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7/13 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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8:45 BBT: Houseguests are preparing for the trial of Franklin the turtle. Possible punishments include death, stoning, or no alcohol for one night, to which Rachel says that is torture.

8:48 BBT: Jeff, Dominic, Jordan, and Porsche are in the kitchen preparing food.

8:52 BBT: Dominic asks Danielle if BB shows all the goodbye messages to the evicted houseguests. He is relieved to hear that they don't. BB usually plays the mean ones or the messages of those the evicted houseguest was closest to. Danielle says Dominic's would be played because he is a dick. They have a little flirtatious banter going on back and forth.

8:54 BBT: Brendon, Danielle, Lowan, and Dominic discuss who they should team up against in the trial and Brendon suggests they pin it on Rachel. Danielle agrees so that more alcohol would be available for them if Rachel isn't allowed to drink any. Dominic refuses to throw his "client" under the bus.

8:56 BBT: Dominic asks Lowan if he will actually participate in drinking games today. Lowan is excited to drink and says he has been waiting 6 days to drink. Dominic then wants to learn to do corn rows on Danielle but she refuses to let him. Talk then turns to weather or not they would open Pandora's box if they have it. Lowan says he would not open Pandora's box because he doesn't want to mess with everyone. Dominic would definitely open it.

8:58 BBT: Kalia walks in and says she hasn't eaten all day.

8:59 BBT: Big brother ends the inside lockdown. Houseguests go outside to see a practice game of mini golf Big brother style. Talk of suspending court begins so that they can practice.

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9:27 BBT: Adam says he would personally take slop in exchange for a margarita party and Brendon says he wouldn't forget a selfless gesture like that.

9:30 BBT: Jordan is telling Rachel about the mini golf game she and Jeff participated in during their season. How they had to shoot toward a spinning wheel with numbers and you wanted to get to the lowest number on the wheel. [Jordan actually won that game during season 11].

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9:41 BBT: Jordan does well in practice and Shelly does a mock golf tournament announcing voice.

9:42 BBT: Rachel continues asking Jordan about the golf game from season 11. She and Jordan say that they need to win and that they will be practicing all night. Jordan wants to be careful about letting people see her practice too much. Rachel calls Danielle and Jeff in to the kitchen with them. Rachel thinks this is for HOH competition and she is glad all the newbies think it's only for food competition. She wants to make sure they continue to think that.

9:45 BBT: Jordan was worried because Dominic was intently watching her practice. She thinks Cassi did well while practicing. Jordan wants the newbies to not see them praciting so that they think the vets don't care about the competition.

9:47 BBT: Brendon enters the kitchen and Rachel tells him to make sure the newbies still think it is for food comp and not HOH. He agrees that he doesn't want to practice until later when the newbies aren't around.

9:50 BBT: Jordan goes into the backyard to watch how the newbies are doing in the practice game. Danielle warns Jeff and Brendon to practice a little bit in front of everyone so it isn't obvious that they are trying to hide their practice sessions.

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9:56 BBT: Lowan brings out the alcohol for the night and Rachel and Porsche are upset that they only get one bottle of wine and 6 beers and everyone is drinking tonight since the have nots are allowed to eat at midnight.

9:59 BBT: Kalia and Jeff join Dominic, Porsche, Rachel, Danielle, and Lowan in the kitchen and notice the lack of alcohol. Danielle and Rachel said they will give up their share of the alcohol for the have nots. Dominic wants to play big booty again.

10:01 BBT: Houseguests in the kitchen talk about what they are going to wear on Thursday for the live show. Lowan said he is going to bring it. Rachel hopes Julie asks him a question. Dominic will wear Danielle's beanie and a wife beater. Danielle doesn't want to sit next to Lowan because he will overshadow her. Danielle says she doesn't like her name and no one calls her by her name at home. They all call her Dani. Dominic likes being called Dom because so many people call him Dominique (girl's name).

10:05-10:10 BBT: Kalia is practicing the golf game and not doing well. Kalia: "This frustrates me, just like real golf frustrates me! I suck at this!" Kalia gives up and Jeff starts practicing. He does well. Shelly continues her commentary as if she is an announcer for the PGA tour. Kalia: "This is so easy for everyone else. The sad thing is that I actually do play golf." Keith takes over practicing and he doesn't do well.

