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8/15 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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8:58 BBT

Hayden wonders where Brendon is. Hayden says he needs to stop yelling in the DR, b/c Rachel told him before that both her and Hayden yell in the DR (told to her by an interview).

Rachel says that she's supposed to, well, not supposed to, but will ask Hayden why she should vote for him and what's his game plan for the rest of the game.

Hayden says to win is his plan. Rachel wonders what Ragan will do if he wins HOH and Hayden says probably Enzo and Brendon. they go over senerios for next week.

Outside, Kathy, Ragan, Britney, Matt and Lane are sitting on the couches. They think they'll get a SAB message tomorrow, veto meeting on Monday and nothing til Thursday.

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9:02 BBT

Upstairs, Rachel blames Matt for both her and Kristen not being in the game anymore. She blames Matt for B/R and Hayden/Kristen not working together. She says Matt told her Kristen was coming after her, so that's why she targeted Kristen. (OMG, this is SO not true!) Rachel goes on to compliment everything about Kristen, but how Matt poisoned her mind.

Rachel says Britney might win a competition, but everyone knows her game, which is to follow the power. She says Matt plays mind games and is sneakier. Hayden asks if it'd be better to get Matt out this week and Rachel says yes. Hayden says that whoever goes up after Ragan, they'll need to get the votes to keep Lane. Rachel say no one will vote against Lane.

Hayden asks her is she knows anything about the SAB and she says no, only her own opinions. She thinks Lane is the SAB and keeping the SAB in the game is best.

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9:06 BBT

Only Britney and Kathy on the couches now. Britney says you can't go off on someone about being gay and not expect something back. She goes inside to make a protein shake. Kathy goes to do laundry. Matt and Lane are playing pool.

In the HOH room, Hayden tells Rachel how Brendon threw everyone for a loop when he nominated Ragan and Lane. Rachel thinks it might have been to secure Ragan leaving.

Hayden asks her about Lane picking him over Britney. He tries to find out if Britney told Rachel about any of this, but Rachel says Britney didn't mention it.

Hayden asks if Brendon is the SAB and Rachel says no. He asks if Rachel is and she says no. She says Britney was trying to convince Rachel that Enzo is the SAB. She says Britney also told her that Brendon thinks Enzo is the SAB, but Rachel doesn't believe Britney. Hayden asks what Britney's reasoning was and Rachel says that Britney said that if America likes Enzo so much, they would have voted for him to be the SAB.

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9:15 BBT

Hayden and Rachel wonder if Britney is the SAB, but Rachel thinks if Britney was the SAB, then she wouldn't have left a message saying there were still BFFs in the house that were a guy/girl pair.

They go back and forth about possible SAB people.

(I'm out for now.)

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9:44 BBT: Enzo and Lane in BY discussing getting Britney out this week. Apparently Kathy has been telling them she hates Ragan, Matt, and Britney. They also start talking bad about Matt.

9:46 BBT: Rachel spies on Matt, Britney, and Ragan from upstairs. Sounds like she and Hayden are dead set on getting one of the three of them out this week. She tells Hayden to stick with Brendon, Lane, and Enzo and they will go to final 4.

Rachel told Hayden what she heard in his goodbye message and he is surprised that they didn't show any of the good things he said in his message. Rachel said the only good ones were from Brendon and Enzo [definitely selective editing by bb].

Back in the BY Enzo is still complaining about not winning any competitions. Enzo wants pool competitions or cards for HOH comps.

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9:51 BBT: Enzo hopes that Rachel gets to see Brendon to tell him things they have told her. Enzo keeps saying how Brendon better not back door him because he and Hayden will save him next week. [Lane should see that Enzo and Hayden have teamed up for themselves].

Lane is worried that if he escaped eviction this week, that next time Brendon is HOH he will go up. Enzo is pissed that Britney told Rachel that she thinks Enzo is the saboteur because this is what Rachel told them [actually Britney said she thought Brendon thought the sab was Enzo and she thought it was Rachel].

9:53 BBT: Britney comes outside to start the pool tournament and game talk ends. Ragan soon follows Britney outside. Ragan recaps Rachel's apology to him for Enzo.

Back up in the HOH Rachel is talking about not getting libations while in the jury house. They break up to start the pool tournament while Rachel reads Brendon's letter from his sister.

Enzo is convinced that Brendon will get to talk to Rachel because if not, that would be a disadvantage to him if everyone else got to talk to her and he didn't and it wouldn't be fair. [since when is bb fair with Pandora's box?!]

