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8/7 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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11:53 PM BBT: Brendon talking about making Ragan uncomfortable and playing his jedi mind tricks on him. Rachel agrees and says she can't stand Ragan and that he is two-faced.

Rachel: "Lane and Britney aren't going to win shit. If I win a 3rd HOH in a row, it's never been done before, ever."

Brendon: "Well I think you are definitely going to make history."

Brendon has his mind made up that he will leave because he will save Rachel from the block. [Worst game play ever].

Rachel: "we're not average people, and that's the difference" (between them and everyone else). "Chemistry is not easy, neither is physics."

Everyone except for Brendon and Rachel are hanging out in the kitchen as a group not talking game, just general chit chat.

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12:08 PM BBT: Indoor LD ends and everyone rushes outside to see the practice POV competition. It is a bowling competition. Brendon is the first to try followed by Britney, Hayden, and Rachel.

Ragan tries and he is really good at it.

Hayden and Enzo are playing pool.

12:13 PM BBT: Rachel is alone in taj making growling noises as if she is annoyed with how well Ragan did.

Brendon and Britney are busy trying to dry the dew off of the bowling lane while Rachel stands and watches them work with an angry look on her face. Matt goes to retrieve the balls that Britney threw and he comes to try and take a turn but Rachel turns to him and says that she hasn't gotten to go yet so it's her turn. [That's a blatant lie].

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12:16 PM BBT: Rachel tries and only gets one pin down. She then pouts after her turn and Matt has to retrieve her balls. Matt does well during his turn.

Enzo tries to lighten the mood and says they should do a fashion runway show down the bowling alley. Enzo does really well and hit all three pins down.

Enzo: "All I had to do was test it once and now I'm ready to play!"

12:23 PM BBT: Everyone is taking turns manning the ball retrieval at the end of the alley except for Rachel who continues to sit on the side with an upset look on her face. Brendon lets her go before him in line. Her first two shots were not good so she gives up and just throws the third ball without trying.

Enzo is running laps around the bowling alley.

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12:51 AM BBT: Matt whispers to Lane that he is going to chill in his HOH room and the brigade needs to assemble up there inconspicuously so they can talk.

Enzo talking about Peter Parker a spider that they named in the back yard and how he is weaving a pretty intricate web.

12:55 AM BBT: A giant moth flew in to Britney and she and Kathy start screaming.

Enzo: "The saboteur is already starting"

Brendon leaves the backyard to see if Rachel is out of DR and everyone starts talking about Rachel's bizarre behavior and how she was crying as she watched everyone play the game and saying that the game isn't fair.

Matt: "Grow the fuck up, for real! How old is she?"

Kathy: "26 going on 2"

12:58 AM BBT: Matt says his goodnights and heads up to the HOH room to wait for other brigade members.

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1:00 AM BBT: Ragan follows Matt to HOH.

Ragan: Talking about Rachel: "She moves from self induced drama to self induced drama and then when she has someone who isn't going to respond to her bullshit like she is use to guys doing, she freaks out"

Matt:"Sometimes I feel bad for Brendon"

Ragan: "It's all attention seeking behavior."

Matt is really upset with bb for making it look like he is the saboteur with him opening Pandora's box and then calling him in to the DR immediately finding out about the saboteur.

Ragan assures him no one thought he was, out of the people he spoke with in the cabana room.

1:04 AM BBT: Ragan is called to the DR

Rachel is seen walking in the house and to the taj crying. Brendon follows her in.

Rachel: "I can't do it. I am the worst bowler!"

Brendon: "yeah you can, we will stay up and practice. This is just like a big test in school. You know you have to stay up all night and study even if you don't want to." He goes on with the test analogy.

Rachel: "I've fought so hard and I have nothing left."

[FINALLY I see real tears now that she is crying for real over the fact that she isn't a good bowler...very self centered].

1:08 AM BBT: Brendon continues to reassure her and tells her to continue reciting affirmations "We are going to win" over and over again.

Rachel: "I'm really ready to go home."

All feeds are on Brenchel.

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1:12 AM BBT: Brendon's pep talk continues...

Brendon: "You even told me that you have trouble reading but most people can't get a bachelor's degree in chemistry..."

Rachel: "I don't have trouble reading brendon, it is called dyslexia and it has nothing to do with reading" [Actually, Einstein that is exactly what it has to do with!]

1:15 AM BBT: WBRB [i prefer this over 4 feeds of Brendon saying how amazing Rachel is and how lucky he is to have her]

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1:25 AM BBT: Brendon's talk continues but 2 feeds are back on Ragan and Matt.

They are talking about Rachel sitting in everyone's way who was trying to bowl and pouting and crying. Matt says that was obviously for show because if you really are upset you would go inside to be by yourself. Not to put it on display.

Ragan leaves and Matt has him turn the lights off in the HOH room.

1:27 AM BBT: Enzo dancing on the bowling alley and he gets a "stop that" warning from bb

Ragan comes outside and Britney and Kathy tell him Rachel came outside lunged the ball and ran inside crying and Brendon ran after her.

Matt is called to the DR.

1:30 AM BBT: Brendon is still doing the pep talk and Rachel is crying again. All 4 feeds are back on Brenchel.

Brendon is using the Josh Groban song from Polar Express for inspiration for Rachel [He is such a loser].

1:37 AM BBT: Enzo interrupts the pep talk to get his hat to look good for the DR.

Brendon: "I like Enzo. Enzo and Hayden are both good guys" [interesting how earlier Brendon said he is so good at reading people but he can't read that Hayden and Enzo are playing him].

1:40 AM BBT: Finally the pep talk is over and they start heading outside.

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1:44 AM BBT: Rachel and Brendon joined the other HGs outside and Rachel gives everyone dirty looks. [Camera 1 has a perfect view of the evil eye for flashback].

