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August 3rd Live Feed Updates

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Jen is practically asleep at the kitchen table... howie covers her up with a towel.

sarah asks james if the shirt she is wearing makes her look fat. he says he doesnt like shirts like that, but it looks cute anyways.

kaysar is either laying down or asleep in the 'common bedroom'

yep asleep

s: i go into the bathroom and howies LAUGHING HIS ASS OFF..and hes like ah ha ahahahahahahahah and im like, waht are you laughing about?! and he's like, i was thinking yesterday about something that me and kaysar did.

I/A/M outside by the pool

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Maggie tells I/A that sarah told maggie she 'knows' she isn't a dolphin trainer.

sarah said to maggie 'you couldnt come up with anything better....?'

so now sarah thinks she ISNT a dolhpin trainer OR an er nurse.

maggie wants I/A to tell sarah that I/A don't even know it, so sarah /maggie must have an understanding.

maggie really wants to know what james does for a living, but doesnt want to tell james that because it will bring james pleasure to know that maggie wants to know.

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S & H...

S: what arent we supposed to be talking about today

H: I'll degrade you tomorrow

he walks outside

Howie: I wish I could degrade ivette..i can't even sing that carpet stuff!!

howie thanks raerae for something

h: hows the water ivettey.

i: great, you going to join me today?

h: yeah im gonna.

jenny is giving ivette a manicure today.

RaeRae says howies food looks good but she is going to expand if she eats like that...then says she already is expanding.

howie said he found camel hair in kaysars razor.

A: would you really tell me if i was gaining weight.

H: yeah oh yeah- you could put on 8 or 9 more lbs and it would look good.

H: janie put on noticable weight and you think she looks like a discusting pig?

a & r: no

H: exactly.

H: james abs fluctuate and sometimes he looks good soemtimes he doesnt.

sarah to DR.

april never noticed that theres only 4 guys left until the other day.

a: last night i said 4, and beau said nono 3, i am a girl.

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Ivette talking about great chefs and great boobies.

h: I can't talk about that. I can't talk about these or these.. i lost to raerae. i only had an hour left of degradation so i had to get it all out

A: aww! everyones going to fall in love with you today!

R cooked Howies toast, english muffin, grapes, bacon today

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maggie and beau made dolphin noises as 'he' was 1/2way thru his questions.

m: I dont think he thinks im a cop..does he?

b: its kinda funny..to have a hit man in here.

m: that would suck!

jen: paranoia will destroya.

janies up - she went back to bed after wakeup call

m: do i get to be a special cop or just a normal cop? we [b&M] said to james..you're a baliff!!

jennifer and beau talk about what they said in the DR.

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April thinks R likes H..and that's why R is said because s&jam seeing them together and hearing everything

A tld R if she needs to talk A is available, A said don't tell anyone, because R won't admit it.

maggie calls sarah a dirty bitch

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howie comes outside and tells ivette and april to cover up.

maggie tells sarah, howie and kaysar to 'come hang out' [they don't]

b/jen/maggie are told that howie lost a bet...

b: that's awesome!

h: are you sure you're [april] comfortable with your arms out like that?

howie to the DR..everyone claps for him

((ADL's for this human..someone want to pick up from here?))

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Guest mymancam

April, Beau, Jennifer, Rach and Maggie in the BY talking about Dolphin's. Maggie says she only trains two dolphins.

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Maggie, April, Ivette Jen, Beau and Kaysar talking about James outside

Kaysar explains that James whole plan was to discredit Maggie and her group. The reason James wants Kaysar out is because he worked everything out. Kaysar says to Maggie,

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b - the idiots didn't close the bread, there's 5 unclosed things in here

b - this is why because ppl do not close the bread, usee that, u see that OPENED BREAD! Do i this away too?

j - is there ants in it?

b - well yeah...

switches to h and r in gym...

h to r - u have a smart body

back 2 kitchen

b - bitches! bitches!!!

jam - ahhh die little f******

b - bitches bitches

j- is your towel dry?

b - my towel, yeah

b - sure did had to (in answer to a females question that i didn't hear clearly)

b - here get in there eat it eat it you lil bitch

b - spray w/ windex

s - windex or this stuff?

