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August 8th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Hottub conversation.

Maggie is talking about how because beau is gay he's allowed to touch all the girls boobies because it's exactly like another girl doing it.

Howie then makes a statement that he is gay too and then ask's if he can touch some boobies. The girls say no!

April asked where janney was, howie tells april she is probably working out.

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J: I don't know if I have the strength to fight every single person every single week.

James says Sarah is what keeps him nice, and that they came after her to hurt him.

Ivette says she was a vote for him and help in veto comps.

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J- I knew when Howie had 16 that I had won. I knew everyone would second guess themselves. I put 4 in Howie's 4 in Rachel's 1 in yours and 4 in Jen's

J- Everyone wanted the veto themselves. Everone is selfish and wanted the glory. I knew I would win becuase everyone was playing as an individual. Obviously not you because you had a good strategy.

I- I knew it wasn't about me. I was thinking, why am I thinking so hard. It is a red flag. If i don't want him to get it, I need to stuff his full.

I- I began to think what I could do better.

J- I don't know why everyone hates you

I- Everyone is fond of you, but your strategy upsets people. Do you understand?

J- Completly

I- I have heard things, but I can still sit hear and talk to you.

J- Well that is one of the reasons I am in trouble.

Sarah come in with her shirt that says Go For It Baby!

J- You know people will make fun of you.

I- That's cute Sarah

J- I am over the thing now. If I get HOH then it will be very nice

I- There is a pattern, for some weird reason.

J- It would be very nice, but other then that, I don't know if I have the strength to fight every person every week.

I- Once Sarah leaves, you will find the strength.

J- She is my kryptonight (SP sorry) They came after her to get to me.

I - She was put on the block so she could not vote and she could not play for the veto.

J- They should take a week off from me and it might clear thier heads so they can focus on how to get rid of me.

I- Sometimes you want something so bad...

J- I work well under pressure. I needed to hit Sara's TV

S- No one else even had thier TV on. Maggie turned ours off once.

J- You can't second guess anything here.

I- I would have been out of here.

J- No you would not have. I would have put up Maggie and April. I swear, it was not you Ivette, I told you that.

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GR conversation:

James, sarah and ivette are talking about last weeks veto compeition and how maggie shut off sarah's tv to make sure they won't win.

James is telling ivette that if he would have won HOH, he wasn't planning on putting on ivette, he wanted to put up april because of how much he hates her.

S: just as much as the hg's inside hate us i think the outside world probably is saying "how can those people be so horrible to sarah and james"

J: the outside world know's about eric and how he was stabbing me in the back. We don't know how BB is protraying us

I: we signed the contract, they have the right to use anything we've said against us and can protray as they see fit for the ratings.

J: it's the internet die hard users who know everything, they are always watching this, they know the truth.

James is telling ivette that janelle said the internet feed does have 4 camera's and they are trying to determine which rooms actually show feed.

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S- As much as I feel that the house is against us, I feel that the people outside will feel different. That's why I want everyone to get out of here and see how Eric was stabbing me in the back and I was saving myself.

I- That's the thing they (BB) has the power to do view us howtever they want.

J- It is the people who watch us on the internet who really know what is going on (US!!)

J- Janelle said there are four screens you can choose from to view us.

J- I don't want any apologies at the rap party. Maybe Mike will come in the game and I will have another week.

S- People think we are sad because we are leaving each other, but we are sad because everyone betrayed us. James could easily give up next week so he could come home to me.

I- I understand, you are preaching to the choir.

S- But those people don't understand.


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I: Sometimes you want something so bad, you don't get it.

James thinks they want to get him so bad that they mess up. He says they should take off one week of targeting him and then maybe they'd relax and get him.

Ivette says if James was HOH Ivette would have been up against Maggie.

Sarah says no it would have been April and Maggie.

S: I believe the outside world people cannot believe they are being so mean to us, we didn't do anything.

I: You signed a paper that said they could do anything with us.

