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7/20 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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We welcome updaters!

If you have the live feeds, or SHO2's Big Brother After Dark, the people that don't would really like to know what's going on. I'm not looking for Shakespeare, or any kind of commitment, I'm just asking that since you're dropping by, why not drop off a couple lines to describe what's going on. And don't worry if someone else is already posting. It's amazing how people can all watch the same thing and see it differently. Many of our updaters are putting in more time than they want because no one's helping. The point is, that if everyone does a little, then no one has to do a lot.


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9:12 PM BBT: Dan telling Danielle in the have not room that she needs to go on a date with Ian so he wouldn't put her up.

Danielle respondes with "Excuse me?! I've already done everything you asked. You wanted me to make Shane fall for me...DONE. You wanted me to be friends with everyone in the house...DONE. But if you really want me to I will."

Danielle: "I'll make a deal, let's compromise. You win the competition tomorrow and I will go on a date with whoever you want."

Dan: "Done! Fully decked out."

Danielle: "Oh, I will go all out with the eye lashes, the tight dress..."

HGs in the kitchen are talking about what they want to request from DR in terms of groceries. Ian says that they aren't allowed to request alcohol anymore because he was told alcohol is a privilege and BB will decide when they get it.

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9:03 PM BBT Dani telling Dan that Kara had told her the secret that she had been a Playboy Bunny. Danielle said that she has thrown every comp but the first one.

9:06 PM BBT Dinner time in the KT. Clean up time is happening. Brit says that Kara will be comfy in a hotel tonight . Frank easting salsa right out of the jar.

9:13 n the KT Frank telling the HG what he asked for on his HOH list. Dan and Dani finish up their convo and hug it out.

9:18 PM BBT A very exciting convo of what the shopping list should be. They want more healthy foods including diet items.

9:23 PM BBT Jojo has moved outside to have a cigarette while Wil tells Jani in the KT that she should model. There must be something on the internet.

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9:22 PM BBT: Janelle's team in the kitchen saying how happy they are and that Janelle needs to win the coaches competition. Janelle: "I have to win no matter what."

Meanwhile JoJo, Shane, and Willie in BY talking about the HOH competition.

Wil, Ashley, and Danielle in the kitchen are talking about the little signs they gave to their family members back home during the live show. Danielle winked after voting and Wil said he did a drinking motion which signaled to his friends to take a shot (they set up a drinking game with him).

9:29 PM BBT: Danielle, Jenn, Wil, and Ashley in the bathroom. Danielle and Wil are booty popping/dancing. Wil: "That's for you Kara!" Ashley: "I want to learn!" Wil shows off his odd ability to wave/roll his stomach.

9:33 PM BBT: In the BY Willie, Shane, and JoJo talking about being have nots. JoJo says she won't mind going on. Willie says he needs to lose 5lbs anyway. He says going home won't be so bad because he will just have crazy sex for 8 nights straight while watching BB.

JoJo: "I was just thinking the same thing that I need to relieve some stress. I wish I brought my vibrator."

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9:37 PM BBT: Danielle in bathroom with Ashley and Jenn and she said she is poop shy, which was a que for them to leave the bathroom. Before they leave she goes on a whole story about her bathroom woes and how she has IBS (TMI). Danielle: "It's like literally a claustrophobia of mine." Ashley says atleast her fear will get better being in this house. Then Daniele begins talking about her menstrual woes, but before she can go on another tirade Ashley and Jenn leave.

Team "Diversity" talking in the kitchen, they are all whispering at the same time, so it is hard to decipher. Ian: "Even if we have to put someone up from our team, we have the votes."

Frank: "Dan's worried that if Britney wins she would..." Then Danielle walks in so he doesn't continue.

Joe says they have to put up Shane and Willie so if JoJo wins POV she can only save one. Frank thinks Britney would advise JoJo to take Shane out since Willie has already ruined his game. Danielle is telling Frank she is sorry she voted for him to leave, but she had to. Frank understands. Wil agrees saying he didn't vote against his team. Danielle: "I'm just loyal, so if you guys say to vote out so and so and I say yes, then I will do it." Janelle comes out of DR and tells the team in the kitchen that they have to get Willie out.

9:44 PM BBT: Janelle says she will win the coaches comp. for her team. Janelle: "I use to be a beast, I don't know if I am anymore."

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9:48 PM BBT: Janelle telling Wil, Frank, Jenn, Ashley and Joe that you have to have someone in this game you can trust because you can't make it on your own.

Wil asks Janelle what the next HOH will be. She thinks another Q and A. Frank said Dan said it will be endurance. Janelle: "Week four is usually endurance for sure, which is usually when jury starts." Frank says that that would be this week because Jury will start after this week. Janelle agrees then that it will be endurance. Janelle says there are two extra weeks that are not accounted for. Joe thinks someone will come back. Ashley acts shocked and confused at this news.

Frank says atleast if they get rid of Willie and he come back, no one likes him. Everyone there says he did it to himself. Jenn says she spoke to Willie about this and how he created this himself. He basically ignored her advice and just kept trying to make deals with her instead of listening to her advice. Frank reiterates that there was never a deal between himself, Shane, and Willie. Frank said Mike is the one who originally brought up the idea of the guys alliance.