Fritney to Rachel:"Are you ok? What's wrong?"

Rachel: "Uuuh Everything! How do I answer that question?"

1:48 AM BBT: Britney goes inside after that rude answer and tells Kathy about the encounter.

Kathy: "What a big tit!" [That is an insult I have never heard before!]

1:53 AM BBT: All 4 feeds on Britney and Lane wrestling in the house and Lane trying to crack her back.

Britney decides to go back outside to see if Rachel gets any better at the game. Britney and Lane play pool.

Hayden is talking to Enzo through the WC door as Enzo is smashing. Hayden says they need to meet upstairs for a brigade meeting no matter how late it is they can just wake up Matt.

1:58 AM BBT: Kathy and Hayden sitting outside on the couch. Kathy thinks Enzo is the saboteur because America is sure to like him a lot. She tells Hayden to be careful.

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2:02 AM BBT: Ragan is getting dressed for bed and calls the cameras following him perverts. Enzo is in the shower. Both are getting ready for bed.

2:06 AM BBT: Rachel continues to practice but starts crying again after a bad shot. Brendon starts a new pep talk.

2:12 AM BBT: Britney joins Rachel and Brendon's practice session and she gets all 3 pins down on the first try [i'm sure Rachel wasn't happy to see that].

Rachel called to the DR.

2:19 AM BBT: Ragan and Britney are in jumanji and hear Rachel crying in the DR. Ragan and Britney are talking about how Rachel is so different now that she isn't in power and that Britney now realizes that Rachel threw everyone under the bus and lied about everything she told her last week.

Lane and Enzo go up to wake up Matt and wait for Hayden. Matt wants to run scenarios of what will happen if Rachel is the saboteur and has the coup d'etat.

2:27 AM BBT: Kathy is comforting the crying Rachel (these tears look fake). [Talk about playing both sides, it was an hour ago that Kathy called her a big tit]. Britney joins and asks if Rachel needs to talk.

Rachel: "Ragan hates me."

Britney: "I don't think he hates you, he is a really rational person and he understands."

Britney goes to bed and Rachel goes outside to Brendon and starts crying again.

Rachel: "I hate Matt so much."

The Brigade is talking about how Rachel is crying and that last week she told everyone to "bring it" and now that they did she can't handle it.

2:41 AM BBT: Finally Hayden joins the Brigade and he tells Enzo he finalized the fake alliance with Rachel and Brendon.

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4 am BBT: Enzo asks Hayden if America likes them or would they want to fuck with them? Talk turns to being on the block. Enzo asks how it felt and Hayden says that even though he knew he was safe it still made him feel uneasy and a bit paranoid because Kristen kept saying she had 3 votes.

Brendon and Rachel are still practicing the bowling set-up.

4:10 am BBT: Hayden and Enzo are having a good laugh about how there is a saboteur, a showmance and the Brigade this season! Enzo freaks out a little when he hears some clicking sounds from behind the walls. Hayden explains to him that it

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Flashback: I have BBAD on TiVo, so here is exactly what the saboteur said:

Hello house guests! Guess who's back? Annie may be long-gone, but my reign of terror is about to begin. I want to thank Matt for opening Pandora's box and releasing a new saboteur into the house. My mission is to destroy all of you and cruise to the half-million dollars. Watch your back before I stab you in it.

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8:30 am BBT

Enzo and Hay still in bed, Lane goes into the WC, Kath says good morning, Brit in the shower... Brit asks Lane to get her some shaving cream. BB - Hayden, Ragan, please change your batteries....

8:31 am BBT

Rach now in WC putting in contacts, Ragan gets out of bed, Lane heads to cabana room....

8:34 am BBT

Ragan now in cabana room with Lane, Rach grabs a towel to take a shower but instead sits on couch and talks to Kathy, Kathy says good morning, then talk of faces breaking out....

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feeds back..they picked players for POV

Ragan used his POV ticket and will be playing.

Kathy said she wanted 'them two' to play.

Matt says well we have 5 others. (is Ragan added on to those playing or take the place of a nom to play in comp?)

Enzo says 'He' sealed his fate when he picked me. (Brendon)

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Britney, Kathy, Lane in HOH saying they dont care who goes this week. that Rachel could win HOH for all Britney cares, she can spend the whole week in HOH by herself with no one coming up here.

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Matt half jokingly suggest that Hayden, Enzo and Brenden call their alliance the brigade, so Hayden and Enzo can still shout it out.

L: yeah but then Brenden gets the privilege of saying it. BRENDEN.

M: oh, god, true.

L: all you are is a well groomed ogre! do you see him? like the shape of his head?! [brenden]

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Britney: I don't think they rolled their eyes at you and me Kathy. I think they wanted us up there. They didn't want the guys up there.

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H/ Kathy/ Brit/ Ragan in HOH.

H really wants to play in veto, he's sick of sitting on the sidelines.

Brit told H he suggested Matt pick him if he gets HGs choice, because he was so good last night.

General complaints about how their all sick of Brenchel and their attitude.

B: I mean you're 30 years old, when are you going to start acting like you're 14.

K: and she's what? 26?

B: slash 13.

Enzo and Lane downstairs furiously whispering about next week, inaudibly

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Lane and Enzo going through game scenarios.

E doing most of the talking, saying their final 6 needs to be the brigade plus brit and kathy, because kathy can't win shit. Brit would put up kathy and out she'd go, and brit couldn't play for the next hoh.

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Enzo: I'm not using nothin. Kathy got picked, what is she going to do? She throws a side arm. Going right in the gutter.

Enzo saying Matt swore on wife that he is not Sabetour. Hayden, Lane and Enzo saying they will take Brigade & families on Vacation or to hometown for a week if win.

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