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7/20 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=125

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Guest 6Borders

9:00 pm BBAD Time: Cassie & Adam chatting at the hot tub. She says her dad is the reason she came on the show and told her not to even think about the money but the experience, etc. Says you can learn a lot about yourself with an opportunity like this. She's going to just try to be happy on Thursday when she walks out.

It's just basically general stuff. Adam says make your pitch and make your try. Cassie wanted to make it to jury...just wanted to "be here" and it's going to be hard to be home watching everyone on the live feeds and saying "I was just there". Cassie says in her heart she doesn't feel like she's meant to leave yet.

Adam tells Cassie she has her head on straight and that's amazing for someone so young. Adam says in the house she's giving her family...(hard to hear but I think the gist is something to be proud of). Adam says if he walks out the door next week he did it, he was here...says the dedication and hard work he's done for himself like losing weight...then switches gears that maybe they (BB) didn't want him last year because he was overweight, heavy breather, etc.

Finally some game talk...but then they are interrupted by Rachel with some food item to try. It's something with balsalmic vinegar. Adam likes that vinegar but whatever the concoction is he says "it's too much". Rachel is serving up these hordervers like a true VIP Hostess!

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Guest 6Borders

9:12pm BBT: Most everyone is in the kitchen. Someone asks if they are on Showtime and it's confirmed. They are talking about veggie burgers. Porche tells Brendon "come eat Mr. Chef". Not sure what they are making...looks like maybe fish filets or something. Lawon was really pilling on the seasonings and toppings. They are serving buffet style.

Porche is disecting the "filets" trying to figure out which piece she wants...finally she selects one. Adam asks if there are any more slop creations coming. Dani says there are burgers. Dom says Brendon (I think) eats more than his entire family does. Rachel says they spend about $400 a week at CostCo...that they spend more money on food than on rent (and Brendon complains about HER spending!!!)

Rachel says Brendon eats 8 eggs a day...Brendon rolls his eyes and denies it. Brendon says it's more economical to buy in bulk (I guess that justifies it right there). Brendon finally gets upset and says they spend $2000 a month on food (I think he was trying for a joke). Dani says she spends a lot on food because she gets everything fresh.

Shelly, Adam, and the J's are sitting outside. Shelly said the onions inside smelled really good. Cassie joins them..says she loves onions and she eats them like apples. Shelly tells Adam he is really shoveling in the slop.

Jordan says she has a friend who can shake her eyeballs really fast (I just love those interjections from Jordan that totally come out of left-field). Shelly goes inside for something!

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Guest 6Borders

9:25pm BBT: The slop creations must be really good. They apparently got all kinds of different condiments. Rachel is eating outside reveling in the praise of her slop cooking. She and Adam decide she used too much relish in whatever she made. Adam says "there are ants everywhere" and proceeds to squish a few.

Rachel goes back inside and announces "another successful creation". Dani is talking about things they can't do during Showtime but I missed it.

The J's are talking game with Shelly. Jordan is talking about someone making it to Jury House. Shelly says "we have to get them out before..." (plane went over and hard to hear). Shelly says "do you know how pissed they would be...?"

Shelly says it's nerve-wracking because she has a job to go back to.

Jordan is analyzing what the viewers must be thinking...that she and Jeff snuggled more on their season and maybe people are thinking something is up because they don't seem that cozy this year (wow...insight from Jordan - I'm inpressed!)

Rachel comes out with her version of "rice pilaf". Shelly asks her how she comes up with these things (acting genuinlyy impressed). Rachel says she has the great American slop off...Shelly says she's getting T-Shirts made.

Shelly says "Danielle, please come to the patio". Dani comes out and says she's moody cos she's pre-menstral. Adam comments on how everyone's cycles are the same in here. Dani says she gets her period every 3 weeks.

Conversation jumps (finally)..Shelly talks about an amazing apple peeler she has at home. She and Adam both say they like the apple skin. Jordan is talking off her nail polish and Adam is having his after-slop smoke.

Shelly says she thinks men do have "times of the month" and get a little cranky.

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Guest 6Borders

9:38pm BBT: Rachel continues her self-praise of slop creations and is starting to wash dishes. Porche is combining the left over food into her own version of slop. Rachel suddenly asks Brendon why she is doing his dishes. Porche says she heard all day that who cooked didn't have to clean (I think!).

