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August 8th Live Feed Updates

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Janelle and Howie in backyard:

J- I think it is in our best intrest to stay on his good side, or pretend to.

H- With Sarah gone, he can be trusted if he clears some ways. You never know.

J- I think it is good for us to stay on his good side because he is a good competitor. He thinks they totally brainwashed us.

H- I think HOH will be physical or endurence

J- Yeah it is

J- Even if Cappy does come back, then we are still screwed.

H- We could beat him in any given week.

J- Howie, that is not true. We don't have enough votes to take him out if James is gone.

H- If we put him up and antoher player up then they will be destroyed over it.

J- All of those people will do anything for him.

H- No, I and A were fighting over who was going to be the pond. They will be destroyed. That will happen if we win HOH's.

J- If James is gone and Cappy is still here, her has 3 votes to keep him in.

H- It does't matter, someone else will go

J- Like Ivette

J- They are so dumb that they would actually vote to keep Cappy in instead of someone else.

H- James is up against the house, but look who he is up against. I want you or Rachel to get it this week.

J- Who will be coming back this week?

H- Who knows? Cappy had the worst message out of all the three.

J- I don't think he made a good impact.

J- I think America loves you so they will want to see your friends on the show. I know you are the favoirte.

H- I don't know, I bet everyone knows who you are

H- Your are so beautiful.

J- Thanks Howie. They all think he is coming back.

H- You never know.

J- And I can't beleive they used you for your back.

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J- What do you think the votes will be like?

H- Millions. I think BB will bring back who ever is good. BB controls it. They do. They see we took a blow and that's our fault.

J- Don't they want to see you and Rachel win it?

J- You never know what kind of deal James will make with those people. They are desperate. They make deals easily and they can't be trusted.

H- I did something for them.

H- If one wins HOH they will put James up.

J- If James wins, Ivette and Beau will be the first ones up in the room.

H- Who does James really want with him? He knows he f'ed himself. He knows he can only get thier on his own and who would vote for him? It was his fault. As much as he wants me to feel sorry for him, I want becuase he f'ed us. I would take him apart.

J- That's why I don't think it is fair for Eric to come back. They will have more people in the jury who can vote for thier person if they make it to the final two.

H- I would like to see you, me, or rachel win it. I really think it is a toss up between Eric and Michael.

J- It is not fair for him to come back because we will not have any people then. It needs to be war to the power.

H- But America likes the underdog. It is all about winning HOH's. All I can say is that if you want to take anything good from James it would be that he never gives up. He is still going.

J- I really don't feel that they portrayed Eric well on TV because he was acting like a child.

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J- So America found out about the people sequestered before us or on Thursday with us?

J- I think Michael looked really cute.

H- He winked at you too. He said Hi Janie.

J- Kaysar shaved his gotee. It is funny how diffrent poeple look on TV. I wonder how I look.

H- Did Cappy look good?

J- Uhh...FISH

H- Your right, your right. They just bring everyone back.

J- I love figuring things out. I want Michael back

H- You will lose your focus.

J- No I won't.

H- Who was that?

J- Sarah

Sarah comes out and Janelle asks her what her T-Shirt says.


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Janelle and Howie in BY

They are talking about who they think America likes and dislikes....

Janelle: There were certain people who liked Cowboy, but a lot of people didnt.

Howie: (laughing) He's so stupid, he didnt win anything

J: Not to be mean to the guy.

H: I know

J: Not a lot of people liked Holly, Jase or Scott

H: they were intimidated by them, because they were strong players

J: yeah

H: whos the stronger player, Scott of Jase?

J: Jase was smarter i think

BBT 11:39

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H- Who's out here?

J- No one

H- I knew you were a game show host

J- I don't want to talk about it.

H- I knew there was something about you Janie

J- Do you think America likes me?

H- Yeah....and they know you are smart.

They talk about past BB players and who America did or did not like.

J- Who do you think they don't like?

H- I don't think they like James, but they like for him to keep going becuase he is taking out people. He is the reason many people are gone.

J- Do you think they like Ivette?

H- I think the gay community do.

J- How about April?

H- I think everyone has a group that likes them.

Talk about Jase and Scott from BB5 and who was the better player.

J- I bet they like Sarah because she is a nice girl

J- Jenny gets on my nerves

H- Really?

