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7/15 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:03 PM BBT

Lawon tells Cassie "I've gotcha" as he leaves the HOH room. After he leaves Cassie has a little cry. Shelly comes in to counsel. "No one else knows what baggage someone else carries, what confidence what insecurities."

Dom, Dani, Rach and Jeff talking about gross foods in KT.

9:09 PM BBT

Indoor Lockdown over.

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Guest 6Borders

10pm BBT: BBAD opens in the HOH room with a BIG yawn (thanks for that Rach). Rach and Jordan talking...Rach says it's "like week 3 kind of". Rach thinks the house feels bigger...Jordan disagrees but she's "not crying" (I guess cos she is HOH).

Rach tells Jordan that she might not be able to swing from a rope but she can play a mean putt-putt!! They re-hash practice times and how much (yawn). Jeff is glad Jordan got HOH to take the pressure off him (loved your out of the ballpark putt there Jeff).

Jeff is going off about Dom "running the circus over there (the newbies)". Jeff is whisper-cussing so it's hard to hear it but he seems ticked. Jordan says wait until she gets her HOH room and they can talk. Jordan and Rachel are also whispering (I think this should be outlawed..BB give them the HOH room so we can hear this!).

Dani has joined Whisper-Fest 101 (the good news is I have learned to lip-read "like" and the "F-word").

Brendon joins the group with some "cookie-monster" banter. The Fearsome-5 are quite full of themselves tonite it seems.

Brendon is reiterating the power of the head pads when you are on your period...how he knows this I'm not sure even Jordan and Dani want to know. More whispering (very annoying!)

Backyard: Portia is on a roll...she does not "hate" people. Adam says his vote might come back to bite him but he made his bed and he's gotta sleep in it. Porche says there are other targets!! Porsche says the vets are going to realize they need to get rid of some of the jerk=-offs. Porsche and Adam discussing "head games".

They are revisting the HOH comp!

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10:22 BBT


Adam talking about 90210 chanting "Donna Martin Graduates"

giving outlne of the show


Jordan, Dani, Brendon talking...whispering

hard to make out


Porsche wanting to see Jordan's Hoh room

10:26 BBT

Adam, Lawon, Shelly talking in BY

Adam can't wait to play for fooooood

Discussing food comp whether is for each day of the week or four vs four

now discussing HOH comp

Shelly: there were no moving blocks, no windmills, very simple

Adam: would have been cool for numbers to go down then down the middle

Lawon: if you think about it we were doin good...the holes were so together today, either way you would have gotton a number

Shelly: you almost had it lawon

Adam: I was mad...it looked good then it went too far

Shelly: I was't lookin when Jeff's flew in the water


Porshe,Brendon, Kalia discussing movies in the bedroom

Kalia discussing how a nail stabbed her from the purple bed

BB asked her if she got a tetniss shot

Kalia: don't let them take me out of the house...I won't come back

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Guest 6Borders

10:20pm BBT: The vets seem to have taken "Kalia lessons"...they are whispering at warp speed and I have the headphones on high and still can't get it (apologies, hope someone else does).

10:24pm BBT: Kalia joins the group (thought I was finally gonna hear something but she is whispering too). I think they are discussing upcoming comps...dani (I think) said it's too early for something that sounded like "days" and (again I think) said prob true or false!

They are discussing movies.

Backyard: Adam and Shelly discussing how you have to be smart and play for yourself. Shelly said you can't get pissed off (sounds like they are talking about Keith and Dom). Lawon says first couple weeks your emotions are involved and you don't know and it's easy to get upset. Lawon says he told everyone to do what's best for you...Shelly agrees. Adam admits he told Porsche he didn't vote for her and she appreciated.

Adam talking stragedy: says Dan lost everything until the last few...Janelle was the best player who never won.

Shelly says everyone is getting bent out of shape about something they can't control and its pointless.

Lawon says a bunch of stuff...bottom line "game on">

Shelly says she will never "swear on her family" (as so many in the past have done). Lawon brings home a big reality check when he says "it's a damn game".

Lots of discussion about past seasons and what HG's did/didn't do. Shelly goes to get lotion and is then called to DR.

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10:33 BBT

Jordan discussing Natalie and how she really wasn't that bad

She had really nice body

did her hair an makeup for the finale and gave her that blue dress to wear

it was weird because her and kevin were always together

Dani said it was just her and her dad for 4days by themselves

saying they were locked outside for an entire day, it was horrible but they got to watch two movies

Jordan: was it hard for you and your dad to help each other to make it to final two?