BY conversation is what scores constitute what grades. 95-100 is an A...83-89 is a C and it goes down from there. Everyone is amazed. Shelly says she got a 4.0 in college except for Calculus which her dad made her take. Shelly's daughter came home with a F once and she (?) almost had a heart attack. Shelly says she can check her grades every night (online I guess). Dani asks if Shelly's daughter goes to a private school and Shelly says yes.

9:45pm BBT: Jordan asks if everybody is done with everything. They want to get scary stories started. Dani says they might not be able to because of Showtime and they got in trouble all the time on their season because some stuff might be copyrighted. They are talking farts...Kalia says farts never stop being funny. Jeff says when you have 6 dinners you are bound to fart. Dani says their room is going to stink tonite.

Dani says Dom comes up on purpose to fart on her and it's "sooo annoying". Shelly says Dom always pretends he is going to throw up on her. Next they discuss their pets throwing up. Shelly says when her (cat or dog) sounds like they are going to barf she hauls them over the toilet. Jeff does a great imitation of a dog retching (for those who never heard a dog barf).

Shelly says she went online to get the remedy to make her pets throw up if they eat something or rat poison. She gives the remedy with hydrogen peroxide...how the dog threw up for a long time after but was ok. Shelly hates cleaning up dog vomit. Rachel tell about her dog getting poisoned.

Dani says she took her dog to the mailbox and the dog started screaming, suddenly went stiff and deficating and peeing all over himself...she said it was canine epilesy. Dani said it happened 4 times in 3 days. She had to go to the EVet and they wanted to charge her thousands of dollars...she decided to wait it out.

Shelly says her Yorkie got an eye problem (sorry I missed it - I think torn cornea) and then tore what she says was menescis (I think he blew and ACL from the description). They decided to just let it heal because the surgery was about $600. She describes the medication and the procedures...says her husband, who was in the Marines, almost passed out when they put all the needles and stuff in her dog. The rest of the HG's are fascinated. (given the past history of this crew it's amazing to me they actually waited until AFTER dinner to have this conversation!)

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Guest 6Borders

9:56pm BBT: Rachel asks Dani if they got libations and Dani says she'll look...Shelly (ever the mom) jumps up and says she will go look. Since she is already on the errand she is reminded that they need batteries for the HOH room and they are still waiting for bandaids. Shelly asks if they want Dora or.....(some other cartoon character)???

Shelly is back in 2 minutes with no libations. She is sent back in to ask Lawon if he got more face mask. lawon says he did and Jeff asks "you asked and they gave it to you?" Lawon said he had his own.

Jordan heads upstairs to the HOH room.

Dom and Rachel are in the hammock. Dom asks what she was doing before Big Brother. She says she was a cocktail waitress making ridiculous amounts of money..like $1200 a day. Dom says how did she make that much money. Rachel is kind of evasive..just says cocktail waitressing. She said she had two jobs...the other one paid about $400 but she does not say what the job is other than "nightclub...".

Rachel says she was a chemist but it didn't work out. She had to drive an hour to work every day and she was bored with the job and the people she worked with didn't really like her...she just didn't fit in and it didn't work out.

She says she loves science so that's why she picked it in college. She asks Dom what he's majoring in. He says business and then he's switched off...says he took Chemistry but it didn't really work out for him either (I bet he wouldn't know a beaker if it bit him on the butt!!)

10:04pm BBT: Jeff and Brendon talking game. They are paranoid about what Kalia says...Brendon says when people talk fast they are up to something or words to that effect. Jeff is putting the green face mask on. Brendon says if they win HOH they have to put them (Dom/Adam?) right back up. Brendon says they gotta use the backdoor.

Jeff says the facemask burns...Brendon asks if he trusts Shelly and Jeff says he does. Brendon says "we all have to trust each other". Brendon says they need to make it to Final 5

Brendon says if they can put up Dom/Adam and make it stick they have to decide who it would be more beneficial to keep. Jeff says he would not mind sticking it to Adam cos he already flipped once. Brendon says if they make it to week 5 they have the votes. Jeff says they need to be studying for the quiz Thursday. Brendon says Rachel is already counting stuff downstairs.

Brendon keeps looking at the door (paranoia)....thinks someone is knocking. Jeff goes to see and there is no one there. Jeff says again he feels like he has toothpaste on his face. The girls say if he were on his period he would be down there eating cookie-dough ice cream too. Jeff says "did you see how much I ate???"

