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August 8th Live Feed Updates

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Maggie and Beau pulled Jenny into the hot tub

Jenny is screaming that it is hot

Beau decides he wants to make a whirl pool and Maggie and him are going in circle in the tub.

M - I dare you to put that James

J- I love Maggie?

M- America would love that

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Sarah and James are the only people working on thier shirts.

Maggie, Jenny, Beau, and April are outside by the hot tub talking about firemen.

B- I want a fireman.

They are singing and saying that BB can't hear them becuase they whisper in the hot time.

Rachel is in the kitchen yelling at someone because they made a mess.

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M- I love wet doggies

M- It smells like wet dogs

M and B singing "peanut butter" and now the names of everyone in thier "friendship"

Jenny- We are driving James crazy

James- Not driving me crazy

Maggie tried to whisper something, but Beau could not hear her.

Conversation moves to diffrent movies and actors.

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rach, beau, jenny and maggie are in the hottub. April is sitting on a chair around the hottub as well.

They where talking about booze. Howie comes over and show's the group his homemade t-shirt - one side says vote kaysar and the other says vote michael.

Rach is telling howie to put his shirt back on the ground so it can try, it's getting all over his legs..


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A few of the houseguets's in the hottub.. (they have a lot of engery tonight - or booze)

They are bugging howie to kiss rachael and to show them his best move.

B:kiss her leg howie

M: awww, you guys are so cute.

B: rub her boobies

R: beau, no!

Howie is nibbling on beau's sholder in a sexual way, now he just kissed him on the cheek.

B: if he called himself gay, i'd totally do him ( in regards to howie)

B: i'm getting horny! *everyone is laughing*

Howie and beau are snuggling in the hottub.

BB- jenny please go to the DR

J: I AM NOT READY, she screams.

Beau is now talking about if he had a woodie.

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Howie is in the hot tub kissing Beau on the upper back

BB - Jennifer, please go to the DR


B- Howie is trying to give me a woody

A- Beau, don't make it obvious if he is doing something to you

April keeps screaming in fear of what Howie is doing to Beau

A- I can see Howies hand, I am not blind.

H- laughing

M- eww, eww

B- Oh my goodness, too funny

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a few of the houseguest's are in the hottub trying to encourage howie and beau to get it on.

Howie and beau are playing around quite frisky in the hottub (can't see hands)

April starts to talk about james in regards to the veto's. they are talking about next week and who would be up against either sarah or james, which ever won doesn't go home and how to get the veto.

Beau starts to talk about the veto that you "can't" win and when they will see it in the game.

The houseguest's are now talking about how a veto can't be won, they are discussing the possiblity of a tie in the veto event could be one for sure.

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April talking about what James's shirt says:

"four down, ? to go" ( I think)

Everyone talking about how it will suck if James wins HOH.

Talking about the possibility of not being able to win a veto, like this past week.

Aprils keeps saying that it would be so stressfull if James wins.

Sarah comes back out to the backyard and the convo immediatly changes.

H to Rachel - Are you wearing a tampon?

R- Howie!

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10:04 pm BBT -

Feed one and two are showing the hg's in the hottub.

Feed three and four are showing empty kitchen and living room.

Maggie is saying she went in the DR to clarify if there was any possiblity that there would not even be a VETO comp for one week? BB responded to her saying "anything is possible"

She asked the group if there is a chance that bb could have lied to her, then fish came on the screen.

Sarah is outside making her shirt ( or could be jenny, however i think she is in the DR right now)

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Sarah leaves and April immediatly begins to talk about the power of veto again.

M- I ask them if it was possible to not have a veto competition and they said yes, that is always a possibility.

Beau talking about how his gotee hides his mole.

April asking Howie and Rachel why they haven't done it yet even though they have known each other for 10 years. April asks Rachel if she is hard to get.

Jenny asks Beau, April, and Maggie to sign her shirt that she made.