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10:11 BBT: In the kitchen Rachel tells Dominic if he lived in LA she would definitely let him come out with her because he would make a good wing-woman. At that insult he leaves to practice golf. Rachel worries that he thought she was serious.

10:15 BBT: Adam asks Rachel to borrow her hair dye so he can dye his goatee fire red. Danielle said he could ask for hair dye in his HOH basket. Discussion turns to what they want in their HOH baskets. Adam wants beef jerkey.

10:17 BBT: Talk in the kitchen between Adam, Rachel, and Daniele turns to alcohol because Adam brought up hosting trivia at a bar. Rachel thinks that Adam should get free drinks when he hosts trivia because now he is a reality star. Adam said Jeff told him he is just a reality show participant. The Kardashians, Snooki and Jersey Shore cast are stars. He tells Rachel that she is almost a reality star, if not already. She doesn't agree. Adam thinks Jeff is a reality star because of Big brother, amazing race, traveling the world for free and hosting a game during bb 12.

10:20 BBT: Rachel, Daniele, and Adam discuss if they would accept Big Brother's request to be saboteur or America's player. Daniele said you don't have a choice because if you say no, then you wouldn't be in the show. They discuss Pandora's box and Adam said he would open it for the hell of it. Rachel says she would open it. Brendon enters kitchen. Adam: "Poor Britney, she had to spend an hour with Jessie." Brendon: "Poor Britney?! Poor Jessie!" Adam: "Well I didn't know Britney like you knew Britney."

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10:33 BBT: Cassi is in the BY with Jordan and Kalia telling them that Porsche was stirring up trouble with her partner Shelly by telling Shelly that Cassi was saying things about her (Shelly). Cassi swore to Shelly that she never said anything about her. Cassi said that Porsche can do and say anything she wants about her (Cassi), but once she starts in on her partner (Shelly), she has a problem with it.

10:35 BBT: Daniele, Rachel, Jeff, and Brendon in the lounge. Daniele continues to warn them to let people see them practicing a little bit or it will be weird. Jeff said he just finished practicing. Jeff leaves to start preparing food for the have nots. Daniele said she only practiced once but it doesn't matter because she can't participate in any competitions because she has the golden key.

10:38 BBT: Rachel keeps giving Brendon 'sexy' looks because she is turned on by his geeky glasses he is wearing and Daniele leaves to let them be alone. Brendon says he knows she is being cute but she needs to stop because she is driving people away. Brendon gets up to leave and Rachel begs him to stay. They kiss and leave together.

10:42 BBT: Jeff is going around taking food orders from the have nots so he can have their food ready at midnight. Jordan said she will go practice the golf game. Kalia thinks she is really good at the game.

10:43 BBT: Porsche and Keith in lounge. Keith: "Come here, I want to talk to you." Porsche: "Why, because we'll talk at the wrap party. I don't want to be associated with the bus driver that runs everyone over." (Implying he threw her under the bus).

10:46 BBT: Brendon comes in the kitchen with the geek glasses again and Rachel gives him a come hither look and asks him to go in the other room with her to "talk about science." He keeps refusing her advances.

10:47 BBT: Porsche is racapping her conversation with Keith to Rachel. He told her that everything she will see of him in the diary wasn't true, it was just for the show. He tells her he thinks the votes will be 7-3 to keep her.

10:50 BBT: Rachel asks Porsche where she got the geek glasses. Rachel tells Brendon they have to go shopping for glasses. Porsche says that Rachel asked if they could borrow them tonight. Porsche: "I don't care as long as you wash them afterwards." Jeff: "Eww who knows what will be on them."

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11:10 BBT: Lowan and Dominic are teaching Jordan how to do a gangster/ghetto walk in the backyard. Shelly comes out and shows them her Michael Jackson mixed with gangster walk.

11:12 BBT: Cassi: "Shelly looks like a crazy homeless person."

11:13 BBT: Part II of the tutorial: How to confront someone who looks you in the eye. Shelly and Jordan try to emulate Dominic and Lowan. Dominic: "Really don't do that in real life. We would all get shot." Jordan: "But I thought looking someone in the eye means you want to say hello."

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11:19 BBT

Jeff and Brenden are in the kitchen preparing the 12 midnight feeding for the end of slop week #1....Kalia is "counting the minutes" before she starts shoeveling it in...as she tells the other newbies on the outdoor couch..

