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7/21 - Live Feeds / Live Show / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Guest 6Borders

9:00 PM BBT: Big Boring After Dark starts right now.......can't ya just feel the excitment???

Adam & Dom playing pool. Rachel comes sashaying by acting all that and a bag of Brenchel...she's sing-song'ing how she kicked Dom's butt. Dom says she is looking really skinny and Rachel goes all aglow!

Jeff joins the pool game and Brendon is hanging around too. Rachel sashays back the other way and says "there was an earthquake last time we were in the house"....Brendon says "there was???" Brendon is doing the bad Italian accent again (give us a break already!). Just general talk about pool shots & stragedy.

Jordan and Shelly talking on the couch. Shelly says she will talk to Adam (if he wins HOH)...that there is NO WAY Adam would put up Jeff & Jordan. Shelly says no one person has said their (J's names). Says Adam says he would put up Lawon and Kalia (if HE gets HOH) and hopefully get the veto and backdoor Brenchel. Shelly will NOT let them put up the J's. Shelly thinks Dom is trying to pair up with Dani (where has she been) and play as a team when they are all singles.

Jordan says she could see Dom/Dani going really far in the game. Cassie comes in and Shelly said "you don't look like shit". Cassie was in DR. Shelly says they must be doing wrap-up's. Jordan reminds her they will show clips tomorrow night. Jordan explains what they showed tonite...then cuts herself off and says "we're going to get in trouble"

Shelly says there will be lots of waterworks tonite. Everyone is crying after the veto ceremony (except Brenchel I'm sure!)

Jordan is telling about Jeff doing his around the world...they talked every day and they flew Jordan to Italy toward the end of Jeff's trip. She said they talked every day tho. Jordan tells how they were crying when Jeff left and it was being filmed. Shelly talks about how awkward it is when you cry.

The girls are discussing what they are going to wear for the live show tomorrow. Jordan and Shelly are both wearing their long dresses tomorrow. Rachel is working out and she joins the conversation. Rachel is talking about a "hippy dress" she has that she might wear...it's really cool and she will show it to them. Jordan and Shelly back to talking dresses.

Jordan talking future with Jeff..she says she needs commitment...talks about them having to decide where they need to live. Shelly says it was the same way with her husband...he went back to Michigan in October and after two weeks they were miserable without each other. Shelly says her husband wanted to do it (get married) in his own time. He proposed in December and got the ring all on his own and proposed in December. They got married 10 months later.

Jordan asked Shelly how old she was when she got married...Shelly says 31.

9:16pm BBT: Shelly and Jordan discussing how much they have in common (they really do) as far as family and relationships. Shelly says she sees that Jeff and Jordan are like best friends. They both have great relationships with their mom's. Shelly has 3 brothers/sisters...says her parents did a great job.

Jordan saying how everyone used to get married really young and now it seems people are waiting until they are all little older. Rachel is now working out right by the couch but not really participating in the conversation. Jordan says it's important to have commitment and Shelly says it's important. Rachel says she can't see Jeff and Jordan not working out...Shelly agrees.

Jordan says she thinks she and Jeff are both just tired of having a long distance relationship....says you feel left out not being able to just jump in the car and go see the other. Shelly says that's when you really know...

The "stragetic" pool tournament continues.

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Guest 6Borders

9:23pm BBT: Someone farts at the pool table and Adam comes out with a towel to fan away the smell.

Dani has joined Shelly and Jordan on the couch. Shelly said her hubby was not too keen on having kids but he's the best dad. He was a stay-at-home-dad and he's a wonderful father. Shelly says he's really good at teaching their daughter...she can repair a sprinkler or do math. In spite of being with her dad all the time her daughter is a total girly-girl Shelly says her hubby is gonna have a heart-attack when their daughter starts dating and he'll be cleaning the shotgun...

9:27pm BBT: Food is commencing in the kitchen, sort of. Adam is spooning through the island-sized bowl of jelly beans. Kalia is making some green tea and something I could not hear. Dom is looking for favorite flavor JB's (jelly beans). Dom asks Kalia if she wants to play some chess!!

Dom tells Adam he should just lay in the sun and get burnt! Dani tells Adam he's fine just the way he is and they high-5. Adam is imitating Rachel working out (I think). Chess talk...Dom asks if Adam has ever played the numbers (chess without the board). Dom says he did once and it was hard.