9:52 PM BBT: Janelle: "Who's Mike?" Everyone says Boogie and laughs. Frank then tells everyone that Mike only tried to do the new brigade alliance because Frank was on the block and he was lying and never would have followed through for it.

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9:27 PM BBT Willie in the BY - tells Shane and Jojo that he isn't quitting . Jojo now talking about the promos they saw of past seasons.

9:30 PM BBT Jenn calls WIl over to the couch in the WCA - Dani and Ian also in there. Wil says he needs to urinate and escapes to the WC. Dani does her dance for them. Wil joins in (fresh from urinating)

9:34 PM BBT In the BY - complete silence. Jojo, Willie and Shane are sitting on the couches. Inside Dani and Ashley talk in general

9:40 PM BBT Ashley and Dani figure out this week's schedule. They realize they only have Tuesday to lay out in the Sun. (this is the ONLY convo going on besides a few words in the BY)

Ashley and Dani having a convo about farting in front of everyone. Ashley also hates having her period because she has to shower every day and wash "down there"

9:45 PM BBT Jani tells the HG she is going to win the coach comp. Wil says they have to get the scum out so they can play the game.

9:49 PM BBT In the BY Willie talking about Jodi coming back the next day for pictures and that she was very nice to him.

9:54 PM BBT Willie tells Shane and Jojo that they can't campaign against each other. They are stuck together. The others agree.

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9:55 PM BBT: In the BY Willie, Shane and JoJo are like lepers that no one wants to join. They were talking about first impressions. Willie said when he first walked in he didn't think he would like Shane at all. Shane agreed.

We're definitely the realest (I don't know if that is how you spell that made up word of hers) people in here. What's the saying: I'd rather be loved for who I am than hated for who I'm not...no that's not it...it's: I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I'm not." They all laugh.

Willie: "Atleast we all stayed true and did what we said we were gonna do." Willie then makes reference to Ashley not doing what she said she would have done. He said that in 3 weeks she will see she was wrong.

Shane said that Frank will come out soon wanting us to see his room. Willie ofcourse says he isn't going to go. JoJo warns him that that will make things worse, but he isn't going to pretend.

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10:04 PM BBT: Willie: "I think my biggest mistake was going from voting out Kara to Frank then Kara again."

JoJo: "Yea, too much back and forth."

Willie: "I don't think my biggest mistake was the fight. It needed to come out."

JoJo: "Do you think we just gave him (Frank) $500,000 because he is going to get everyone out."

Willie: "I don't think so. I think the winner could be someone like maybe Wil or Maybe you."

JoJo: "If we didn't have coaches...."

Willie: "If we didn't have coaches we would dominate!"

JoJo: "Yeah I'm sure we would have both still aligned somehow."

Willie: "With Frank probably."

JoJo: "I need to brush my teeth and pee."

Willie: "And I need to take a deuce."

They laugh and then quickly go back to the same game talk about no one being real or loyal like they are etc...

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10:18 PM BBT: JoJo and Britney talking in the bathroom about what to do with the coach's competition. Britney says the only reason she might switch Willie for Danielle is so then they will get rid of Dan. She also thinks that if she trades Willie to Boogie or Janelle's team they will get rid of Danielle. Britney tells JoJo not to tell anyone, not even Willie that she might trade for Wil [she didn't seem to learn not to tell her team members secrets that she doesn't want getting out]

Britney: "Janelle would be pissed."

JoJo: "She deserves it...good revenge."

10:24 PM BBT: In the living room Boogie and Dan talking...

Mike: "His (Willie) biggest downfall was not keeping Janelle happy. I didn't see that happening at all. I woke up yesterday morning and in my mind I was defeated and then frank comes out and says 'I think it's looking good.' And I'm like, what?!" Mike then talks about calling Wil a pussy for voting for his friend Kara to stay just because he is her friend.

Dan: "The thing I wish I had done differently is just go straight to Janelle for the three votes and not to Willie." Dan then tells Mike that last night Ashley gave Kara her word. Mike says if it came out a tie it would have been crazy. Dan said he knew he couldn't get Wil's vote, but thought maybe Ashley. Boogie agrees that Ashley is the type of person who will vote with whomever speaks to her last.

Mike: "As smart as Janelle is, she might not think of every angle." Last night apparently Jenn was mad at Boogie and then Frank farted on her in bed and Boogie was really scared Jenn might flip her vote because she was annoyed. Dan asked Mike if he could joke around with Jenn about the fart.

Mike asks Dan if Danielle won HOH would she have put up Willie. Dan says that that is the smartest move because it buys you a few weeks by just doing what the house wants. Game talk halts while old man Mike gets some more fiber.

10:31 PM BBT: Mike said Willie should have played it cooler and not had such a big ego. He also needed to realize that Janelle has done this three times and he shouldn't put her game play down.

Mike: "In all seriousness, tomorrow you are going to fight for it so you don't get Willie? You aren't going to trade?"

Dan: "No, I like Danielle."

Mike: "And if the 6 stay together, they will soon end when they run out of targets."

Mike is planning on talking to Britney about not trading Willie to Dan because that doesn't necessarily mean his team will vote Willie out to get Dan out. He wants her to make a deal to keep Willie on her team, cut her losses and take the target off her back once she loses him.

