phrase "I can't believe it's not butter' in an office pool for a vegtable based oil spread. His phrase won, but he never saw a dime of it.

12:55am bbt

Jani/Frank/Wil still on the patio, Shane/Jojo/Ashley still talking strategy in the HN, Boogie/Brit/Dan/Ian in the HOH. Dan decides it's time for bed.

Brit:Where am I going to get my barrel of laughs if you go to bed?

Ian questions why Dan has his hat on backwards, they Dan/Ian leave the HOH, with plans to swim in the morning. Ian comes back into the HOH.

Brit:Ian, if I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone? I think you are my favorite person in this whole house.

Boogie says they were handicapping the favorite player earlier. Brit says she wants to hang out with Ian 3x as much as she does.

1:00am bbt

Shane/Jojo/Ashley still going in circles in the HNot room. Boogie/Brit/Ian still talking in the HOH.

(Can someone describe the term for when Britney goes into Brit-mode talking to someone? I feel like she isn't totally serious with her conversation, but she drives the conversation with crazy comments)

1:05am bbt

Back from WBRB, where fishes were going in circles, HOH and HNot trios are on repeat.

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1:05 am bbt

Ian says he doesn't want to go down to the HNots because Jojo will start up with the sexual jokes. Brit says she told Jojo to back off.

Brit: Do you think there is such a thing as an attractive butt-crack?

Ian: ummmm yes, Ashley had one in the Hot tub.

Talk turns to if Kara is the hottest girl Ian has ever seen.

Brit: Exclude myself from this conversation, and rank the girls in the house by hotness.

Ian: Kara, Ashely is like .1 decimal over Danielle.

They feel Danielle doesn't look like her photo. Ian thinks it's a very 'teacher' photo, but Boogie again says she's not a teacher.

Brit wants to get back to the hotness rating.

Boogie:Excluding the personality and smoking, Jojo is hot

Brit:So Kara, Ashley, Danielle, keep going.. Jenn, Jojo, Janelle are left

Ian:Kara, Ashley, Janelle, then Danielle, then..

Boogie:You wouldn't put Janelle ahead of Ashley?

Ian:Maybe BB6 Janelle, but she is 32 and married..

Brit:So you are 100% sure Janelle is hotter than Danielle? Because you only had Danielle .1 away from Ashley, so that's a narrow spot

Ian: Jojo, Jenn, Jodi...

Brit: We never even saw Jodi in a bikini?

Ian: We did for the photo shoot, I'm sure she's sweet, but she's 40+, that's prehistoric

Brit: Boogie, do you agree with Kara as the #1 pick hot?

Boogie: yea, girl next door hot, a little quiet for me

Brit: I couldn't imagine Kara with dark hair, because her hair now looks perfect for her

Ian: Where would I put a girl I was attracted to in real life... very attractive but not to others

They agree Kara and Janelle look good without makeup. Ian feels Danielle looks plain with out makeup.

Boogie is going to guess Brit's order for the men, although they aren't going to ask her to rank them, since she is married, and the guys are all over the map. Brit says Shane isn't her type of guy, she likes real masculine, chops fences, works with his hands. I like a guy who is out there working with an axe. Boogie says Frank has a lot of hair product. Brit thinks Frank is very organized.

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1:25am bbt

Back from a WBRB, Ashley is now in bed with Dani, saying she talked with Jojo/Shane, but they can't change her vote, "they think I will swing, but I won't". Ashley says Dani is safe, "I've got you". Ashley tells Dani she is tired of hanging around with Janelle. On the patio, Joe/Wil/Frank/Dan are having a chat about nothing.

1:30am bbt

Joe/Wil head to the KT for a snack, Dan is called to the DR.

Ashley feels Jani used the coaches comp key on Ashley to stir things up. Dani asks if Jani thinks Dani is a weak player. Ashley says Jani kept saying Dan focused on Kara. Ash feels Jani is a dirty player. Dani wonders what Jani thinks about her. Ash:Who gives a s$%@. Ash says when she talks to Jani, Jani is mean towards the people on the block, like Jojo/Shane.

