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7/15 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Guest 6Borders

12:30 pm BBT: The Foolish Four (J's and Brenchel) are plotting stragedy. Jeff is trying out his bullying tactics as to what he's going to say to Adam. Rachel says she and Cassie got in a fight tonite and Cassie would put her up (ya think Rachel).

Jeff says they already have Shelly. Rachel is talking about if Dani can get Dominic (which is exactly what she is in the BY doing) they have the numbers. Jordan says she feels better having Adam around. Jordan says Adam says he is "here to play the game"...Rachel says he's not doing a good job of it. More Adam bashing from Jeff and Brendon...Jeff is back on his FBI tactics he's going to use on Adam. Jordan says Cassie was not happy when Jordan won HOH, didn't look at her or something. Jordan looks upset with the idea (this I would have expected from Rachel but not Jordan).

Jeff says Lawon is also a big snake.

Jordan doesn't want to put up Shelly and Cassie because Shelly voted their way. Brendon says 'we have the votes".

They are counting on Dani to work Dominic. Jeff is working "Vegas odds"...Brendon hammers home that we are here to play a game, not to make friends and Rach is going to have to suck it up and not...Rachel tries to interject and Brendon says you don't have to explain yourself. Jeff clearly sees another Brenchel Blowup brewing and intervenes...saying what he will go tell Cassie. He's successful in putting Brenchel back on the track.

They agree the target is Dominic but tell Dom they are going after Adam.

Jordan says she could see Cassie winning the game which didn't go over well with Rachel who says...no she won't.

Brendon is now on some endless film reel I don't even want to try to follow...bottom line is "she's (Cassie) not a good game player".

For "veteran BB'ers" these 4 are pretty paranoid and they are making me tired so I am out for the evening. All have a good evening!!

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12:54 BBT

In the HOH Jeff goes downstairs and Jordan says "can you get me Advil and tampons"..and jeff says 'its like I'm going to the store"

12:55 BBT..Talking about how they have won "everything" thus far

Jordan aks what order they keys should be....but Brenchel says it "doesn't matter"...

Rachel says maybe put Lawons key and Adam enters with Jordan's tampons...

12:57 BBT Brenchel leaves and Jordan and Jeff are left with adam to talk.....

12:58 BBT Brenchel wanna get to bed because its Brendens fear BB will wake them up early...they leave..

Jeff "what happened" and Adam sais his "competitve side" got the better of him and throwing comps was the part he was "struggling with"......talks about what would help his agme....and Keith would have been a target....and Jeff asks if keith would scare him for beinga better competitor...

1:03 BBT Jeff says he will know if he betrays...and they will switch..Adam says when he's nominated and gets the "golden key" and he will be their vote anyway they want him to vote...

Jeff says he and Jordan just wanna make the Jury....and Jeff say he will tell Dom the s ame thing but his offer with the votes the stay "is legit"

1:05 BBT...Jeff says Adama "has to pissed" when he's on the block ..and adam says "when I get the golden key" he will be their bitch...Adam talks wann bei in the house for his Aug 7th Birthday.....

Jordan "i swear on my like I'll keep you safe...we have the votes".....Jeff says "him and Cassi are tight" and Adam says it wasn't a good move...and it out a target on him {adam}............

1:08 BBT Jeff says he hopes he respects us to keep it between them and reiterate that they "have our word" and Adam says "that means a lot' when he cheered them on...their season...

Jordan "we feel like we can trust you more over dominic".....

1:10 BBT Jeff says they know what is going on more than they let on..

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1:12 BBT

More Adam talk in HOH...just basically repeating what ha sbeen posted...

1:13 BBT Jeff and Jordan basically confirm ironclad that he will stay over dominic...Adam says they will help get to their dream "jury and Jordan says "game on"

Hugs and handshakes...and reiterating "you're not going home' and Jeff leaves to go "smoke" .."you owe me one"

Jeff hedas doewnstair where Rachel is doing dishes..."late night crew as always"

Outside Adam annouces he had to make " a late night delivery of tampons"..

Adam goes on a story about buying for their girlfriend...as Dani tells about Maat BB12 was afraid of tampons..

1:18 BBT Outside the smokers on the couch with Lawon and Dani with Dom off camera probably in the hot tub..

1:19 BBt talking about being cranky and moody during their periods...

Shelly notices when dom talks that his "left boob twitches" when he talks...

1:21 BBT "what time is it" sheely asks and some says "2" and realize how late it is thought its not really 2...

Shhely talking about her "new presciption" will be ready...

Adam heads in to bed...Jeff talking about having to pee "all the time" like an "old man" and its his "green tea' which jeff calls "green pee"

1;24 Shelly heads to bed....