Mike: "We also have to consider sticking Janelle with Willie and taking Wil because he is popular. That would guarentee that she loses one. Because I would rather play her with two, Boogie with three, and you with one, than not have you here." [Yes, he talked about himself in the 3rd person]

Dan says the real fun will start when the coaches enter the game. Mike says he only thinks it is a 20% chance they will enter. Dan reminds him about the key slots.

10:37 PM BBT: Frank keeps coming in trying to find balls to make a Bocce ball game. He tried with pool balls, but BB told him to stop that.

Mike: "If it wasn't for the Willie factor, I would be okay with every other player." Mike says he would be okay losing Ian. He warns Dan not to let on to all the girls that Jenn is stronger than they all think.

They discuss making a deal with Britney to get Danielle out next week.

Mike: "I'd almost rather take out Shane this week because Willie will take himself out. Do you think Willie will be able to go back to he he was and ingratiate himself... Shane better be real nervous. And the thing is, the person I dislike the most of the three is JoJo." Dan and Mike laugh.

Dan asks if Janelle would agree to get out Shane. Mike doesn't think he could talk her in to it tonight since her team is targeting Willie. They are both trying to think of the best thing to say to Britney to get her not to trade a person. Mike says they could tell her they won't nominate Shane, but Willie and JoJo. Dan says if Willie wins POV Frank could always put Shane on the block and tell Britney he lost control of Frank and Frank wouldn't listen. Mike says he doesn't care about getting dirty.

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10:48 PM BBT: Mike: "I don't think there is anything besides intimidation that would work." In reference to his upcoming talk with Britney. Mike says if she does do a trade, but trades for a Janelle team member, it would be good for him and Dan. Mike says Dan could go to Britney about knocking Janelle down a peg since Dan only has one player. Britney joins Mike and Dan and they stop their scheming.

Mike tells Britney he wished the twist with the coach's competition didn't happen this week. Britney: "I don't think any coaches want to trade besides me, do you?" They shake their heads.

Mike asks hypothetically if Britney would consider if it would be good for her game to not trade, cut her losses, and move on with the more likeable JoJo and Shane. Britney says it doesn't help her numerically. Three is better than two in HOH, POV etc. Mike asks who she would trade for.

Britney: "That's a hard question. I've been thinking about it since she (Julie) said it."

Mike: "Here's the thing though that can happen. The attention as much as it is ra-ra-ra against you know who...the attention can switch quickly to Shane. To me, he is a scarier threat in some ways. We know who the other guy (Willie) is, the temper, the mouth. Especially since I will be up there, I don't have to deal with him. So that is food for thought. Unfortunately for you, you have the jerk, but you also have the huge physical threat.."

Britney says it is ridiculous for her to agree to just cut her losses. Mikes says he understands that she needs to figure out what is best for her.

Britney: "I don't want to just sit by and say I will take a hit. That's crazy. Especially with someone like Willie who can win competitions."

MIke: "You could also win and just save him and turn him into a nice guy. Is that possible?" He laughs. Mike says he isn't the type of guy to just nominate because he got in a froot loop argument with someone.

Britney: "I feel in the coach's group I am very very out of the loop and on the outs. I feel like my back is against a wall."

Mike: "I felt that in the beginning. It changes all the time. I felt the same way so I know."

Britney: "It's not that I'm out of the loop, it's that I think my players this week are the only options and that sucks."

10:57 PM BBT: Mike reminds her that she has three and Janelle has three and Janelle's three saved his one and Britney's three tried to vote his out, so ofcourse her players are the options. He says he hasn't thought of all the scenarios yet.

Britney: "I don' t know, maybe if I make the right trade...." Boogie laughs.

Britney: "I know it's early, but how am I the only one in the equation?"

Mike keeps saying it is because Janelle's team helped them. Mike: "To go fucking with that, would be suicide." (Going against Janelle's team) "They are dangerous. I'm having trouble finding the upside for you."

Britney: "No matter what, you are still telling me I'm losing someone. There isn't even an option."

Mike says that perhaps if she does win coach's comp. and trades Willie and people are still killing to get Willie out then that could change things. Dan continues to say he would not trade and Mike agrees.

MIke: "I like other players, but I feel like I built the trust and you have to start from fresh not knowing where those people are at...I mean would I change Ian for Wil and have Wil still work with Janelle, I don't know. But you have some trash you need to take out."

Britney: "It's not that I don't like Willie, but I can't trust him. Do you know how many times I told him not to fight and to keep his mouth closed and he didn't?!"

Mike: "Yeah he dug his own grave. He goes out of control."

Britney: "Trust goes two ways."

Mike: "The problem with the contest is that you have to do it right there unlike with POV. Which is why I am talking to you now."

Britney: "I can make a decision all day, but I still have to win to get the decision."

Mikes: "There's no secrets here or mysteries. Obviously tomorrow he (Frank) is going to nominate Willie and Shane. We can cross bridges when we get to it. As long as we all thought of all the angles."

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11:08 PM BBT: Frank called to DR, everyone thinks it is HOH time. Boogie leaves Britney and Dan

Britney: "What am I going to do?"

Dan: "The upside is you have three players."

Britney: "I know. But the downside is they are the only three anyone cares about right now."

Dan: "That will change, week to week. Things change so fast."

Janelle joins Dan and Britney. She asks if they think coach's comp. will be endurance. Britney doesn't think so because they would be locked down in the house because endurance usually takes a long time to set up. They then chit chat awkwardly.