J- Yeah like at the veto competition. SHe wanted to win it for herself. It was so stupid.

H- Where did she put hers?

J- She put three in her own, but I don't care, it is stupid.

H- I should have had you play, but lets move on, its over.

Camera switches to Maggie and Ivette in bedroom

M- Don't worry about talking to James becuase I know where you are.

I- I know, it isn't about that. I just felt like playing chess with him. I suck and James tells me that I can make moves.

M- Just relax, it is just a game.

Maggie is really whispering

Rachel comes in looking for a purple towl. Maggie accidently game it to Beau.

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11:44 BB time:

April and Jenny in BR

A- The minute Eric comes back, we will be F'ed.


A- DO you understand how much I hates me now?

J- I thought it was like a sister fight. The first one is bad, but they get better after that.

A- What gets me about her is that she can't shut her mouth.

J- Maggie is sticking up for you because she told I she can't talk like that.

A- i told you how it happened..

J- I have heard the story 20 times today. You should not have said anything. She shouldn't have said anything to Howie, and you should have never brought it up again.

A- I is never wrong, never.

J- Then you shouldn't talk to here.

A- I told Howie, I still want to go up. Tell me if I am wrong, but I hope that if it come to me or Ivette I would hope.

J- See, I think i will be the first to be voted out of our group because people are afraid to vote her.

A- What's up Janie (James)

James- I haven't heard that in a long time.

A- I haven't said it in a while.

A- Ivette is annoying, but her personality gets aloung with others better.

J- I think it would be hard to swing Maggie for Eric and Eric would want to keep Ivette.

April to James- Did you take your shirt into DR?

James- Yeah. I think I shouldn't have done anything on the back, I ruined it.

A- I mean, are we really going to wear these things outside the house?

James- I am, next week.

A- You never know who will be up next week.

Jenny- I should have put Got Eric? Well we don't so let us have him back. I like to be creative.

James- And mean

Jenny- And mean.

James brushes teeth and leaves. Jenny and Arpil talk about washing thier shirts and whether the paint and marckers will stay on the shirts. Ivette comes in to use the RR.

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Ivette leaves BR

A- I hope I am reading Maggie the right way.

J- Howie had come up to the spa with "Eric too" on his back and Maggie said that she will have a lot to tell Eric if he comes back because Howie is now on our side.

A- I am not one of those people who can sit back and let people walk all over me.

J- I was like that, but it is better to be happy.

Beau is putting toothpaste on his pimples. Jenny is now blow drying her hair.

A- Do you want to sleep in the gold room? (to Jenny)

J- That would be fun

A- Janie slept with Howie last night, so the bed should be free, I will go ask.

April comes in to ask Janie if she can sleep in the GR. Janie says its fine. When April leaves:

James- I hate you Janie, I hate you so much

Janie- I'm sorry

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April and Jenny talking about how they can snuggle why they sleep together.

James and Sarah whispering in GR

S- Possibly, there was a chance that there would not be a veto.

J- That's what they were talking about, so maybe they don't know.

S- I would not have done that.

(Hard to hear, sorry)

Sarah massaging James' feet.

J- I can't beleive you are only 23

S- I can't beleive you are almost 30. You have quite a few more good years left in you.

J- We should do this every night.

S- I will, I don't mind. It will help soften these things up. You should get a pedicure

J- How much?

S- $18, and they get all the skin off. You can also get a pretty color on your toe.

S- Actually it costs me $30.00 becuase I get french manicure and give a tip.

J- I will tell them that I want a french.

S- You dno't like that through when I touch your feet right?

J- No, it is fine, its just the bunyon.

S- Okay. Gosh your legs are white up there.

J- So we are going to do cardio first thing in the morning....FISH

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Back from FISH and Janie, Jenny, April, and Howie are in the kitchen laughing because Howie's pants are half way down his legs.

H- You Horny Bi*****

H- You girls can grab for my memeber, but if I grab a boobie then I am out.

A- My stomach hurts because I was laughing so hard.

A- Okay, we are going to go play chess in the GR.

J- Can I play winner?

A- It won't last long.

Sarah and James kissing in GR when April and Jenny come in.

April takes the chess board after asking if it was okay.

J- who is playing, you guys? I thought you hated it.

A- We do, but we are bored.

J- okay, I am going to bed.