Dani and Kalia are scarfing down ice cream and discussing all the different flavors there are. They talk about ET (the movie) and how they used Reeces Pieces because M&M's declined....this discussion arose from Reeces pieces being an ice cream I think.

Cassie is in HOH now putting on the mask...she says he's been breaking out a lot. Brendon says there is not much left and he does not want to waste it so it sounds like he is declining the facial tonite. Cassie and Jeff are waiting for their masks to dry. Cassie says Lawon has been using this mask for years...Jeff says he has great skin.

Brendon has put on the remaining mask. It's not covering his whole face and he looks "like the Joker" according to Jeff. Jeff says Cassie's mask is like a commercial and his is like a cement job. Jeff says Brendon should get some red lipstick and make big Joker lips to go with his mask.

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Guest 6Borders

10:22pm BBT: HOH...more cosmetic talk. Cassie says her nails are messed up. Jeff says doing his nails doesn't interest him but doing face stuff interests him. Cassie says she's going to have to redo her nails so they look pretty for TV. Jeff says "do you really think anyone is going to notice a little scratch".

Jordan comes in...she was in DR and had to ask for something and they (BB) have to request it. Cassie says she was told not to talk about her ex and we get a camera switch to the kitchen.

Dani and Kalia chatting. Brendon comes out in his leotard and purple cape with his mud mast still on and something ridiculous on his head. He goes outside to hoots of laughter. Kalia says she didn't realize Brendon was so funny. Dani says when she first saw him on the show she thought he was good looking but she would never date him.

10:27pm BBT: Brendon is outside. BB tells him to put on his mic. Dani tells him to "put it in your package". Dani and Kalia continue to talk cute but not my type. Shelly comes through and they mention how pot is all legal here (wow...I live here and I didn't know that!!).

HOH...Jordan has a mask on now too. They are talking about who looks like celebs. Jordan says in HS she was always told she looked like the girl on Blue Crush. Cassie says she didn't realize Brendon was so funny (household consenses).

Brendon comes in. Cassie says to look at Jordan and who does she look like...look at her eyes. Brendon says "ELF?"

Cassie says "Sweet Home Alabama" and Brendon says Reese Witherspoon...totally counters the Elf comment with the fact that he thought Jorden looked like her (Reese) without the mask (good save Bren).

Jeff thinks his mask may be ready. Brendon is playing for the cameras. Jordan comments that when they (the boys) put that outfit on they can't help but look down at their penis (Jordan...I'm shocked!!! LOL!!)

The Saga of Franklin continues (I'm lost as to which sequel this is). Brendon says he will not accept an imitation Franklin that they (BB) buy at Walmart. He says if Franklin is not returned safely they will feel the wrath of "Story Time Guy". He says he will wreck havoc on the house and talk about production, that he doesn't want to do it but that's what will happen if Franklin is not returned...end of transmission. (He's not nearly as funny as he was before but the sequel is never as good by the 4th or 5th one!!)

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Guest 6Borders

10:38pm BBT: Jordan is going to bleach her bottom teeth...already did her top one. They discuss what kind of teeth bleaching they do. Jeff says he is going to take off the mask now..he can't take it anymore.

Dom, Dani and Kalia are playing chess. Dani says "do you want to know the most annoying thing about me". kalia says 'sure"...Dom corrects that it's what annoys Dani most about him. Kalia gets called to DR...says she's not been in DR for like 72 years. Dani says "you lie" and Kalia said she only got called once yesterday.

Dom is going to try to teach Dani chess in Kalia's absence. She says how can Kalia just leave her there with Dom. She doesn't want to learn to play chess and can't she just sit awkwardly next to Dom. Dani is spooning through an island size bowl of jelly beans...she got two cinnamon ones in a row and wonders what are the odds (fascinating!!)

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Guest 6Borders

10:44pm BBT: Shelly joins Dom and Dani. Dani is picking out and identifying flavors for Shelly (this from the Jelly Bean ID Queen would couldn't believe she just got two of the same flavor in a row a minute ago). Lawon joins them and tells something (sorry I missed it) that has them all laughing. Dani says "I'm just a little white girl...from Orange County". They laugh.

Brendon comes out in his Story Guy outfit. Dom asked "what possessed you to do this" (he's serious I think). Brendon says he was just looking for a new outfit. Kalia is back from DR. Jordan joins the group. They are "bored already (me too!). Porche joins looking a little spacy. They reiterate they are bored. Dom is quiet and Dani says what's wrong with you...he says he's concentrating no the game.