11:13 PM BBT: Mike comes back to the livingroom after having put on another of his shout out t-shirts for the HOH reveal. He says Willie must be excited about the HOH. Janelle then talks about having to go see Erika's HOH and how awkward it was.

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11:20 PM BBT: Ian and Willie playing pool. Ian said he isn't gonig to treat Willie any differently. That isn't how you treat people and he isn't going to change who he is just because he is in the house. Willie asks if Ian has help with a vote from Ian. Ian said he might do a sympathy vote. Willie tries to clarify that if he needed one more vote to stay would Ian give it? Ian says maybe later on. He wants to "marinate" on it and see how things go.

Willie: "It pretty much can't get any worse for me." He and Ian laught. Willie says he hopes he gets a chance to fight for POV. Ian agrees that he doesn't like back-dooring. He says it is a "chicken shit" move.

Willie says he will go up to the HOH and say congratulations and eat his humble pie. Ian agrees that he has to.

11:27 PM BBT: FRANK GETS HIS HOH ROOM. Frank got beer, a shirt BB had taken (it says Julie Chen is my homegirl), a body pillow, pictures of him with a mullet as a kid, sushi, fruit, and a note. Frank reads his letter. Mike got a picture of his son: Mike: "this is Brady Malin!!" and kisses the picture. Mikes says he looks so much bigger in the picture.

No mention of his dad in any pictures.

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12:05 am BBT Frank Boogie and Jani and Dan rehashing fight and why Wikkie is going up think its funny that Britt wants to keep a hold of Willie when she still has shane and Jojo

12:07 am BBT Frank says he feels bad for Willie sitting all alone by himself in the HT but it wont stop him from putting Willie up

12:13 am BBT Frank telling the entire week one events from his point of view about how paranoid Willie was Jani telling stories and skewing them to make her team look good saying Willie was

saying you have to vote this way. Now recapping how funny his Hoh speechwas and calling Willie a bully

12:20 am BBT Coaches in Hoh (not Brit) talking about trade options. All saying they would never trade they think Brit will go for either Dani or Wil Hani says she will be pissed if she trades for Wil

12:22 am BBT in the BY Joe telling Dani she is pretty much safe for three weeks cause no one is paying attention to her

12:23 am BBT Jani is saying she will tell Wil to tell Britt if she wins don't trade for him because he (Wil) will throw all challenges and he knows hes safe cause he is already friends with rest of house

12:29 am BBT Boogie askin Ian what happened during Hoh comp? Ian said the stratagy was one person do quotes from the bulliten images and another do the images and thats why he went out

he didnt really know the images

12:33 am BBT Dani says to Jenn in BY that she though Shane was a straight up guy but she is upset he backed Willie even after he was a bully

12:39 am BBT Jenn is trying to give Dani advice on Shane saying let him tell you what his motives are and let him come to you I think this is more social personal talk rather then gameplay. they make fun of his bad fashion choices jokingly (blue shirts and pink shorts hidious combo for all you men out there take note)

12:45 am BBT Willie and Jojo on BY couches talking Willie says he and Shane are going on the block noms will stay the same if anyone wins but he or Shane win veto says no matter what our

tema is going home

12:50 am BBT in Hoh Boogie saying to Hoh crew he told Brit that he easily can put up two of her players because to other team agreed to keep Frank

12:59 am BBT Coaches minus Brit and Frank in Hoh talking about possible coaches comp ideas saying it cant be memory they havnt been there long enough and all confirming they all suck at


1:03 am BBT Hoh crew now teaching Dan the dos and donts about xanax Jani telling less then tasteful stories

1:06 am BBT KT crew Jenn Dani Wil and Ash talking about weather or not they are dating anyone or if they left anyone behind. Dani says she kind of left a guy in a grey area and is worried he is dating someone else. Everyone tells her no way youre on tv hes totally waiting to see you

1:13 am BBT Now Hoh crew is talking about how voting went down and how the show tried to make it extra suspenseful talking about how cocky Willie is and how he thought he could have pulled it off (ending out Frank)

1:18 am BBT Jani joking that when Julie reads the vote they are all going to throw fruit loops when he (Willie) walks out. Boogie recaps winning Hoh in BB2 and putting up Cheryl and nicole and nicole staying over cheryl says dont get to cocky look what happened to me

1:23 am BBT KT crew making small chit chat talking Ian says he's a broke college student Wil said New York is too expensive so he just moved back to KY before going to BB

1:35 am BBT Dan in Hoh suggests geting Shane out over Willie this week and all agree bad idea Frank wants Willie out before jury.

