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August 3rd Live Feed Updates

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James, Kaysar and Janelle in the Gym. They are talking about Howie and something he said earlier....they are whispering, but Kaysar calls him a "fucker". They are talking like someone caught Howie off guard and he didn't answer correclty.

Jennifer comes in and interrupts

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Feed switches to hot tub. April, Rachel and Kaysar. April is asking Kaysar about his life outside...and how hard it was to take off for this. He says he has a really flexible schedule. He is talking about how Michael said he might go to Europe. Kaysar would love to go to Spain, France or Portugal. Kaysar is telling how he is pretty popular with the ladies on the outside.

Kaysar jumps up and yells HOWIE. April dares Kaysar to run and jump in the pool....which he does.

Rachel asks April how the no smoking is going, and if she will continue outside. April hopes so. She says she only smokes that much in the house because she is bored. Kaysar says she was and addict. April says no, all the stress and shit in the house didn't help. Kaysar says he really hasn't go that stressed in here.

April says she can tell when Kaysar is thinking he makes a weird face. Kaysar comments that it bugs Rachel, the April says if Howie doesn't bother Rachel, than that shouldn't. Kaysar asks what one of Rachel's pet peeves are. She replies people who cut through parking lots.

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Kaysar is telling Rachel and April how to say some words in Japanese.

They just asked him if that stuff that comes on the news about the hostages if he can understand it. He's telling them that it's mostly bleeped out and he can understand some of it.

He's explaining some of the terrorists' ploys and tactics.

He seems rather comfortable talking to Rachel and April about his life and his heritage.

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Maggie and Beau in the hammock. They are giggling and slamming the other houseguests, and occasionally saying that they are so bad, that is so mean, and giggling some more.

Their catty (no offense to cats) laughs sound like the Wicked Witch of the West--kind of a cackle.

Every now and then, they look over at the other hamsters on the other side of the yard, and they make comments about which person is talking to which person, and Maggie says, "Interesting."

Maggie says she has had some fun in the last couple of days in the house. Beau says that the best time is when they can all go up into the HOH room together. Maggie says she loves that--she waits all day until they can all go together to the HOH room. (These are the people who were so offended because the others were in the HOH room together the one time they had HOH power--sorry, Mods--couldn't help myself!)

Howie comes over and talks. Maggie says something about whether the voting decision is personal or strategic, "because it can NEVER be both at the same time!" (She said it in a sarcastic or sardonic voice). Howie seems to take this seriously and says it can be both at the same time.

Howie says he has had such great times with Bo-bo in the house, and Beau says he thinks that he (Beau) has had fun on Howie, but not the other way around. He says that Howie won't put out. Howie says he isn't that easy.

Maggies asks how many women Howie has brought home. He says maybe four. She asks if he ever came close to marrying, and he says no.

Beau: Interesting.

Howie says that Beau has grabbed his pee-pee twice since they've been in the house, and Beau agrees.

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Maggie asks Howie who he is voting for.

Maggie says "It's tough, huh?"

Howie asks her who she is voting for, and she says she can't vote. He asks who she would think potentially she would vote for if she could have a vote? She doesn't answer that question.

Maggie: Ooh! What if, what if YOU are the deciding vote? (Again, Maggie with her sarcastic, sardonic, irritating voice)

Howie: Really?

Maggie: Ooh! Are you going to vote personally or strategically tomorrow?

Howie: Strategically.

Maggie and Beau: Really?

Howie: Or personally.

Howie says, "God, Janie--I love you..." He is trying to not answer, hedging around the topic. He still hasn't answered.

Talk turns to sex again. He asks how long they have gone without servicing themselves. Maggie says that is an interesting question. Beau says three years, and neither Maggie nor Howie can believe that. Beau tells about his first time of masturbating, and he was 17 years old. He tells a way too graphic explanation, which I will not type here.

Maggie says she thought 9 or 10 year olds started that.

Howie tells his very graphic tale of the first time, which is even more disgusting than Beau's.

The discussion continues on.....Beau is revising his age to 9th grade.

Maggie: So if a game they do in here depending on you....shooting... you could?

Howie: Oh, yeah! Shooting a load?

Beau has just told a disgusting supposedly true story about a "frat" thing where guys sit in a circle and masturbate onto a biscuit, and the last person to finish (for want of a better word) has to eat the biscuit.

Maggie is horrified, and Howie says he thinks this is true. Beau says there is another one for a sorority and a cat, and the word p---y....He says he read a book about the worst hazing incidents, and Beau continues to tell tales, and Maggie says that is horrible--it can kill someone.

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Howie walks away.

Maggie asks Beau, out of the side of her mouth, lips not moving: "What's he doing?"

Beau: His flunkies are around him.

