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8/7 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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10:32 AM BBT

Enzo, Hayden and Lane lying in Cabana room talking who should be put up in next. Kathy for sure. Lane telling Hayden to go to Brendon and try to make a deal/pretend he wants to work together. He wants Hayden to go to Brendon "It's coming down to the nitty gritty and Lane needs some people to help him out." They want Brendon to make a deal to keep them to the final 6. Enzo has to take a smash. Lane wants him to go on there and rile up Rachel and Brendon "Lane is looking for some soldiers to help him get this done. Tell him you'll put up Kathy and get Lane out though so it'll be just us bros."

The brigade plan is to get Brendon to believe that they want Lane out. Matt is being briefed. If Ragan keeps fighting they should let him win but he's got to put up Brendon and Kathy. Plan can also be to back door Ragan, Kathy or Britney. They are planning to keep Kathy because she can't win anything. "She's the 5th member of the Brigade and she doesn't even know it."

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10:43 AM BBT

Matt says he is being set up as the saboteur right now because he looks like the obvious set up. Brendon wants to call a house meeting to ask a ton of questions about the Pandora's Box event yesterday. Matt says I don't know what to say because it sucks, unlocking the box released the saboteur and giving me a dollar makes no sense.

Enzo about to go into Taj railing against the brigade members (with Hay) it's a mess in this house, the sab sucks. Going to play it up that people are gunning for Brendon not Rachel. Enzo and Hayden to try and get Brendon to align with them.

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10:40 AM BBT Matt, Lane, Enzo and Hayden in the cabana room saying there's going to be drama this afternoon with Ragan and someone. Ezno saying it will be good for the Brigade. Enzo saying If Brendon wins HoH next week, he can put up Ragan and Kathy and vote Ragan out. Brendon won't be eligible for the next HoH and they can put him up. They're hoping for it to be the Brigade plus Kathy and Britney for final six.

They're trying to keep Ragan riled and angry this week. They think he's going to need someone to talk to.

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10:51 PM BBT

Hayden saying that he is all about his family, he is just playing for his family. That will be the picture he takes downstairs later.

Matt/Lane saying that if a member of the brigade is the sab its cool because they are still the Brigade. Not getting why a member of a solid alliance would want to take a risk like that.

Ragan out of DR. Brit/Kathy in HOH room.

In Taj Rach/Bren sleeping. Brendon wearing an eye mask.

10:56 PM BBT

In Cabana Hayden telling Ragan that the conversation he had with Rachel and Brendon last night leads them to believe that they are not the sabs. "Regardless of what happens, you are safe, we just have to be careful about next week."

Ragan says he's so nervous. And so sick of them. "Brendon and Rachel?" asks Matt "Everybody is"

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11:01 AM BBT

Ragan says Kathy is out there complaining about the game already. He thinks he'll do okay. Britney also did okay in practice. He is so nervous about this game.

Hayden admitting to having a 250 bowling average.

Matt asks why Ragan is so nervous about that game? "Too many unknowns" he replies.

Hayden giving an overview of how the Survivor plays the bowling. Ragan says for bowling he needs one beer. "A pre-competition libation?" asks Matt. Lane saying that there is no way Brendon has ever played a sport because he cries like a baby. My Dad would whip my ass for crying like that on TV and I'd deserve it. Excuses they are guessing Brendon will use :Ball not heavy enough for a big guy like him, he has to bend too far to throw the ball which throws the nerves in his legs out so he now needs a hip replacement. Bowling shoes sizes.... [pretty funny actually]

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11:09 AM BBT

Ragan saying he doesn't like Brendon's personality. He's so good looking but yet... "He's a groomed ogre." says Lane.

Kathy joins them now. Matt shares his new toe warts with everyone. Lane says Matt got them from Rachel's genital foot warts. Lane will have to pee on Matts feet next time he gets in the shower, he's heard that helps. "Poor Rachel," says Matt "What are we going to do with you?"