1:39 am BBT Dani Wil and Jenn all head to bed in sneaker room while Hoh crew is still bashing Willie saying they need to protect Ashr from him he will just beak her down all week

1:43 am BBT Shane headed for bed in HN room telling Ash and Dani that he knows hes going up but anything can happen depending on who wins coaches comp

1:48 am BBT Ian in BY by himself talking to himself about how he feels bad for Willie in a way says he is such a nice guy

2:01 am BBT Ian still rocking saying he feels horrible and he has to give Wil and Ash props for voting out Kara she was a sweet girl. Talking about who he would like to take to the final two and is calling Willie an idiot for trying to make a final 2 deal with him on like day 4 . All this conversation is with himself

2:10 am BBT Dan and Boogie have headed to bed Jani plays cornhole with Ian talking about coaches comp nothing serious Jani telling him shes nervous he is trying to worry her less. All seems

quiet now seems like a good time to say goodnight Ian and Jani are the straglers and I doubt they will talk serious game anytime soon

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Guest KimLovesBB

4:10 a.m BBT Jani and Joe up in the backyard both seem wide awake. Looks like everyone else is asleep. Joe is "worried" about how he's being portrayed on tv and what his kids are seeing. Jani wondering why they didn't tell the other side to F off 5 days ago. She thinks that might be why Brittney is mad too - because she ( B) kept her (J) safe and now they (J's team) decided who left. Joe says "In the end his HOH was worthless" and they both crack up. "Thirteen days and all that work and all he did was get himself evicted".

4:14 am BBT Joe talking about not liking Jenn. Acts like she knows everything and can't keep her mouth shut. Says when he's ready to go he'll save up his beers and then give them to her, She'll wake up the next day and be on the block. They both crack up.

4:16 am BBT Jani loved how they were walking around before the HOH comp and now they're all depleted. More rehashing of how they knew those 3 couldn't win HOH. A bit of "worrying" that he (Willie) might somehow not go and then what a beast Shane is and how easily he (Shane) could end up going home instead.

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Guest KimLovesBB

4:19 a.m BBT They head inside. Jani can't believe it's 4 in the morning and she has a coach's comp tomorrow. She asks Joe what he likes best so far ... talking game? He agrees. He loves the pure creative strategy. They talk about how things change so quickly and Joe says "We definitely could have lost that thing because of a fart." (Jenn almost changed her vote last night because she was mad at Boogie for not getting up for the burgler announcements and at Frank for farting on her while they were in bed between announcements.)

4:22 a.m BBT Jani washing her face. Joe talking about how pissed Jenn will be if Boogie trade's her. Jani talks about how dumb it was to take everyone upstairs and do that (the newbie meeting) ... what the hell was he thinking?! Joe says it was horrific. Jani says it was all paranoia. Joe agrees and believes the paranoia comes from lying.

4:26 a.m. BBT Jani now brushing her teeth and talking about how the camera is like R2D2. More Willie bashing ... he had final 6 and that wasn't good enough. He wanted more than final 6 for an HOH he didn't even win. He threw away an incredible chance to get to final 6 because he was on a power trip and wanted control. Jani is so glad he "crashed and burned". Joe says "We won't get that lucky with Frank." Jani asks what he means. Frank says "He won't kill himself so he's gonna have to be taken out at some point". They are now talking about Shane winning the next HOH and getting rid of Frank for them.

4:30 a.m BBT - Jani says she'll go to bed with Frank she just has to pee. Frank is gonna wait for her in the kitchen.

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8:45am bbt - All 4 cams show sleeping HGs. There have been a few times that someone has gotten up to use the WC, wandered around, but they end up back in bed. No BB wake up call yet...

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9:05am we now have wbrb on the feeds may be wakeup call

9:25am hg are up Jojo in br talking to shane Frank in kt getting a drink frank says we are locked out Shane says damn coaches comp its gonna be a big one frank says i hope so

9:29am Frank Mike and Shane talking about the music that was played this morning they got 3 songs mike starts singing and we get wbrb

9:35am Brit Frank Jojo Mike in kt drinking coffee and general talk about a long 7 days for being hoh

9:37am Wil is telling hg he cant wait for everyone to meet his twin sister she does his hair and his makeup for him she was born 2 minutes before he was

9:39am Wil says his mom had rewal mink coats and took one and made 2 little coats from it for him and his sister he says what 10 year old wanted a real time mink fur coat

9:42am Jojo and Mike talking about changing diapers Mike says he never had peepee explosion when he changed his sons diaper

9:47am Jojo telling Frank she isnt going to let Willie pull her down with him she fought to hard to get here for this shit to happen to her

9:48am talk turns to toddler and tiaras and how the moms push them little girls to mdo things they dont want to do Jojo says i think its important to let kids do what they want to do so they will be happy

9:59am Brit Shane and Jojo going on crane room brit says tell me what you guys have been thinking Jojo says we are targets because of willie shane says we are going because of him brit says they want one from my team to go home even if i win someone on my team is going home

10:03am Brit says that everyone wants her throw up a white flag and take a hit this week she doesnt like that she says i dont think its fair that willies actions are hurting you 2 so hang out with frank alot Shane says i will hang with willie too brit says yeah just hang with frank too and agree with them brit says if she doesnt win today there is still the veto

10:04am Jojo said Willie said he will be coming back if he goes home Brit says he might he just might and willie can win if he does

10:07am Frank MIke Will and Jen in hoh talking Boogie tells wil that he has to intimadate Brit so she wont trade for him Boogie tells him to tell brit that if she trades for him then boogie will take out shane so one of your boys will still leave so we want to keep her with willie

10:11am Mike says if willie wins pov and stays then shane goes he says if we get shane out then Brit walks in the room and talk stops

10:14am Brit says i know willie is a target for you i know to frank and mike but is there anyone else in the house that is a target besides my team frank says i dont know there is alot that needs to be thought about Mike says for whatever its worth is there was no deal last week