Beau asks Janelle if her stomach is settling. She says yes. He asks if she is still exercising, and she says yes. Maggie asks what spaghetti she had, and Janelle isn't sure. Maggie says the soy kind (of ice cream?) will make her sick with the spaghetti. (Earlier, one of the catty convos between Maggie and Beau was all about Janelle and how she ate a whole bowl of spaghetti and just did about 10 situps, then went and ate a whole bowl of ice cream. They giggled and made fun of her for a while for that, so they are now amusing themselves by asking Janelle about what she ate, and how she is exercising.)

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April in BY talking to Kaysar.

April is talking about how she has really enjoyed Janelle in the last few days. She has been giggling and having fun.

Kaysar says that Janelle is a great girl.

April says that she knows she is, but she had heard in the past that Janelle said bad things about her, and Janelle hung out with Michael, but she thinks she is fun now.

April: You know what, though, James is the problem.

April says four times that she really does believe that James is the one who has been the problem in the house. She says she really hopes that MF goes home next week.

April: What worries me is, like we are saying that the MF has to go.

April says that they would prefer it if one of them (Sarah or James) was in sequester, and the other was not, because she feels that is what they deserve because of the way they have played the game.

April talks about strategy, giving scenarios of how they will get James out, saying that they basically have to backdoor James, and whoever gets veto has to use it and put James up. She is using the scenario of Howie and Rachel being on the block and backdooring James.

April says he says things like "That chair is mine" and she wants to tell him to shut up. She says that they have to work together next week (to evict James).

Kaysar is quietly asking questions, but April is being a little loud, and he seems to be quieting her down a little.

Feed switches to Sarah and James, playing chess together.

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James sighs.

James: Do you still love me?

Sarah says yes.

Ivette is sitting there with them, and she and Sarah are talking about the moves Sarah can make. It sounds like Sarah understands it more than Ivette understands it.

Sarah says she has learned patience in this game.

Ivette tells James to stop biting his nails, and he says he is trimming them.

Ivette: Trimming them! Oh, that's a new one!

Ivette seems friendly with James.

James: One mistake that Janelle makes is that she focuses too much attention on one area of the board.

Ivette asks if Janelle is good at chess, and James says yes, she is really good, and Sarah agrees.

James: Usually what I do with Janelle is, I just go after what is on the other side.

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Ivette seems to be trying to learn chess by watching Sarah and James play, and they explain the moves they make to her, and she asks questions about possible moves.


April and Kaysar still in BY

April says she knew "he" (James) was going to do this to Kaysar.

Kaysar says that is okay.

April: He's going to tell them who to put up.

April: I'm just pissed. I hate to say that I want to get revenge, but I do!

Kaysar: He is going to try to talk trash.

April: So we need to get him out first, and then the next week you think we should go for Sarah?

Kaysar: If she wins, it is the same as him winning.

April: If Janelle wins, I'll go and talk to her in the HOH room and stuff. I'll be like, "Don't put me up!"

Kaysar: But don't make the same mistake I made.

April: No, no.

Kaysar: Talk to him but still keep your distance.

April: What is he going to do? He'll get Howie and Janelle. Do they want him out as bad as we want that MF out? I'm so pissed.

Kaysar: Yes, yes.

April is concerned about how it will look because she was talking to Kaysar for so long, so she is going to make up a story.

April: I'll go in and say, "I love that Kaysar! He always talking to me about graphic design!"

Kaysar says no, she should go in and say that Kaysar always brings her up when she is feeling down (as a cover story).

April: I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Kaysar: We shouldn't talk too much.

April: I know--we've done pretty well. I still do care about you.

Kaysar tells April that he can read people well and he believes she is not bullshitting him.

Kaysar says that every time he talked to April, there was Sarah, asking what they were talking about.

April: It is amazing what she does. Amazing!

It sounds like Kaysar is going home (after the voting).

April is talking about how she hopes that James will be so freaked out about wanting HOh that he will mess up. She says she has never wanted it so bad in her life. They will talk tomorrow.

April: OK, hugs and kisses (hugs him). Thank you for always making me feel better when I'm down!

April leaves.

Janelle is jogging by, and Kaysar tells her to stop. She asks what April said. Janelle and Kaysar are laughing.

Janelle: Oh, Kaysar!

Kaysar: Come here, beautiful! (laughing)

Kaysar says that "he" wanted to know why Janelle was put up against Kaysar, because now Ivette and (someone--Beau?) would vote against Janelle and not against Kaysar.

Janelle says she talked to James yesterday and asked how he was voting, and he said he was voting to evict Kaysar.

Kaysar says that James is nervous. Janelle says that James knows that Kaysar is talking to the other side, so of course he is nervous.

Kaysar is talking while he is exercising.

Kaysar tells Janelle that James told them, "We have to be sure that Kaysar gets the hell out of here!"

Janelle: He really said that?

Kaysar says that he loves it because when April gets emotional, she spills everything.