Dani: You promise though you'll tell me if you are going to evict me?

Ash: Yes, but I'm not!

Dani: I guess I should go in there... they called Dan in? BB, I'm ready, after Dan.

Jani has joined Joe/Wil/Frank/Dan on the patio.

1:35am bbt

Patio crew mentions Mellow Mushroom pizza chain(I've been to one of those!)

Dani tells Ash she has told Dan she feels bad when hearing others tell Dan "well your first pick is gone", refering to Kara.

1:40am bbt

back from WBRB, Danielle is called to the DR

(and my bed is calling me, so I'm out for the night. I expect Ashley will fall asleep while Danielle is in the DR, and Shane/Jojo are already asleep in the HNot room. That leaves the patio crew chatting, and I haven't seen Brit/Boogie/Ian for 15 minutes.)

1:45am bbt

Feeds are back, with all 4 cams on Jojo/Shane sleeping in the HNot room

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0213 BBT Ian comes into backyard and shares how he mooned the camera and heard the production team howl and we get FOTH.

Cameras flash back on long enough for Ian to share how he can not believe he just mooned the camera.

0215 Janelle shouts good morning to the east coast and Ian goes inside. They tell him to keep his pants on.

Cameras follow Ian in and he tells them if they flirt with him they are going to see a little skin.

Camera flips back outside and we see Wil talking with Janelle, Joe and Frank.

They are discussing morning wood and how Jen did not like being farted on.

They ask Janelle if she farts and she said she does in private. Frank is teasing Janelle that he heard her, "drop a number two the other day." They don't like the downstairs because everyone hears them. They also don't like how everyone hangs in the bathroom. Frank gets up early so he can, "do his doody before everyone wakes up."

Wil does not like how JoJo puts her hands under the water when he is doing dishes.

Janelle calls JoJo an Umpalumpa (spelling?). JoJo asked after the POV meeting what a girl has to do to get a POV used in this house. Janelle feels for her cause she has no class. They are discussing how she needs attention.

0227AM BBT B.Y. players are discussing players coming back. Wil states that they all seem to agree that they are going to be bringing a player back. Frank says if Julie does not say that whoever goes home will be the first jury player, than someone is going to be coming back. They begin to discuss production (starting the season late) and we get FOTH.

Janelle is glad the trade twist did not happen. She questions if they think Boogie would trade and they don't. They could see Boogie trading for Shane, but don't think he would. They think Britney would have traded for Shane.

Frank:"Brittany is a little snake."

Joe gets up and goes inside and takes the dirty dishes with him.

Joe is gone, so Wil is making fun of him and his tall tails.

They discuss, "Evil eyed Joe" and how they are glad he is on their side.

Back to Jojo bashing.

0234AM BBT FOTH flash. They come back and I think they are still talking about Jojo. Shane thinks she is a cute girl and Shane thinks she is a sweet kid. Wil says that she acts super mature.

Wil likes when Britney talks to him like he is a kid and she is an adult. He is older than her by two weeks.

Wil's ideal guy is a celebrity: tall, dark (hair not skin tone), quiet, reserved. They go through tons of celebrity's and he decides a young Alec Baldwin or Jason Segel. Someone goofy, but not prettier than him.

0240 FOTH

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0241AM BBT Feeds back and discussing what type of cologne that they wear.

Janelle is going to tell a really gross story.

She went with Johnny Fairplay that was on survivor and we get FOTH.

0247AM BBT Not sure what happen but I am getting an error from the live feeds:

The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

0249 AM BBT In the back yard they are discussing how they all thought Rachel would be in the twist this season. Janelle starts to tell how when they asked her and we get....you guess it...FOTH.

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0252AM BBT Feeds are once again back. Still in the BY is Janelle, Frank and Wil.