S- I am going to bed too cranky ass.

Howie and Janelle in kitchen:

Howie is talking about Ivette and Aprils fight earlier today.

H- I am going to do cardio before I go to bed.

Janie- I will go do more weights outside. I need to work out my butt. It should be my abs because they are discusting.

April and Jenny playing chess in LR.

BB- April, please move your microphone higher.

Jenny- People are sleeping.

Howie and Janelle back in BY whispering ear to ear and making hand signals.

They are talking about the people who would have been coming into the game with them and immediatly.....FISH

I'm out, Goodnight

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Howie and Janelle in BY again

They were talking about something that had to do with a list of people who could come in the house with them, they were whispering in each other's ears mostly but would say a few things outloud...then fish

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Jen, Janelle, Howie and April in LR

Jennifer is telling H&J the story of mike supposedly hitting the wall. That Ivette made up the story. That when Jennifer told Ivette (who was in the bathroom at the time) what had just happened, she misinterpreted it.

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Janelle, Howie, April and Jennifer in LR

They've been chit chatting for about a hour, they have been talking about sex for the past half hour at least.

Howie is asking some pretty personal questions to the girls, i mean PERSONAL...

Do you swallow?

How many guys have you been with?

What's your favorite position?

April is telling all kinds of things about her sex life with her husband...its REALLY graphic...(thanks april, i will have nightmares)

Howie keeps trying to get April and Jen to kiss each other. April won't because she says, although her husband wouldnt mind, she would get fired...Jen says her boyfriend would dump her. April said that she would kiss Jen and Janelle at the wrap party.

Howie is now talking about having a three some with a buddy of his.

(I'm tired of hearing about this, im out...i think im the only one here tonight, so nite nite self)

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Guest Shockalot
Janelle, Howie, April and Jennifer in LR

They are talking about sex, have been chit chatting for the past hour.

They are still chatting about sex. That would be the very very polite way to put it heh.

Howie is massaging Janelles back and making comments about 'entering all her canals' and all kinds of the usual 'boobie' comments.

Janelle is being rather smutty herself.

"Do you Swallow April?"

"Does he ever squirt it on your face"

Jen and April accuse Janelle of hanging around Howie too much.

Jennifer now switches with Janelle to get her backrub from Howie.

Wow.. now they are all getting pretty smutty, even Jenny is getting in a few little comments while giggling: "Hey.. have you ever had a 'shooter'".

Wow.. they are all getting really smutty.

Howie has now taken to using the word 'Bitches' for the girls.

He refers to April with 'Bitches' and she rather strictly reminds him not to call her that.

Wow.. Howie has another story about 'double-teaming' some girl.


Amazingly this is another story - not the 'bumping carrots' story.

He thinks this chick needed a 'Vaginal Surfacing'.

{Once again, I promise this is the highly censored version of the convo}

Jenny sheepishly admits she fooled around in college and did 'Oral things'.

She is still 'small down there'.

Howie is getting just ruder and ruder.

At one point he asks Jennifer (who he is rubbing more sensuously) "Do your Dad or Brother have Latin Tempers?"

Howie is really asking Jen some very very personal detailed questions about masterbating..

Jen looks uncomfortable now. Stiffens. Just keeps pretending she can not hear him.

April tells Howie: "ok.. now you are scaring her".

He asks Janelle "whats up with these two bitches climbing up like this?"

{Im going to describe this as becoming creepy at this point and Im seeing uncomfortable body language now}

Howie will NOT STOP with the very lude and rude comments.. he is gone from back rubbing Jennifer to draping himself over her, taking long smells up and down her arms and nuzzling right into her ear repeatedly whispering very lurid questions:

Sniffffffff.. You smell Sooooo fuckin gooood.. you ever had Dan *** his *** up your *** and panties and *** "

Jennifer now has a pillow over her lap and stiffening up into a sort of fetal position.

The girls act like he is not even in the room.

((I hope someone can get screencaps of this.. the body language says a lot here))

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Graphic sex talk interspursed with chess....very strange but I admit, it's got me giggling! I'm shocked at what they're confessing to ....

April likes it doggy-style and swallows. Weirdly she calls a penis a pee pee and actually said, "pee pees scare me some times." (editor's note: she's 31 year old and says pee pee!)