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Rach said she was trying to put something in the hole and howie said "why don't you let me put it in the hole"

(no one is talking to sarah at all, nor is she making any attempt to talk to them)

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Ivette speaking with James in Gold Room, saying she is just upset.

I: Too much of anything is not good, just being around these people are getting to me.

James recalling how they sat around the room in the beginning targeting the others (Ashlea, Michael, Kaysar and Janelle). But Kaysar figured it out and threw a monkey wrench in it.

James says now everyone is blaming him when it was Eric who went to Kayar.

Ivette says she is over the bible story and over the game and she doesn't care about the PBJ.

I: There's people here and little things get to them... If I get in trouble with BB, I don't like being called out, I'm a perfectionist. I just find there's other things to worry about, youknowwhat Imean.

To the guys you are a very big threat. If I was a guy I'd want the guys out.

J: Lets say next week you guys get HOH you target me then the other side gets it and they target me. You are missing the opportunity to get out other powerful players who do have allies.

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Ivette talking to James in GR

I- I don't care anymore.

J- Ivette you have to understand, you might not care about the game, but all of this is involved in it.

I- I care, but I don't care. THe people here let the little things get to them. If i get in trouble with BB, I will hang on to it a little bit because i don't like to get called out.

J- I take the radio to the bathroom with me at 5 a.m. so I won't get yelled at.

I- I just find that there are bigger things to worry about

J- Yeah, like you guys have to tkae me off. I am lucky I don't take things purposly. I began to.

I- I think that anything people think you said, people still think you are a big threat. Everyone plays diffrent.

J- Let's say next week, your side gets power and I go. The next week, someone from the other team wins and everyone is so worried about getting out me that they forget about the other powerful platers in the game.

J- Your shirt cam out perfect.

I- Um humm

Jenny comes in and has Ivette sign her shirt, but not James.

James- You don't want me to sign it?

I- If I got the veto, I could not use it because I have to protect myself. You knew I would do it in a respectful way. Everyone sits there and says, James cannot get the veto.

They begin to talk about strategy with the veto competition.

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Ivette and james talking in the GR (missed the beginning)

I: i don't care about eating pp&j

J: i care

I: i dont care

I: if pp and j is going to drive other people crazy it doesn't change my mood. you know what i mean. there are people here where little things get to them.

I: if i get in trouble from BB, i'll be mad about it for awhile

J: if i go to the bathroom at 5 am i take my mic with me because i'm afriad to get yelled at

I: i don't take it with me.

I: there is bigger, there is other things to worry about, you know what i mean

J: yeah you guys have to get me out, you are lucky i don't take things personal, i'm starting to. it's like a joke, put me up every week

I: i think outside, i think honestly that people see you as a very strong player, to the guys you are a very big threat. If i was a guy i would want you out.

J: you think they would want me as an partners.

J: let's say next week, your side get's power and i go. and then the next week the other side get's it. the power shifts. it could take 2-3 more weeks to get me out instead of getting out the other strong players.

S: how does my shirt look?

J: it came out perfect sarah.

I: people start getting so worried about stupid things in this game. If i got the VETO, i was going to say to you are only HOH for one week and i would have told you i wasn't going to use the veto and tell you in a respectful way.

J: i know you wouldn't have used it.

Ivette and james are now talking about the veto comp and how he knew that after he found out howie had 16 i knew i won the veto.

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I: If I got the veto I would say, you're only HOH for one week I would tell you I can't use the veto because I am going to be here next week. You would respect that.

Ivette asks James about the veto contest and what he would have done. James recounts the contest and what he thought, then Ivette recounts what she did.

J: As much as you think your side thinks as a team, they all want the glory and play as individual. Except you thought as a team.

Ivette continues to recount what she did to make sure James would not get the veto.

J: i don't understand why everyone hates me.

I: Its because of the different stories being said around the house, it upsets people.

James says he told people (Howie's side?) that he was still friends with Ivette and thats why they don't trust him.

Sarah enters to show James her T-shirt

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