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8/7 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Thank you!

Please use the following format when posting live feed updates;

8:26 pm BBT: [insert update here.] For example... Kristen is campaigning hard tonight. She takes takes a glass of wine out to the BY couches and waits for her next victim constituent to be lured in.

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9:05 BBT

Rachel asks Brendon if he wants to take a nap in the Taj room. He agrees and she leaves. He hopes they aren't in LD all night.

Enzo took his smash and him and Matt continue to wonder what POV will be. Enzo says him and Hayden will keep working Brendon so they can get Rachel out this week.

**They hear the TV make the static noise and say SABETOUR! They run downstairs and everyone runs to the living room. Enzo is scared that Annie is back b/c of PB.

The SAB comes on and thanks Matt for opening PB. He says that a new SAB has been picked and he will backstab them all. Everyone is in shock, especially the new SAB Ragan.

Matt laughs, saying that BB is trying this twist again. They've all figured out that America voted for someone to become the new SAB. They wonder what would make someone become the SAB again. Ragan keeps very quiet as everyone else throws out ideas. Enzo thinks that there is no new SAB and BB is just playing with them.

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9:18 BBT

Rachel gets everyone to listen to hear as she brings this whole conversation about her. Her theory is that this sucks for her b/c there are only 5 people in the house who have won competitions. No one follows so she continues, saying that only her and matt have won HOH, so it makes this suspicious. Someone mentions that Hayden won an HOH and Rachel pauses, saying she's not trying to discredit his win. Everyone is making weird faces b/c they have no clue what Rachel is saying. Matt speaks up, asking her if it's the winners or the losers she's saying is the target. She doesn't really answer, but seems to be saying the winners in the house are targeted as the SAB.

Matt thinks that every week, no matter who is evicted, the SAB will come on and say stuff.

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9:27 BBT

houseguest still debating if the SAB thing is even real.

Hayden saying the only night he turned off his Tv in HOH was the night that annie taped the faces over the pictures.

Brittany says she doesn't think they can just make you the SAB, someone would have had to accept it

9:30 BBT

Regan saying that we should be able to figure it out because all the houseguests know each others personality, ect.

Brittany thinks america voted on the SAB. They also wondering if the incentive to accepting the SAB was that they got some kind of power. Without power, why would anyone accept it

Matt called to DR. Rest of Houseguests still in LR.

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9:39 BBT

houseguests comparing SAB to the season when there was America's player.

Regan doing a good job looking as confused as all the other houseguests.

Brittany says she is sure that if america voted on it that it read, "If Matt opens PB then vote on this person to be the new SAB." (ding ding ding)

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9:42 PM BBT: All HGs except for Matt who was called to the DR are still speculating why someone would accept the saboteur position. They speculate the different incentives. Britney says you can't trust anything the saboteur says because they know that what Annie told them were blatant lies. They speculate that maybe BB is the saboteur and no one was asked to do it. However, most HGs think that someone in the room is the new saboteur.

9:45 PM BBT: Ragan is quiet for the most part but every now and then includes some speculation to avert suspicion.

Enzo: "This is such bullshit! This is the worst season to be on now!"

Ragan: "Atleast it gives us something to do."

Enzo: "Yeah that's true."

9:47 PM BBT: Britney thought Annie was going to walk through the door when she heard the tv making noise.

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9:50 PM BBT: Saboteur talk dies down. Enzo is going to take a nap and Britney, Hayden, Lane, and Ragan go to the cabana room and Rachel, Brendon and Kathy are in the kitchen.

9:54 PM BBT: Cabana group starts speculating who the saboteur is. Lane thinks it is Rachel because she was in the DR alot today. They also mention Brendon. Everyone is worried that this complicates this week that they thought would be very easy.

9:56 PM BBT: Kathy joins cabana group and game talk stops.

9:57 PM BBT: The cabana group is suspicious of Rachel because she was acting very odd today. Britney said she went in to her DR very worried about nominations and came out in a much better mood. Britney also says that Rachel and Brendon kept trying to convince Britney that Matt was lying about only getting $1.

9:59 PM BBT: Enzo is trying to sleep in the taj room but Rachel and Brendon rudely go in there to talk.

