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August 4th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest cdmon

cam 1 and 2 are showing sara and james playing chess while ivette and maggie watch

cam 3 and 4 showing the living room and table

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Guest cdmon

h,r, k, jan are talking about if they get hoh that will start putting the couples up. They said if the other team wins hoh then they will put sara and james up.

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Kay in hot tub. James/Howie sitting by him - normal chit chat.

(so different than the night before Eric was evicted *sigh*)

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Guest WhitePhoenix

F1 + F2

Howie/James/Kay playing around.

Someone threw some cold water at Howie. He screams and jumps into the pool.

James/Kay: Dumbass

F3 + F4

Friendsheep + Sarah in HOH talking about email contacts.

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Rachel Joins James/How/Kay at the pool.

James: Did anyone really blv that Maggie was a Dolphin Trainer.

Howie: She's a cop (lol)

James: Do you think she will turn Ivette in?

Rachel: Thats what I was about to say...

More general chit chat about cops...

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Guest WhitePhoenix

Right James is cock-sure that Maggie must be a cop he makes references to ppl that he's interrogated and how good he is at reading ppl. *groans*

Janelle joins Rachel/James by the pool. Kay/Howie still in the pool.

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Guest WhitePhoenix

James talking about a fight he had with a cop.

Jan doing laps in the BY. Howie/Kay in pool. Sarah joins Rach/James

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Guest cdmon

maggie and the gang are in the hoh laying down. They have the lights out looking at the fish on the spycam. Someone mention that there is 15 fish. Beau is making some weird noise or singing something weird.

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Guest cdmon

Maggie and the gang are talking about april and ivette switch sleeping arrangement. Maggie said april and beau fart alot.

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Guest cdmon

april is on the floor sleeping next to ivette. Beau is in the bed laying behind jenn. Ivette told beau dont poke anybody. Now maggie and jenn want april back in the bed.

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Janelle and Howie were singing the carpet muncher song. They kept messing up on getting the words said at the same time. Having a good time. Kaysar is just laughing.

Sarah came outside and gave Kaysar a hug and told them all to clean up the cups that were outside.

She would do Kaysar's dishes but not Howies.

And now we have fish @ 12:23bbt

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Guest Shockalot

Ok Get this.

Janelle and Howie are lounging at the pool.

They are chanting a song they have made.

Now let me be clear about this.. they are CHANTING this over and over, louder and louder.

It has no melody or anything but is more like a 'Taunting Chant' you would hear at Balls Games:











Now Im just reporting what Im 'seeing' but they seem to be chanting it louder and louder and turning it 'towards' the house.

Kaysar said something like ".. can hear you now Im sure.."

They just turn it up even louder;





Im not exaggerating when I say this has been chanted (with mixed order of lines) what must be at least Fifteen times in a row.


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Guest Shockalot

Now Kays and Howie are by themselves.

Kaysar asks Howie if all of his buddies might be watching?

Howie says for sure.. his sister sent out a mass-email to all his contacts and they will be watching.

After all, when he was on 'Blind Date' there were people he hadn't talk to in ages and they knew he was on the 'Blind Date' show.

Howie tells Kaysar that all Kaysars friends and family will know him as the Mastermind behind WeekTwo.

Kays and Howie agree that James will help go after Maggie next week.

They know he is a liar but they believe James and Sarah will use sense and play to take Maggie out.

Now they theorise about what happens when they get out?

Howie says he wont know because if he goes next week he will go home.

If he stays into later weeks he will be in sequester for a few months.

Kaysar is not sure if they go home yet?

Howie sites BB1 where the non-jurors went back to regular life and were interviewed at home watching the remaining BB contestants.

Unless.. they plan to bring you back in the house.

Kaysar says " I wish they will bring me back"

Howie: "Hey, you made it a month in, thats not bad, besides its gonna get more stressful. It might be better for your health to be gone anyway.. less grey hairs"

Kays does not say anythng.

