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August 8th Live Feed Updates

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Janelle: they are all talking in the hammock right now, so they all know

Howie: I'll tell Maggie it was her own people

Janelle: Ummhmm

Howie: f****ing idiots

Cameras switch to Kitchen, Rachel and Jen

Rachel is getting suspicious about what is being said to whom and why...why Maggie is getting suspicious of her (Rachel)

Jen: Ivette isn't talking to anyone anymore, heard her talk to Beau once...She's blaming it on the fight with April

Jen: I want to see her talk to me

Rachel: you guys don't get along

Jen: that's apparent from day one...it's just fishy now, trying to figure things out

Feeds keep cutting in and out

Jen: the rats are pretty confused right now

Rachel: I just want to be on the same page

Jen: I don't even know what page I'm on, laughs

Jen leaves

Cameras now on BY with Maggie/Beau/Ivette

Maggie: this may be the only time that we are voting for someone not in our five...they could have put two from our group but they didn't, yeah for us

Ivette: how many times have we been upstairs have you jumped in

Beau: I've jumped in

Ivette mummbles something and says nevermind

Maggie: why aren't they out here...be right back

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Beau: I trusted James for you, so trust April for me

Camera switches to Maggie/Jen in BY, different part

Talking about April

Jen: she came up and you stopped talking

Maggie: I stopped talking because I don't trust her

Jen: whether or not we are on the same page, we are a common group that wants to get the others out

Maggie: If I can't get five people to meet at the same spot...

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Howie -n- Jan in HOH room talking about James...

Howie has gas

h- if we end up voting s off, they better keep their end and go after james and not after us, that was the f***** rule...

j- yeah

h- if i wind up getting voted out next week, that will be the worst week in the house ever...

j- i feel bead that you had to ddo their dirty work...

BB- april please go to the DR

h- i will save everything the world to break them down on their PB&J diet... survelience (sp), recon, if the plan still works s & James are going off... one of them ends up getting voted off, that was our plan with them...

(I am having Real Player issues, it keeps reconnecting and loading and I have scattered sound)

j- this is gonna be a real horrid week

h- yeah this is the worst week ever for hoh, it isn't supposed to be like this

j- they are such f***** b******

h- if they can't keep their end of it

J- they are b***** that cause too much drama

h - if you get hoh next week you are putting them up

silence and deep thought

j- and they are all talking on that hammock right now, cuz they all know

h- turn that F***** on...

h- i'll explain to maggie that her ppl put this idea together,... they kinda did

j- uh hu

h- f***** idiots

cam switches to kitchen with ranc and jenn

jenn- howie and jan didn't tell you everything?

r- yeah they told me but i am starting to get suspicious, maggies is questioning me, cuz she asked me what we ... i mean what they are planning to do...

j- ivette is suspicious

j- ivette is talking a lot to james,

r - prior to today

j- yeah and she is saying cuz it is because of the fight with april...

r - i talked to her

j- i want to see her talk to me, nothing to do with the game, i want her to talk to me

r- what u guys don't get along

j- well that was apparent since day one...

r- bring that bible upstairs....

j- yeah james swearing on the bible you can't take it serious anymore

r- i would hope they would take it serious, i do...

r- i just want to be on the same page

j- i don't even know what page i am on

r- do u want these tuna triscut melt things?

j- no i am not hungry

r- yeah i made tons of food for me!!! yes!!!

j- howie will eat it

r- howie don't like tuna

j- oh yeah

camera changes to by with maggie, beau and ivette

i- it really pissed me off when jennifer jumped in..

b- i would have done it too

i - how many times were you upstairs and you jumped in

someone just said F*** You and everyone looked towards door

m- why aren't they out here?

m- be right back

i & b still in BY

b- lets trust april this week

i - there was a bug on my face..., i don't like ppl to piss me off cuz they have control

b- how does he have control?

cam switches to mag & jenn in by...

talking about the vote being changed...

m- i stopped talking cuz i can't trust her

m- if we do this we have to do it all

m- everytime i try to talk to someone she appears

j- the point is that we are still two divided groups...

m- that is what it should be

more stradegy talk... talking about who can be trusted and who can't, who has lied...