Cassie joins the chess group. She says she hates jelly beans and will never eat them again. Dom says "yeah you will...you'll probably go out and buy some. Cassie says she'll just take a couple bags with her. Rachel joins and jelly bean flavor conversation continues.

Downstairs lots of laughter. Lawon comes up dressed as ????...someone says "gangster". Dani calls him "Do-Won".

Cassie still has her mask on and Rachel says she should probably wash it off but Cassie continues to eat jelly beans. Everyone is concentrating on the chess game between Dom and Kalia. Cassie finally leaves (probably to wash off the green goo!).

Chit chat is general...they all look bored. Portia looks like she's not really all there and may fall off the chair at any minute.

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Guest 6Borders

10:55pm BBT: Brendon is giving Rachel a piggy back...says where are we going and she says "upstairs". She says she should get off and he says that's probably wise. Instead of going upstairs they go back into the kitchen. Brendon is washing dishes. Rachel asks if they are going upstairs and Brendon says yes...to do scary stories. (I think they are waiting until midnight to do scary stories so plan on a lot of WBRB tonite on the feeds!!).

11:00pm BBT: Purple lounge: Brenchel are whispering and I can't hear much ("sooo annoying" to borrow Dani's favorite phrase). Looks like they are on the spy cam from the HOH room. Brenchel look either bored or worried (hard to tell with those too sometimes).

Confirmed: Dani and Jeff are watching Brenchel on the spy cam. Dom comes in. Dani says to Jordan "they were fighting all day..." Jordan is doing her nails. She's relating a conversation between her and Rachel about cuddling and asks if Jeff and Jordan cuddle. Jordan says they sit on opposite sides of the couch.

Speculation about what Brenchel are fighting about. They ponder if it's fake or not. Brendon is leaning on his hands and looks upset. Rachel has her mad-pout expression on. Jordan says what is she mad about...Jeff says what could they possibly be doing and asks if anyone said anything to her. Jeff says maybe it's cos Brenchel knows they are watching so they are not doing anything. Jordan says "who would do that" and Jeff says we all sat her for 3 hours (not sure when) and watched the spy cam.

Dani says Brenchel had a big fight that afternoon. Jeff says "they fight about the dumbest shit tho". Dani thinks maybe Brendon is putting Rachel in time out for a while. Dani says Brendon looks so distraught (he really does).

Porche comes in the join Brenchel. Rachel says she's just been sitting there thinking. Brendon says he's just been sitting here building this (?) in his head.

Back to the spycam Dani wants to know why Porche is in there while Brenchel is fighting. Dani says Porche and Rachel are laughing so maybe they are not fighting. Jordan says she feels like a producer. They say it's like TV and Jeff says "the boring channel" (no kidding!!) Jeff says it sucks that you can't hear!

Production says "Cassie...." and nothing else!!

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11:21 BBT

In the Purple room Rachel is whispering to Jeff that this weeks HOH will be a quiz since only 7 are competeting and next week when all the golden keye holders are able to compete it will be a pairing houseguest against husguest type HOH...

Rachel sniffing Brendens Pitts and an irritated Brenden says he's "trying to concentrate on the story"....Jeff says upstairs they were wondering "what the fuck are they doing" and thats why he came down to see..

11:24 BBT Brenden says he's ready...while Jeff goes upstairs to let everyone know that he was really thinking up a story..Lawon: "i told you"....as Jeff seems perplexed he's thinking while Rachel is just "sitting" there..

Jeff hanging over Kalia and Doms chess game as Jeff wants to intervene but neither don't want him to.."do you know how to play chess" as jeff sees a move that they don't want to be tutored...Jeff asks why he didn't make certain moves...

11:27 BBT Rachel and Shelly talking in the bathroom trying to convince her that Rachel really doesn't "not like girls"..Rachel says he mouth "gets me in trouble a lot"...

11:29 BBT upstairs outside the HOH the chess game continues with Jeff interferring ....

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Guest 6Borders

11:30pm BBT (Computer just did a shimmy and I lost my last post...sorry)

It was nothing much important... Jeff joined the chess game and started giving Kalia and Dom moves...they told him to alternately back off and asked for advice.

Rachel and Shelly chatting: Rachel was back on her "I heard some people said I don't like girls" kick. Shelly tells her Cassie (I think) said Rachel has been an angel lately. Rachel (laying it on thick) gives Shelly a bunch of lines like what an inspiration she is, etc etc. Shelly (laying it right back on and thicker) says "wow, you just made my night!

