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8/19 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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11:04 am BBT

Still HoH LD

Bren just took a quite revealing shower... those shower doors aren't as see-through resistant as the HG's would like to think... he is still in HoH BR, sorting out clothes in his luggage... Other HG's sleeping in HoH...

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Brendon finishes packing and since there are 3 in the HOH bed and 4 on the floor he stretches out in the dry tub.

(pic in pic thread)

12:03ish BBT

HOH LD over. HG scatter, Have nots are back in bed in Have not room. Enzo/Hay to bed in red room. Lane in BR. Brendon moved his stuff out of HOH.

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1227PM BBT Britt and Ragan in Cabana, talking about misc info in regard to possible questions on a quiz. Britt saying Kathy depressed, talking to her about her Grandma, Britt says it makes her feel better, Kathy has convo with Britt. Britt says now that Kathy went to someone else about Britt wanting to know personal info. Ragan *fish killing each other*

Ragan leaves area.

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105PM BBT All 4 feeds are on Hayden, Enzo and Matt in kitchen. Matt making slop, Enzo eating something and Hayden walking around. Short <WBRB>. Lane now in kitchen and no sign of Enzo or Hayden.

Matt *burnt vanilla slop* Lane *get here, get it over with*

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1:09 pm BBT:

Matt and Lane making light fun of someone who can't decide on anything such as what cup to use;Matt called him a manchild and how Joella must make all decisons for him(Enzo's wife?). Brit can't wait to meet Joella. Some bashing on Brendon. Idle talk. No chairs at table. Enzo has now joined the group. Eating cereal. Slop talk.

1:16pm BBT

Enzo says Joella brings people to take care of the house when he's too tired. That she knows someone. They tell Enzo he's pampered. Enzo admits he has it good and that's why he'd never cheat on his wife. Light teasing from Brit about how if Joella has new husband and family Enzo will ask to live in the basement.

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149PM BBT Britt reminds everyone her birthday is Monday. Enzo says he will be married 3 yrs on Wednesday. Matt says maybe they will let you take a glass of wine up to the HoH and talk to the camera with a message for your wife.

Discussing what they going to wear for show. <WBRB> Hayden and Ragan brushing teeth.

Ragan now in Cabana talking to Kathy. Ragan shuts door says he was laying in HN room thinking about the game and you know me and emotional. HE says he has to keep reminding himself that this is a game, but it is more than a game, more than the money, because being here has taught me so much about my values and who I am as a person and what I value in others and <WBRB>

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406PM BBT Feeds up for a short time. Kathy and Britt doing makeup and hair, Hayden in shower. Enzo and Lane in Kitchen, Enzo talking about shift in power. Enzo saying he has not brushed his teeth in 2 days.


Enzo walking around. Matt walking around with his duffle bag, he is dressed in jeans and a dress type shirt. Showing Britt and Kathy doing hair. Switches to Enzo and Hayden in Taj room, Enzo saying Matt going home. Bren laying on bed without shirt, but has jeans on. Tells Enzo he has socks if he needs them <WBRB>

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6:04 BBT

All HGs sitting in the living chatting. Britney can't believe Matt cuold keep the DPOV a secret. She's also happy she can eat now. Matt congrats everyone for the F7. Matt apologizes about using the power and Brendon feels better that he knew that Matt was lying about PB all along.

They wonder who the SAB was, saying how one of them has cash now.

Lane says shouldn't the SAB admit to being the SAB since it's over with, but the others say no, b/c then that person would have a target on their back for winning $20,000. Ragan thinks they'll get a message tonight.

They go over the HOH comp.

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6:04 pM BBT

Feeds come back to Matt sharing the Diamond Power of veto story - what really happened with the Pandora's box. He knew he could tell them in a few weeks. The other HGs thought he won money. They are all laughing about how he got them.

Britney wants to be on Fridgespace but she doesn't think she can pull it off. Britney is planning to cry like mad during her letter. Matt promising he never got money or anything. SO who is it? Asks Enzo. Which one of you was the sab and got the cash.

Hayden says you can admit it right now if it's you, just admit it. They would have told us if it was Kathy. Ragan says I think we'll get a message.

Britney said Ragan made her practice. Enzo was just going by whether what Julie said was fishy sounding or not.

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6:08 BBT

Britney says it's her birthday week and she'll be 23.

Ragan goes into the Palm room and does a happy dance in front of the camera.

Brendon is sitting in the living room, now saying much and not loooking good. Britney wonders if they'll have to pack Kathy's things. Her and Matt go to the Palm room. Lane is in there, too.

Brendon tells Enzo he thought Enzo had it.

Britney and Ragan go to the Taj room and CELEBRATE!!!!

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6:11 BBT

Brigade meet in the Palm room to celebrate.

Brendon went into the Taj room, but missed what he said.

Britney and Ragan still cannot believe what just happened.

6:13 BBT

Everyone's in the Palm room, trying to pack Kathy's things.

6:15 BBT

Ragan tells Matt and Lane this is the happiest moment he's had in the BB house. Matt apologizes for making him cry and Ragan says it's ok.

Britney goes to get Fruit Loops. She and Hayden then walk back to the Palm room. Outsider Brendon stands in the dining room, then follows them back to the room.

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6:20 BBT

Everyone is chatting in the Palm room. They're happy the SAB is done with but Brendon says he's disappointed in the whole SAB twist.

Enzo is walking around the house, by himself. He shortly rejoins everyone else.

6:25 BBT

Britney is packing Kathy's stuff. Matt tells Britney 'Happy Birthday' and that was his birthday gift to her, using the DPOV and sending Kathy home.

Enzo talking to himself in the bathroom, saying if he'd said 'true' during the HOH comp, he would be HOH. Tells the camera that he didn't know any of the answers.

Enzo is pissed, asking Lane who Britney will nominate, saying Kathy is gone. He tells Lane that he knew once Kathy was out of the house, he'd have to actually play. Britney and Hayden enter the bathroom area, causing Enzo to talk about Kathy.

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6:30 BBT

Lane and Matt talking in Palm room about how the others were going to vote. Matt says he was called right to the DR after the Brigade told him earlier that they were voting him out. Hayden joins them. Matt says he felt horrible the whole time other HGs were telling him they were voting him out. Matt jokes that he now knows the pecking order and he knows how they'll all vote next time. Hayden laughs and says no.

Lane tells Matt he out-dicked the dick. Matt says Lane just likes being a dick in general, but how Matt had to be one earlier.

Enzo mocks Julie, how she kept telling him she needed an answer now. he says they still had 8 minutes left in the show. WBRB.

6:33 BBT

All are back in the Palm room, talking about how bad they felt for Matt and telling him he was leaving. They all agree Kathy was the SAB.

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6:37 BBT

Matt asks Britney how it feels to be the last woman standing. She says it feels weird. He tells her she's the mother now and she laughs, saying it will be like a fraternaty house now.

Ragan must be in DR, as he hasn't been on the feeds in awhile.

6:40 BBT

They congrat Enzo for getting so close to the win, but he's still pissed. Matt says Enzo's taking baby steps to winning something. Britney says enzo gave her a run for her money.

6:41 BBT

Ragan comes out of the DR and joins the group. Britney goes in to ask for stuff for her HOH room. You can hear her ask if it's too late and if she can just ask for one thing. You hear someone respond, but short WBRB.

In the Palm room, the men wonder what the food competition will be.

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