10:16am Frank says obviously i tried working with willie last week but i couldnt do it and i tried to give jojo and shane a chance to prove that they wasnt working with willie but they never showed me that brit says it just sucks that one of my team is going home this week its a hard pill to swallow

10:19am Frank says Willie threatened me yesterday morning he wanted to fight me and we get foth

10:20am Boogie says we like you alot brit but i am not gonna sugar coat this brit says oh i know your not and willie had every chance to turn things around but he didnt

10:22am Frank says i know brit that your point is to get Dan out brit says i like dan it isnt i want him out frank says i know boogie wanted dan out to but i dont give and F about dan i want willie out he can talk people into anything

10:31am Brit telling mike and frank that shane and jojo mdidnt have a final deal with willie it was a you save me this week next week i save you boogie says is there any part of you that says lets keep everyone happy and you keep willie if you win or are you gonna trade him? she says i am not gonna lay down and die

10:38am brit says to mike lets look at this if i was to tade willie for danielle and willie and dan lesave this house willie leaves this house will dan come back boggie says i didnt think of that frank says its like this brit if you trade for danielle 2 of yours is going on the block

10:39am Brit says ok so matter what your going after my team cuz i have 3 and its the numbers frank says right

10:45am :Boogie brit and frank going over lastnights comp and repeating themselves alot wil jen and dan in kitchen general talk and cooking going on

10:48am brit says she feels guilty for picking willie as hoh and for even being on her team if she hadnt picked willie then someone elses team would be targeted and not mine she says i feel guilty that shane and jojo are targets because of me

10:49am brit says willie had a chance to get back in the good graces of everyone but he didnt

10:56am brit says willie reslly wanted to keep you in the game frank and frank ssays i get that but the way he went about getting the votes i didnt agree with brit says i wasnt there for some conversations so i dont know what all was said

10:58am boogie says willies noms were good they was very good and i do think kara was dangerous frank says yeah and i mtried to tell him to go another way when you and jani was sleeping but he wouldnt do that he still went against his word and put me up

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12:05 PM BBT: FOTH (Not sure how long its been there, I just turned on the feeds)

12:07 PM BBT: Feeds are back and Janelle and Britney are talking in the shoe room. They are talking about the coaches entering the game. Brit says no way will 4 enter, Janie says that 3 isnt any better. Brit then calculates the votes for Willie to go home. Janie says he is convinced he will win POV. Brit says she isnt, but he can compete and win. Janie comments that the house will be nuts if he does win. Brit says that if he wins POV then Shane and JoJo will be up and Brit feels responsible because she chose them for her team. Janie asked what shane thinks about it. Shane feels (dang feeds froze. Sorry!)

12:11 PM BBT: Brit is now in the storage room. Janie is in the kitchen talking to JoJo. JoJo is cooking and Janie comments that she needs to put on make up before the competition. We then get FOTH.

12:12 PM BBT: Feeds are back and Janie is sitting with Ian, Ashley and JoJo in the dining room. Janie is eating pancakes (exciting game move... - Sheldon) Boogie comes in the dining room. Boogie is surprised that JoJo is cooking banana walnut pancakes. Joe then enters the Kitchen area. Ashley asks if she can have one and JoJo jokingly says no. There is so much chit chat going on that its hard to keep track, but it is all just chit chat.

12:14 PM BBT: I switch feeds to see Jenn and Frank talking in the HOH. They are saying that there are benefits to getting 'him' out. Jenn says it would be nice to have another beast in here. Frank is trying to make Jenn feel better about a trade happening. They are talking about Shane. They say he is nice and physical but its hard to talk game with him because he isn't wired that way. Frank says that he needs someone to bounce ideas back and forth with and Jenn says she understands that. Jenn says that she is going to chat with Shane a little bit more. Frank says that he has no other option but to try and separate themselves from Willie at this point. They talk about getting Willie out and making a deal with Shane. Frank wouldnt mind Shane coming off the block. Jenn and Frank decide that they can make decisions after the coaches competition. Jenn leaves the HOH followed by Frank a few seconds later.

12:19 PM BBT: Janelle and Wil are talking in the bathroom. Wil is telling Janie that he is going to threaten [ahem-bully-ahem--Sheldon] Britney into not trading Willie for Wil or Ashley. He is going to throw everything if he goes to Team Britney. Wil says that he has already shown that he isnt playing a personal game and that he likes Brit but he would still gun after her. Wil says no matter what that he will be loyal to Joe and Ashley. Janie is confident in her ability to win even though she didnt sleep last night. Janie asks Wil who he should save if he wins. Wil says he doesn't care and that he wouldn't hold it against her. Janie says she might draw straws because they are all safe. Wil says that its the Have Not what matters. Frank was listening and said to save Ashley to make her feel secure in the team. Janie recaps her earlier conversation to Wil and Frank. Frank then recaps his convo with her. Wil then asks if he gets traded if he will go up. Wil was contemplating going up to her with Ashley but now he is rethinking it.

12:24 PM BBT: Wil asks Janie and Frank if he should tell Brit that he will throw everything if she trades for him. The conversation just goes around and around. Joe and Ashley walk into the conversation as well.