9:58 BBT: Rachel is staring at the picture of her and Brendon as she is wearing all of his clothes [They have only been apart 2 days!].

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10:06 BBT: Rachal is talking with Enzo and Ragan on the backyard couch about how Julie Chen told her on eviction night that she might come back. She thought she may get to switch out with the winner of HOH for the week and then they would switch back after the week. All of her theories revolve around the saboteur.

Hayden and Lane playing pool with Britney and Matt watching. Hayden wins and Enzo plays Matt now.

Ragan: "Brendon's going to freak out when he comes back and he doesn't get to see you."

Rachel: "I'm going to freak out."

Ragan keeps questioning Rachel about what happened outside the house and asked if Julie Chen was nice and Rachel says she is so gorge! [short for gorgeous]. They think that Julie Chen is a major fan of big brother and she legitimately likes the players and likes their game play.

Ragan: "So people called you Vegas?"

Rachel: "Well......let's talk at midnight." [Odd, I guess for BBAD].

Ragan and Rachel are laughing like old buddies.

10:14 BBT: All quiet at pool table, but Enzo just scratched on the 8 and lost. Britney and Rachel are up next as Enzo goes inside and complains about losing.

10:18 BBT: Rachel tells Ragan she is legitimately happy that he won POV.

Ragan: "Thanks, I was playing for my life, which you know."

Rachel: "Yeah I know because I played for my life every day."

Britney interrupts to get Rachel's attention in the pool game. Rachel shoots, misses and goes inside to use the bathroom and Ragan goes inside as well. Britney is waiting for Rachel to return.

Britney talking to live feed: "America, seriously? Like, this cannot be real. I am playing pool with Rachel. Or without her really because..."

Rachel comes back out as Britney asks if she is having fun being back. She says yes but she wishes Brendon was there and hanging out in the bb house isn't the fun to be had on bb, it's the competition.

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10:22 BBT: Britney and Rachel discuss Britney's convo with Brendon.

Britney: "I don't want to go up, but if Brendon is honest in what he said to me, then I won't, but who knows. It's going to be crazy. I have no idea what he's thinking about."

Rachel: "Well he has 24 hours away to think about it."

Britney: "This is like the worst 24 hours to be away though."

Rachel goes on saying that she thinks that maybe she will be able to tell Brendon all her thoughts because in the past when the twins were playing together they got to discuss game in private [since when are Rachel and Brendon the same thing as twins playing as one person?]

Rachel: "It seems like there hasn't been any drama."

Britney: "There has been no drama at all."

10:26 BBT: Lane, Matt, Ragan, and Hayden in cabana talking about how to brand cattle. Enzo joins and talk turns to who will win the pool bowl. Not much to report in the cabana room.

Kathy has joined the girls outside to fold laundry. [Rachel is the worst pool player ever, she doesn't even aim when she shoots!]

Rachel: "This is not my night in pool." Britney just ignores her and sighs as Rachel accidentally gets a ball in and cheers.

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10:35 BBT: Britney wins against Rachel as the tournament continues with Enzo and Lane. Britney and Rachel get on the couch together. Britney asks Rachel more about what life is like in the jury house but Rachel says she is not allowed to talk about it until midnight.

Ragan, Kathy, Matt, and Hayden in Cabana making fun of Brendon and how they hate to listen to him and all the things he says. Brendon is also the topic of conversation in the BY. Britney tells Rachel that she thinks Brendon is making a lot of his decisions based on what he thinks Rachel would do.

Rachel: "All I want to do is hug him and talk about him. It has only been 2 days. I don't know how you have gone this long without Nick."

Britney: "It's been 52 days! And you weren't here when I started crying when I realized my little brother's first day of senior year was coming up."

Rachel: "I really want to get on the Internet and find out what's going on. I don't want anyone to hate me."

Britney tells Rachel that it wasn't personal, she should be flattered that people were so scared of her.

Rachel: "It's flattering to know that people want to get rid of you because of your competition skills but also I wonder if you and I would be more friends..."

Talk again goes to how much Rachel loves Brendon.

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10:43 BBT: Big brother announces a new command that no one had heard: "Please put the awnings by the hammock and hot tub in their upright position." Rachel fixes these.

