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August 3rd Live Feed Updates

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A & I sitting in BY talking

i - most of us we wouldn't be here if it weren't for Mag

I- i don't comprehend how he talks about mag, you need to understand something james, those ppl are the only ppl that i trust in this game, it is a group thiing and he told me that yeah cuz you guys are one...

a - if he gets it next week, if you don't mind...

i - if he gets it hext week all i can tell him is to put up H&R thats all i can do... i am so sure that those two will screw you over that you can come back and get me...

i - ill put myself up there for the sake of everybody

a - why does he hate us so much?

i - he said he needs our support to take out H&R

a - i would be devistated if he were to put up mag next week

i - i don't want to speek for him he's a mess... he changes decisions like he changed his undies

a - you were out here when K told us he was an interrogater, i need cigs

i - what kind of interrogator

a - did you hear him say today that is ok to lie like he does here cuz it is a game and he would never do that in the real world

i - we just need to really think about things correctly we need to take that 50/50 chance... we got blindsided..

more and more strategic talk about james

a - he's not gonna be stupid he is gonna know what we are doing

i - he thinks we are gullible... colorblind and retarted

a - let me ask u this tho... don't u think he is gonna get suspicious when no one asks him to play in the golden power of veto?

i - no (then some long drawn out speech)

a - lets say that u put up R&H are u gonna explain it

i - i am gonna put up jan and rach... thats not fishy cuz i picked both...

a - God i am sick at my stomach

Ivette talking a mile a min about pulling the wool over james eyes

a - that m**** F******

i - was it fun (to mag)

mag - it was difficult

i - come closer ( to maggie)

mag - u guys look intense

i - we just went at it

a - like i hit her once and she hit me back

i - we have to play our cards right... so it doesn't come back and bite us in the ass... you have to take that 50/50 chance with james... id' rather take that 50/50 chance the way kay did... (same old speech she just gave april)

FISH on all

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b and jenn in gym

b - need a towel

b leavs gym jenn still there doing the stairstepping thingy

b - comes back in and can switches to LR

james, rach and kay in lr-

jam- im gonna go to talk to sarah and say "sarah do u regret using it", u can throw a frisbee in the air and it will come back to you, for those that have no friends...

all laugh

r - so u know that well james?

jam - yeah id wait for days, hours sometimes in the rain

all laugh

jam - ppl trust me the least and i am the one that they least have to wrory about

k - ya wanna pat me down?

jam - it is not a legal pat down...

k- back when i used to work for the __dept.... laughs

k is laying on r's lap

k - lazy days of summer go outside and get some color

k - james u have the least color of anyone here

j - i don't want to be out there with all of those F******

jam- i'll lay out tomorrow

r - there will be no time to lay out tomorrow

j- why what are we gonna do

j- this will be the week that R&H get it and i will be out of here anyhow

j- im not allowed to make fun of the idiots anymore..

r- he was pissed he acted soooo... god

j - 37 year old child

r - 36

r - kiss my grits

j- after i break up with sarah i will hole u to that...

they they talk about eating meals and the nutriotions of them...

k & r are the only ones in the LR now

r- but it made her boobs bigger didn't she like that


k- can u imagine if everyone talked to each other like that

r- ooooh! that tickles... stooooop quit it!!!

r - id love to see that group broken up

k - yeah me too

r- yeah just like they want to see us, it is gonna get ugly, if i can get through one more week

k - you will, i got caught in the crossfire

r- you weren't supposed to go, trust me on that

silence cept for the ppl in the background

k - nice

r -c'mon

k - stop it laughs

r - hey kaysar, who's gonna tell you to stop that, they will take our coasters away and then we will have nothing to do

k - i am just following in the footsteps of those who have ruined the game so far

r --wait shhhhhh

r - i thought i heard my name (eavsdropping on others)

silence as they listen to the others...

kay laying on floor with head on couch by R's bum

(GOD he's hot)

r - yawns real loud

k - hmmmmmm

k now laying fully on floor r is checkin him out (I would be too!!! ;))

someone giggling in background

r adjusts and lays flat out on couch...

r & k are a cute couple...

someone in Kitchen getting ice... in background

female - did you hear tha buzzing

k - what buzzing

jenn - i think it was those lights, i never noticed that b4... sips water aaaahhhh!

jenn leaves the lounging R & K to get back to their cat nap

BB jennifer please put on your microphone

b comes in

b - h!

k- hi

b - whats up peeps

k- nothing just being lazy

r - just watching the clouds, lazy day clouds, fish clouds fish, clouds fish

k - did you just say that clouds eta fish...

r- no clouds and fish clouds and fish clouds and fish clouds and fish

k- sea and sky sea and sky, sea and sky sea and sky im going crazy

b - where's my water(gets up and leaves)

silence again switching cams

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Maggie is giving April a pep talk about giving up smoking. She is having bad cravings.

7:50 pm Kaysar and Rachel in the LR

Kaysar: Still thinking?

Rachel: Yeah. . .

Kaysar: Always thinking.. .

Rachel: aha. . .hmmm. . .yeah

Kaysar grunting and getting up off floor now . . . leans his head over Rachel's waist area and puts his hands on both sides of her hips. Looks like he is going to lay his head on her thighs, but instead he gives her a little squeeze then gets up and walks out of camera view.

Rachel: Ow! It doesn't look right

Kaysar: What? I'm only giving you a squeeze

Rachel: Oh, that's right! What would your mother say?