Dani: I said Ill help you if you help me...period...that's it

it was rough I didn't realize how emotionally draining it would be the first few nights

Back to talking in the stupid accents lol

kinda sounds like a mixture of Christopher Walken, Mario, and the Muppets

Jordan laughing because Kalia thought BB stole her jean jacket

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10:38 BBT

Kalia is singing...what else is new?

Rachel made cookies

said she made them crispy

Lawon and Dominc talking by hot tub

Dominic said he's over it

Lawon: don't be mad, it's not worth it

Dominic: my mind is wandering

Lawon: I was surprised, I thought it would be 9-1

Dominc: oh really, you never know

Dominic asked Lawon if he wants to sit in hammock lol

Dominic: Ill punch you if you take my blanket lol

convo moves to hammock

Dominic: I think were F***ed

Lawon: Why

Talking about votes and who he is "100%" sure voted for porsche to stay

says he is sure it was Adam and Kalia

random tangent on how the hammic is uneven lol

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Dominic and Lawon talking votes on the hammock

DOminic: adam opening said, dick said throw the veto

Adam and kalia will both throw the comps and me and you(lawon) have no chance

Adam said you keep me til final 10 and ill throw veto so Dom will go home

if he made that deal then I have no chance

if Kalia made that deal then you have no chance

the votes will go against you and votes will go against me

Lawon: thats why we have to guarantee our votes

Dom: but if they made those deals then we have no chance

Adam looks so suspicious

Dani comes over and convo stops

Dom: I'm still mad at you

Dani: Why

Dom: I don't remember


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Guest 6Borders

10:37pm BBT: Back in the makeshift HOH (until they get the real one) with the newest vet-recruits Kalia and Porche, lots of laughter about nothing. Rach got something out of the oven and she and Brendon have moved out of the Ivory Tower (former HOH) so Rachel is telling Bren where she put his things.

Backyard discussion: Lawon asks Dom how he is feeling. Lawon says he was going to tell Dom after the vote...Dom asks what and Lawon says "don't doubt yourself". Dom and Lawon head for the hammock...Dom says he thinks they are f'ed.

He knows they both voted Keith...he thinks Adam and Kalia voted Keith out. Dom trusts Cassie and Shelly and does not think they would vote Porche to stay. Dom says 'think about it..." Dom thinks Adam and Kalia will throw vetos and comps (cos Dick told them to??) and he and Lawon have no chance!

Dom says he's a strong competitor if 'those deals" (Adam and Kalia made I guess) go through. Dom says Adam looks so f'ing suspicious. Dani joins them in the hammock breaking up the conversation.

Dom, Lawon and Dani says they are exhausted and so glad the day is over. Dom says he feels so bad for Dani (the questions about Dick Julie asked!). Dom says "you should have seen your face". Dani says it was the way Julie worded things and she didn't expect the video...says it was very hurtful!!

10:47pm - Rachel is putting on make up (again) and says she feels so bloated!!

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10:50 BBT

Dom: I felt bad for you

Dani: I was just trying to answer the question

I hate being put on the stop

Dani: I knew it was coming but the way she worded it

Dom: and you didnt expect a video

Dani: I def did not...and the snap back...it was hurtful

Lawon: the way she worded it was disrespectful

Don: I dont think she meant it

Lawon: ya but as a journalist she could have reworded it

Dani: it caught me off caught, I felt it hurt my character

but it is what it is

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Guest 6Borders

10:51pm BBT: The backyard crew is discussing the dew (commonly known to Californians as "marine fog"...I know this cos I live here). Everyone is yawning and Adam says he's going go jump on the elipitical to generate some energy.

Jordan and Rachel are discussing foundation (make up). Jordan did a touch-up of make up and Rachel is really piling it on. Rachel asked Brendon if he'd be mad if she got make up on his jacket...he says no.