BY: Jordan is talking with Shelly. I don't think she has her mic on. They are worried about Dani and Dom I think. Jordan says she told Jeff (I think) that they have to try for POV. Jordan is rethinking her noms (they always do) and saying they should have put Cassie and Shelly up first. Jordan says "we have a good shot"...Shelly says "we do". Jordan says they are trying to figure out if it's questions or whatever. Jordan thinks this will be one of the hardest weeks...the agree it's the key thing that's messing it all up (newsflash HG's...it's the only thing keeping this from being a bigger bore-fest!!)

Dani is called to DR...Shelly says "whew...I got skipped". Jordan is talking who will go if if who wins. This is interrupted by Cassie coming back from DR, Shelly comforts her with "you got through it". Cassie is sniffling a little but being brave. Jordan says "she hates those things". Shelly says she's dreading it (I think they mean good-bye messages but don't go by me)

Back to game: they think it will get nasty and Shelly says "hit the fan". They are ready for ghost stories. Jordan tells something her mom said about it just be jelly cos jam don't shake...Rachel says her mom used to say that too (tomorrow I'm going to ask my mom why she never said that!!)

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11:31 BBT

Brenden upsatirs now asking who's been to the DR..."i have" I haven't" HG let out...

Brenden ready to start "scary stories" as Jeff says he's ready....Kalia and Dom's chess game continues..despite all the interference..and convos all around them..

11:33 BBT. Outdoor Jordan and Shelly talking..Jordan telller her Kalia told Jordan said cassie and her were hanging talk too much...and Shelly accuse her of being all over dominic...

11:35 BBT Jordan tell shelly their options are running out and people wnated to put them up so they could backdoor dominic...and wonders what the new HOH will be..

Out comes Rachel...Shelly saying the vets are down in numbers in terms of people playing HOH but are "strong as crap" and Jordan says this week will be one "of the hardest weeks" and Rachel interjects "there's only 7 people competing" as Shelly says she hopes everything stays "golden" and nobody gets a "lame brain idea"

11:38 BBT Shelly saying people she doesn't trust but I didn't get who she was referring to..

Cassi comes outside and sits on the couches and all game talk comes to a screeching halt...

Jordan starts talking about being "backdoored" and Shelly says "thats when it gets nasty"...and Jordan asks if everyone is ready for "ghost stories" and discuss who's has and hasn't been to DR..

11:40 BBT..Jordan says he mom use to hit her leg and says "must be jelly because jam don't shake like that" and rachel says "my mom" use to says it to her too.

Jordan gets up and says shes'll "be right back" and Brenden comes out and they all says he's "looking for his woman"...Cassi commenting and complimenting Rachel's hair "looks brown"...Rachel says the Producers said she had to keep her hair red and will do her hair Thursday like last summer...and Shelly asks if she'll do "the extentions" and Rachel says...

Rachel to cassie "its only a game" and Cassie says she was playing for "my family" and Rachel tells her she so pretty and will have lost of opportunities when she's out...

11:44 BBT Cassie gets up and goes inside...and Shellys saying "the worst part of the game" seing "people hurt and you can't fix it" as Rachel says it really hard to see people leave and people remember "its a game"...

Shelly saying her dad's "unemployed" and her brother is "in prison' and they were "looking for a bone"

Jordan come out and asks if she is ok and says 20 minutes to ghost story...

11:47 BBT Porsche comes outside....singing and Shell warns her "you're gonna get yelled out"

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Guest 6Borders

11:43 pm BBT: BY: Cassie is crying and Shelly is hugging her. Says "it's only a game". Rachel chimes in "you're so pretty Cassie and you are going to have so many opportunities..." (translation: as long as you are out of this house and not coming between me and my man I'm ok with you). Cassie is trying to hold it together and goes inside. Shelly says it's the worst part of the game and there is nothing worse in this world than seeing people hurt.

Rachel agrees and she's now on her "I fought all last summer....". Rachel continues with Cassie is so pretty. Shelly says it's hard for Cassie's family and Rachel says do they need money. Shelly said Cassie's dad is unemployed and her brother is in prison so they were "looking for a bone". Rachel says "wow".

Porche comes to the By and starts signing. Shelly says "you are going to get yelled out" and Porche stops (my personal opinion is this girl should have been named Chevette - if anyone remembers those!).