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switching to BY... jenn, april, beau, maggie, ivette..

talking about seeing madagascar when they get home...

talking about leaving and someone says 'don't count your quackers b4 they hatch'

i - BB God please listen to us... there will still be anger, hastiness....

i - this is the thrid time that i've gone to the br

mag - hey can i go to the hoh room yet?

talking about being loud in the loo...

i - it wasn't that bad cuz we would have smelled it..

mag she was laying like this and i was laying like that and some of it seeped out and it was like vomitus... as soon as it started dissipating another one snuck out... talking about aprils gas

talking about dragon flies being good luck...

i - where in maggies world

mag - no in the boraod spectrum of the world

b - there is one resting and 4 flying...

mag wouldn't that be awesome

b - fabulous

gassy april is back...

cameraman doing closeups on the perimeters of the walls of the BB back yard

i - i want to take a nap

i - did you find out what was going out w/ rachel

a - i asked howie and he thinks it is her ex boyfriend

a - i need a cig

mag - don't u have a patch on?

a - no

i - why don't u put on my sandles

mag man i have to pack all of my s***

b - schnikes (my word)

mag - i gave k my trunk the first day...

they are talking about this and that and a loud plane is flying over

b- something about his boobs

mag - let me see

b - gotta work out my pecs

b - i want them like this with a line there...

mag - can we go into the HOH room yet

i - am gonna go take a 15 min nap, i can't eat anymore, my ass is gonna explode...

mag - u took 6 laxitives...

i - don't say that they won't give me anymore

a - do they just give them to you?

i - yeah at home i wouldn't have this problem.. if i go for 6 days without going i'll have a serious problem

a - so u take them everyday?????

i - well i'll skip sometimes, i'll skip sometimes.....

FISH - missed the rest of the convo

- maggie (her GF) cousin didn't go for like 5 or 6 days and her tummy almost exploded

then they talk about how much you need to poop, and about bowel obstructions....

maggie says that her family member had colon cancer but didn't pass away from it but passed from parkinsons...

switching cams... sick of the BM convo

mag and april up in the HOH room

a- u won't have to do anything else up here right

m - no

a - i'm po'd that i don't have cigs

m - why don't you sleep up on the bad

a - i am

a- i feel like i am gonna have an anxiety attack

m- today is a hard one

a - i know

m- you are doing really good april... i've seen alot of ppl when they quit

a - thanks

whispers... i can't hear

mag - you are an inspiration for all of those ppl out there that want to quit

a - i could have spaced them out to last me through this whole hell, it sux because 3 miles down the road i am gonna think about them all the time...

m - hypnosis

a - i cant, well not for cig smoking but they tried and it didn't work on me cuz my mind is too strong... i can't imagine not ever smoking again, i used to only do it when i drink, then the girls in college would sit on thepatio and it was sooo enjoyable.... for 8 yrs. it has always been in my system, i am a control freak and knowing that even if i wanted one right now and i could'n get them makes me go into a panic attack

mag - do you want the patch, it is not a sign of weakness...

a - no cuz then i have to wean myself off of the patch

a - those mother f****** are gonna say that we are so proud of you, and all of those f****** just want a story... i've never gone 3 or 4 days with out smoking... so it is huge

mag - it is huge

a - it is huge

mag i won't ever bring it up again

a - crying --- this sucks

mag - i know, i'm sorry

a - it just sucks that something has control over4 you

mag - cigs are powerful huge... you need to know it is not all in your head, it is physical, it is making you sick, making u hungry.... blah blah blah... if it were easy no one would ever have trouble quitting smoking...

a - this is like my only vice and i've been ok with it...

more of the pity party that april needs... I'm out.

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Guest Jillio

Janelle and Kaysar in GR

Kaysar: He (james) came in here and was trying to talk to me while I was half asleep.

J: He did that to me and Howie earlier.

K: what did he say?

J: we ignored him.

K: He told me he voted for you

J: What???

K: He said he voted for you to leave and me to stay

J: God

K: I told him he shouldn't have he should have voted for me! But when I kind of started to come out of my sleep he said oh no no I didn't do that (vote for Janelle to leave).

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Guest raceingal11

Both sides have been having (off and on) stratigizing sessions for the last 45 minutes; tho I haven't been keeping track so I don't know what all has been discussed.

(note: where are the regular feed updaters? it's been a crazy 24 hours, and only about half has been reported here.)

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James, sarah Kaysar, and Howie talking outside.

James just farted and Sarh is telling Howie he spends more time fixing his bandadnna than on than you do wearing it. Now she wantes to wear one. (wash it first Sarah.)

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James: you look like cinderella

Sarah: (snort snort) Kaysar do I look cute?

James: Go do some chores

James: we need to be prepared cause midnight it's on

Kaysar: thats why i took a nap

Sarah: let's stay up and party

Howie: you better be nice to julie tomorrow

Kaysar: I'll tell her howie says hello, It's very refreshing to have james around.

James: I'm glad you see it my way, I think privitising social security is perfect,

Sarah: I think thats perfect, I put my money in social securty and i'll probably never see any of it.....Hey kaysar, when you're gone can i put my key in your hole.


Sarah: thats not what i meant...oooh we need vodka.... have it with watermellon. oh thats good

(the conversation is quickly changing subjects)

Sarah and James have left to go play chess.

Howie is stretching and working out.

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