Matt, Ragan, and Hayden laughing about Kathy and her obsession with the fish. Hayden says she pulled him aside last night after a DR session in the cabana room and said "they got mad at me..." WBRB

Feeds return and apparently Kathy heard Matt and Ragan making fun of her, which could explain her new found hatred of them.

Cabana room breaks up and comes outside to see the progress of the tournament.

Rachel: "The saboteur's messages are so hit and miss."

Britney: "They are dumb." Britney isn't feeling well from being a have not and keeps telling everyone she is just in a bad mood because of that.

10:50 BBT: Enzo is out of the tournament and throws his pool cue across the yard. Next up is Hayden and Matt.

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10:55 BBT: Britney left the BY couch and Kathy sucks up to Rachel.

Kathy: "I started laughing when I heard your voice, I was like 'Ooh Yeah.'"

She then talks about her goodbye message to Rachel and how she wishes bb played her message for Rachel. Kathy thinks Rachel will win the America's player $25,000.

Rachel: "I would love that."

Kathy talking about how emotional she has been and apprently went to Brendon to vent early this morning.

Rachel: "Don't give up!"

10:58 BBT: Ragan comes out in his bathing suit and says he is going in the hot tub. Rachel says she may join but first she is checking for libations. Kathy may join as well to ease her soreness from working "hard" in the HOH competition.

Ragan: "I want to thank you for talking to me last night."

Kathy: "I wish I could have done more. I was so proud of you today."

Ragan: "I have gone through such a whirlwind of emotions over the last couple of days. I am so spent right now."

Kathy: "I know you are."

Ragan: "It will be so nice to just be at a time in life where I can be more stable because in my day to day life I am not confrontational.

Kathy: "I wouldn't be able to come up with....I'm just so proud of you. I've never never been around anything like that before. I have heard about stuff in court..." (Referring to what Rachel said to Ragan earlier).

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11:03 BBT: The brigade is by the washer and dryer talking about the saboteur. Enzo thinks Britney now may be the sabotuer...WBRB.

Hayden: "She seems to be stirring the whole pot up."

Matt: "Especially because she told you to go tell Enzo" (about him being saboteur)

Hayden wants Enzo to ask Rachel what Britney said about him being the saboteur.

Enzo: "I don't think no one in here is the saboteur, it's bb. I swore on my beautiful daughter. I'm about to snap yo. I'm going to go to Rachel." Enzo goes inside.

11:07 BBT: Rachel is laying in HOH bed crying and holding the picture of her and Brendon. Matt and Enzo are searching the house for Rachel.

Enzo: "I'm gonna get some shit out in the open tonight."

Matt: "It's gonna be a good night."

They think Britney is upstairs with Rachel doing some shady game talking but when Matt charges in looking for Britney he finds out she is in the DR. Matt reports this to Enzo as he joins Rachel in the HOH.

Enzo: "I'm about to go right now in front of everyone and.."

Rachel: "I don't think you should" [ofcourse not because Britney never said that she thought Enzo was the saboteur.]

Enzo is telling Rachel that Britney told people that Brendon has been throwing his name around for saboteur and not her [which is accurate].

Enzo: "I know it's bullshit because me, Brendon, and Hayden have something going here. But I don't know if I should snap on her or wait for Brendon."

Rachel: "I don't know, that's fucked up."

Enzo is riled up.

Rachel: "We can call a house meeting, I have no problem doing that kind of stuff."

Enzo: "I'd like to put her out there and see if she has the balls to say that. I will put her on the spot."

Rachel: "She will cry."

Enzo: "I don't want to make her cry."

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Rachel: "The best revenge you can get when someone is being like that is to keep winning HOH and get her out, but I have no problem calling her out if you want."

Enzo: "I'm good with that." And he says he will act like this is the first time he is hearing it.

Rachel: "do you want me to call everyone in the livingroom? Because I'm not scared."

Enzo: "I want to shun this right now. So she came to you and said 'she' thinks its me and not 'Brendon' thinks that?"

Rachel then recounts the conversation and she didn't say to Enzo that yes Britney said she thought it was him. Rachel thinks Britney was trying to get Rachel to tell Brendon to put Enzo up.

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11:20 BBT: Rachel believes that Britney and Matt are the reasons people have turned against each other in the house. She says that Britney is not smart enough to be the saboteur.

Rachel: "So what do you want to do?"

Enzo: "I think the smartest thing is to wait until Brendon is back, but I don't know if I can wait. I don't like to have shit bottled up. Why would America vote for me to be saboteur?" [Well you did come in 2nd].