11:21 BBT Jordan Dani Keith Lawon and Adam are practicing the Golf contraption

Dani has left to talk to Rach on the couch...Shelly reminded the other players not to throw the golf balls "or you're gonna get hammered" as she reminds them of the rules...."those windows are expensive"

Back at the couches Kalia asking Rachel if the "bowling" thing was a lot different from the actual comp...

In the bathroom 11:24 BBT Porsche talking to Dani about the vote....she had a talk with Keith and he broke the vote down...and Porsche is suspicious as Dani told her not to talk to Dom or Cassi as its "pointelless" and "unnecessary"

Dani says "you're fine" as Porsche tells Dani she has "kalia"

Adam comes in and says "jordan is fucking amazing" at the golf and says they will rely on her to get the food as he thinks its for a food comp and Dani says "if that's what its for"

11:28 BBT Dani says she has lost muscle as she weighs 130 rather than her normal 135..Porsche is "basically 130" as she steps on the scale..

11:29 Outdoors more practicing

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11:25 BBT: Porsche is in the bathroom telling Daniele about her earlier conversation with Keith about him only having 3 votes and she has 7. Porsche is rather confident that she doesn't have to have anything to worry about. Apparently Kalia keeps trying to get Porsche to promise to vote to keep Kalia here if she is ever on the block in the upcoming weeks. Adam comes in and breaks up the game talk.

11:29 BBT: In the back yard Rachel is whispering to Brendon. Kalia: "I can't even take the two of you right now whispering sweet nothings to each other." Rachel begins massaging Brendon and Dominic says he wants a message. Rachel says maybe Daniele will give him one. Dominic knows her response would be an eye roll and to probably hit him if he asked.

11:34 BBT: Porsche and Adam in the lounge talking about how Rachel had a really bad reputation last year but she really is nice. They say Jordan is the sweetest person they know. They asked her what her trick is for doing so well on the golf game but they believe her when she says she isn't doing anything special because she is legitimately too nice to lie. Adam thinks it is rare to every see someone like that in the world. Adam and Porsche thinks that after the vote on Thursday they will all know where everyone lies in the game. Adam thinks the veterans will freak out if they are put on the block unlike Porsche and Keith who took it well. Porsche says she really wants to stay so she can play for herself and not in a pair.

11:37 BBT: Adam (to Porsche about her and Keith) "With you, it's what you see is what you get. With him it's like an onion" there are so many layers they don't know what he is thinking.

11:38 BBT: Porsche still selling herself to Adam saying she is an honest person and she wouldn't cross anyone because they are her roommates and that wouldn't be appropriate. She says that Keith is a competitor.

11:39 BBT: Adam plays devil's advocate and says that if Keith stays he is a bigger target in the house than he (Adam) would be where on the other hand keeping Porsche would be keeping an ally. Porsche says she wants to play like Janelle and be a good competitor. Apparently Dick said you can't win the game by just being a good competitor, you can only take yourself so far. Porsche wants to wait a few weeks to know who she should align with.

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11:30 BBT In the purple parlor Porsche is making her pitch to Adam...."i know im a good competitor" and its a threat but Keith plays a "mental game"....as Adam agrees..

Porsche says getting to know her partner "screwed me" since she didn't bother to get to know the other HG..

11:32 BBT Adam says he didn't want to go to HOH to "kiss their ass" and says he told dom to wait till noms to talk....while Porsche says it wasn't her intention of going up to stay off but to get to know the other HG...

Now both are gussing over jordan's sweetness and Porsche goes over her convo with Jordan as she will take her advice "be yourself" and a nice "person" and thats gonna be her strategy from now on..

11:35 BBT Adam is scared about the vote..we will know "whos with who" and who from "our side" will have the balls to "put them up" and says if they win again they will just be pawns in "their game"

Adam just double talking about his "male bonding" with the ther guys but mentions Keith spectacle before veto as Porsche says Keith started to mack on her and says she's not dumb...but has realize that she hasn't played the game properly so far..but is now gonna play straight and agains warns Keith is a strong competitor and reminds adam how he "had my back" like he didn't...

11:39 BBT Adam tells her he "wants you to stay"...and Porsche says she identifies with Janelle but Dick warned her winning compa only get you so far and she needs a strategy..