BB - howie please goto the DR

rach is now in BY, jenn goes inside

m on hammock with b & i...

m - i just told her that i hope that you five can get together, everyone knows how bad it looks, everyone says howcome you guys aren't here as a group and that is what needs to be squashed...

cam switches to BR

jenn and james in BR

james - hey is you see uhhh.... tell her....

jenn turns on hair dryer now, can't hear a thing...

april now in BR

jenn- put your mic on

ok i have to cut out.... I can't handle all of the real player flub ups... BBL

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BB: Howie, please go to the DR

This means April is out and Jen is going to talk to her

Maggie now telling Beau/Ivette what she and Jen just talked about

Maggie saying it looks bad that they aren't playing as a group

Maggie brings up that Rachel is near them again eavsedropping. Said all her friends are inside eating and she's sitting outside eating

Cameras switch to BR, James/Jennifer

Jenny blow drying her hair

April enters

Jen tells April to get her mic

they leave the BR

Cameras switch to BY

Jen/April go by pool

Jen: a lot of sh*t has gone down

April says something about Maggie I think, maybe Ivette

Jen says she's mad

Jen: Maggie knows the entire story

April: Because Rachel told her right

Jen: no...talking about rats freaking out

April: Rachel asked if I told Maggie and I said no

Jen: Rachel said Maggie knows that the vote might not go to evict Sarah

April: does Ivette know about all this

Jen: No

April: then why does she keep saying that the 5 of us need to talk

Jen: because we are divided

Jen tells April how Rachel is freaking out because Maggie told Rachel to give them a second when most of the friendship was talking earlier

Jen: I'm sure they don't trust us at all...I'm voting to evict Sarah. I'm keeping my word. ...slowly but surely we'll get them out...

April: so what are we going to tell her

Jen: same thing we told Kaysar, sorry but we aren't going with that plan

April: Ivette needs to f***ing apologize to me because I can't take it

Jen: Maggie said when you went up to Ivette the other day, you sounded angry about it (about April asking Ivette to talk about it)

April: I was in a pissy mood yesterday

They talk a bit more about this incident

April: do you think if she gets HOH next week that she'll put us up

Jen: no, we'll get Janelle out first...etc

April: does Maggie trust Ivette

Jen said something about their word (feeds breaking up)

April: of all the people to trust...Maggie is my favorite

Jen: I have doubts every now and then (to confirm that it's ok to not trust people sometimes or 100%)

April: she plays the game

plane overhead, couldn't hear

Jen talking about Maggie not telling everything she knows.

April: the only way she can survive is the 5 of us stick together or if Eric comes back. That's the only way.

Feeds froze......

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m - if you vote off ivette, all deals are off...

h- well then it is

maggie walks out of hoh room

rach and h on hoh

h- watching them a&jenn play chess last night was like a headache

r- horrible horrible... it was a f***** stalemate

howie is pacing and farting

h- ooops sorry, why am i sorry, i stepped on a f***** duck


h- maggie is luckier than the hair on her chin chin chin, our group was not as established

r- maggies excuse will be that ivettes and james alliance will not be as bad as.....

h- we're gonna wear these shirts on thurs right?

r- votes will be in on wednesday

r- in case eric comes in i don't want to be wearing the kaysar shirt

howie looking at door and says "oh howie i wanted you in the house... and then having orgasm sounds"

r - she woke up crying cuz her shirt was half up and howie was sleeping next to her...

h- she did? that b****

(i am not sure who they are talking bout)

I believe jan is in the room too...

jan - they give me a horrible competetor

j- i want to see michael again

r- nobody on the other side was talking bout erics video, they were all talking about how good kaysar was... they were like oh *****

h- (pretending he is eric) you had better vote me back in the house or i'll burn your house down

h - i am not productive in this house, i go out there to work out and i fall asleep... man i haven't played coasters in a week!!!!

h- james came over and put something on me and said how well did you sleep???

everyone laughing

r&j asking howie what is in his HOH basket that he doesn't want to eat

howie tells them to eat whatever

camera switches to the BY and they are talking about ingredients they need for cooking... they are getting in the hot tub and saying holy s*** holy s***... then someone asks if it gets cooler when they get in...