Jordan joins the backyard crew. She's got cramps but feels better with her pad (fascinating). Cassie tells how she spent some-odd $50 going to Walgreens for

10:55pm BBT - Brenchel are off and running already about behavior. Rach thinks she is getting fat and if she can't fit in her wedding dress she will cry. Bren tells her not to take anything so literally and to stop being insecure and he does not want to hear about her teeth, etc. Brendon says he can't sit and keep telling her all the time that she is beautiful, etc. Brendon is reiterating that Rachel does not need botox, etc. Rachel is frustrated and trying not to cry. Brendon is on the hamster wheel again about body altering...Rach says he loves her "big boobies". Bren says he would love her if she didn't have them....de ja Brenchel continues and it's nothing you haven't heard before so I'm sure you don't want to read it again!!!

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10:55 BBT

eew Adam talking about Bacon cupcake with Banana Frosting

Backyard crew talking about cramping lol

Jordan: I get backaches

Cassie and Jordan talking about periods lol

Cassie: havent gotton mine in a year

Jordan: Always hearing stories about the ring

I would be too nervous I would put it in wrong lol

ok talk about something else please lol

Adam: so whats the deal with the birth control patch

you get only like 4periods a year

Cassie: thats why I got this because I would totally forget to take the pills everyday

Jordan: doesnt it feel like there are so many less people here

Jeff: there are less people here

Jordan: but no only dick and keith, it feels like there are only like 8 people here

11pm BBT

Jeff: shelly been in DR a while

Jordan and Cassie talking about Cassie's parents

Cassie saying she is very close with her dad

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11:05 BBT

newsflash Brenchel is fighting lolol

this episode is about Rachel and her obsession on altering her body

B: dont worry about your diet too much

R: you;re just redic

If I did everything you said and kissed your butt you wouldn't like that

B: I don't believe in plastic surgury

If you wanna get your boobs taken out, take them out

R: Visaline is not wrong Brendon

not everyone was born with perfect teeth, thank you

B: that's very diff then botox and lip injections

it makes me think, that you dont think your pretty enough

R: when do I say that?

B: its not about saying it, its about thinking it

R: do you want me to walk away

B: no before we get married we need to agree on this

R: I can't handle you


and scene


R: I left my water in here

you're always bitching at me

first with the alchol then with botox, youre always bitching at me

pouty face

B: fine I wont talk about it anymore but when were off the show were gunna have a serious, serious talk about it

R: there are things i ask you not to do and you do them every single day

B: we'll talk about it when the show is over

R: what are you giving me an ultimatum

you dont get married to someone then have serious talks (wtf lol)

you don't not marry someone because they want to get botox

we've had this argument for like a year


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Guest 6Borders

11:00pm BBT: The Brenchel train continues to head for derailment on the body altering issues, serious talks about botox, etc before they get married....Bren says "it bothers me...it just bothers me!". Rachel says they have had the same argument for a year about plastic surgery...then says 'what about the other argument..." Brendon says it would be inexcusable for the rest of his life (about the "other argument"??) if Rachel brought that up to the house.

Shelly comes through like a ship under full sail and detracts Brenchel but not for long (bummer). Rach says everything she does Brendon complains about. Brendon bring it back 360 to being about "game". Brendon says "we are working with Jordan and Jeff..."...he's getting loud and Rachel gives him a shhhhhh!!!

Rachel got her pouty "I'm gonna cry" expression and says Bren is soooo mean and all his does is argue. Bren wants them to make game decisions together. Brendon does not want Rachel to get drunk and get beligerent...she says she is not. Brendon says he's not going to argue about it and Rachel says "you're doing it again".

Finally,,,the root of the whole conversation comes to head. Brendon got excited when Jordan won and something about Cassie and Rachel got upset (not sure what that was but anything Cassie does makes Rachel freak). Brendon is not talking about us (Marcellas called us the Pathetic Internet People) saying mean things about Rachel (remind me to say something mean that she can read) and how much it upsets her. Brendon is trying to explain real life vs. Big Brother.

This is getting completely redundant and nobody is winning this argument!!

Backyard: Kalia thinks it's interesting watching people sleep (creepy). Kalia says Adam and Keith were obscenely close (also creepy). Lots of silly discussion and laughing going on (refreshing after the Brenchel-fest!)

Lawon is "just totally lost" in the conversation (me too).

The 4 in the hammock (Dani, Kalia, Dom and Lawon) are playing "who farted"!

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Guest 6Borders

11:22pm BBT: Jeff has joined Brenchel (thank you Jeff) and they are now talking about pinning something (the vote against their side?) on Lawon and discussing what they want to do this week. Jeff is taking a head count on where everyone is.