Ragan thinks they will start around noon or about 2. They play based on the lighting in the BY.

"We've got a 5 against 2 chance, it's a pretty good shot." says Matt.

Kathy is guessing that she will end up as a have not, in a unitard and in solitary confinement.

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11:18 AM BBT

Ragan asking if he can nap in HOH after the POV comp. "Sure if you don't mind sharing a bed with a hot sweaty man." "Ooooh Ooooh." jokes Ragan.

Ragan doesn't want his tiff with Rachel being used on TV. That's not how he wants to be represented. YOu stood up for yourself reminds Matt.

Silence in Cabana as Ragan lies alone. [He's got to feel pretty good about America picking him]

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11:47 AM BBT

Matt and Brit talking about Brendon and Rachel's behaviour. Brendon talks stuff about Brit but then Rachel came up to Brit and asked her to vote for whichever one of them does not win the POV. Brit told her "Rachel, I don't want to blow smoke here, there is no way, one of you is going home."

Brendon up and talking to Hayden. He says Rachel's game is way better than Brendon's. She's doing really good. She can hit three out of three a ton of times. They think today's game will be easier. Rachel comes in. Hay heard them banging around in SR thinks they will start soon.

"You ready to bowl? Get some Strikes?" asks Brendon. "Sure." says Rachel. Brendon says Ragan was pretty good in practice.

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12:10 PM BBT

Now Brendon is making Rachel a tuna salad sandwich to help her keep her strength up for the game. She doesn't want mayo but he would like to use lemons, of which there are none.

Kathy to DR.

12:17 PM BBT

Since Rachel didn't eat all her lunch "You're done already?" asks helicopter pseudo-parent Brendon, he advises her to eat a banana since they are high in potassium.

We have a huge close up of Enzo's nostrils and one eye. He is sleeping with one eye open. Literally.

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12:23 PM BBT

"DO you remember why salt makes water boil faster?" Brendon quizzes Rachel. She mumbles some non-scientific sounding response. "It breaks up the surface tension." corrects Brendon as he describes some experiment she has (of course) seen before.

Kathy/Ragan getting ready in Bathroom. Kathy all dolled up.

Rachel and Brendon chatting still in KT. Brendon is "operating on a man scale" but not sure what he is referring to.

[Personal opinion here: Rachel looks much better as the botox fades. She doesn't look so swollen anymore. ]

Kathy lays down in have not room.

12:28 PM BBT


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3:02 PM BBT

Saw Matt, Lane could hear Ragan talking about someone winning 4 HOH's

Matt up in HOH That was good that was real good. Talking to Ragan. Ragan - that was so awesome. Jeff and Jordan and "them" getting out in the first of the challenge. Brit won POV.

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3:10 BBT

Brenchel arguing about which one of them should go home. Brenden saying he wants to piss people off so he gets voted instead of Rachel.

Rachel going to try to convince Brit to us POV so Matt can put up Kathy and they stand a chance.

Brenden is sick of Ragan, calling him a "little sh*t."

3:15 BBT

Rachel follows Kathy into Cabana and attacks her b/c Kathy cheered when she beat Rachel. Kathy walks into kitchen (where Brenden, Lane, Hayden are hanging out) and Rachel follows her out and continues her attack.

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3:20 PM BBT: Rachel is being a very poor sport about losing the PoV today demanding that Kathy give her an apology for rubbing it in her face that Kathy won. Kathy refuses to apologize saying she didn't do anything. Rachel said you cheered when I lost and now you're rubbing it in my face. Kathy is really holding her ground and she says again, "I'm not going to listen to this, I'm going to walk away". Matt is sitting at the kitchen counter while this is happening and Hayden and Brendon are in the kitchen area. When Kathy walks away, Brendon tells her to let it go.

Britney is listening to all this while holding open the HoH door with her foot, then she goes inside and reports it to Ragan. (Britney has quite an attitude in the past 10 minutes, just like Rachel did when she was in charge.)

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