Outside Shelly said she was not a good cook when they first got married. Shelly says she's ruined more meals than not. Brendon chimes in that Rachel cooks the weirdest stuff and he has to act appreciative and eat it (poor guy!!)

Brendon loves to grill. Brendon says the one thing when he and Rachel moved in together was that he needs things to be done on time...bills paid ahead of time etc. (Rachel is not here to defend/pout so Brendon is safe from that damage control.)

Jordan says she is really organized about her bills and stuff. Shelly says her husband is the same way. Brendon says Rachel is the person who gets the mail-in rebate and never sends it in. Brendon asks questions...Rachel just goes to the vet and buys whatever they tell her she needs.

Shelly says they spent $600 for heartworm/flea control for their 3 dogs for 6 months (I need to have a talk with her). Jordan says she friend got a dog and it had worms...Shelly says those are heartworms (wrong). Cassie (who is no dog dummy apparently) says if it was a puppy it's stomach worms...that all puppies get them.

Jordan is discussing her dog getting poop/mats and how she has to clean the dog up. Jordan cleaned the dog up in the bathroom and left it so her mom could see it because she mom wouldn't help her clean the dog up, but then she cleaned it up later. Jordan says they don't give their dog heartworm meds...Shelly says you should, that they give it all year 'round. (once again, I'm amazed and impressed they are not eating during this conversation!)

Kalia and Dani talked inside with Dom. Kalia says Julie asked her how it was busting her ass and Kalia says she didn't know she busted it (not sure if this was DR or they are rehershing what Julie might ask). Kalia says she's moved up on the sex list (no clue...must have been something on the feeds). Dani says she does not want to make babies and what's on his baby-play-list. Jeff says "you mean like a CD or something...I listen to that to work out not get laid" (thanks for clearing that up there Jeff!!).

9:43pm BBT: Brendon is on the ellipitical babbling about something.

Jordan goes in the kitchen and asks where the popcorn is. Dani just about draws a map. Dom is spooning through the jelly beans.

Portia has joined the dog conversation on the patio. She's talking about German Shepherds having bad hips (hip displasia in case you are bored and need to know). They are talking about the movie Benji. Shelly says she loved that movie. Shelly is trying to remember the movie where the guy's dog would go and wait for him every day at the bus station and one day he died and the dog just kept sitting there. Shelly is really bad at remembering movies (I didn't see that one, sorry!)

Shelly says she always wanted to name a dog "Stay". She thinks it's funny cos it would mess up the dog saying things like "Come Stay" (as a dog trainer I want to smack her!).

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Guest 6Borders

9:58pm BBT: (Just lost a whole post due to my wrist split hitting something and sending it into cyberspace so I'll try to recap it).

Kitchen: Dom and Dani chatting as Dom spoons through the bowl of jelly beans. Dom is trying to explain a Sushi Bowl to Dani. Dom asks what Dani wants to do with her life...she says "what am I going to school for" Dom finally comes out with photography (he's gonna do great on BB Q&A)

Dani and Dom have a conversation about photography. Dani explains enlarging and developing pictures. She's really knowledgeable and Dom is impressed. Sushi reference and Dom says would you go and Dani said sure (I think he asked her on a date outside of BB!)

Jordan comes in for popcorn. Dani tells her not to put it back in or it will burn...Jordan says ok and puts it in a bowl and heads back outside.

Patio food conv. continues: Brendon (I think) says CostCo has the best cheesecakes and Shelly says Sam's Club has the best pizza. Shelly says her husband likes to go when they have all the samples. Jordan says do you buy anything and Shelly says yes...says her hubby does a lot of the shopping.

They are discussing the comp and how hard it was...Rachel was barfing and people were bleeding (these conversations are following food discussion so they are back on track).

Shelly is telling what kids do in school...dioramas, mobiles...but no science fair yet. The school is very structured and it's outstanding. Last year's teacher was fantastic and they got her an IPad and had it engraved "you are the apple of our eye" (an apple for teacher reference). Shelly says they are in one of the best school districts.

10:07pm BBT: Rachel is blow drying her hair. Jeff and Kalia are playing poker and Lawon is sitting in. Kalia says it's the worst game she's played so far.