Shane heard the sound of the ac unit and he has never heard it before.

Janelle wants to go to sleep tonight, not just lay there and giggle.

Wil is tired of hearing Jen grunting during the night.

Janelle is questioning Frank about Willie and the deal that he made with Frank and if Britney was present. Frank said he was only stroking Willie's ego. Frank knew that the moment that he left the room Willie was calling everyone else up there.

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1:45am-3:00am bbt

A review of the feeds found more small chit-chat by the HGs on the patio, and some mud-slinging going on, but no stratigic talks took place.

6:45am bbt

HGs are all sleeping still. Many were up late, so don't expect movement from then anytime soon, unless it's due to a BB wakeup call.

8:00am bbt

As expected, no change, all HGs still tucked in.

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8:35am bbt

Boogie is up in the KT, along with Jojo. Boogie says they are on ILD, wonders if it's a comp, but can't get in DR to ask. Joe and Wil are now up as well.

8:50am bbt

Still just Jojo/Wil/Boogie/Joe in KT talking sleep. Joe switched to bed Jojo had been in(before becoming a HN), and Joe slept MUCH better than his other bed.

8:55am bbt

KT talk turns to what's going on outside. Boogie speculates it's for a luxury comp, the house playing for a grill, or a comp to win viewing of a movie later tonight in the HOH? Jojo is amused he is so specific(a grill?). Boogie suggest BB give them a comp where the winning team gets a drive-in movie in the BY, complete with real cars and a concession stand.

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9:04am Joe telling Boogie and Wil he gets potatoes 11 dollars for 50 pounds and they ground their own burgers he gets the meat cheaper than ground beef

9:10am Joe says he has learned alot this time in the resturaunt and he knows more when he opens his i love bistro and this time he will concentrate on the bar Bofggie says you dont have a bar now he says no just beer and wine and i lost money on that i sold 5 beers in one day and thats it

9:12am Joe says where he lives just to sell beer and wine at his resturaunt he has to carry a million dollar insurance policy and it isnt worth it really it was eating up what i might make

9:17am Wil cooking his breakfast Boogie and Joe still talking about restuaraunts and about taking reservations

9:24am Jojo and Shane now up in bathroom Jojo putting on her makeup telling shane she says i think maybe we will have a luxury comp cuz they dont normally tell you to put your makeup on Shane says yeah thats true

9:34am Shane says he is going to take a shower after Jojo says yeah me too i hate cold showers she says going in the pool would be better but thats not like going to keep you clean

9:37am Wil asking Jenn how she slep she said good how did you sleep Wil says i slept good i was invited to the hoh rm to sleep lastnight and that it is better than them damn springy beds

9:42am Boogie Wil Jenn and Joe talking about frankl drinking a 6 pack lastnight so this morning when the music played he got up and turned the light on and went back to bed Jojo and Shane still in bathroom getting ready Boogie gets in trouble talking about dr sessions he says alright alright they are on top of it this morning

9:47am Brit now up getting coffee Shane making breakfast Jenn drinking coffee Joe getting in shower just general talk going on and alot of the foth

9:50am Shane puts on a pink shirt this morning Jojo asked is you whole wardrobe pink shane says no jojo says pink and purple shane says no i had alot of my clothes dyed but my favorite color is blue

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10:02 AM BBT In the WCA - Shane and Dani hang out - Shane is gently rubbing Dani's back. Joe is trying to do his hair. In the KT - gen chit chat and breakfast.

10:06 AM BBT LD is over. Joe goes out to inspect - advises the HG that nothing was touched outside. Boogie thinks maybe something on the lot.

10:13 PM BBT ADLs going on i the WCA - in BY just silence

10:16 PM BBT Brit/Frank/Boogie in BY discussing that BB got them up early and nothing has happened. Said that BB told them they have to do DR and they havent been called.

10:27 PM BBT An exciting spice lesson from Joe in the BY. What he can do with spices, how expensive they are etc etc.

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