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July 29th Live Feed Updates

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Guest pretendingsanity

I: you are going to find out on the tapes, i was so true to you (james), cappy , and B. That's why I have a long face sometimes.

James: like i said, i was used as a pawn and I fucked up, but I will pay the price for that tomorrow, i was told that i was going because i was the stronger player than maggie

James; I don't know what to say, if you guys are being honest then i'm sorry, if your not then i guess i'm a dumbass again.

I: i was accused of a lot of things and when i leave i'm going to leave with a friendship with cappy, nobody can understand that. he is not (eric) a bad person.

James: why didn't you pull me aside and say look, this is what's going on?

Maggie: we were scared.

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Guest pretendingsanity

I: saying how close she got with cappy and tells james " i was close like that with you too"

James; when i told you (I), B and E that i wanted to go to the final 4 i meant that.

James: the only reason she did that (Sarah coming on the show) was only for me, when i came back from the nom. cer. and she was crying i can't explain it but i knew i couldn't leave her here alone.

I: i wish you would have just come to us and said, let's beat this.

James: you didn't want M to go home.

I: we could have done something

James: I did what I had to do

Maggie gets up, says she's going up to HOH room and if anyone wants to come up to talk to her they can

I: is someone already going up?

M: i think rachel is going to start

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Guest pretendingsanity

M in HOH room alone, chewing ice and NOT breathing threw her nose, sounds nasty, now peeing very loudly, flush

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Rachel says how she used to talk to Eric in the mornings and that she really liked talking to him.

Maggie asked Rachel "why did you see Eric as a stronger player than me?" Rachel says "Eric had a strong commanding presence in the house, he got people to follow him and he was good at competitions. I admired him for that." Maggie is satisfied with her answer.

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Guest pretendingsanity

F1 HOH room

F2 HOH bathroom

F3&f4 still on empty living room

Rachel just entered HOH room

R: what kind of music did you get?

M trying to figure out how to use the spy screen

M: E before he left really liked you.

R: I really like E, i hope they play my tape when this is over. I'm not going to play this back and forth thing, i didn't and i'm not.

M: i'm not going to play the revenge thing, me and E decided that's not what need to be done.

M: (to R) i wonder where you stand but i don't wonder if you're a good person, i saw you so much alone last week

R: i felt so alone

M: you had me, we are friends

R; yes but i was worried about everything going on around me and worried cause my partner was going in a direction that i didn't want to go in

R: I think you knew where my vote was going, everone knew

M: why did you see E as a stronger player than me?

R: because i have watched him build a group and they followed him, and he was good at playing, how can you not admire him? i did.

M: what do you want to see happen, do you think there is seperation of sides?

R: i know there is seperation, i don't know what i want to happen, i can't think that far ahead, i'd like to see us all get along.

M: do you see that happening?

R: i'm hoping, who's to say? I know there are people who aren't going to like me for what ever reason, i'm not going to stop saying hello to them, cooking for them

M: what happens when you and Howie are put on the line?

R: i would want to leave, this is howie's game, i would feel like you did, we are not as close as you and E but this is his thing

M: so you would sacrafice yourself for H?

R: yeah

M: you think he's do the same?

R: yeah, but I wouldn't ask him to.

M: i don't want you to be sad

Now they are talking about who they want on the jury.

M: who do you think I should put up?

R: i can't answer that

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Guest pretendingsanity

K, S, Jan, H in kitchen

Jan: i'm not going up there, i know it's going to be one of us

K: i really don't think there is anything you can say or do at this point to change her mind

H: you can't promise anything (refering to the fact that nobody would beleive any promises now)

they are talking that E's pic looks better in black and white and they are glad he's gone.

Jan: morons.

H: (joking) we need to convince M to put up A and I and join our side

[quick question] didn't April say she was going to beg to be put on the block this week? oh that was before M got HOH

M just yelled and asked H if he had a sec.

Jan: it's either me, you (k), or james

K: (to Jan) i don't think it's you because you are just annoying

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Guest Shockalot

Rachel and Maggie having an awkward convo/Interview.

Girl talk about Howie and Rach says she always had a Crush on Howie.. and he is a 'Trainable Man' but she could never get past his big mouth.