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Guest 6Borders

10:11pm BBT: Rachel has finished her hair and is now talking inventory game with Porche. She relates how many pillows, sunglasses, wheels etc are where they are...Porche in disbelief "you counted all that stuff???". Rachel continues her inventory and what happened on what days (amazing how they do this every year and those questions almost never come up!). Porche leaves and on comes the hairdryer.

Cassie comes in the bathroom. She and Rachel are making polite but guarded conversation. Cassie exits stage-left and Porche enters stage-right. Porche is picking and popping her face. Porche says if she wins HOH she is going to ask for those nose-things that take the blackheads out.

Lawon and Adam are talking dress-code for tomorrow. Adam says he has a pretty nice T-Shirt that doesn't have any bacon on it (is that possible???). He says he will iron his shirt and Lawon says he will iron his too.

Porche is still popping her face and Rachel is piling on the make up. Porche says she wonders if there is a mirror on the other side of her (what show is she on??)...Rachel confirms there is a mirror. Adam comes in. Adam says he wants to shave his head tomorrow. Rachel says he can't do it before the live show. She tells Adam they (BB) doesn't like it (because of the 9 people who don't have feeds or BBAD I guess). Rachel says Adam can ask. Rachel says you can't make drastic changes and Adam shaving his head would be pretty drastic.

Rachel is bored and mumbles something I didn't get then says "I'm way to critical"

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Guest 6Borders

10:23pm BBT: Rachel and Porche are still quizzing each other with what happened on what day. They start talking wedding...Porche wants to do the "moon palace thing" (maybe they are talking wrap party). Rachel says "you should ask your guy....". Rachel, in the bathroom, is carrying on a conv. with Dani who is in the kitchen.

10:26pm BBT: Jordan is called to DR. They are discussing Adam's age. Dani says she is bad with ages...in PT's (Dom's) memory wall pic Dani says he looks 10. Adam asks how old does Jeff looks. Adam says he is most likely to be locked up (wha???). Dani reminds Adam he forgot to give his GF a shout out. Dani wants to know how you say things in Hebrew and she wants Adam to teach her a Hebrew prayer.

Patio: Pet talk continues. Shelly is relating a conversation about a python. Shelly could not handle a snake in the house...they get out. Brendon says so do toads and frogs and then regales us with his knowledge of zoonosis (he didn't say it I added it)...basically the stuff you get from snakes and reptiles from their skin....Shelly chimes in with Salmonilla.

Brendon has been on the ellipitical for about the last 3 days (well an hour anyway). Inside Rachel has been piling on the make-up for the last 3 days (well an hour anyway).

Porche is taking game with Rachel like she invented and perfected Big Brother...it's more of same...how great and smart they are. Lots of whispering. Cassie comes in and they are discussing how they will wear their hair tomorrow.

Cassie and Lawon are discussing their nails like we are all still going to be looking at them tomorrow on the live show, so everyone make sure to look and comment on it.

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Guest 6Borders

10:38pm BBT: Brendon still on the elliptical and Lawon is telling a story about a friend modeling.

General chit chat and banter in the kitchen (if there is any good conversation going on it's not on Showtime!)

Shelly is dreading packing (mostly because it's ridiculous). She goes to the storeroom to get meds. Dani comes in and they are discussing doing something (hard to get with all the noise) and Jeff says do you want to do it now and Dani says they will wait until Brendon is done.

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Guest 6Borders

10:43pm BBT: Rachel and Porche in the kitchen scarfing slop.

In the patio Adam is singing "16 going on 17..." Shelly says they are going to get yelled at. It takes a minute but the cam switches to the kitchen briefly. As we come back they are talking mascots of schools.

Porche is washing dishes. She comments they go thru a lot of milk in this house...Rachel agrees. Rachel is eating more of something!

Dani and Kali are eating grapes and discussing game over chess...there is no chess being played but a whole lot of whispering so it has to be game talk. Apologies but I just can't hear it. Cassie asks Dani for some nail polish and Dani tells her where it is (if nothing else Cassie's nails are going to look great on Julie's couch!)

Dani and Kalia continue to eat grapes and exchange whisper game (which starts to make sense that Dick really IS one of Kalia's best friends...she and Dani are playing the same coached-by-the-master game!)

Dom joins Dani and Kalia. They are flirting in their own weird way and Kalia could be on the next studio lot for all she is paying attention to them.