b - windex cuz it kills them on the spot

s- i hope it doesn't ruin the paint

b - it won't

ja- wipe it off

s - says sorry to someone

s- i sprayed them all, gag that is gross

b - it is disgusting!! I just can't handle it!!!

h - what more could we take a picture of???

s- i can't handle these fricken bugs anymore

h be careful of the ant feeder

s- it is disgusting

h - it IS disgusting

b - be carful oputside, i am gonna spray outside

general chit chat

a - howie are you gonna wash? are these your dirty closthes

h - yeah

b- i is gonna get pissed

s- why cuz she wants to feed the ants??????

b - she can make another one, she wants to put bread crumbs in it

james in fridge sarah spraying windex on ants

jam - ahhhh f***!!!

jam - ahhhh F***** a-hole

s - hey pep! Hi!!!

HG screaming in the BY

james still in kitchen making food

jam - i can't tell in the F**** meat is ok, look at this

s - ooooh hi bubba (talking to fishies) c'mere sweetie. it si so funny how ppl friendly they are ( talking bout the fish to james who is ignoring her)

sarah babytalking to fish

s - u look comfy (to fish)

jam - sarah...

s - what???

jam - we NEED HOH in the next two weeks, pressure should be placed cuz it is that important

jam - if you can't handle the pressure then we are both going home, does that not make sense???, none of us handled the pressure last week and one of us is going home

jam - cbs has to be disappointed that it has turned into a girlscout camp, singing fire uuum campfir songs

s- what are u talking about

jam - the other group, what is this big green bowl used for do you know?

s- nope

jam- wheres Kay i need to talk to him

s- i would like to talk to him too


s- i wanna find out if we are gonna be safe with H&R

jam - i doubt it

s - is he outside?

jam - ask him to play chess

s - he wants to take pictures... what are they doing?

james sits down by his lonesome at the big round table to eat, gets up to go look out the window by the sink at the other HG in the BY, goes back and sits down...

james is one of the quietest eaters in the house

b & a come in and maggieb - april come up here!

a - I am

b - c'mon mag

jam - dude Kamrt... he he he

sarah in sitting at kitchen counter james still eating

maggie, beau and april being really loud in another room

jam & s in bathroom

jam - what

s - nothing i just don't feel comfortable

s- about h&r

s - if we get hoh we need to get rid of maggie

j - if we get hoh this week we need to get rid of r&h

s - i'm gonna go talk 2 kaysar

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s, K & h sitting in laundry area... sarah sitting on drayer/washer...

h - i'm gonna go make a turkey sandwich u guys want me to make you one

k - no i can't have one

h - i like the legs....

female yells - ALMOST!!!!

sound cut out... my live feed is so screwy...

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Maggie, April, Ivette and Beau are sitting on the bathroom floor of the HOH. Ivette is talking about James and how he wants to get Maggie out

Ivette: James said, "All of you think as one, if I get HOH you and beau are safe", He's paranoid so thats great that means he cant think well.

Maggie: I should go out there and tell him i'm not the only one that thinks he's a piece of sh!t. He really thinks that once I'm gone he'll be on your side.

April: He's going to be freakin and Sarah will be freaking

Ivette: we'll need to put up two people and let them know we need to get a veto and put him up

April: what if there is no veto, they (bb) are now listening to us.

Ivette: he told me he went up to kaysar and said i can give you eric, who do you hate more than Ivette and knew it was Eric. Only person he trusts is Sarah. If you put up James or Sarah, but not the other they can get veto again. If we put both up, he would let Sarah go home so he can stay.

April: we got to get one out so they are not sequestered together. If they are both up and sarah one the veto, she will take him off instead of herself.

BB (woman's voice): Maggie, can we have you come to the diary room and bring the camera

Maggie: Sure

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Rachel sleeping in one of the chairs so Maggie and April move off so they can talk

Maggie: See this is what James is going to do. He is gonna put up me with someone else and insure and promise that who ever he puts me up with is just a pawn.

April feels that Ivette is being selfish. That she will be happy if James wins HoH as she will be safe. She knows he is going to come after Maggie.

Maggie says, Its not smart for her to let me go.

April: She likes you more now because she doesn

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