Jeff thinks if they want to trust somebody he would give it to Adam. Brendon says physically he and Jeff will beat Adam in comps. Talk about giving Shelly the golden key. Jeff says she's a smooth operator...they need to split Cassie and Dom up. Jeff is on a roll with his game...says Adam said something about getting in his head and Jeff says "I've been camping in there for a whole week".

Rachel thinks next week's comp will be physical. Rach, Jeff and Brendon are trying to figure when the Golden Key Kids get to compete. Rachel says losing Dick F'ed it all up. They are playing every senario of who wins what and will do what (I love these discussions after the fact!).

they finally break up the discussion and head for places unknown!

Backyard: Shelly says Jeff and Jordan are not going to kick Brendan and Rachel out but when they get the chance they will. Cassie

Shelly notices the total change in Kalia...Cassie says she's proved her loyalty!

Shelly says Dom has a lot of friends. Shelly says you never know who cut a deal with who. Shelly said Dom has a brother-sister crush on Cassie. Cassie says she would never go on a date with Dominic. She says she needs a big masculine man.

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11:31 BBT

In the Bathroom Brenden and Rachel talking about their chances in comps with Jeff...Rachel sasy Jeff needs to find out who orchestrated the newbies to be against them...A lot of Domic distrust about Dom and Cassie...

Rachel calling the newbies "all fucking liars"

Jeff "jordan did her part now we need to do ours" talking about next HOH as they discuss what next HOH will be and after that...

11:33 BBT Rachel asks for clarification of how the golden key works.....Rachel says :losing Dick fucked it all up" but says not really but a week for the keys...

Rachel says idf they can get Shelly to win HOH that they will all 4 be able to compete..but Jeff says they should just go and win them...

11:35 BBT..In walks Shelly and breaks up the game talk...

Outside at the couches...Cassi says she wasn't upset until "rachel came in kike she did" and Adam says what's done is done and they just need to "keep on truckin"...Out come rachel with Jeff and are just talking tomorrow will be a busy day...


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11:39 BBT

Everyone assemples on outside in Jordan turns her key and everyone enters.. Rachel right away looking ant the pics and telling her how beautiful sh elooks ...everyone says her mom is bveautiful and how adorbale she is..

11:40..Jordan explain who's in the pics...Her CD is "Tim McGraw..Greatest hits"

Jordan opens her letter. Brenden and Porsche enetr late....

Letter hope doing well...miss you.....the Gas station and BBq place opened...nice 4th....Maggie misses her {her dog}...Tell Jeff Hi...Good Luck....Peytons Pett sitting Business "taking off"......hope she writes again soom Love mom and peyton...

Everyone claps...

Now people checking out the snacks and grub..."mt Dew" "sliders" "burritos" "vitamin water" and Chicken...people laugh at it being "so random"

11:44 BBT Jordan also got Wine and offers up her brownies...and Jordan offers "y'all can eat whatever"

Jordan admits she didn't wite "anything down"...and says "anything chocolate I'll eat' and we get a close up of a pouting 8 yr old Jordan..and she tells the story behind the pic...

Jordan's HOH grand opening continues...

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Guest 6Borders

11:38 pm BBT: The "smoke folks' are in the backyard. Adam says "the best thing about the past is it's in the past".

Rachel joins the crew on the couch until Jordan comes out and hollers "who wants to see my HOH room???" They all head upstairs pretending to be excited. Jordan waits until they are all upstairs before she opens the door.

Jordan's HOH room..they pretend to ohhhh and ahhhh over everything. Jordan explaining who is in the pictures. Her CD is Tim McGraw! Jordan is opening her letter from home. Jordan tells them if they are all tired they don't have to stay. Jordan gets Mountain Dew, Vitamin Water and "what-the-heck-is-this" (must go get one of those) in her 'fridge.

The rest of the hg's are sitting around looking like they are in traffic school and have to pretend to be paying attention.

Jordan generously tells them "y'all can eat whatever". She got Apple Jacks and says she likes them and she didn't really write anything down (what she wanted in her basket). We learn that Jordan's dad's name is Jeff.

general conversation continues...the same new HOH room stuff as always, just different stuff in the basket!!!

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Guest 6Borders

11:47pm BBT: Rachel explaining how to feed the fish and when (hope Jeff is paying attention cos he will be responsible for this chore no doubt).