Have-Not Room: Rachel and Porche are discussing what kind of questions BB will ask (as production is probably - I hope- rushing to Plan B)

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Guest 6Borders

10:55pm Big Boring Time: Just picture several giant hamster wheels in the house and the HG's going 'round and 'round the same conversations and you'll have the gist of the what's going on this evening if you haven't already stopped reading!!

10:58pm BBT Dom is trying to entertain us (finally). He pulls A steath mission and throws a jelly bean off the balcony at Rachel but hits Shelly (I think...couldn't see exactly) . There are 3 entire seconds of hilarity and we are back to ...zzzzzzz!!!!

Dom asks Rachel is she can do him a huge huge favor out of sisterly love...and we get a dang commercial (hope one of the live feeders picked up what might be a rare fascinating moment of the evening).

Cassie is on the patio putting on nail polish. Shelly says she's never seen anyone put on so much nail polish and Cassie says she doesn't outside. Shelly says what people don't realize is how much down time there is in the house (believe me Shel...we know!!). Shelly says she does not have "down time" in her life. Shelly tells about school colors of shirts to tell the grades apart...they have fleece pull-overs but they can only wear them with their grade-color shirts under...there is a lot of structrue (no wonder Shelly is doing so well in this game)

Jordan asks about Shelly's day and she gives us a run down of "up at 5, fix this do that, get Josie up...". Shelly says the first week of school is tough because they (the kids) are out of the routine.

The boys are playing bean bag toss across! It's Jeff vs Adam and at 11:10 the score is 18-7 (I have no idea in whose favor and "Franklin...I don't give a damn" - lol!!! (no, that was not a typo...I'm trying to entertain myself!)

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Guest 6Borders

11:13pm BBT: Adam is doing the "I Lost" Happy Dance after the pool game (this seems to be the season of "throw the comp to get farther in the game").

Dom, Dani, Lawon and Kalia are at the chess board (I'm hoping an alliance is brewing but probably have a better chance of winning Lotto).

Dani says everyone is so boring they should just go to the space ship...I must be getting punchy cos I think Lawon and Kalia just made a reference to the cheer movie "Bring it On". Kalia does a few arm-chair cheer moves (could she possible be the fat but very athletic cheerleader in that movie???...be still my foolishly anticipating heart!!)

They are still stirring jelly beans and pretending to play chess. Kalia is doing arm-chair cheers and Lawon joins in. Apparently cheers are not copyrighted but I could be wrong. Kalia is committing bodily injury on a bowl of jelly beans and I'm calling JBPS (Jelly Bean Protective Services) because I should be committed along with these people for being here and reporting this stuff (lol).

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Guest 6Borders

11:30pm Big Boring Time: (I took the time to type that just because I was bored too): Discussion about "funny band-aids" (I think they mean the copyrighted ones!).

Dom and Dani continue what is (for now) a B&BS (Bad and Boring Showmance) over chess. Chess is still 2nd place from my keyboard.

Brendon is in the kitchen either eating or preserving food (maybe and probably both).

D's (Dom & Dani) want to finish chess before going somewhere they need to be but I'm glad I don't have to be. Dani and Dom are in the HOH wating SpyCam...Dom asks why he's even watching (like she never...good going Dani).

11:37pm BBT: Patio...Brendon's food/caloric intake discussion continues. Shelly says the price of catfish is going up (missed the price but apparently it's outrageous). Shelly says milk is $6.53 a gallon (if I heard that right)...price of bacon goes on the block and Adam drove to parts unknown to get it for less (hope he figured bacon vs gas per gallon and it was worth it)

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11:34 BBT

Breandon in the kitchen as Adam gets some beef jerky "oh no the beff jerky farts are coming" says Branden...Adam complains what is there to snack on...and Bren says "jellybeans" in his obnoxious voice...

Outside brenden is waiting for Dominic...to play something...evryone outside except dom and Dani and its a game a pool that Bren is waiting for Dom to come play...

11:37 BBT upstairs Dani is rollinga brownie in a ball and putting it in the toilet to make it look like a dookie....Dani says "it looks really real"

Kalia is "really bored" as Dani says "come and play" and she belts "i don't wanna play" as they head back to their game of jellybean checkers...