Jeff and lawon making really small talk while Dom sits in the hot tb mostly quiet..

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1;26 BBT "she hates me now" cassi tells Lawon and Dom...Cassi says she got looks in HOH...

The three bitter players talk about their chances ruined thanks to the traitors..

Lawon "don't give up"...as BB tell dom to put on his mic and complains they always throw him "under the bus"

Lawon wants to play pool...Cassi talking how her and Rachel were in the kitchen and they didn't talk...

1:29 BBT In HOH Dani upstairs and Jeff explains what was said for the deal he struck....Dani asks who she would prefer Domn or Adam gone...and Jeff says "dom gone" and Dani goes into her attempt to save dominic...

Basically goes over her hammocl talker ealier {see previous posts}....Dani says he will come to them and propose everything....and Jordan says he would put up Brenden and rachel....and Dani says she can see where he was coming from....and will sell his soul to them...

1:33 BBT Talk to porsche...and jordan felt bad seeing keith leave....so did Dani...dani goes back to trying to save dom

Jeff says Adam admitted to him he wasn't with them....as dani tries sell adam out Jeff counters that Adam was honest with them...

Jeff tells Dani his Adam deal and that they are definitely going up....

1:36 BBT ..Dani "i'm just weighing out the option" and says "i really don't care"...and says she trust Cassi "the least"....as now Dani throwing Cassi under that BB bus...

"what id Dominc and Adam" get POV Dani asks and the come after them and Jeff says not uless they have deals....

1;38 BBT...Jordan worried Dom is going after Brenchel....and Jordan feels better with Dominic going...

Dani back to Dom saving mode but Jeff countering her with facts..and Jeff says "we have to split them up.....and with Adam with golden keeys with questions Adam would get them....

1:40 BBT...Dani trying to cuts Adam's worth by saying knowing the game doesn't mean you'll be good at question comp...

Dani back to Cassi bashing and can manipualate dom better and jeff conteracts with it worse to keep a partner in than a person who's partner that is already working with them..

1:42 BBT Dani telling Jeff 'i totally agree' ....Jeff saying he already talk to adam and but he trust adam and Dom will just tell him what he wants to hear....even though he likes dom....Dani says "do we know 100% shelly voted" and Jeff and Jordan says it was...

1:44 BBt saying she trust Kalia and Dani says the whole house knows she was the vote and everyone think it was adam and that they cut a deal....

Dani says Adam..told Dom that he made a deal that he made a deal with Dick.....and they tell Dani he was crying...and wanted to make it to his 08/07 bday....Dani says "no way buddy' and Jeff says lets just get this past this key...

1:47 BBT Jordan wants to brink Adam to talk to the whole group....as Jeff says he doesn't trust Dom especially with Cassi in 'his ear' and they are up and Jeff saying "i'm not seeing it" about reasons to keep dom..

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1:50 BBT

Dani still in HOH..."i'm done with whatever" and says she doesn't "care who goes home"...as Jeff says "its strictly numbers"

Dani wants porsche needs to go to jury and she's a sure vote for them because everyone else hates her..."she needs to stay"

Jeff doesn't care...

1:52 BBT Dani says "by chance" adam and Dom get veto then "100% it will be cassi....and Jeff tells dani that he will talk to her to hold back...on POV if they don't put her up...Dani says "her word is garbage" and Jordan "for sure she will put us up" and Jeff says he will still tell her...

1:54 BBT Jordan says if Adam does struggle and throw.....

Dani last pitch for Dom how she knows if Cassi is gone he will have no choice to work with them since he doesn't trust his old alliance...

1:56 BBT talking about being excited but next week is pivitol since it will be last golden key..

Jordan says she "Dominic has to know he's going up" and Jeff says "i don't like him and Cassi together"

Jordan says for sure she's putting adam and Dom up....

"super sketchy and a liar" Dani says about Cassi

1:59 BBT more HOH talk

Jordan feels Dom is the biggest threat and heard it come out of his mouth....and Jeff says he thinks more logically as Dani tries again...and ends 'who cares" and Casi and dominic has to be split...

Dani finally agrees to they should go up....

Dani tries to plant the seed why JC call him "the super fan"...

Jeff Dominc can persuade people better than adam...

2:03 BBT Jeff its the numbers..

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2:07 BBT

all feeds on hoh with Dani Jeff and Jordan...

Talking about coming back...and Jeff thought they would be out next week.....

Talking BB "mixing things up" with HOH comps

Dani wants to get Adam up and tell them every comp that they had...so they can get an idea what BB is doing...

2:09 BBT...HOH talks continues Dani says 'anything can happed' "chicken george" won an HOH...

and Jordan "one more is what we need" and Jeff says one more after that until Jury....