April told Kaysar that they wanted James out, and Kaysar wasn't supposed to leave.

Janelle: Did you ask why the f--- they put you up, then?

kaysar says they didn't know what to do.

Kaysar says they should have put up James and Sarah, then.

Kaysar: They are so dumb. They don't know how to play the game. They don't know how to secure themselves. SHe was like, at that point we put both of you guys up because we thought both of you were responsible for what happened to Eric, and now we realize that James is the MF. He came up there and tried to put all of the blame on your for what happened to Eric, and he said that Kaysar was to blame and he had nothing to do with it.

Kaysar says that is why they were trying to turn off James' and Sarah's t.v.'s, because they wanted James out of there.

Janelle and Kaysar say they are so dumb; they are morons.

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HOH room.

Ivette, Beau, Maggie trashing Janelle. Again, the talk about how she had the nerve to eat ice cream after eating spaghetti and claiming to exercise.

April comes in the room.

She says something about how they need to try to all get along for the next couple of weeks. Ivette seems offended; says she is doing that. Maggie says she doesn't want to talk about this now. Ivette leaves to go get something (a bottle of water or something) that someone forgot.

April: I was standing at the front door and Ivette was saying, "Look at Janelle," and Janelle was walking by!

Beau: Oh. Tell her!

Maggie says she doesn't want to talk about it--she doesn't want to talk about anything that has to do with the game. She is going to tell everyone to go to bed.

Now, April and Howie and Beau are watching the chess game between Sarah and James.

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Kaysar and Janelle are walking around in the BY, and he thanks her for being there for him. Janelle is talking about clues, when they will get them, etc.

Meanwhile, the HG's are screeching inside and acting crazy. Ivette was making faces on F2 and even licked the screen several times. Finally, a BB worker yelled, "Stop that!!"

Kaysar is telling Janelle about how they can backdoor James.

Kaysar is afraid that the other side could mess up again like they did this week.

Kaysar says he pointed out to April that they should put up James and Sarah, because otherwise they will fight for each other with veto.

Kaysar says that every single day, Sarah is saying that they can't be split up. (Sarah and James)


HOH room.

Maggie, Ivette and Beau are on the bed, talking about how scary it is to be a parent. Maggie says she will probably forget everything she knows when it is time for her to be a parent.

Ivette asks why BB snapped at her, and Maggie says because they didn't appreciate that!

Jennifer is in the HOH room, too. Howie pops in for a second, and Maggie asks him if he is hiding his tattoo on his back because his parents don't know about it. He says it is not a tattoo. (I missed what it really is). Maggie says it looks like a tattoo.

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Rachel and Howie in the couch. Rachel seems to be crying, and Howie consoling her. (i came late dont know what happened)

HOH watching from spycam.

"I think she's just trying to get attention from Howie, that's her way." -Jenny

(recall that a few days ago Jenny was crying to everyone in the HOH room that Howie was ignoring her)

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Howie telling K and J

"I don't mind if he (James) takes me out, but when he's supposedly on your side, that's a different story"

K recalling how James asked to borrow his FBI hat for the DR room... he suspects James was bragging how he was able to play both sides (Eric and Kaysar) in the last two weeks

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Guest Shockalot

The Friendship is all in bed having a little sleepover party as usual.

Ivette is telling them how her 'Tushy' is so good to her .. she holds her and always looks into her eyes.

They make love in all these different positions.

Maggie wants a Question and Answer type thing.

Maggie asks "What do you mean different 'Positions? Like in different locations or do you mean during sex?"


Ivette gets into various simulated position using Beau as her 'Tushy'.

Maggie says "But that is not sex?"

Ivette protests.. "To US that IS sex"

Jenn, April and Maggie are sitting up in bed watching Ivette and Beau on the floor. They want more positions being performed.

April asks Ivette - "Can you definately say you like 'ClittyLitter??"

Whats that?

Its the lint from our panties that gets in our vagina!


The three girls want Ivette to be the man on Beau.

The Three Voyeurs say that it seems that there can't be as many Positions for gays.

Beau and Ivette become VERY insistant that its exactly the same and there are just as many positions.

Jennifer insists that that can not be correct - there would be all the same for straights but then double.

Wow.. sorry I gotta just sum up because this convo gets VERY XXX with Beau discussing causing premature ejaculation using what they call a 'Male Gspot'.

Wow.. yep.. they are really going into very very detailed .. i mean very very graphic, play by play, descriptions.

Beau is actually demonstating, describing sounds, shapes, fluids, smacking sounds.

Ivette is insisting that Male Gay Porn is superhot.

The Three Straight Girls of the Friendship just want more and more details and want to know every thing.. how they did it, how they put it in, who 'takes it' and exactly when and where.

((Mods.. I promise Im trying to give a real description but make it as 'PG' as humanly possible - its extremely XXX.))

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