11:50: Jeff and Adam feed the fish while Jordan and Co. discuss her CD. Adam is amazed at how little food the fish get. They laugh about last year...Kathy tried to feed the fish individually. Mom Shelly is making sure the food is properly stored.

Discussion as to whether they changed the sheets or not and if they burned the old ones. Dani says no, they save them.

Shelly took the food downstairs to the fridge and had to knock to get back in the HOH room...she says the bell is broken. Jordan suggests everyone take a Reeses cup otherwise she will eat them all. Jordan tries on her new slippers.

Brendon asked if Rachel got slippers and she says "yes, in my HOH room". Bren wants to know where they are now and Rachel says with her stuff (or something)...she is pouting and clearly trying to figure out how to be the center of attention again (just an observation). Shelly says they must want to be alone and 'we are in your room"...Jordan says something about never wanting to be the first to leave (in her season I guess) when someone got their HOH room.

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11:56 BBT

Jordan still doing the HOH stuff but her slippers don't fit.."they're snug"

Just a lot of general chit chat..

11:58 BBT Waiting for the first person to leave the HOH room...a lot of yawning HG..Jordan wonders if the door on the shower "are see through" Dani says all you see is the "silhouette"

12:00 BBT...More fawning over the cute pics..

Kalia yawning "i'm fading"......

12:04 More HOH chatting...Kalia makes the first exit saying she needs to sllep and Adam follows as ech newbie leaves right after...as Dom says "how'd you like that chees move" to adam as he say he wants to talk...as they head downstairs...

In the HOH....Jordan says how when everyone is up there its awkward...Brenchel tell Jordan they have laundry

On the spyscreen Jordan gets something that Rachel didn't get...That's cool...

Outside Shelly worried Dani is treating Dom "like a little toy" and Dom is "singing like a bird" as Shelly says they will never get Dani on her side....Cassi says outside she can get aolong with Dani outt the house but in the next minute she is whispering to Rachel...

12:11 BBT On the hammock Dom telling Dani about his deal with Dick...Dom not believing Adam vote for Porsche to leave...as he tells Dani he believes Kalia and Adam "cut deals"....and admits "i'm ASSuming all this by the way"

Dom says "i have no chance" Adam throwing Veto like HOH....Dani says "if I can pull strings "what would you want me to do"...Dom "i don't now"...as dani aks what would benfit it and Dom seems to be not biting..."i don't know"...saying he doesn't want to play "with these fucks" talking about newbies...Dani says thry to either vote adam out ot even put someone else up....

12:15..Dani wants reassurances and Dom says he can't prove anything to her...because "i gone"...Dom said he didn't want them to go home "as people' but he would "as competitor"

Dani says she has some pull as Dom said what does he have to offer..

Dom "if these stupid fucks"... would have stuck with the plan then the vets would not have a chance...

12:17 BBt Hammock talk with dani and Dom continues as Dom remains bitter and can't move forward...even with Dani trying to those him a bone..

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Guest 6Borders

12:03 pm BBT: More discussion about what was requested or not for the HOH basket. They are talking about their rooms in sequester. Rachel says they asked for two rooms but got one...BB chimes in "you are NOT allowed to talk about production".

They are all (except the vets) starting to leave Jordan's HOH. Shelly says "you deserved it". They gravitate to the back yard and Adam gets called to DR. Bummer cos he wanted to take a shower according to someone.

In the backyard Shel and Cassie are talking game. Cassie thinks Dani will team up with them and Shelly says "she won't". Shelly says Dani really likes Cassie.

Dom and Dani are in the hammock. Dom says Dick told both him and Adam to throw HOH's (?)...Dom is still convinced that Kalia and Adam flipped the vote and cut deals. He says Shelly would never flip or cut a deal (how little you know Dom).

Dani says if she can pull strings what would he want her to do. Dom says what could he want? Dani wants to know what would be more beneficial to him...Dom says it depends on who he is playing with...he does not want to play with any of these F's anymore! Dom says he's gone cos Adam will throw comps on purpose and he's obviously Threat #1 right now...wants to know how any strings could even be pulled. Dani says she has some pull.

Dom continues to hammer "Kalia and Adam" as the flippers. Dom says he wants to work with Dani and Cassie and he has to trust them. Dom says 100% he has Lawon, Cassie and Shelly with him. Dom is clearly outnumbered here...Dani is 2 steps ahead of everything he says, and finally voices it that she is "not stupid".