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A and J discussing why it is stupid for Ivette to be second guessing the team.

April wants to know how she should behave once she makes up with Ivette. April wants to tell Ivette certain things, but Jenny does not think it will be a good idea.

April wants to confront Ivette about her relationship with James. Jenny says you can't because Ivette will get mad and not talk to anyone.

A- I just want to go home. Thisis so not worth it. I wouldn't have ivicted Ivette anyways becuase we would have had more enemies.

J- I wish Beau would go inside.

A- If you are ever having a problem with me, come to me and not her (Maggie)

J- Visa Versa. I talk to other people becuase I get heated easily. I would not been an IVette in your face. I woulnd't have wanted to do that, so I needed to talk to a friend.

A- I am sure Maggie talked shit about me as well.

J- Nope, she didn't say a word

A- As much as I would like to say that I will have friends coming out of this, I won't care if I don't.

J- We all say shit we don't mean because we are crabby from being in here.

A- What pisses me off is...

J- That you can go home even if no one votes you off. They can give you a pentalty.

A- They have never given anyone a penalty.

A- I am so annoyed with so many people

J- You know why, becuase you are going over in your head right now what people are doing.

A- You are the only one who agrees and will say stuff to Ivette

J- I am not the only one who agrees, but I will say something. I think Ivette has been wrong on many occasions, but I don't say anything a lot of the time.

J- I don't say stuff becuase it won't affect me in the game.

A- But those people will be the first people to knock me off in the game. I don't really care.

J- I just really want you or me to win HOH next week. Actually the next week becuase we pretty much know who is going next week.

A- I don't think I can do PBandJ for more then a week.

J- I haven't had to do it yet.

A- What if we do a group competition and lose. Or what if it is split and my team loses? I don't think my body will be able to take it.

J- I don;t know if they have ever done that before?

A- I hate James so fuckin much telling Janelle that she shouldn't have helped us win the competition.

J- To tell you the truth, I could have eaten more, but I didn't

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James, Janelle, and Sarah still in Gold Room

April and Jenny talking about how annoyinf Rachel is.

A few people are in the hottub, but I cannot tell who.

In GR:

James- Talking about what he has said about Eric in the DR

S- I helped get HOH for the team to, look where it got me. Kaysar and I will so get together if he does not get back here.

Janie- If you see Michael, tell him he has to pick me up.

S- Janie, can we not talk like I am going to be gone. I thought you had the faith.

Janie- I do.

James talking about Eric and the fight being displayed on TV

Janie- Jennifer doen not like Ivette

S- But I don't think she will turn on her team

James- They wouldn't even vote against Eric even though he was leaving. The people who ran to Maggie about are strategy are the same people who ran to Howie to convience him about getting us out. Are they really that stupid?

S- I feel stupid becuase I started to get my hopes up.

Janie- Who do you think the dumbest person here is?

S and J - Howie

Janie- Are you kidding?

S and J - No, he let everyone change his decision. He beleived them.

Janie- I didn't think it was stupid

James- Well...

S- Ivette said that they didn't convence you guys to vote us...feed cut out.

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James thinks Howie's move was dumber than Marcellas not taking the veto for himself. He goes into explaining why it was so stupid.

Janie says Howie had already promised everone that S and J will be going before he realized the numbers.

Beau, Rachel and Howie outside.

Sarah and Janelle still playing chess with James reading the Bible.

Janie says that they haven't talked to April and Jenny yet, so they don't know what will happen.

Ivette tells Maggie that she found 2 quarters today. Now Ivette and Maggie are talking about Rachel being scary.

Ivette- We used our quarters and got two sorry, try agains. Wouldn't it be cool if we got a pass saying you are safe until the end of the game?

James, Maggie, Ivette and Sarah talking about the vetos he had won and the ones who were given to him.

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