12:26 PM BBT: I switch feeds to Jenn and Danielle talking in the arcade. They are discussing the exciting events of yesterday being on live TV and then competing in a little game. They are talking about being able to go outside after the coaches competition. Danielle says she can't believe that its already July 20th. Jenn says that she needs to do a shout out in the DR. Danielle says that she has been gone for 22 days. Britney comes in. Danielle says that last week was 'a million weeks in one' We get a brief FOTH. Brit says it has been July for 3 months already. Danielle says she got taken June 29th. Brit says if she can make it to her birthday then it will feel almost over (August 23rd). Danielle counts it out to 34 days. Danielle asks why the look on her face and Jenn says that Britney has a lot on her plate. Wil walks in to the arcade. They start talking dress sizes. (I'll be back in about 15-20 minutes!)

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11:19AM BBT Boogie asking if Shane would be okay with being switched onto his team in the HOH room. Frank is in the room, too.

11:23AM BBT Boogie tells Shane/Frank that he is weighing the possibilities. Doesn't know if he wants two athletic guys, he knows that not all of the competitions here on out will be physical. Shane seems to be fine with the idea. Shane/Frank don't like manipulation. Both say that is Willie downfall w/ them.

11:27AM BBT Shane tells Boogie/Frank that he will be trustworthy to whatever team he is on, or whatever alliance he has. Frank reminds Shane that if he is switched to Boogies team, he will be safe this week. Meanwhile, Britney is in the arcade room talking to Willie. Willie doesnt know why they dont try and get Dan out this week. Britney telling Willie she wants to trade him, says it will save him.

11:33AM BBT Britney tells Willie that if she trades him to someone, they will still nominate two people from her team. Willie tells Britney that if she trades him she should trade him for Ian.

11:45AM BBT in HOH (Jenn,Frank,Ashley,Will) they are talking about possibilities. Wil sad if traded he will stay loyal to his old team. Boogie saying if Willie is traded, they can get rid of Shane and save Willie for next week. Boogie can deal with Willie for one more week.

11:50AM BBT Brit and Jani talking in bedroom. They are talking about Willie, Brit tells Jani she thinks he has an anger problem. Meanwhile, the upstairs crew think that Shane is a bigger threat. Frank tells them that Willie could be poison in sequester.

11:57AM BBT Janelle tells Brit that Dan wouldn't trade Danielle. Brit says she knows, it would be smart for him not too. Janelle tells Britney that they have to play week by week. They cant play with the assumption they will be coming back into the game because could effect them.

12:03PM BBT Frank wants to be king of the speeches this year. He wants to try and come up with a really good nomination speech. Feeds switch to WBRB.

12:11PM BBT Janelle and Britney think that everyone would go crazy if Willie were to win POV. Brit doesn't like that if he does Frank would have Jojo/Shane up for eviction.

12:16PM BBT Jenn and Frank left in HOH, they are discussing the possibility of dismissing Ian and gaining Shane. Frank doesnt see Ian as a vindictive person. Jenn thinks it would be nice to see Ian with a bit of fire. They both agree there is benefits, they would like another beast on their team. Frank tells Jenn that if he does get on their team, it could benefit Jenn. On other hand, Shane isnt easy to talk game with.

12:22PM BBT Wil tells Jani in the Bathroom, that if he gets traded he will not turn his back on Ashley/Joe. Jani tells Wil that she will win the comp, she thinks she has a good shot. Jani doesn't know who she would save if she were to win. She asks Wil for advice.

12:34PM BBT Joe tells Jani/Dan that Boogie would probably trade Jenn for Shane. Jani/Dan dismiss that idea. Janelle says that she has to win it. Dan says that they are going to duke it out, jokingly.

12:37PM BBT Wil in HN room telling Britney that he will not turn his back on Ash/Joe. Brit just replies with "mmhmm". Wil tells Brit that he is gunning for Willie, and he doesn't like JoJo. He does like Shane.

12:50PM BBT Britney is talking to herself in HN room, she is going through scenarios. Wil is reporting back to Janelle about his talk with Brit. Boogie is up in HOH with Dan, telling him that they told Brit that if she trades Danielle for Willie then Willie doesn't necessarily have to leave.

12:54PM BBT Dan/Boogie think Willie might be good to keep in because he is such a target. People will always want to get rid of him. They dont think that Brit will make the trade because she knows it will bite her in the end.

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1:05 PM BBT: Ashley, Brit and Shane in the have not room. Ashley is saying that Wil was ruthless. She said Kara was playing the game towards the end. Shane says that its rough that everyone is all friends. Ashley is mad at Willie because he ruined their alliance. Brit says that she isnt mad at anyone. Brit says as soon as the going go rough they were just dropped. Ashley says that the turning point was the meeting because after it everyone thought he was the devil. Brit said that it was after Shane won the POV is when it changed. They are saying that Janelle dooped them because the day after Shane didn't use the POV, Janelle was sleeping next to Kara. Ashley says that Joe thinks that Boogie is going to win and then trade Jenn. Speculation says that he will trade her for Wil. Brit says that it changes week to week with a new twist every week. Ash says that day to day things change in the house. Brit says its so conflicted and makes her want to puke. Shane says that the coaches twist is the most hard season he has seen. Brit says that she thought the coaches twist was going to fall flat because the players would say eff you to the coaches and then the coaches would lie around. The three of them start talking about Janie. Brit goes over how she played loyal but she isnt the model player because obviously didnt win her season. Ashley says that she still likes Brit because she took caer of her when she was sick and Janie didnt care. She is also unsure if Wil had a deal with Kara or not. Ashley says she still doesn't trust anyone. Shane says that you should play as an individual but just keep your coach in bed. The pow wow breaks up so Shane can nap.

