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8/7 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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8:30 BBT

In the Taj room, Rachel is hiding under the blanket as she talks with Brendon. He says he wants to do something for her. She asks what and he says take a bullet for her.

Now, they're talking about the other HGs and their gameplay.

Out in the kitchen area, Ragan, Britney, Lane and Enzo are chatting about the POV today.

In the bedroom, Brendon says they control who stays and who goes to jury (uh now, the others do). He says Rachel has a better chance in the game and she says not without him. He says he'll always be with her and leave his tshrits around. They say I love you to eachother.

In the kitchen, they're making fun of how Rachel was throwing the ball during the POV.

8:38 BBT

They kiss. Brendon says he hopes he sees Rachel win HOH on the TV screen after he is evicted on Thursday. He says he's fine with leaving and how he met the love of his life. Says he was put in this game to meet her. They kiss some more and Rachel says she was here to meet him, too. He agrees but says this is about him right now. She starts to cry.

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8:42 BBT

Back in the kitchen, they're talking about how J/J came thru the front door. Ragan says that they didn't even look like real people. He thinks Jeff would have been a perfect fit for their season. Ragan and Enzo were excited to see new people inside the house. Enzo says they got to ask J/J questions when they came in.

Rachel wonders how they 'got got'. They talk about J/J and how they're still together, so there is hope for them. Rachel tells Brendon she can give him the $5000 and he says no.

8:51 BBT

Rachel wonders if BB will feed them in the jury house. Brendon says yes, as they won't let them starve.

Enzo takes the food out of the oven and says it's done and nice and tender. Ragan: That's what she said.

8:51 BBT

Rachel tells Brendon what she said to Kristen in her goodbye message and how she told her about coming between her and her man. BB tells her not to talk about DR sessions. She contiues and WBRB.

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