11:39 BBT Dani ask "what do you wanna do after this" Dani wins and accuses him of letting her win calling her "smart and beautiful" while their sidekick (nice word for CB} Kalia mumbles off to the side..

Dom is off to play pool as Dani turns to Kalia and asks what are they gonna do..."should we go outside we should probably social"....Kalia says they are "positive to be on the jury" so whats the point of being social...

11:42 BBT Jordan coming to her HOH "what are y'all doing"....as Kalia obnixiously giggles

Rachel comein and tells Dani to keep "dominic up all night" and Dani says "what" and Rachel is nervous for "the HOH tomorrow"

11:43 BBT Kalia {looking really frumpy in her stretched out gray tshirt} just asking random questions interrupting convos...

11:45 BBT Downstairs cassi Shelly and Lawon talking on the couch...Cassi asks if Lawon can go get her "a couple of pieces of jerky" as Lawon says OK and gets him some..

Cassie telling Shelly she better "hug me tight" tomorrow she will be "nervous as hell" tomorrow when she gets the boot...Lawon comes back and tells her he washed his hands before he touched her jerky....

11:47 BBT Bren and Dom playing pool....

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Guest 6Borders

11:44pm BBT: Cassie seems to have accepted her fate (thanks Mom-Shelly who totally tossed you under the bus and backed it over you...survival of the fittest and hope you understand) and she's discussing her exit again.

The Brenchel girls (the ones not under or driving the bus) are having girl-talk and cracking up over any comment. Jordan is talking about the school bus and her bus driver

Patio: Shelly tells "Du-Won" she likes that look on him and even sideways it looks good (me too right now...ask me tomorrow).

Rachel just wants to win so she can get real food in her HOH (and taking 2 weeks slop means nothing))

Rach starts talking production and alliance..Rachel is laying it on to Jordan questions Julie will ask.

(All for now Big Boring After Dark...hope y'all caught something interesting!)

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11:52 BBT

Outside a lot of people just talking over themselves not any specific convos..

Rachel is "super nervous" for HOH in HOH while Dani tells her to just "chill"

11:53 BBT Rachel wants to win so she can eat "real food" from her HOH basket..

11:54 BBT

Cassie talking about her parents will take her fav restaurant while Cass says she'll head back to Texas...and Miami to "get my dog" as Shelly blows her smoke up her butt telling her all the "offers" that will come her way {for being the 2nd evicted" from BB......

The girls and Lawon just watching the reation from the guys playng pool....

Lawon making a snack while Shelly onserves "your jeans are falling off you" and likes his saggin look rather than the "urkel" look he sported when he wore them "way high"

Shelly is eating more jellybeans to help her headache...Geez Porsche's mic is on high as she tells shelly she needs sleep and quit getting up "way early"

Porsche asks what Cassi is wearing for her booting out and Cassi says "black coctail dress" or a "jumper" outfit..."ones edgy" the other "dressy" and isn't sure which way she will go tomorrow..Cassi explains the different looks and Porsche says the black dress will be " classy" while Cassie says its more "sexy" "boobalicious" and Kim Kardashian looking....and Porsche says wear the edgier one..

12:00 BBT FOTH ??

12:01 BBT In HOH Rachel talking about harder to lose weight in her "late twenties" while the expert on weight gain Kalia chimes in "it is"...Kalia talks about losing 10lbs on "weight watchers" to fit into a dress for a wedding

Kalia says she didn't want to look like "a big fattie" on BB also and Jordan and Rachel nicely lie and says she doesn't...

Rachel telling Jordan she looks good " a great curvy womanly body"....Rachel wants smaller boobs and so does Jordan while Kalia "me too" and wishes they were higher...Kalia was a "size 6" a few months ago and claims she is a 10 now while Jordan so sweetly lies "you don't" look like it...

Kali says she ways 153 or 156 and says when shes 140 something she's a size 6 so she has to lose 10lbs to be at her goal weight {hmmmm}

12:06 BBT Kalia complaing about all the food that she normally doesn't have in her house....and says she can't "gain weight' and will start to "look fat" or none of her clothes will fit.. and Jordan sweeetly says she still looks nice...

Dani wears a size 7 because she has a butt....

12:07 BBT Dani talking if she doesn't go to the gym she gets really skinny and Jordan says when she saw her in Vegas she looked really skinny" you could see the bones in your chest"

12:09 BBT More weight talk and work out tips in HOH...

