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August 3rd Live Feed Updates

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Guest Shockalot

At this point they are going into very detailed discussion about Beau and Ivette 'Tossing Salad' and or having their 'Salad Tossed'.

Beau going into extreme personal details.

Ivette also shares details on 'tossing tushys salad' including doing some charades.

Lots of talk about Feces and ass..

Right in the middle of all the XXX anal eating conversation....

Jennifer (In meek little protesting voice): "But.. thats where I poop out of?"


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Howie just got out his clippers to do some "personal" grooming.

Kaysar asks, "Are those the clippers that Beau used to cut yours, mine and James, hair?"

Yes those are the clippers.

Kaysar askes what all Howie uses those clippers for, Howie said he uses them to trim all his hair.

Kaysar is freaking out and looking for rubbing alcohol.

They are all laughing really really hard.

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Now Howie walked out of the shower to get his toothbrush and just used a towel to cover his front.

Kaysar got on him about showing his ass saying, "My mom is going to see this and she is going to see your ass next to my face!"

And Janey makes a comment about Kaysar should have to see that because he is a christian muslim virgin.

Howie says, "So he saw my ass, he is still a virgin."

Then Howie said something about knowing what you were getting into by coming on BB. He said, "You don't hang out in a barber shop if you don't want a hair cut."

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Guest Shockalot

2:30 BBT.

Kaysar finds himself alone, sitting in front of the Picture Wall.

He is in a state of reflection.

The Cameraman is zooming in on Micheals picture as well as panning along the others.

Janelle comes in and seeng Kaysar reflecting on the wall.

'Kaysar, you are so cute"

Now they stand together reviewing the pictures.

They offer comments about how people look.

Rachel looks good Kaysar thinks.

Neither Janelle of Kaysar like their own pictures.

For the most part they are teasing and ridiculing pictures of those they dislike.

"James Picture.. he looks like he is stoned.. High as hell!"

Kaysar suggests that Janelles pic is saying "High Maintenance Stuck Up'

"Ashleas says 'Dad Spoils me Stuck Up"

Janelle giggles and says that Ashlea's Dad does spoil her rotten and she is a total Daddies-girl.

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Guest Shockalot

Janelle and Kays now in the kitchen.

Janelle asks "Do you think having a partner in this is a disadvantage or advantage?"

Kaysar says its an advantage to be without a partner. You dont have to be always protecting someone else.

He has noticed that aspect is already being used as 'leverage' against pairs.

Janelle gives Kaysar a hug and kiss goodnight.

Kays says he wants to stay up for a while.

20 Minutes maybe.

Kaysar finds his prayer carpet and begins praying in Arabic, kneeling and yawning in between sentences.

(Im assuming that was not part of the prayer)

And with that its goodnight from the houseguests and goodnight from me.

sorry no juicy stuff ;)

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Guest mymancam

7:32 BBT and

Feed 1: looks like Kaysar sleeping

Feed 2: looks like Beau and (?) Ivette maybe?

Feed 3 Rach washing hands

Feed 4: another angle of the bathroom

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rach up and doinh her hair in BR

someone (male) came in to use loo, and you could hear throwing up

Kay is up says "OMG its 9 o'clock"

my feeds froze after that, gonna reboot

HG still asleep in HoH room

rach sitting on LR couch...

my feeds are acting crazy so someone else is gonna have to take it from here

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Maggie: (to jennifer) Sarah asked me "Are you really a dolphin trainer? Do people really believe that?" Then james came to me and said, "I don't know why you care so much about what i do for a living?" I told hime that theres other people in the house that aren't honest about what they do for a living.

(to beau) Sarah came up to me and asked 'so did you study nursing right before you came into the house?'

Lets make her feel like she figured out something that no one else knows. tell her "I know, but lets keep it on the down low"

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April: I can't believe we have to be in here three months. I don't think I can make it.

Jen: Well we've already has been over a month.

April: Just seems so long.

Jen: Only because of the people in here.

April: I want cigarettes. So who do you think will win HOH?

Jen: I don't know.

April: I don't care about myself anymore, don't care what I look like.

(They are in the bathroom primping before they give their votes)

April: Yesterday they were asking me to talk about smoking in the diary room, I told them I don't want to talk about it. They said 'Look, you WILL talk about this'

Jen: They did? Doesn't say in the contract we have to talk about what they want us to talk about.

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looks like everyone is awake, dressed, and some have already voted by this point.

S doing dishes

FHG (jen?): since you've been gone!!

I: can we talk about that horrible music this morning?

maggie: i liked the first song

Ivette asked sarah what was wrong

S: huh? ohh..nothing! [[said as if nothing is really wrong]]

maggie offers to make sarah coffee.

beau: wheres the howanator!

Ivette asks if she will be the only ugly one for the pictures

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I: hey james!!!! since you've been talking so much about eviction lately, if you get evicted soon would you like me to wear my hair straight??

cant hear response

I: oh ok, since it's shitty I will look the part..might as well look shitty huh?

S: [laughs] we don't talk about that.

maggie singing kelly clarksons since you've been gone.

talking about how they wll be locked down around 1 or 2 and wouldn't complain about LD if they had a bathroom outside.

howie is in the shower.

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dave quit his job when maggie was 4-6 months into college to be with her.

he was a firefighter for 7 years to do that.

howie asking if dolphins ever bite her.

sarah asks if she could help with the fish then..maggie says she cant help with the fish, because those are fish and dolphins are mammals.

sarah asks if theres a seaworld in las vegas. maggie says theres several.

ivette asks about dave and maggie some more

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S: howie where did all those dishes come from that were in there.

H: umm..jenny had to eat a lot yesterday.... [jennys in the room]

s: howie....

H: yes....

s: if you don't start doing your dishes im going to throw them in bed with you.

H: i had a bad back yesterday

Rachel bet Howie the coasters that if Howie loses he has to be nice to everyone all day. he lost.

James: he can't even say the B word

Jen: boobies??

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they are all whining aobut the wakeup music this morning, which was also metallica

sound like it was meallica- sabotage, cruel summer, and kelly clarkson.

H: nice boo------ nice glasses rachel..glasses of orange juice...

R: is it impossible for you to not talk about that.

H: hi scara if I could talk dirty about you today I would

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