James says those people on the internet know everything, they watch 24 hours and see everything.

J: I don't want any apologies or anything from anybody at the wrap party. Just don't talk to me. I could be gone next week or the week after.

Sarah saying "those people" don't understand why we are sad . Its not because of the separation but because of the way they were treated.


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Sarah says they had a pact no matter what was said that their group was going to stand beside them.

Sarah is trying to go over the past and James is telling her to stop going over the past.

Sarah keeps talking about the HOH with Bocci balls, says they threw the contest so that the other side could evict Kaysar.

James says that is enough.

I: Eventually everybody gets fu**ed so you gotta sit back and wait for it.

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Hottub conversation:

Beau and the houseguest's are talking about getting together after the show and how they should have a big party for birthdays and such.

The houseguest's are talking about how they where told/read that this is the last BB season. They are the last houseguest's of this reality tv show.

Beau and jenny are telling the others that some of the houseguest's haven't really gotten mad yet. They haven't shown their true colors.

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S- Because we made a pact that no matter what we hear, we will not beleive any of it. The least that they could have done was to lose HOH so we could have been kicked out of the house by the other team and not our own friends. (Sarah talking about Rachel and Howie)

J- We are not going to get into this discussion becuase I have already been backstabbed once.

J- Please stop the convo because there is nothing we can do.

S- Did you not see how hard H and R threw thier balls?

I- It was important for them to win.

J- No, I was the target anyways.

S-They threw the contest so someone else could get thier players out

J- OK that stuff is over. It doesn't matter.

I- Eventually, will will all get F*****. I am just waiting.

S- Don't think you can trust anyone but Beau.

I- Is tomorrow Monday?

S- I am just glad we have control over who is going on Thursday.

J- It is still one of us.

S- Yes, but we have control

J- who so you think is coming back?

I- I don't know, I want it to be Eric and then Kaysar.

They talk about how they all feel bad about working up the enitre Michael situation.

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HG's are talking about the big brother money. they are not allowed to give someone in the house part of there winnings from the big brother house, they are allowed to buy them items but not provide them cash.

jenny is saying the houseguest's apparently are not allowed to make any statements such as "howie, since you helped me get to the end of the game, i'm going to give you 100.00 or any amount of funds"

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James says who do you think is coming back.

I: I want it to be Eric

S: They made a big deal about Michael not getting a fair chance.

I: He was biting on my butt and he burped in my face.

Ivette says she felt he crossed the line but it was not sexual harrassment.

Sarah says we let others get away with it. J and I say Howie does it in a funny way but Michael did it in a creepy way.

Sarah tries to join the conversation, James tells her to calm down.

James says no one dies when they leave this place, Ivette says to me they die.

Whoever comes back, James feels it will be one more vote against him. Says its just a game.

I: Every move is being watched, and sometimes it comes back to bite you in the butt.

Without lying, without decieving, without hurting people I've got to do what I have to to stay in this house. The backstabbing would be the worst.

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I- I learned early on that every move is being watched and the move you make can come back and bite you in the ass.

J- Some moves are rushed to judgement

I- Without deceiving and lying, I still have to stay in this game. For me, the worst play would be to have someone backstab me and put me on the block.

J- Happened to me twice

I- I know. I want to have respect with everyone in the house.

I- It iwll get to the point that people will realize that your friends will have to be put up. Everyone is trying to get back and even..

J- And they are not thinking about strategy. Everyone is focused on me and not other good players.

S- If people were smart, they would go after people like me, you, or Jenny. It is the people who are floating that will make it to the end, not James.

J- Sarah would not have been put up if it wasn't for me. She would have been floating around instead.

I- When i have had to shine, strategy was already there and I was not really shining.

J- Don't worry, you will have a chance when you are fighting for that veto competition.

They discuss the food competition and how Ivette's team could have won if Maggie could have eaten more.

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I: Eventually you've got to put your friends up. Everyone is focused on revenge.

James: And they are not playing strategy.