Howie goes on to predict 'The Friendship' will end up turning on each other. "Its already happening Bro!"

Kaysar agrees.. its gonna happen.

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Guest Stephiie

It's around 3AM in the morning.

Kaysar and Janelle are the only two HG's awake. Janelle is reading Beau's bible on the couch, Kaysar is reading his Qu'ran.

Howie is restless, keeps turning over and over. All other HG's appear to be sleeping soundfully.

3:20AM: Janelle closes the Bible, lays on the couch, just staring in Kaysar's direction. Kaysar closes the Qur'an.

Kaysar: I'm thinking

J: What're you thinking about?

Kaysar: How being out of your normal enviorment puts a lot of pressure on you. I think this is a real oppurtunity, to find out what you're made of.

J: I think you did really good


J: I really do, you did awesome.

K: Eh, I'm happy. It's good cause I can leave satisfied, knowing what's going to happen. There are times when you just need to be satisfied instead of stuffing yourself. I've been busy packing, moving things around, figuring out what I'm going to say to everyone when I leave. It's live.

J: I remember Maggie gave a shoutout to her friends and family

K: Yeah, even though she wasn't suppose to, she did.

J: So when am I going to see you again?


J:That sucks. That's so long, so far away.

K:I'll be watching you guys.

J:I know

K:It'll be nice just to go somewhere, have a nice cup of coffee. Enjoying things. It'll be fine. Just know you have a good friend you can count on. If you ever need anything, I'm serious. If anyone ever hurts you or anything, I'll take care of them. -laughs- Maybe I can teach you to protect yourself a little more.

J: I know how to protect myself.

K:I know. What do you think your going to do when you get out of here?

J: Go back to work.

K:Right away?

J: No, I want to travel around when I get out of here.

K: You're going to be here tell September.

J: Yeah, I don't want to be here that long, it sucks.

K and J talk about the internet people, J says you shouldn't believe anything you read or see, Kays asks why she says that, J says that their "jerks".

Kay points out how it's weird that their lives are everywhere, how everyone is discussing their lives. Kay says he wishes he could've stayed and made a better impact, Janelle points out that he did make an impact. He says he won't know for sure until he leaves.

J: What'd you talk about with Howie today?

K:When was this?

J: When I was showering.

K:(minute of silence goes by)Nothing. Just about how.. well, making it to the end and.. and that you guys are going to do great, I'm very confident, you guys are going to to great.

J: Are you going to watch it all the time?

K: Of course, of course I am. I have to. I want you guys to.. win. One of you. Just means.. a lot to me... or something.

J: I'll try my best.

K: If you guys win, I feel like... I've played a part in it now.

J: Yeah, you definetely did. You got rid of Eric.

K: That wasn't easy. It changed the game. Rearranged the way of power in this house... Damn.. there was a lot of drama and fighting.

J: It's a lot nicer without him here though.

K: Yeah, it's calm, peaceful. It's like having a bad roomate.

J: Yeah, the evil roomate who was IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of.

K: It's amazing how the game changed so much, you just want everyone to like you, as if it was a popularity contest, if your apart of the clique or not- we threw that out the door real quick.

J:It was a popularity contest at first.

K:But now everyone knows to be nice from here to the end, everyone's goig to be on the jury now, don't want to piss them off. The problem people have with you is that you keep to yourself too much.

J: No, I was just really mean the first two weeks. I don't like them Kaysar.

K: It plays upon their insecurities. They think you want to be alone from them.

J: I just don't like them.

K: I didn't get along all that well with them either, sometimes you just have to swing by and say hello.

J: Fiiiine. I'll start participating, playing dress-up, walking around acting like a fucking nerd.

K: Don't compromise WHO you are.

J: Did they say this to you or something?

K: I had a conversation with Ivette today.

J: Oh GOD. Why didn't you tell me about this?

K: She opened up to me.

J: Oh god. What's she say?