1:11 PM BBT: Brit goes to Dan in the living room. Dan says he is reading on the sanctity of sex. Dan says that he is reading the Old Testament so its pretty hard core. Brit says she isnt the craziest person when it comes to sex, but she could use some stress relief.

1:12 PM BBT: Talk turns to Danielle, Joe and Wil talking in the BR with Janie. They are talking about trading. Joe says they might be able to get 2 draft picks for WIl. They ask what that means and we might never find out because we get FOTH.

1:14 PM BBT: Feeds are back. Wil is telling Danielle that if she gets traded, she will be in a great spot but Dan isnt. Janelle says that she will win it. If its endurance, she will hold on all day. (Joe appears to have left during FOTH) Danielle is whispering to Wil, but I cannot hear it. Wil says that he trusts Danielle. Janelle appears to have left the BR. Wil says that there is a possibility that the coaches come back into the game. They go over the whole key hole thing again. They keep whispering inaudibly for me. Wil says something about playing his own game and that he does like Ashley and Joe. JoJo comes into the BR and makes a comment about them whispering (Thank you JoJo!! - Sheldon) Danielle doesnt think that the coaches are coming back in. Danielle says she is playing week to week. Danielle thinks that they will get a vote. Danielle says that Willie had their keys last week. Willie says it doesnt make sense. Danielle says that its because they are safe and thats why their keys are upstairs.

1:18 PM BBT: The feeds switch to Brit and Dan in the living room. Brit says she doesn;t know anybody and then we get a brief FOTH. when it comes back Brit says "a player that she knows they wouldnt get rid of." But then she says she doesnt know who they wont get rid of and it is a riddle. Brit says last week she was HOH and she doesnt know any names that didnt come up last week and EVERYONEs name came up. So she is still contemplating who she wouldnt get rid of. Dan says, "One of their own." Someone walks by and Brit subtly changes the convo and says that it could be endurance. It was Joe who walked by, he came back out of the SR and had stuff for a spa day. Ashley then walks by and we get a FOTH

1:22 PM BBT: We are back. Brit says that she isnt out to get Dan as far as a coach and that he and Danielle have a trusting relationship. She thinks pulling Danielle would make her team a bigger target. She says Danielle wouldnt have the same relationship with her as she has with Dan. Brit continues to go over the reasons to leave Danielle with Dan. Frank goes to the DR and Brit asks if he was called there. She is told no and she is relieved. Brit and Dan say that the HOH People are probably watching them. Brit asks if she can come to them if they need a vote on her side. Dan says yes because Danielle isnt with anyone. Brit says that she doesnt want to burn bridges. Dan says that if she doesnt take Danielle then Dan definitely owes her one. Ian then walks by. Dan says if he takes Danielle Dan will be gone. Dan says that in this game you can get out of almost anything if you play your cards right. Brit says she doesnt know how to make those sneaky moves (Obviously - Sheldon). Dan says even though Willie got Kara out, he doesnt play for revenge because it does no good. They discuss loyalty and ultimately say everyone is only loyal to themselves. Dan asks Brit if she would trade and Brit says yes. Dan says that it would definitely mix stuff up. They wonder about the coaches competition. Brit asks if its a knock out quiz. Dan thinks itll be a how bad do you want it or who wants to hold this thing for 12 hours. Brit is wondering if it will be the two who hold on the longest can come into the game, the others stay and coach. Dan says he has to win this today.

1:29 PM BBT: Brit says she understands the witch hunt and that everyone is going to lose someone in this game eventually. Brit asks Dan what he would do, were he in her position. Dan takes his time thinking. Ian walks by and halts the convo momentarily. Dan says either cut her losses with Willie or mix it up. Dan is saying that if she was playing for the $100k she could give him Willie and knock him out, but people will be pissed if she mixes it up. Brit says she wont gain favor by not mixing it up. Her microphone is covered and she is whispering so its hard to hear what she says after. We get Trivia. Time for the coaches competition??? (Frank was in the DR after all....)

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1:03 PM BBT Boogie/Dan and Frank talk - Boogie tells Frank that Brit is sufficiently intimidated without them being jerks.

1:06 PM BBT In the spiral BR - Shane/Brit and Ashley talk. Brit tells Ashley that she feels so bad for her. More talk about how Willie ruined everything.

1:13 PM BBT Ian and Jenn are in the HOH - discussion about the comps. Ian swearing he will do slop for 75 days or hang out for 7 hours - he wants to win.

1:16 PM BBT Dani, Wil and Jani in the WCA - Janie tells them she can hang on all night if the cop is endurance.

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1:22 PM BBT Brit and Dan talk in the LR. Trying to figure out what the coach comp will be. Brit says its like a riddle. Joe comes in and described what he is going to cook.

1:27 PM BBT Jani and Ashley have joined the HOH room. Wil says that Brit is playing the "poor pitiful card". She told Jani that she needed to talk to her husband - she is in a bad place.

1:29 PM BBT Wil says that he would never work with Jojo - she is garbage. Some Jojo bashing ensues.

1:33 PM BBT We currently have trivia - the coach comp may be being called.

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