Sarah: If people were smart, they would take out people like me and Jennifer... the floaters.

Talk returns to the veto competition and the food competition of this past week.

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Sarah, james and ivette are talking about the floaters of the game, James ask's ivette if sarah wasn't with him, when do you think they would have put her on the block, weeks.

James says most floaters like drew are the ones who tend to make it further in the game.

Ivette is talking about the food comp and how they where a person short and still got very close to the other team.

J: i enjoyed talking to you ivette, i like that people are not trying to get information from me just in case i get HOH. It's annoying, how people are talking to me asking me about HOH, i dont get HOH, i get nominated.

I:People can say i talk a lot but i dont use people in this game.


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10:51pm the houseguest's that have been outside are now packing up the hottub and heading inside

Maggie said something about the producers and then the fish appeared

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Sarah eating ice cream, James takes some from her says it is half the box. He makes piggy sounds.

James going to get some ice cream, Sarah asks for some vanilla, he says I won't say anything but I would yell at you at home.

Ivette asks what it is, Sarah says my boyfriend thinks I'm fat.

Sarah says she has really bad eating habits at home.

Sarah asks Ivette why she said Maggie didn't convince them.


Ivette continues looking in the bible for something to share with S & J

James returns, Ivette says he could figure it out better.

James compares the amount of ice cream he took with what Sarah took, they joke about it.

Ivette still looking for a verse about how to pray.

Sarah asks can I have some dessert

J: Says you know exactly what I'm thinking

I: Should I leave?

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Ivette is looking something up in the Bible while James makes fun of how much icecream Sarah has in her bowl.

Sarah- I do have very bad eating habits.

I- Well it happens. I am so pissed. So pissed. (Can't find something in Bible)

S- So why do you say Maggie didn't convence them?

I- Cause Maggie didn't convence.

S- Can you tell me something...FISH

I- I think James can looks through this better than I do.

J- What was it about

I- It was telling about how to pray and giving to the poor. Go on about your buiesness, I will find it. Oh, here it is.

J- Babe, look at how much icecream I have

S- It is about how much I have, see

I- I thought it was funny how it says to pray here and that is how I pray. There is something that I did today that is in here and it is funny becuase I didn't read it.

S- I finished, and now it is time for dessert.

I- What are you guys talking about? Do i need to get out of here?


J- I wasn't thinking about that. Just your bowl of icecream

S- Guess who i beat again today?

I - Him

S- Yes

I- I want to find it, I will learn how to read through this. Ivette leaves.

J-I want R and H to relax so they know I am not coming for them.

S- Then I houldn't have made that shirt.

S and J deceide to play a game of chess

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James and Sarah alone in the GR

James wants Sarah to calm down because someone may be listening at the door and he wants Rachel and Howie to be relaxed.

They start a chess game.

J: I feel like a FGB eating that ice cream


J: Fat greasy bastard.

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Guest WhitePhoenix

BB: Janelle please put on your microphone

11:03 pm bbt

Jan mad at howie for getting Eric's name on his back (apparently Ivette did it)

Jan and Howie talk strategy for a bit. Re: AC

Jan: They (sheep) seem so sure that Eric's coming back

Jan: What do you think the votes will be like

How: How many like 1 mill 2 mill voters. The fans may watch it either way

Jan: Cant they see if eric comes back we are f*ked. Do they (america) even care

How: I dont know

Jan: you never know what kind of deal james is going to come up with those ppl

How: I gave them a tremendous favour by putting james up

Jan: but if james win hoh ivette and beau will be the first one to go up that room. that can really divide the house to

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Janelle telling Howie they need to stay on James good side in case he gets HOH. They need to let James believe they were convinced by the other side to nominate S&J.

Howie considering keeping James in, that he may be more trustworthy if he is not worried about Sarah

Howie tells Janelle about a fight between April and Ivette over the pawn change.

Janelle is very concerned about Eric returning, getting scared about the numbers.

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