Jordan saying "we'll have a fun jury house" and dani says we don't want to be in the jury and out of the game...

2:12..Dani complains she's on the sidelines...

{I'm out be back tomorrow}

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8:00 am BBT

Shel is up, went to BR, wahsed hands, went to kitchen, then to SR to get fresh batteries and something else, went back to kitchen, started the coffee.... sitting on round table bench yawning and looking VERY tired....

Gets up, heads to BR, grabs something and heads back to kitchen...

Sits back down and yawns... sniffles... waits for coffee

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8:28 AM BBT: Feeds are back. Jeff, Brendon and Adam in the Kitchen making breakfast. Brendon talking about sleep talking. Shelly enters the convo

8:30 AM BBT: Dom enters the kitchen. just general chit chat.... nothing too interesting.

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8:34 AM BBT: Dom and Rachel in the SR talking about Adam and his vote. Dom telling all his suspicions to Rachel. She isn't confirming it to him though. Dom is saying he cannot trust any of the Rookies so he has to play with the Veterans. (Stupis thing to say... really...) Rachel asks for yogurt then says that Keith ate it all.

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Flashing back to last night coverage

2:08am bbt Jeff/Jordan/Daniele in the HOH still

Dani:to be honest, Kalia/Shelly switching to our side is so stupid. Did they not just see the last season of Survivor? Boston Rob came back and everyone basically gave him the money.

2:10-2:15am WBRB

2:16am bbt Dani done talking to Jeff/Jordan in HOH, heads downstairs

F3/4 finally off the HOH and shows Rach/Law/Dom/Cassi sitting by the hot tub, discussing bed assignments


Dani joins the hot tub group, Jeff/Jordan alone in the HOH, Jordan in bed, Jeff still on the couch


Jordan wants to read her letter one more time. Jeff asks her if she thinks they are doing the right thing.

Jordan:let's put it up and see.

They feel the smartest thing is to break up Dom and Cassi.


Dom/Rach/Law leave to go inside to the KT for a late night snack. Law/Rach make plans to work out, but realize it's going to be a busy day with Food comp and nominations. Law goes back outside, and Rach whispers to Dom that he needs to talk to vets, 'soon, talk to Daniele'.


F1/2 on Jeff/Jordan, getting in bed, turn light on, ready to watch tv

Jor:Adam's safe, even when it comes down to it, even when we have to turn... and F1/2 switches to outside, where Cassi/Lawon are talking with Daniele about her response to Julie C's questioning about ED.


F1/2 remain on patio, Dani still not sure what caused ED to leave the game

F3/4 on Dom in KT making food, switches back to HOH, Jeff/Jor stressing over strategy


F1/2 Dani/Dom/Law/Cassi remain on the patio discussing Hide and Go Get'em(adult version of Hide and Go Seek)

F3/4 Jeff/Jordan in HOH discussing strategy

(Feeds switch to WBRB, so I'm checking in 5 minute intervals for earth shattering news)

2:40-2:55 WBRB

2:55 all feeds back to HOH, where Jeff/Jordan are about to turn in(stop talking strategy and try to go to sleep). Jeff takes his shirt off and lays on his stomach, Jordan asks if he wants him to draw on his back, he asks if she's going to draw animals? This is a game they play, where she draws a shape he tries to guess what it is.


F1/2 Cassi/Dom/Law going over the vote, deciding Shel/Adam were the votes that switched. Cassi realizes Shel used the wording 'I am going to vote with the majority, so she didn't have to lie by saying who she is voting out. They agree that at some point all of them will need to lie to stay in the game. They also agree they would all 3 been friends with Dani outside the game, but in the game they can't trust her.

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8:42 AM BBT: Shelly, Brendon, Adam, Lawon, Dom, Porsche and Rachel in the kitchen talking about Larry the Cable Guy and his movies. Their conversation moves to Carrot Top and then to other movies.

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8:46 AM BBT: Brendon is talking about a screen play where when they get out of the BB house the rest of the world are zombies and those inside the house were the only normal people left. This sparks a conversation about the HGs of BB2 when they were in the BB House during 9/11. Lawon starts talking about being in NYC When it happened and seeing it on Good Morning America.

8:52 AM BBT: Still talking about 9/11. Lawon sharing his experience and Shelly and Adam throwing in their two cents.

8:56 AM BBT: Convo still on 9/1. Moved away from the WTC and they are now talking about United Flight 93.

8:58 AM BBT: WBRB, just for a second. Then back to the 9/11 conversations.

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9:00 AM BBT: Lawon in BR doing ADLs

9:04 AM BBT: Adam starts to share his bacon. Shelly is saying that something looks like Wilson from the movie Cast Away.

9:06 AM BBT: Back to movie talk.

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