Rachel is getting ready to go in the hot tub and still complaining about not having libations.

I caught the last bit of Matt and Enzo's convo

Matt: "As long as he doesn't find out about it, she is on the block" (Don't know who the he is, maybe Brendon?)

Enzo to Lane: "It could be them (Brendon and Rachel) fucking with me too. I want it to come out in the open to see if Britney says in front of Rachel if it was Brendon that started it."

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11:39 BBT: Hayden is the new pool champion.

Hayden: "I want to thank my mom, my dad, all my sponsors, the bb house, the surfboards, Justin Bieber I want to thank you for inspiration and the zingbot. Grandma and Grandpa thanks."

Ragan, Lane, Enzo, and Matt in kitchen talking about how Rachel oddly came in the hot tub for one minute, got pale and went over to the pool table staring at all the guys.

Rachel enters, thus ending talk about Rachel. She asks if they want a snack and she can make anything. She says she loves escargot and she is going to make some and eat like a have not.

In cabana, Lane and Enzo are telling Ragan that Rachel is telling them about what Britney is saying but Ragan reminds them to think about the source. He compares that to believing the national enquirer telling us aliens have invaded.

Matt is complaining that they still have have nots. He says he doesn't mind the slop, but it's the not sleeping that gets to him. Hayden is writing his name in the bowl as Kathy looks on.

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12:00am BBT:

All heck breaking loose as Brit and Rach go at it, with Enzo present, about the whole sab issue. Brit is raising her voice, Rach is calm and Enzo quietly paying attention. Brit denies the whole thing. Back and forth.

Finally Rach goes into the house. Enzo saying to Brit that he just wanted to clear things up. That Rach is probably the sab and trying to create chaos. He just wanted to get things out in the open. ( of course we won't know until later when he's alone with his brigade what he really believes)

(Check it on flashback)

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11:51 BBT: Britney emerges and has no idea what is about to happen.

11:53 BBT: Enzo approaches Britney by himself [that is noble]. Britney admits that she told Rachel that she thought she was the saboteur and that Brendon didn't outright tell her Enzo is the saboteur. Enzo tells Rachel what Britney said and she start stomping towards the backyard.

Rachel starts to freak out but Britney calmly explains that she just thought Brendon was hinting at Enzo but Rachel keeps saying that Britney said she explicitly said he did.

"Enzo I'm sorry, Rachel asked me who I thought it was and I told her it was her and I told her I thought she had a power." [Rachel really does forget things that happened a few hours ago].

Britney: "Rachel that was a conversation that I had with Brendon and I only told you."

Rachel" "I don't know why you tried to convince my boyfriend that he is the sabotuer. It seems like youa re the saboteur because you are talking about everyone, Lane, Enzo. If you want to be honest. You tried to start stuff last week between me and Lane and Hayden..."

Rachel is now saying that Britney said that Lane told her that Rachel said the "I didn't even have to say anything to him" situation with Ragan but Britney was outside when she said it. Rachel is trying to convince everyone that Britney was throwing everyone under the bus.

Britney asks Rachel to give her another example of talking about Lane and Rachel says she can't think of one off the top of her head.

Britney: "I will not let you make me look like I said bad things in front of the people I have never crossed."

Rachel: "I just want to get things straight."

Britney: "You are twisting everything."

This is another good flashback moment. All feeds on the backyard.

Britney: "You're trying to make me look bad in front of all these people! What did I do? I sat there and had a kind conversation that I thought was nice..."

Matt, Lane, Hayden, and Enzo are all wandering around awkwardly listening to this.

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12:12 BBT: Rachel: "Enzo, you can believe whatever you want, I'm not in this game any more so I have no reason to lie."

Rachel leaves.

Everyone talks like they are still convinced Rachel is the saboteur because she has only been in the house a few hours and she has caused so much chaos. Britney keeps telling Enzo that she does not believe he is the saboteur.

Kathy: "Everybody just needs to go to bed so it will end."

Enzo: "You're right!"

Britney: "I'm not going to back down."

Enzo: "And that's what I wanted to see. She didn't make you look bad."

12:18 BBT: Enzo and Britney join Lane and Matt at the workout bench and continue to talk about the situation.

Lane: "You're fiesty Britney tonight."

Britney: "Yeah I am fiesty because I'm tired of it! I literally think she is here to piss people off."

Lane jokes: "I've always known you talk shit about my anyways."

