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9/11 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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  • 2 weeks later...

Enzo checking eye lids for holes, Hay spiking his hair with shampoo in the shower.

Enzo called to DR. Lane/Hay dressed up for BBAD by wearing pants, playing pool now.

Enzo out of DR tossing football with Lane. He has a better throw then Hay does, only gone in pool once.

Enzo going over jury votes with Lane, say he (Enzo) wouldnt have a chance to win, Lane has the chance. Wiped out after 19 min.

Enzo to Lane: you going to try and win that part right? Lane: yeah I am going to try.

they are on Indoor LD, when Hay comes out of DR they will play Black Jack. Enzo tired of eating (YES!!!) Enzo/Lane looking at memory wall. (that didnt last long) Enzo eating.

Indoor LD called due to some one outside yelling over the lot wall at them. they didnt hear what was yelled. Now looking for the cards.

Cam 3 playing around. we see fruit in SR, shoes in shower, another cam, something on cabana bed, flamingos, fish statue, shark in H/N....

Cam 3 continues: lighted plants on wall near HOH, palm tree, neon lights in hall to HOH, living room from upstairs, kitchen from upstairs...

Cam 3 continues: HOH door, metal leaves above table, Hay flexie penguin on palm tree, slop bucket, coconuts, white chess pieces....

this is better then watching them play cards. Cam 3: statues on table behind LR couch, folded laundry, tiles under sink, wrappers (?)...

Cam 3: chains in living room, nom chairs, shark again, pebbles/spoon in plant pot Enzo dumped over, chess board, Ironing board & iron in SR

Cam 3: BB logo on memory wall, Hay pic, pans to Enzos pic and Lanes pic, Lane stuffed dog in bed, blue tape on beds w/Lane & Enzos names...

Cam 3: cam in palm rm checking each other out-its moving round, repeated shots of shark, candles in palm rm. (F 3 still playing cards)

Cam 3: spin shot of living room, yellow flowers in kitchen window, looking outside, recycle bin, awning over cabana rm door, flowers at sink

(are they as bored as we are or giving us hints?)

Cam3: towel on shower head, towels on shower door, towels on floor, mess at sink (showing us how messy house is?)

Arent you glad you're not missing this? Cam 3: pile of shoes, HOH door bell button, the football on kitchen floor, pillows on couch

Cam 3: SR button, DR button, flipping between two cams looking at each other, fast shots of living room, front door, inside somones suitcase

Cam 3: $1,000 prize tag hanging around candle, lanes checkered hat, bowl on coffee table, its stuck on the shark. blue cup on counter.

Cam 3 has run out of new things to zoom in on, its repeating now, card game continues at table.

(ok how many of you are sitting there waiting to find what Cam 3 zooms in on next? ...be honest)

Enzo cant even win at cards, game down to Lane/Hay. ....BTW cam 3 followed Enzo to WC.

oops sorry, spoke to soon...Enzo just needed a pee break, he is back to the game now.

((to go with Joe's pic in the pic thread))

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12:06 am BBT: All three dodo's in the bathroom. Lane taking shower, Hayden brushing teeth and the oh so pitifully depressed Enzo is slouching on the couch.

12:09 am BBT: Lane slaps his hands together, Enzo says he thinks they're "done" for the night and Hayden heads to the kitchen for a snack.

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12:25 am BBT: Hayden and Lane are tossing around a football in the BY. Enzo is silently thinking, staring at the guys from inside the hot tub.

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12:45 am BBT: The guys decide to do a pool tournament. Hayden and Lane are 1st up.

Lane wins.

Now Enzo and Lane playing.

Lane wins again.

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1 am BBT: After Enzo loses the pool game to Lane he heads inside. Lane asks Hayden what's his (Enzo) problem. They bitch about how depressed Enzo is acting and how Enzo would bitch constantly about Ragan and Britney not accepting their fate and then he turns around and is worse than they were. They hope his "day" of feeling sorry for himself is over tomorrow.

Enzo comes back and Hayden and him play a round of pool. (You have to lose twice to be out of the tourney.)

Hayden loses to Enzo. (Hayden out.)

Enzo is playing Lane. (Has to beat him twice to win.)

Enzo beats Lane... down to the last game of pool tourney.

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1:28 am BBT: Enzo wins. Hayden says, "Day 70, Enzo wins the Billiard Bowl."

They talk about past seasons and how BB use to only have 2 people for a week, and how much that would suck! Lane says, that he was told that they only do this "3 people til the end" thing when the season is reeeally good. That's why only last season and this season are like that. (LMAO)

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1:40 am BBT: All three guys are in bed. Talking to BB about what songs they want in the morning.

1:43 am BBT: Lane gets up to go to the bathroom and get Hayden some Advil (He put his retainer in tonight and he'll get a headache from his teeth hurting.)

Enzo takes this moment to (once again) boo-hoo about how he wishes he was in a better position. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda time again. Hayden is nice about it and tells him that no matter what they are all going to be friends for life.

1:47 am BBT: Lane back to Jumanji... hands Hayden 3 Advil and they settle in bed. General chit chat.

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2:19 am BBT: Lots of sighing and restless movements but, no conversation for over 20 minutes now.

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You havent missed a thing....hours of them sleeping.

Enzo made his pitch to Lane.

Enzo: I respect your decision. Have faith in you, you can win Part 3. Hayden hasnt talked game to me. People wont vote for me, I only won one comp.

Lane: If I win I will take you.

Hayden comes in with grilled burgers. Talk changes to sports.

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** sorry but this is the most boring house now. Its really hard to listen nothing over and over.**

They rehash telling Britney about Brigade, how her tears then were deadly and her ones before were fake.

They have been tossing the football around. Haydon gets them all a RedBull. Enzo says he has never had one but he will try it. They continue to talk sports.

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just BS. Talking about Ragan being camera hungry. Enzo told him he was over doing it. Enzo: he cussed more then me. F bombs all the time.

They have been going over alot of the HG, (not in a good way)

Brendon was a dummy, just dont talk. Didnt have common sense. He didnt understand half what Rachel said.

Just general stuff like that, you areally arent missing anything

(I am falling asleep here, some one else has to take it...don't leave Morty with out anything to post please.)

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620PM BBT Talk of grand outings with Football players and Baseball. All 3 in BY Lane and Enzo tossing football. Hayden laying on couch in yard.

Now talking about other guests and what they wore in the house. Atleast Enzo is up and around and not acting like a bum today. Talk about Wrap party and what might be said.

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