11:41 BBT More talk with Adam and Porsche as the speculate later in the game...and votes...and alignment....Adam says to deal with Keith he tells him "you have my vote" but says he hasn't made up his mind..and it sucks he will hurt one of them..and wishes it was it was an easy decision both have advantages/disadvantages..but has to weigh it before he decides...

11;44 BBT More Porsche campaigning..

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11:45 BBT Adam playing it safe without committing as he says both have benefits to keep each of them...Adam did bring up that he didn't do well on the banana as Adam says "he looks strong" as Porsche says he will get stronger and so she will and excuses away for her lack of social game...

Adam says not waste her time to get Dom's vote...Porsche says "he came in to win by himself" and doesn't care for her as a partner...and says she wanted to be with Kalia..and knows he wanted a "showmance"...

11:49 BBT..Adam "i can work with you" but Keith can "take the heat off me" as Adam reiterates his noncommittal choice...

11:50 In the Kitchen Kalia setting the table for midnight feeding as Lawon is looking forward to the feast..as they both thank Jeff for the grub..Kalia "i'm losing it" as she gets to eat..and literally dances a jig...Cassie says she's gonna eat lay down and then eat some more...

Shelly whos saying "this is better than New Years Eve" as she pours a huge mug of Diet Coke ready for the flood gates of food to open in 6 minutes..

11:53 BBt Kalia wants to het a hair tie to tie her hair back...

All the havenots are filling their plates...and says we should say prayers.."dear Lord" thanks for the food..

Kalia getting her trough ready..

11:56 BBT one clock is 4 minutes ahead as both clocks asay 12 and Jeff says "you're good" and the pig out commences...Kalia "oh my goodness" over Jeff's salmon..

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11:58 BBT

Cassi saying its the best 'meal i ever had" and a full mouthed kailia "it might be" as all the havenots pig out..

Lawon most quiet while Kalia is the most vocal about how good the food is..

12:00 BBT Back in the purple parlor Porsche is wrapping up as Rachel comes in and out as Adam and Porsche basically talk in circles...as Adam saying keiths version of campaigning is "i got your vote ...I got your vote right"

Porsche slamming Keith...Adam adding little bits in...

12:03 BBT Back at the table the feeding is slowing as Kalia "my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach"....Cassie annd Lawon have finished..while shelly and Kalia are still going..porsche comes out and says "its 12:08 and your already rinsing your plates"

12:06 BBT Outdoors..Cassi keith and Rachel at the HT...rach wants to get in buts its "too cold" outside while Cassi says she is really happy as Adam asks would she rather have "bad sex or that meal" and Cassi says she'll " take the meal"...Rachel jumps on it and continues..on.."would you rather"

12:08 BBT Kalia wants to "eat more" but can't pgysically..as she lets out a belch...lawon says "i lost 10 lbs" on slop..Dani says she was on slop "14 days straight" and lost 14 lbs in her season..

12:11 BBT Kalia is done as Dom clears off her plate ...

12:13 BBT clean up and Kalia and Lawon talking wine...as K has moved on to the pizza..

Kaila wonders how the Lazy Susan gots its name Dani suggest maybe after the person who invented it...

12:17 BBT Outside general chit chat with Adam Keith Dani rach and Shelly while everyone is either practicing goldf or eating..

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12:20 BBT

Inside Dom is doing the dishes..as Cassi and Porsche help put food away and clean up...Cassi wonders if she should throw the slop out and Porsche says maybe not as Keith eats it and Cassi says "really?...what's wrong with that guy?"

12:23 BBT Dom and Cassi whisper as Dom said Keith told him she was upset and accused them 4 {cassi dom keith adam} being in an alliance and Dom says "i can't wait till she goes home"

Dom filling her with cheesy praise to the point quoating a Nsync song..quick FOTH

Keith comes in and tells Dom porsche told him she has the votes and Keith told her the only votes he'll get just Dom and Cass....and dom says "she has 7-2" and laughs that its not the right amount of numbers..

Dom "i don't know how she's so confindent" as he's sure their whole side is voting her out...

12:29 Keith asks if Dom made the deal and he says no when asks Dom if he's being "straight up" and dom says yes...

12:30 BBT Lawon and kalai in the LR as Kalia ponders if she should "take some tums" and gets up and gets some...