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10:04 PM BBT: Brendon saying that Matt and Britney are the same. They can't be trusted. Rachel continues to chow down on chocolate [probably the cause of the numerous breakouts on her face]. Rachel thinks if they kept Kristen in the house with Hayden then they wouldn't be up on the block.

10:07 PM BBT: Rachel says "Whatever, production hates us" and Brendon shushes her and then we get WBRB.

10:08 PM BBT: Back in the cabana room, Matt returns from his DR session as everyone still speculates if Rachel is the saboteur and if she got a power that will save her. The HGs discuss more odd behavior between Rachel and Brendon. Apparently at the nomination ceremony Brendon told Matt he was coming after him but Rachel nudged Brendon to shut him up and Kathy claims she did the same thing when Brendon started talking about the saboteur when everyone was in the living room.

Matt is pissed about the saboteur because he says he looks the most guilty of being the saboteur. However, everyone tells him not to worry that they have learned with Andrew that it isn't the most obvious person.

Matt: "her behavior was really weird in the have not room"

Kathy: "yeah and then she messed with my monkey"

Hayden: "Rachel has been the center of every episode so far" as he recaps her being HOH and getting in drama with people so he speculates that America would vote for her because they see her the most on tv.

Britney: "Because she causes drama!"

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10:14 PM BBT: Britney, Kathy, Ragan, Hayden, and Matt continue to speculate what incentive Rachel (who they are convinced is the saboteur) received to accept the saboteur position.

Brendon, Rachel, and Enzo are sleeping in the taj room and I have no idea where Lane is.

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[Welcome hek and shylo]

10:10 PM BBT

Matt back from DR telling everyone he wouldn't blame them if they thought he was the Sab. Ragan's thoughts are that America voted for someone. IN cabana room the conversation circles - the sab knew before nominations. The called Matt to DR then Rachel. Kathy says, they called Enzo is at 4am what does that mean? Brit says "We don't crae if it's her we just want her to go. Lane says it won't mater she's on the block, last time she fell apart the whole time.

Bren/Rach napping forehead to forehead.

Ragan's worst case scenario is that Rachel got a Coup D'Etat power. They'll use and be safe. Kathy says so what someone else will put them up next week.

[Lane is in DR]

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10:23 BBT

Brit talking about how ..according to Brendon... Pandora's box is good for one or bad for all, or vice versa (good for all, bad for one) if they open it--based on Greek Mythology (no lie.) She mocks Brendon and how far he's going back to make his points.


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10:30 PM BBT: Enzo, Brendon, and Rachel talking in the taj room. Enzo jokes about the saboteur being Kathy because she is the only one that would accept because it wouldn't screw up any kind of game plan since she didn't have a game plan. Brendon ofcourse brings Matt's name into the sabotuer speculation and he and Enzo think maybe when he opened Pandora's box he was made to be sabotuer.

Enzo speculates that maybe Kathy knew before HOH competition and that is why she dropped to be a have not.

Rachel keeps asking Enzo if he would accept and he finally tells her "no way."

Brendon says he would as long as it helped him in the game "at this point we're up on the block so I'll do anything." Brendon keeps bringing up Matt and the fact that he only got $1. Rachel and Enzo agree that he had to have gotten something.

The Matt speculation continues in the taj room.

10:35 PM BBT: Britney, Kathy, Ragan, Lane, and Matt are in the cabana room and wonder why America likes Rachel so much [WE DON'T!!]. They say it is because she creates drama and America likes Drama.

Rachel is called to the DR and cabana room wishes they had libations.

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10:37 PM BBT: The HGs in the cabana room discuss Rachel.

Kathy:"I just want to punch her in the face. I am so sick of her and sick of him."

Ragan: "We had to bite our lips and it was painful" (in reference to having to kiss up to Rachel when she was HOH and now they are free to Rachel bash)

Ragan: "We need to make it look like we are going after Brendon this week because they will do the exact opposite of what they think the house wants."

The HGs are really gunning for Rachel to go home but they don't want her to win POV or Brendon because he will [stupidly]use it to save her.

10:40 PM BBT: In the taj room Enzo continues to try and be in a fake alliance with Brendon, Rachel, and Hayden to get information. Brendon is eating it up.