Janelle claims to have only been with 12 guys and doesn't swallow. Doesn't like doggy-style or reverse cowboy.

Jen had sex with a virgin who's penis was so small she didn't feel it. Confusion over whether or not it was a one night stand. Janelle says she's never had one as does Jen, April is silent. Turns out Jen had sex with a high school sweatheart in 2000 one time. I certainly feel sorry for that fellow! Jen's only been with 4 guys.

Did they forget about the cameras?

Howie tells about a threesome with his friend (a dude!) where the girl smelled so bad "down there" that he almost couldn't finish but because of peer pressure he did.

April confides to Jen that someone in a fraternity told here than Jen gave oral to most of the fraternity. Jen didn't deny it at first. If looks could kill April would be a pile of dust after that announcement.

Howie's massaging Jen and still talking about what she and her boyfriend have done. Howie is now asking them if they've ever let their men do bodily functions to them in the shower. They don't get what he's asking. Next he asks Jen if she's ever been tied up or tied anyone up - no.

Howie continues to badger the girls about how they "pleasure themselves". Finally they stop answering his questions but after repeated badgering they start answering again. He asks whether they use appliances or not; penetration or not.

Howie asks Janelle if she's ever worn a school girl outfit - she said yes. Janelle shoots back, "Do you like handcuffs?" Howie says, "Yes". Janelle says, "Me too." Howie say I know you like it rough by the back rubs you give.

Unbelievable that no one is stopping him. Jen appears to be upset but isn't saying anything. Maggie is awake on feed 4 - I think she can hear them. Janelle asks Howie how many orgys he's been involved in. He starts counting out the number of configurations he's done...2 girls, 2 girls 2 guys, 1 gir 2 guys......I lost count.

April is still giving out too much information and is now actively questioning Howie. She's asking him if he's been with any hot girls and says it sounds like he's with gross women. She asks if he's been with a married chick and he says, "absolutely, yes!". He went on in great details about the sex acts he's performed on married women.

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Guest Shockalot

OK. Now we have some real game intrigue going on.

April and Janelle having very whispery late-night girl-talk. Howie mostly listening in.

April going on quite a rip about Ivette.

She is saying that the group is really starting to look at Ivette closely. They notice she has some 'thing' with James.

April going on quite a rant about how Ivette is loud, interupts conversations and she offends people by saying 'Cappy this and Cappy that' and at one point said "I wish Cappy was here instead".

April was offended for Maggie.

She says that if Eric comes back - Maggie will tell Cappy to keep an eye on Ivette.

April says that Ivette hates her (april) and will not even speak to her anymore.

April is suggesting that Ivette is secretly helping out James.

Now they are really trying to piece together moves Ivette has made and whether they square up with their theory of a secret James alliance.

They make some connections.

Janelle gasps "Ohhhh my God... yes!"

They think they have got her connected now..

"Thats why James was so easily accepting of Sarah going home.. because he has another partner waiting for him anyway"

Janelle claims James told her in the Gold room.. "I cant offer you Ivette.. but I can offer you Eric".

"Why would he do that" think aloud April.

"Because they had a secret alliance from Day One" says Janelle.

Howie chimes in: "Its just like Danielle and Jason from BB3.. from Day One they started this type of thing!"

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Guest Shockalot

Jen, Janelle, April and Howie all go up to the HoH room for more chat.


They are both from Florida they know about same things...

(Cam Switches Grrrr)

Now they start theorising that something much more sinister is going on.

They question whether Sarah is really James real Girlfriend?

They dont seem close enough.

In fact, they all start thinking that Ivette and James are really the couple and Sarah is a third partner perhaps.

They are now for certain that James and Ivette are Secret Partners.

No Question now.

Howie: "James is actually more dangerous with Ivette than Sarah."

April is the first to bring up the next question: "Well.. if we take her out, then what if James and Sarah come back to you guys.. then you have the numbers and that means Im as good as Evicted next week"

Howie is adamant - NO - He insists on taking James out no matter what. He complains he cant fight forward with James taking him out from the side.

More conspiracy busting.. they remember that James 'Claimed' he originally had a best friend apply with him.

The friend had to pull out at the last minute due to an ailment.

Howie asks the group - "Did any of you see a 25 year old black guy?"

Nobody did.

"Thats it - James, Ivette and Sarah are a Threesome!"