11:48pm BBT: Dom and Lawon at the hot tub not really talking about anything. Lawon said "yes sir" but that's all I really got.

kalia and Jordan in HOH. Kalia is talking about the alliance between Dom, Cassie and Lawon...they pause thinking someone is coming in. Kalia tells Jordan that Porche does not want to be on the jury (if Jordan believes that I have a bag of rocks she can discuss her IQ with). Jeff comes in and Kalia changes the tack.

Production vs. Kalia:

BB - Kalia please put on your mic

Kalia - I did

BB - Kalia please move your mic higher

(Jordan again says they mean business this year)

11:53pm BBT: Scary stories about to start. They don't think Shelly is coming up because she's sad....everyone is sad. Kalia says they are faking it (lest we forget your shoulder girlfriend). They are turning of the lights and it looks cool...BB is pissed "Brendon...I said the bedroom lights must remain on during the day!!"

Dom says "it's not day tho" (practical boy!).

Production: You are NOT allowed to talk about production (they've had it with the HG's and it's not even a month in!!)

Dom and Lawon chatting (hard to hear over the hottub and they are looking/acting depressed or tired): Lawon says "I think she feels bad"...Dom says "of course she does" Lawon says it was personal...not game. He says "you and me it would be game".

Midnight BBT: Signing out from another oh-so-exciting evening of BBAD. Take it away live-feeders!!!)

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11:49 BBT Lawon and Dom at the HT missed what was said ...

In HOH...Kalia upstairs talking to Jordan..tell her Lawon Dom Keith and Cassie had an alliance first day..while Kalia trying to get Lawon up and "ast key is given" and Dom has nobody....so its better to get Lawon out..

11:51 In walks Jeff..and talks turns to nothing important...

Kalia getting reamed for her mic..don't obstruck...reattach..put on your mic...

11:52 BBT..Kalia talking about "sarcasm" and in walks Porsche and says "everyone is downstairs" being sad..and Kalia asks who and Porsche says "everyone" and says Rachel "must be faking it" as well as shelly..

Bren turns out the nights to find the mood for his story..and gets it from BB about the lights remaining on..

Downstairs Adam laying in the hammock...

Lawon and Dom depreesed in the HT...talking about the two nominees haven't campaigned...as Lawon says he would...Lawon says "i think she feels bad about it" and Dom says "of course she does" and Lawon says "because it was personal" Lawon says "it wasn't game" and it was personal....talking about shelly will be "round awhile" while the both of the will be dodging bullets for the rest of their time there..

11:59 BBT Cassie bashing Rachel for bei=ng on BB to pay 'for your dream wedding" while other stuff is happening and says she will not be ugly to her and Shell says because "you're classy" and Cassie says "she really runs that little group"...about Rachel...

12:01 BBT Cassie continues her rant about Rachel..and her tact..and her being nice to her was a charade and appearance "for tv"

12:02 BBT "Bitches" says shelly and says if she was "born witha penis' she would have walked aroung breaking hearts....Dom talking off camera and mocks Rachels for says "cassie you're a pretty girl" and says its the reason she's sitting where she is "right now"...

12:04 BBT Upstairs in HOH Daniele and Brenchel and Porsche have joined J&J and Kalia

Back downstairs Cassie bashing Rachel ...Shelly called to DR and Cassie says if she insn't here when she gets out and bitchily says she'll be upstairs "telling ghost stories"

Upstairs talking about Dom having a crush on her...and talk about Daniele being younger when they all thought the opposite..talk about how yound he looks..

12:08 BBT All feeds on HOH just general chit chat....

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12:14 BBT

Cassie trying to get Adams and Doms vote and says she can get Jeff and Jordans and Adam says its really only "one vote"...Jeff's and a very skeptical Dom asked if she's talked to them and Cassie says she hadn't had talked to anyone today...and lets them know Shelly wouldn't be devestated...

Cassie says "i just wanna be here"..and says she doesn't want to go home "to see my dad's face"..Cassie telling them what she told Rachel...and Cassie says she "trapped my ass" and goes on about her weedding while her family has bigger problems as Adam laughs and says "its amazing what motivates people" and Cassie says "they will probably make it to the end" and Dom disagrees saying not if him and Adam "have something to do with it"

Dom telling Cassie to take "the high road outta here"....as Cassie keeps laying it on thick about her dad...having people over to watch her..."no job no car because I wrecked it"......Adam says they have the ability to turn off their emtions because they have done it before while Dom says its more they are just more "ruthless"...