12:20 BBT: Ragan comes outside and Britney asks if Rachel came in there and said anything but he was in the bathroom. They tell Ragan what happened.

Ragan: "Well that's their game." (Referring to Brendon and Rachel). "Every time she does something big, she goes in to the DR and when she came in to apologize to me, she didn't have a single tear."

Enzo: "That makes total sense. I'm convinced now she is just here to cause chaos. And she didn't come after me directly, she uses someone to come after me."

Ragan: "Want to lay in the hammock?"

Britney: "Yeah, I am so pissed right now."

Enzo: "Don't worry about it, you didn't cry, you did good."

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12:18AM BBT: Britney and everyone is discussing the possibility that Rachel is the saboteur and has only been sent back into the house to cause trouble. Britney continues her tirade about how awful Rachel is, and how stupid she is, and how she couldn't even remember 1 thing that nit had said about Lane behind his back.

Hayden reminds everyone that the saboteur's, last message said, "You have gotten me out of the house, not out of the game".

Apparently Rachel is in diary room, as she is nowhere to be seen, now Ragan has come out and everyone just rehashes the conversation from before for him.

Now, Ragan is taking back the good feelings from his heartfelt conversation with Rachel saying that she didn't have one tear on her face when they talked and she apologized.

Britney wants to know why Rachel is picking on her, oh, come on Britney, get real! And Ragan is back to his backstabbing, throwing her under the bus mode.

Britney does make a good point though, that due to the fight, Brendon will hear, and now put up her instead of Matt for eviction.

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Ragan: "I think her goal is to turn everyone against each other because she can't stand that we are all friends and that we can't stand her or her boyfriend. She is gross Britney."

Britney: "It just pisses me off Ragan because whether they talk or not, Brendon is going to hear about it and I'm going to be on the block."

12:27 BBT: All four feeds on Britney and Ragan talking about Rachel and that they need to stay away from her for the remainder of her time here because everything having to do with her is a nightmare.

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12:18am BBT:

Ragan and Brit on hammock talking about the drama with Rach. He advices her to just stay away until she leaves. Brit is proud of herself for standing up for herself. She's surprised that Rach would say Brit talked bad about Lane. How Rach couldn't recount one thing because it's not true. Ragan feels he's Brendon's target because of Rachel. His reasoning is that Rachel became upset when he became friends with the other women in the house. They wonder who is next in the Rach chaos. Brit asking Matt if Rach has said anything to him. Matt said he just had a normal convo. Brit said she did too and she's confused. She feels it makes her look bad.

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12:31 am BBT:

Brit just went inside to talk with Enzo. All cams on Hayden and Lane having fun on the weight machine. Even Ragan is laughing.

12:33 am BBT:

Enzo and Matt listening to Brit rehash the convo she had with Rach regarding the sab convo. Enzo just randomly making listening sounds. Matt feels that tomorrow it all can get cleared up that she shouldn't get so upset. He feels people see what's going on and can see that Rach has been in the house 10 hrs and already 2 fights which is more than all week etc. Matt leaves to work out.

Brit just wants Enzo to believe her. She says that even Brendon hasn't mentioned his name and how she has no reason to protect Brendon either but he never mentioned Enzo's name. Rinse and repeat how much she's upset and wants him to believe that she's loyal to those she's been loyal to. Asks him if he wants to have a meeting all together when Brendon gets back. He just goes back to how stupid it would be for him to be the sab and how he doesn't think there is one. She doesn't want him to doubt what she tells him. (she really should let it go because the more she protests the more she appears guilty.His body language screams he doesn't believe her denials)

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12:33 BBT: Everyone except Kathy is comforting Britney telling her not to worry about it and that everyone is more logical than Rachel and they get it.

Lane joking: "I mean, we're gonna have to kill her tonight."

Enzo: "It's going to go on all night."

Britney is now worried that people in the house will tell Brendon all about this to save themselves from going on the block.

Ragan and Lane start calling each other names like neanderthal and small brain making fun of Brendon.

Ragan: "There's a whole lot more crazy to be had until 3pm tomorrow. We need to avoid contact."

12:37 BBT: Sounds like a lot of people are going to stay in bed tomorrow to avoid her. Britney wants to talk to Enzo privately because she is upset about the situation.

All four feeds on Lane working out and Hayden spotting him while Ragan lays in the hammock.

Lane screams obscentities at the barbell as he tries to finish his set

(pretty funny).

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