Kalia still talking how good the food was...Kalia fawn over Jeff's chicken...Kalia goes over her little Tiff with Jeff and his "bully mentality" and says "I don't do that"....and says "my mouth will get me out this game"..as Lawon says "girrl me too" as Kalia talks about her saying that she said "keith thinks he so white" as they discuss Keith staying as Lawon says it will be good for them...as kalia goes on about Keiths liking of white women...

12:34 BBT talking about how other HG don't get it about Keith throwing them under the bus...

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12:42 BBT

several minutes of FOTH

12:46 FOTH

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12:51 BBT

Feeds back with Cassi and Porsche...on the outdoor couch...

Indoor Kalia still on the couch with Lawon with Keith sitting with them..

12:53 BBT They are talking about sleeping and boredom..all for cams

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12:57 BBT

Back in the LR Kalia talking a mile a minute....she gets up and heads outside...

At the hottub..Dom complaining about someone to Cassi..but stops when rachel asks if they wanna golf...Dom says he'll talk to her later.."you don't know how to whisper"

they are talking about wine as Cassi is just drinking it to help sleep or like just "holding the glass" but doesn't mind the taste...

1:01 BBT Cassie gets up Dom sitting alone on all 4 feeds..

1:04 BBT lost my feeds so I will return shortly

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1:10 BBT

Dani laying on the couch with Kalia sittin g

Kalia says after a good meal she needs "dumps on a truck thighs like what" and trips a foth...


1:15 FOTH

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1:16 BBT

Feeds return with Dani lawon and Dom in bathroom talking about whether they are going to bed or not...

Outside keith and Porsche talking...Keith says he has no votes from the vets...and Porsche saying she is not sure.....and she says they told he rthey don't want to be targets...

1:19 BBT Keith says he isn't gonna say nothing...when Porsche accuses him of turning things around on her....They bicker about the predicament..Lawon and Adam listen bicker about the vets vote and campaigning....Cassie has come over to listen...Keith saying the reason he didn't throw in the towel because bb told him no stipend or rap party....as the convo turns back to campaigning...as Porsche says no one "has promised me anything"

In HOH Rachel is worried that shelly will vote to keep keith and Brenden says she won't and will talk to her and Rachel says she is acting wierd..

1:24 BBT Dani enters about people saying "yall" and Dani reassures Rachel she's paranoid about Shelly....Dani says "relax" and Brenden says "one of them will vote our way"

Dani saying she is just stressing out and Dani says Adam will just wants everyone out and he's not "an idiot" and wants them out...

Rachel says Keith told her that Brenchel "was the strongest duo" and rachel says "they must of forgot about our season' as Brenden gets insulted...Dani stops another bicker match...

1:28 BBT Brenden says he doesn't think the golf will be HOH as it will take too long and both Dani and rach says it was possible..

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1:30 BBT

Dani says Dom told her he was going with a majority and Keith is a "ticking time bomb" ....

Dani says Porsche told her that Kalia and Shelly were voting for her...

Dani says she'll talk to Dom tomorrow to see which way he's voting to relax rachel from "freaking out"

1:31 BBT In the have not room Lawon and Kalia talk about Keith when Cameras cut away to Jordan in bathroom..

Feeds back to have not room ..Kalia saying "i know Porsche is not coming after me" and she is not sure about Keith and Kalia says she is "taking one for the team" about voting for keith to stay...Kalia saying Porsche is no threat to them and should she "roll over" for them "to be safe" as Lawon is now doubting Keith and "how do we know that" about Keith screwing them over..

Porsche comes in..1:36 BBT as Porsche complains "did you hear him" about Keith as Kalia tells her "tell him to leave you alone" and Porsche tells the about his forfeit speech and how he would miss the wrap abd stipend..

1:38 BBT Porsche talks about their campaigning and kalia is saying that Keith is just asking if "I have your vote" as Porsche tells Lawon Kalia that she wants to be nice and friendly and stay and he will be hard to compete with later and do "whatever it takes" but she will play clean..and says she has a lot of heart...

1:40 BBT Porsche campaigning to stay with Kalia and lawon...Porsche says they will talk before thrursday "I really realy want to stay' and reassure she is not gunning for them...campaigning continues..