HOH room: Rachel tells Jordan that she can send out her laundry to be done. Brendon says "Rachel never did it". Jordan thinks it's nice that BB will do the laundry. Jordan is playing with the HOH Cam...she thinks it's cool

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Guest 6Borders

12:25pm BBT: Dom/Dani conversation continues...it's starting to get redundant. Dom says he does not want to work with Jeff & Jordan or Brendan and Rachel. Dom says he could flip. Dani says she'll tell him something and he has to promise not to tell and she will know if he did...she says "they want you out...". If she was expecting a big gasp she is disappointed...Dom responds with the Duh expression and "you think I don't know that".

Dom wants to know what deal he has to cut and what's his best option. Dani says she's telling him straight up that they (the J's) are not going to ask Dom for a final 3 deal. Dani finally says "you'll just have to play your cards right". Dom says 'so that was your BIG secret...that I was their big target???"

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12:19 BBT

Dani trying to get Dom on the vets and Dom seems incapable of doing it....He keeps talking about Cassi and him need to "get their game on"..and Dani says not if one of you aren't here..

Dom asks how would it benfit "you" and Dani never really says..."why would I come to you guys and cut a deal before this"

12:21 dom says Dani she is the only one who has a chance to get the other vets out and warns her they will cut her out a 6 or 7....and Dom says hee doesn't have any cards to play......

12:22 BBT..Dom says "i will turn into the ultimate slimeball" by turning on people he trusts...and talks about taking Casii Lawon or Adam and how does he not know he will be after as Dom says 'i made the Jury...yaya' and says why not leave now....

Dani still fishing for a committment...but says how can he if he has to make a deal with "jeff and Jordan"....

12:25 BBT Doma says "i don't want to work with jeff and Jordan or Brenden or rachel" but wants to work with Dani...

Dom not saying "i have to work with you guys"....Dom says he could convince other cass or shelly out....Dani says "they want you out this week' and Dom says "Duh"....Dani keeps sying she could "pull strings"...and says she'll try if "you give me your word" but Dom wants to know what he agreeing to but Dani just generalizes about his vote...Dom says he wants "adam gone"

Up in HOH Jordan talking about noms....and veto....

Jordan wants to Put up Dom and if they win Veto they will put up Cassie...to "backdoor her"

Camera switch...Kalia saying she wants Cassi to go and Dom to stay..hes"fun" and "pliable" camera switch

Back in HOH Rachel says they need to get a deal with Cassie ....Jeff says he would rather trust Adam...and Jordan says to put up Dominic and Adam...

12;33 BBT HOH talk continues

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12:34 BBT

Back in HOH as Jordan says Kailia would put up Dom but would put Cassie...

Jordan would rather have adam around because "he's a weaker player"..

12:36 BBT Brenden enters the HOH....Dom called to DR so dani should be up there to campaign for him to stay...

They are saying Dom is depressed..and Adan kept saying he was just there 'to play the game' and Rach says he's not doing a very good job...

Talking about manipulatte him and giving him an ultimatums....talking about kalia and shelly behind them 100%...

12:38 BBT...Jordan talking Cassi not being happy about her winning HOH..Brenden says "she's easy to read" and him and Jeff saying lawon is "big snake"....

"what did Cassi says about me to yall" Rachel asks...and Jordan says she just explained what happened and Jordan warns her to "watch what you say" as she is making her and Brenden targets...Jordan says Shelly told her "us all the way' and Jeff "kalia is willing to go up" and trusts them....Jordan doesn't want to put "shelly or Cassi up".....

12:43 BBT Rachel says Dani can get Dom to be on board and Dani says it might be smart to keep them but Jeff says 'they are partners" and its better to take them out...

Jeff wants to mention that their fight almost got her put up and says "we will keep our word" and not put them up next week she has to put two of her own...and needs to chill with rachel....rachel seems to like this option...

12:46 BBTJordan "would our target be dominic or adam" and Jeff says "dominic" and Jeff says "we play them both"...

Rachel warns keeping Cassi and Dom in the game they will conspire against them..

12;48 Jordan 'we get rid of Dominic" she will not have anywhere to go...

Brenden wants to talk to Dani....and see what she has to say....

Jordan says she could see Cassi winning the game while all the others strongly disagree..

12:50 BBT

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