12:11 BBT Shelly coaching Cassi in her interview while Lawon wishes he was a fly on the wall in the audience when she does her interview...

Cassi anxious to hear the "sweet" messages fron Shell and Lawon..

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12:14 BBT

Cassie says Adam told her the DR told him they weren't expecting "dick to leave so soon" so she never knows as Cassi says she hopes she ends up in the hotel for a few...

They talk about possible twists with the pairs like switch ups...

Shelly says "its about time for bed" becaus ethey have to get up early...as she gets up to put the jerky away..

12:16 BBT Shelly goes in..and Lawon and Cassi sit...and joke around..telling her "he wanna come over here so bad" ..."watch him" as I think he's talking about Dom..."with his cute self"....he keeps saying "watch...watch him"

Cassi says "i think I'm gonna bed in a minute" and they can do their message tomorrow...Lawon says "you'll need it"...Lawon "something is "jacking my stomach up" he thinks the jellybelly

Cassi "i can't believe she gave me a ring" and lawon says "pleaaase" and Cassi says "its so sweet' [don't know who gave it to her}

12:20 All the guys minus Lawon are playing or watching pool while branden does the obnoxious voice..it gets Jeff started while Adam bitches he "so hungry"

12:21 BBT Back upstairs the girls talking tampons..."stinking" tampons...

Back downstairs the guys playing pool as Brenden calls for Rachel "come down here"....and FOTH

12:23 BBT FOTH

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12:29 BBT the pool game broke up and all the guys head inside..

Outside Lawon and Cassie talking...about teeth grinding...as Lawon asls "Adam what cha washin?...towels" and Adam says..yes..

Cassi wishful thinking "what if" the vote came back "5 to 4" and Shelly gets evicted.....Lawon asks how shelly feels and Cassi says she feels "good either way"....

12:31 BBT Cassi lands back inreality and says "we know how its gonna happen"

Cassi says "its "hammock time" but just lays there....on the outdoor couches...

I understand why Cassi didn't move because its Brenchel on the hammock with Rachel talking about her period and asks Bren to rub her lower abdomen...Bren refuses and says to get a heating pad and she's "never' asked before...

They decide to Jedi drill for HOH...

12:35 BBT In HOH the girls minus {less Rachel and Cassi} in HOH talking "urckel" and Kalia jumps from one subject to another and talks yoga...they are watching the spyscreen and someone is Dancing...Dani says he does it "all the time and thinks no one is watching " as they laugh "look at his feet"..and i think they are talking about Dom.....

Talking how big the house looks on TV ..and laugh at the dancing on the spyscreen...Dani watching with little hearts floating out of her while the rest says he such "a kid"

Shelly says "i'm going to bed and get up early to pack" shelly leaves HOH...

12:40 BBT Back on the hammock Brenchel preparing for HOH going over dates, comps...and whatever they they think is HOH question material material

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12:44 BBT Dani has been away from Dom too long so she heads out to go get him and ask if he's ready 'to go to the spaceship room" and they were getting ready to go..

Dom cooking his slop

In Kitchen Dom starts dancing and looks... well... ummm ....anyway Kalia heads to the bathroom and starts dancing and sings her song she made up "pajama jammie time" as she wiggles and shakes around to her tune..

12:49 BBT Dani asking "PT" to go to their "pajama jam" and she's saving a space right "next to me"..Dani asks if their boobs look smaller in a sports bra because hers do.....Kalia says no hers looks "bigger"..Oh god Kalia walking around in her bra....{my eyes}..she cover the ripple and folds up...and wonders what she will wear tomorrow..

12:52 Dani wonders why they can recite "movie quotes" but can't sing....

12:53 BBT IN the Kitchen Shelly talking to Dom saying after words they will "all get together" with Cassi and says her hair he did "lokks super nice"

12:54 not muching going on Dom's supenders are coming out he tells Porsche and asks if the vote is going against Cassi and Porsche says yes and aks if he was giving her a vote because "i will rat you out" as Porche asks why he was washing her hair and says he will have to "wash d's hair for a month"...Dom asks who wanys slop cakes..or pancake...

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1:03 BBT

Its been FOTh for several minutes...not sure why....

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1:05 BBT feeds return with Dani coming to kitchen "what worse than ants in your pants" Dom says why..and Daniel says "uncles".. and heads outside..