12:21 BBT Dom says they are "so much different" then they are...saying it makes the not "good people" and Dom says when he won the veto and has a chance to win HOH he became the "cool kid" while Cassie warns that its fake and he says he knows...

12:23 BBT Dom says Cassie can't think about "dissapointing people" in her life...and Cassie says it will be fine and their lives "back to shit" while Dom telling her she got "a raw deal"...

Dom going on about her character and she played the game well and is a "stand up person" who was "raised well" Dom goes on to try to find the light and the end of her BB tunnel

12:26 BBT Dom talking about who's standup and who isn't...as he continues to comfort Cassies demise...

Cassie says it hard since its just "one person"..and Dom says would Jeff and Jordan tell you they are voting her out and Cassie says why would they while Dom says he wouldn't trust them...

12:28 BBT If he believes them than she has no reason "not to try"..to stay....Cassie asks if she should asked for their vote and with them she would have the votes to stay..

12:29 BBT Dom says Adam told him he would not vote for her to stay and tells her she doesn't "have a chance" and says he is just being a friend...as Cassie gets mad why people can't be honest and says the whole house "is being runned by her"..

Dom says after next week "new people" will be incharge...

Cassie says "why are people are encouraging" her to try and Dom tells her he "highly doubt" J&J will not keep her and an upset Cassie says she doesn't want to talk about it...

Adam comes back out....

12:32 BBT silence...

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12:34 BBT

Back outside on the couches..Dom says to Adam "i'm gonnna leaver her alone" and Domtells her and she says "mmmm hmm"

Adam starts talking about the emotions and it "fucking sucks" and Cassie says "i know you have to vote" to keep shelly...and

12:36 BBT Adam trying to justify his vote saying he would vote for her if Cassie told him to vote to keep her..

All feeds on Cassi's pity party...

Cassi "i would have put em up" Cassi says if her ball would have made it while Adam says "you and me both kid" and she's limber a quick "like dom" and would have won POV and kept the noms the same...

Adam says if he and wins and puts them up and if they get off he mentions "the wrath and Fury" from them...

12:39 BBt Shelly returns lights up....and jokes {or maybe not} to Cassi "you suck"..."you're going home"

Shelly why didn't BB just put " abunch of idiots in here" and Adam says "they did"...while Shelly playing it up like she feels like a lose and how stupid and Cassi says it proves they are the "good people"....

12:41 BBT Adam repeats what he told Shelly...the ability to shut off and on emotions as Adam levaes to let them have a moment...Shelly says she needs a drink not a moment while Adam says he was waiting for them to do scary stories and Shelly says she's not going as well as Cassi..

12:43 Pity Party goes on..

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12;45 BBT

the water works are starting with Shelly blowing smoke up Cassi's ass saying she can't be ruthless and that will be her demise...Cassi actually believing Shelly's BS....

Shelly playing it up..Cassi eating it up.....

All the feeds are on this because BB won't show ghost story time because of copyright issues..

Cassi doing the hindsight HOH comp..Woulda Coulda Shoulda..

Cassi saysing everyone is scared to put them up..and says no one will step up to put them up...

Shelly says they are coming after Lawon..as Cassi says they will be the final five of vets...

Shelly isn't gonna let the vets being the final 5 "happen"

12:50 BBT Shelly heads indoors for he jacket and now Cassi is all alone on the feeds...

Shelly returns and asks Jeff about scary stories and says he finished his and it was fun..

Shelly closes the door and its just Cassi and her all alone again....and keeps saying what a "shitty" deal she got..

12:54 BBT Talks about missed opportunity for deals.......Cassie bitter....Shelly basically mocking Cassi by being the sympathetic firend and a victim of the vets...like Cassi...

12:56 BBT Cassi blaming Rachel for her demise..."ugly" "hatred"...unreal "emotions"....and Cassin says she would have not played her game "any different"..

more emotion talk....

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1:03 BBT

Rachel and Brenden are getting ready for bed...talking about the stories...and Brenden wants to sneak up to HOH and pound on the wall and door...Brenden says if they are quiet they can do it...

They leave to the purple parlor.. Rachel talking to the Gypsy.."what is my fortune" "what is your purplose" and will they "get married"...

Rachel wonder if they are suppose to be finding an answer to "ask her a question"

Rachel looking for clues..not very hard and leaves...she heads up HOH stairs quietly and heads back in...the room is dark...Jordan asks if Cassi and shelly are asleep and Rachel says they are outdoors talking

Story time is over and Dom wants to watch em "on youtube later" not knowing they were not shown on the feeds..