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1:43 BBT

Back in HOH the vets are talking and Jeff is sure Kalia and Shelly will vote their way..

Talk about what the Goldf is for and thing BB will take it tonight and Brenden wants to practice...

1:45 BBT Golf talk speculation

Back in Have not room..Keith talk ensues..

Lawon appreciate Porsche coming to both of them...Porsche thank them for listening..."good night"

Kalia "they're both annoying" and Kalia says she's the lesser od two eveil but both decide to "take one for the team" and will vote her out...as of today..

Lawon goes through the bedroom and Dom and Cassi want to practice in an hour or two....when everyone else is aleep...

1:51 BBT Back in HOH They believe Dom will throw HOH because Jordan says he told her everybody likes him...

Dani says Keith feels defeated...and Dani wants Cassi out and doesn't trust her at all..

Talking about the Vote ..they are confident but the tide seems to be turning in keith's favor downstairs....

{i'm out back tomorrow}

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If you have the feeds, it's worth going back to 2:05am bbt this morning and watching the quad feeds... on F1/2 you have the old HGs in the HOH plotting, and on F3/4 you have all the new HGs except Porsche/Kalia sitting on the patio plotting. The new HGs, led by Dom, appear to be united in realizing the old HGs are a tight alliance, despite all their claims otherwise. The new HGs seems to be in agreement to vote out Porsche and expect Keith to remain loyal to them when he has the opportunity to play for HOH and make nominations.

3:33am bbt Cas/Law are sole HGs still up, practicing golf and debating if OHGs are unified why Pors seems confident she's staying?

3:51am bbt Cassie to Lawon: "I know ultimately it's a game, and everyone's got to do what's best for them, but just don't lie. Obviously if that's what they are doing, one or two of us running upstairs telling them..."

4:40am bbt Lawon in the KT, Cassie going back to the minigolf practice court.

5:00am bbt Cassie and Lawon finally head to the HN room for bed.

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7:15am bbt Bren is first/only HG up. He goes out to start practicing the minigolf. By 7:40, Rachel and Shelly have joined him on the green. Brenchel start the day debating what the practice greens purpose is, HOH? POV? Then they turn their attention to questioning Shelly about how the HGs are planning to vote. Rachel asks Shelly if 'they' realize how upset the BB world would be if someone nominated Jeff/Jordan, since they are the favorite BB couple ever. Shelly states that 'they' think everyone is voting to keep Keith except the old HGs and possibly Kalia. Shelly says she asked Cassie who she is voting for, and Cassie said Keith, because she doesn't get along with Porsche.

7:50am bbt Rach goes in for morning facial routine, while Brendon/Shelly keep practicing/talking.

7:55am bbt Rachel is back outside, all three discuss ED leaving, admit they were all scared of his game play.

Rach:I was afraid of him, and he was in my alliance!

Shelly: I was worried he would say I was a bad mom. He knows how to get in your head. But he was a good person.

7:58am bbt

Rach again uses the fear of an old HG winning POV as the reason all of the new HGs should break up their alliance and not nominate an old HG pair in the first place. As she shares, her voice raises in intensity until Brendon finally reminds her 'not so loud'

8:00am bbt Bren gives the club over to Shelly for practicing. Bren says this game is about couples, not old versus new.(although all of the old HGs are in an alliance and don't even think of going against each other? lol)

8:15am bbt Bren/Rach take over practice while Shelly stops for a smoke and continues to stroke their egos

Shelly:will people not come unglued if you(Bren) win the next HOH?

Bren: absolutely! And then the gloves come off! I'll call people out!

Rach makes a ball in the hole, says 'maybe I'm not bad at skills', refering to her ability to win question HOHs but not the skills games.

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9:13 am BBT

Bren & Shel in BY practicing golf. Calling specific targets...

Rach in K making some food (looks nasty)

The rest of the HG's are still in bed asleep...

Shelly is doing VERY well at the golf game...

Shel & Bren have set up a golfing rotation...

No it is Bren's turn... they are talking about Adam Sandler....

Shel gives a shout out to Adam Sandler

Bren says he is one of the nicest guys, does a lot of charity work...

They are wondering which celeb will come in this year...

Bren thinks Ashton Kutcher could come in

Shel says that he is Por's celeb crush...

9:16 am BBT

Bren & She still practicing

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