Outside..Lawon Adam talking with Dani who are talking about Porsche wanting to host since she hasn't done anything since "day 4"

Dani talking about a lot of waiting...and tomorrow leaving the lights off in HOH while Adam hopes he can cut his hair and she says "they will" let him...

1:08 Dani saying they are waiting to go to space ship room Dani says some was eating Peanut butter a lawon says he thought it was a code for something because that what they were called "PB&J" "pretty boy and a jew".....

Dani says "everybody hated keith here...but I liked him" Lawon "i didn't like his gameplay" as Adam rambles nothing worth typing...

1:11 BBT..Adam says "i'm fucking starving" "carnky" and "sick of jerky" "sick of jellybeans"..."protein shakes don't do anything for me"....and says its better he just goes to bed...

Adam and Lawon so suprised how "fucking cold it gets" here in California at night...

1:13 BBT Cassi comes out Kalia was wondering where Dani was and Kalia says "dum bitch" "dumb cunt whore" as she jokes Kalia was saying to Dani for not being in the PJ jam party...

A lot of what are you wearing tomorrow...

Cassi and Lawon move to hottub...

talking what they are really calling "the spaceship room" online...

1:15 BBT Inside Dani heads back to the kitchen with Dom..as Porsche offers to help with the slop cake...

Dani heads to "the spaceship..PT are you coming"as he says "you want me to" and of course she says "yes"

Kalia stirring shit that Cassi is wearing black and so they can't wear black now...

1:18 BBT Dancing whispering..about why Dom was asking how the vote was going ....Kalia jumps on bed and BB smartly says "stop that" before she adds a basement to the BB house...

Dani jokes about putting a vote for DOm...and says she better not because she wants him around and it will mess up her game...and makes comments about Dom washing Cassi's hair...

1:21 BBT Back outside Lawon Cassi and Adam at the hot tub...Cassi "i like Jeff" before camer switches to HOH...

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1:24 BBT J&J talking about their Day and what's going on....Adam wants Kalia and Lawon up...

Jordan says Porsche told kalia she doesn't want to go to the Jury house and "sit in the house for the rest of the summer" and Jeff says even better..."that's it Jordan adds..

"did you talk to Cassi" Jordan asks...and Jeff says he didn't...about her leaving...

1:27 BBT Jordan says "shelly was kinda nervous: asking if she was "ok" and Jordan says "she's so nice" and says she would never vote them out or put them up...and Jeff hopes Brenchel will put up Adam and Dominic..

Are you nervous about tomorrow" jordan asks and Jeff says "we are in a good position you know what I mean"

Jordan says Cassi and if someone else wins they should volunteer and they can win POV and "put someone else up" and Jeff says "fuck that" Brenden and Rachel "are targets" why would they do that...

1:29 BBT Jordan says she doesn't know who they would keep between brenchel...Brenden because he can team up with them and the Rachel because she'll be a mess and quit...

Jordan says she is planting seeds about Dani...being a good competitor and Jeff says Dani will get "far" in the game and Jordan says Shelly will to and Jeff says "shelly will get real far"

1:31 BBT FOTH...

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1:32 BBT

Jeff says "everyone talks" but Dominic "never fucking talks"....

They watch the spyscreen..and are mostly silent in the HOH bed...

Feeds switch the the pJ Jam room...Dani talks about stuff they don't show on the television show...stuff they think is Gold" talk DR sessions and FOTH...


Outside...Dom Cassi Adam and Lawon talking at HOTtub about Jessie from BB10 and BB11 and Cassi says something about "had a crush on me" and Dom said "i did" and foth

Feeds return

Cassi getting bitchy at DOM...and they talk twitter and mention "ex boyfriend" and FOTH...

1:39 BBT Hot Tub Talk...Twitter talk

{well nothing exciting will happen tonight..Cassi's toast and I'm out...be back tomorrow}

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2:30 am BBT: Dominic walks Cassi to her bedroom and she says good-night and he tells her that they

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6:37 am BBT: All house guests are still asleep.

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8: 29 BBT

Everyone is asleep , but Shelly seems to be propped up in the dark not asleep, it's the lounge room and now the lights are one, she is just really in deep thought, she got up, went to the kitchen and got a cup of coffee I think

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