1:09 BBT Brenchel wanna "go to bed" as the others trying to think of more stories as Brendon goes "i'll tell the story of The Reverse Mortgage" and FOTH


Feeds returns...with Brenchel wantng to go to bed...

HOH dark and everyone just chatting...

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1:13 BBT

Outdoors Shelly is saying she's about ready for bed...as Cassi jokes about regrets...or maybe she isn't buts its all about appearances and Rachel..

Cassi says she doesn't have the opportunity to be America's Favorite Juror and the $25K would pay off her parents house...she starts to get into specifics and FOTH..

1:17 BBT Feeds come back with shelly spitting out Jerky and wishing for "ham jerky" before heading indoors for jellybeans...

Cassi says she's had "about 100" jellybeans today..

Cassi doing her mock interview with JC...being sarcastic about being have not..leaving and it was "a shitty vacation" and they joke {I truly hope} about being on the "Amazing Race"

1:20 BBT In HOH Kalia talking 2 miles a minute about a "farm house"....maybe a scary story..when feeds switch to Brenden fixing his bed in the bedroom...

1:22 BBT Back outdoors...Cassi talking about a friends wedding..in Vail. CO

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1:26 BBT

Outdoor Cassi and Shelly talking about their wardrobe will be this Thursday...

1:27 BBT IN the bedroom Brenchel are whispering about not having doubts about with J&J...it would be stupid...

Rachel whisering anout someone wanting to win HOH...Rachel wondering if Dom and Adam will "put us up" and says they will try to put up "jeff and Jordan"......Brendon whispering pretty inaudible..

Rachel saying 'we need to win this HOH" or "we're in trouble"

Brenden hist his knee and grabs a towel to soak the blood..and Rachel warns the towel is "dirty" and offers to go get him " a bandaid"

1:32 BBT Dani and Dom in kitchen recaping story night..over jellybeans...calling each other "annoying" "rude"

Jeff "fuck off" when Dom jokes about his 'pajama jeans" when in reality its bamboo..as we get a closeup of his bamboo jeans..

1:35 BBT Jeff heading back to HOH..and more Dom Dani flirting/arguing....over whose more annoying...

1:37 BBT Dom walking as Dani follows calling him annoying...Dom heads to Havenot room to change while dani goes to brush her teeth..

1;40 Dom heads to bathrrom to say the BB will wake them up with "bruno Mars"..Adam says he will cry because its reminds of him his GF...

Dom "why is everyone getting ready for bed...its only 1:45" and Porsche says because its bedtime...Dom says "its early"

1:41 BBT In HOH Jordan says if they win HOH "we need to try to get him out again" about Dom...but Jordan says she wants her to win to put adam/dom up....Jordan warns Lawon wants "to win it" and will put them up and Jeff says he' the only one he doesn't want to win it...

1:45 BBT...Jeff says he didn't talk to people and Jordan spent the whole day talking and says Kalia tod her not to trust em...and Kalia told her that thet are under the radar and Jeff responds "i'm putting him up" about lawon...

Jeff says he's kooky when Jordan says "everyone is starting to get nervous"

1:47 BBT Jeff talking about not trusting Dominic...and botyh trust adam more...

1;47 Cassi still bitching about rachel with Lawon and Kalia this time..

Cassi says Rach would be an idiot "if she tries to hug me on the way out"

Cassi Rachel bashing..

1:50 Cassi bitter...

{i'm out for the night will be back tomorrow}

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1:51 am BBT: Jordan and Jeff talking about whether they trust Dani or not. They both agree that if Daniele had to choose between siding with them or Brenchel, Dani would choose them. Jordan changes the subject to the good-bye messages and just before BB pulls the plug we hear her say,

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6:23 BBT

All asleep in the house, and lo and behold no snoring at all, just some rustling of covers in the non have not rooms.( sorry to say I will not be able to update today or this eve as I have a dbl at work, every wens, I know someone will pick it up, fatcat)

Spoke to soon, I am now hearing snoring, we know that would either be Dom or Adam

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9:10 am BBT after Brendon tells Shelly the M.R.I. was actually invented by a record company in England,she goes in the kitchen fills Ice cubes trays, clean a little then goes back outside and says to Brendon that the windows are so dirty, the smoke must get on them and she starts to clean the windows outside.

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