K: That she thought you were mean at first, she kept saying that she didn't care about her looks, that's not the issue, I know rumors went around, it just seems as if she doesn't want to include herself in the group.

J: Ha. Do you think I'd really want to go up their and be a fucking nerd, talking about homosexuality with them?

K: I know where you're coming from.

J: Can you see me being friends with Ivette?

K: Just be nice when your HOH. There's a few people teetering on the edge of the fence about being your friend- April's your closest fan right now.

K: You've got a nice smile, your a nice girl.

J: Remember that these are all females.

K: They want to be like you.


K: Your sweet, cordial.

J: It's because their women.

K: It's a challenge, but that's what makes it fun. If life was easy it wouldn' t be fun.

J: Fine, I guess I'll be nicer.

(both chuckle)

K: My opinion? Don't change who you are, just extend yourself a little. Keep that tough Janelle, don't put yourself out there too much, but just enough, if that makes sense. I had to, it's how I earned the respect, they still feel comfortable enough to come talk to me. Why? It's just on how you approach the situation. Sorry, I don't mean to tell you what to do.

J: Well, at least you told me. I've got to go pee, do you need anything?

K: No.

Kaysar goes to move and hits his foot on the table, says "Ow". Janelle laughs and asks, "did that hurt?", Kays says "No." with a laugh.

Kaysar just lays on the couch, staring around, you can hear Janelle in the background moving around, you hear her say "piece of shit", no idea what she's talking about.

J: These fucking cameras, fucking nerds, they have no lives.

K:It's their job.

J: How're surviving the two months?

K: Your going nuts after four weeks.

J: I'm not going nuts, I'm low on sleep.

K: Good point.

J: Hehe, god.

K: You're so funny.

J: These people are nerds.

K: Haha, what do you think, they're just a bunch of social outcasts behind the camera's?

J: No, I meant them.

K: Oh, haha. Well, here's the thing- well, I'm sorry, I don't mean to keep giving you my opinion on things. I feel like I'm lecturing you.

J:.. Are you tired or something?

K: No. I just hate it when I feel like I'm lecturing someone.

J: What're you wearing tommorow?

K: My blazer, slacks... I don't know. I know I'm meeting with Julie.

J: Don't believe anything you hear about me. Don't.

K: What, did you stab me in the back Janelle? (jokingly)

J: No, NO. Just whatever you hear, don't believe it.... what?

K: Nothin'.

K... Life's good.

J: What?

K: Life is good. You've got Mr. Bear and Cupcake to take care of you.

(Both keep talking about Janelle's dogs, Kaysar makes jokes about her putting bows in their hair, Jan says she doesn't, she continues to talk about how much she likes Mr. Bear because he's moved with her, been through two breakups, got hit by a truck, Kaysar says that's sad but thinks he's awesome how well-behaved and friendly he seems. He asks if they get along, Janelle says she bought Cupcake for Bear, so he'd have a friend.. not a mating partner. Janelle says that Cupcake/Bear (? Couldn't tell which) looks like her. Kays asks how, she says it's because of the fur color. Janelle talks about the accessories she bought but never uses.

That's enough from me for now. :)

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Kaysar and Janelle have been up all night and are currently in the kitchen.

K: You broke the counter. They are going to charge you for that!

J: *Laughs*

K and J discussing farting. Kaysar says he's heard Janelle fart twice since he's been in the house. She remarks "I take laxatives, what do you expect?".

K: You're regular, right?

J: When I take laxatives, I am.

Janelle gets some water and sits at table. Remarks how her back hurts, saying she should have done some yoga to stretch out her muscles.

Kaysar standing and watching her.

J: Damn, I broke my back.

K: This is the latest you've stayed up - ever.

J: Yeah, I'm going to bed.

Walking by the picture board, Kaysar remarks sadly, "My picture will be black and white now."

They continue towards the sleeping area, hug and bid each other good night. Janelle goes into the gold room and Kaysar to his cot.

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