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8/19 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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6:45 BBT

Enzo says that he could taste the win and is pissed. Brendon and Matt tell him he'll win soon and Matt says if America votes on a phone call from home, Enzo will win.

Lane, Ragan and Hayden in the kitchen, whispering. Ragan says he can't listen to Brendon anymore.

The overn buzzes and everyone makes their way to the kitchen.Lane says the fridge smells like dead fish. Matt asks who will take care of the fish in the fish tank now.

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6:47 BBT

Brigade plus Brendon in the kitchen. Matt says it was obvious BB wanted him to use the DPOV and were very excited when he was nominated. He says he kept telling BB that he didn't know if he'd use it if he wasn't on the block.

Enzo and Brendon have wine in their hands.

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7:08 BBT

Brendon is juggling oranges.

Britney and Ragan chatting in the cabana room. Matt joins them.

Lane and Hayden playing with Sweet Tarts on the dining room table.

Britney going over how Matt was overly confident last week and now they know why. Ragan says the past week was worth it now.

Britney says she was sad that Matt wouldn't be able to see her HOH room if he was evicted and she won. Says she knew Matt would win POV this upcoming week if he had the chance. She tells them she has the utmost faith in them.

7:11 BBT

BB opens the backyard. Britney talks outloud, outside, to her mother, telling her if she's typing her HOH letter right now, to make it long and include quotes from Nick. She says this is their (her and her mother's) moment right now. (She's the only one outside.)

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7:15 BBT

Ragan tells Matt how much he cares for him and how great of a guy he is.

Brendon joins Britney outside, saying he thinks Enzo will be in the DR for awhile. Says Enzo really wanted to see pics of his girls. Britney quickly says she's going to get a drink and heads inside. She sits next to Lane, watching them play with the candy.

Brendon walks back inside. (Brendon = BB8 Zach = Eeyore)

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7:22 BBT

Matt tells Ragan that unless Britney has a sneaky plan up her hands, they have a 1 in 6 shot in the money. Britney walks by and Matt calls her in and asks her if it's safe to assume they have a zero percent chance of going home this week. She says of course and Matt says then congrats to us three for making F6.

Hayden and Lane are still hard at work, making their candy bridge.

Enzo comes out of DR and Britney finds out that Brendon is in the DR. She does a happy dance and wonders if they should do a parade. Her, matt and Ragan dance out to the kitchen, saying 'He's gone!' Britney says Matt will win POV this week and tells them they're on track to their original F6.

Britney says her HOH has an open door policy and they can come in a smash any time they want. Ragan thinks that Brendon no longer wants to be in the house and Matt agrees, saying otherwise, Brendon would be talking shit right now, saying he'll win POV.

7:27 BBT

Britney says they're doing 'Just The Tip' tonight and Hayden agrees. Matt says he'll being his DPOV with him. Enzo insults Matt for lying to them all and Matt laughs, saying it was in the rules that he couldn't tell anyone.

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7:30 BBT

Ragan says he's happy b/c whoever goes to the F2 deserves to go and how no one will look at their season and say the F2 doesn't deserve to be there.

Britney asks, since she's the only girl left, if she can talk to them about period stuff. The guys say no.

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7:35 BBT

Lane and Enzo play pool. Lane asks who will go on the block and says Matt volunteered to go on the block awhile ago. Enzo says they could have gotten Britney out this week, instead of pushing for Matt. Enzo wonders what will happen if Brendon wins HOH and Lane says there is NO way possible Brendon will win POV. Enzo says he has a fire under him now b/c he was so close to seeing his girls.

Lane says if Brendon wins, a Brigade member will go home. Enzo says as soon as Kathy got voted out, he knew he couldn't throw the HOH. He says he didn't know any of the answers but almost beat Britney. He says everyone thinks he's dumb, but he's not. Says he's been in every competition and knows what's going on. Says he's going to fight for his life during the POV.

Brendon joins them outside.

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7:40 BBT

Brendon tries to joke, saying he has the power to get girls evicted. He says there's only one left and she's engaged.

They wonder about Kathy's goodbye messages and says how everyone needs to be nice to eachother, b/c if they're evicted, they go to the jury house. He says not to only be nice in the GB messages, but also how you treat people in the house. He says people say they'll vote for gameplay, but if someone's a dick to him, he'll remember that.

Inside, Hayden, Matt and Ragan takl about Brendon. Hayden feels bad and Ragan says that too much has happened between him and Brendon.

7:47 BBT

Britney's in DR and everyone else is in the kitchen area.

(I'm about for about 30 mins or so.)

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Enzo and Lane playing pool. Brendon joins them after his DR session, "everyone here is now in jury house, need to watch what you say". Enzo says Kathy got no messages, can they use the other ones. Brendon said he gave Lane a good speech. Lane said hard to put Kathy in where Matt's name was in his speech. Brendon "give me good reason for nominating me and they vote the way they want". Brendon wondering if Rachel got question from Julie. (the boys are tolerating Brendon, Enzo is upset with himself for losing HoH).

Enzo setting up bowl for tournament, far far away from pool table (hopefully tonight Hayden does not swing the pool stick and break something tonight). Enzo and Lane checking SR. Brit in DR.

Brendon asking who is playing tonight. Hayden, Ragan, Matt sitting at table. Bren announcing they put the trophy in new spot just for Hayden. Matt "out of the strike zone".

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8:43 PM BBT

Ragan, Enzo and Matt talking in Palm room about Kathy and her kids. Some story they made up.

Outside in another pool tourney Brit telling us about the media and messaging from a class she attended. The teacher put the wrong site up on the smart board - it was a hate George Bush website not the White House one.

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