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10:47 PM BBT: The HGs in the cabana room laugh about trapping Enzo with Brendon in taj [i think their trapping people with the annoying Brendon is hilarious].

Enzo enters and tells everyone what Brendon and Rachel think about Matt being the saboteur. Enzo was trying to raise the black screen on the cabana door but couldn't and when he opened the door Brendon was standing directly outside the door lurking. [He looked like a definite creeper]

All game talk has ended. Enzo goes to take a shower.

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10:56 PM BBT: Ragan, Britney, Hayden, Lane, and Kathy talking about going out as a group the day after the finale. They joke that they may get in a bar fight. Britney says they should fight the cast of Jersey Shore but Lane thinks they are "punks."

Matt said that his college sent him a t-shirt to wear in his HOH basket.


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11:05 PM BBT: Enzo is out of the shower and Brendon gets in. Rachel is still in the DR. All other HGs are still in the cabana room. No game talk at this time.

11:09 PM BBT: Enzo, Matt, and Lane in the kitchen worrying if bb told the saboteur about The Brigade.

11:10 PM BBT: Matt is sucking on a popsicle with his hands down his pants and the camera keeps zooming in between the popsicle and his hand down his pants as if that is what we want to see.

Very boring conversation going on now.

11:13 PM BBT: Lane and Enzo start some game talk in the kitchen until Brendon interrupts. Lane goes for some tylenol and Brendon asks why he needs it and Lane says he has a headache. As soon as Brendon leaves Lane watches him go and says "He's why I have a fucking headache."

Enzo says anything that is said between him and Brenchel he is only going to tell members of the brigade. He doesn't trust the others to not throw him under the bus.

11:20 PM BBT: Brendon returns to make coffee to help keep everyone awake so they can practice whatever is being setup in the backyard. They keep saying something about being allowed out at midnight.

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11:25 PM BBT: Rachel finally emerges from her DR session and goes right to the BR without saying anything to anyone. Brendon ofcourse follows her in [like a lost puppy]. Rachel is crying. She says she has to win POV because she is the target, almost implying that he let her win.

11:29 PM BBT: Ragan and Hayden in cabana strategizing over future competitions. They need to keep counting things and noting any slight differences in the house. Hayden is really worried Rachel is the saboteur and may have the coup d'etat.

11:32 PM BBT: Rachel continues her fake tears in the BR and says she doesn't know what to do.

Brendon: "No matter what happens, you have to stay!"

Rachel: "Brendon I can't stay without you!"

Brendon says he will hog the chance to practice the veto competition.

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11:39 PM BBT: Rachel is popping her zits. Rachel just washed her face a few minutes ago but now she is reapplying all her makeup [again, another bad choice with the acne issue]

Brendon serves Rachel her coffee then sits at her feet. Brendon starts bashing Ragan and Britney.

Brendon: "Britney is just a fucking fake whore. Promise me to use the POV on yourself if you win. Look me in the eyes and say it"

Rachel: "Brendon, I can't lose you."

Brendon: "Whether I'm in the house or not, you aren't losing me. I'm not dying."

More fake tears from Rachel [i have never seen actual tears fall from her eyes.]

Rachel tells him to promise to play his hardest. They make a pinky promise and kiss their hands as they do the pinky promise.

11:44 PM BBT: Britney is called to the DR.

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11:46 PM BBT: Kathy walks in to the BR to the WC. As soon as she is in the WC:

Rachel: "Kathy fucking loves that we're on the block too. Hayden is being really nice."

Brendon: "I told you, I'm really good at reading people." [Yeah right]

Rachel: "I thought I was."

Then Brendon goes in to a spiel of how women are too emotional to read people well. Rachel agrees.

Rachel: "My heart hurts. it physically hurts." [i didn't know she had a heart].

Kathy leaves the BR.

Brendon: "It's quiet all of a sudden" (referring to the HGs in the kitchen). Rachel remarks that Kathy is talking about them, which she is.

Rachel is complaining that she shared her favorite champagne to celebrate Matt's 30th bday and what does he do in return? Put her up!

Brendon: "How quickly they forget."

11:50 PM BBT Rachel: "I can't believe I shared my whole bottle with them."

Brendon: "well that's who you are, you don't turn on people and they do" [This makes me laugh because it is such BS].

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