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Guest Shockalot

3:45 BBT

The James-Ivette Conspiracy talk continues in the HoH room with Howie, Jen, Janelle and April.

They have gone in circles linking James to Ivette.

April: "She has been a straight up bitch this week!"

Howie: "James is the man.. he is the most powerful man in this game"

The bottom line is - Ivette is definately going on the block and out the door!

They are going to evict Ivette plain and simple.

They agree they have the numbers and its gonna happen.

April is now a bit worried about talking to Maggie about this.

"Maggie is going to disown Me and Jen"

Howie is assuring her there will be no problem with Maggie. He will talk to her about this.

Now they think its very suspicious that Ivette was insisting on being the volunteer 'Pawn'.

Beau even told April that she would not be going up as the volunteer pawn and apparently Ivette was bothered that April volunteered.

Jen now recalling how Ivette and James were in a room together by themselves.

Ivette was seemingly playing chess with him but when Jen came back the chess pieces were unmoved.

(At this point they are connecting almost every single comment or meeting to a secret partnership between James and Ivette)

More ripping on James and what a liar he is.

April says of Ivette: "She is SO obsessed with Cappy its ScaRy!"

Janelle "Why is she obsessed with him?"

April; "I dont know.. but its really getting scary!"

Howie says he will do some more recognisense. (yes recognisense) of the house.

They ask if they should wait another week for Ivette?

Howie "No.. you take out the gorilla as soon as possible. At least we know what James and Sarah are. Ivette .. we dont know"

Jen pipes up: "Hey.. Ivette is not a lesbian at all.. James is her boyfriend and Sarah is the Lesbian!"

She gets the giggles.. "ok im just kidding but that was funny" giggle giggle.

Howie: "No matter.. I have enough information to take her out. She is as good as gone now.. we dont need to go over this for two hours - its done".

Its 4AM BBT and they all agree to go to bed.

Aprils, Jen and Janelle have the job to sit across from Sarah, Ivette, James and watch them.

Watch their body language, their expressions. (Recognisense).

Lucid and insidious says Howie to Janelle.

They are now by themselves.

April and Jen now go to another room to themselves.

Jen is seemingly unconvinced about this plan to vote Ivette out.

She really is concerned about The Friendship losing a number and James and Sarah flipping to TeamHowie.

April wants take the chance to eliminate April.

Jen is cynical... she says Maggie will reject this idea 'boom'.

April wants to do it anyway, to shake things up.

Now Jen is speaking rather eloquently about the situation and strategy.

She reasons that Sarah is a known quantity. She is no threat on her own.

Even if Howie is scheming them right now - they still might need to take Ivette out anway.

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Guest Shockalot

4:30 AM BBT

April and Jen still talking.

Jen is very clear and concise, giving April very detailed explanations of all the various angles and probabilities.

She breaks down characteristics of many guests and how they interact with each other.

Jen explains why she does not trust Maggie '100%'.

Then again says Jen to April - "I dont trust you 100% either.. the point is there are things you have done or said that I dont trust"

Jen informs April there will be about 50 DR sessions where she says "I dont trust her".

April "What.. about me"

Jen "Yes. Especially in the beginning".

April suggest that they both start hanging out more together.

April "You know I would have your back.. I only hid some things from you because I did not want to hurt your feelings"

Jen says that she was raised to believe that if someone does not tell her everything than "what else are they hiding?"

April "dont even think that"

Jen "I dont live with you in Texas.. I dont really know you, I dont know how you are, if you care about the million.. if you care if I am not here or not I mean".

Jen comments sarcastically that she can simply tell Janelle and Howie they have the votes, they have the majority and they decide who leaves or not - so for a group 'thinking three weeks ahead' they better fucking listen!

(Editorial: My Q: Where is Jenny and what have you done with her lady? Jen, or whatever superintelligent being has taken over her body is even swearing a bit!)

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Guest raceingal11

at about 4:45am april and jen went to bed. april asked what if someone asks why we were up so late, and jen tells her what to say. "If anything, tell them you can't remember and just say things twice. you're good at that." both now sleeping in the gold room

howie jumped in the shower, and we saw a breif shot of him nude, covering is person with his hands; janelle in hoh bed, going to sleep.

it's now 5:45am and all are silent and appear asleep.

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