She doesnt think you could break him of that.

Otherwise she always loved Howie.

Now Howie is brought into the Interview.

Maggie says its very weird to be sitting there facing both of them together like this.

Howie being a big 'Howie' and Rachel chides him "This is a serious talk Howie!"

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Guest Shockalot

Howie describes how he is not playing 'Personal' but just going for whatever moves he sees.

He tells Maggie that he voted out Ashlea and Mike because he was told this is what 'The Government' wanted.

Maggie asks "So, If I tell you who Im putting up and its not you two.. you will vote how I ask?"

Ohh. Maggie confronts Howie about the Nominations and that he was the one who masterminded putting up her and James.

Howie pretty much says he did suggest it because they were the two toughest smartest players.

He says "I suggest things but the final decision rested with the HoH".

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maggie is telling howie and rachael that if their key is in the box tomarrow then they have a deal.

Basically racheal and howie can not put maggie up for nomination next week.

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Guest pretendingsanity

M, H, R in HOH room

H: this is a game, for example, you made a huge play today(talking of M in HOH comp), this is about making plays and winning games

James is still on round lounger listening to I go on..and on..and on..

H tells M he voted for Ashlea to leave because the whole house agreed, he voted for Mike to leave because E said that was what he wanted and what the house wanted

M: so if i say who i want gone are you going to go along with that?

H: (looks at R)what do you thinK?

R: i'm afraid to answer any questions at this point, (goes on the explain that the house isnt together now they go on what they are feeling)

M: (to H)if you dont' want to answer anything that's fine with me. i was told it was your idea to put me and James up

H: i did feel pressure, i didn't make any decisions, i didn't stomp my foot and say this is how it's going to be

M: so you didnt' have anything to do with it?

H: You and james are strong players that's why you were up. You cannot guarantee yourself i this game from week to week, you can't. (talking about how this is a game and games turn)

H: i love everyone in this house, if someone makes a move in this house they did it to win, money destroys families,

M: so if it's all statregic and not personal, what do i have to do to make a deal with you.

H: my goal is to finish with R so if it helps up to go a step further then i don't see any reason not to honor that

M: R is a really stron player to me, unfortunately i really like her

BB: B to DR

R: making deals is strategy

M; if i ask you for you all not to put me up next week if i don't put you up can you do that?

R: I can go with that.


M: i havent' decided who i will put up, i'll be thinking about it all night

H & R leaving HOH room

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Guest Shockalot

Maggie asks the question to both Howie and Rachel:

"If its not personal and its all strategy, then if I ask you to make a deal with me, what do I have to trust?"

Howie and Rachel explain that while someone could break the deal for strategy, it can also be a benefit (strategically) to keep the deal. So a 'Deal' can be strategic even if there is no personal bond either.

Howie goes on to extrapolate about the whole concept.. he talks of how things switch, why deals can work..

Racheal: "Howie.. What did you just do!?"

Howie: "Sorry, I just spit a piece of bread from my mouth onto my hand and then ate it from my hand"

Howie continues on happy to explain how the game works and what his concepts are and why this and that works.

Rachel all but escorts the Howie out of the room, thanks Maggie and they leave, seemingly satisfied with the Interview.

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Guest Shockalot

Maggie is now interviewing Kaysar.

She asks him very straightforward why he felt he could 'swear on his life' to Eric and then break the deal.

Kaysar is mumbling, fumbling but says that he changed his mind when he found out Eric had not only made a deal with him, but also the same deal with many other people.

I dont know how else to describe Kaysars speach and body language except to say he is being nervous, pleading, slumped shoulders and being well.. groveling.

He all but looks like a nervous kid in trouble with Principal Maggie.

Wierd to watch this especially considering he appears to be wearing a long, brighting coloured skirt (is it a beach towel?)

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Guest cdmon

james enter the hoh room while kay and maggie are talking and wanted to talked to her alone for 5 secs. so kay left

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Guest pretendingsanity

K now in HOH with M

M: when you got HOH i thought strategic i'm not that strong but on a personal level i felt safe

K: i really like E and i know he was upset with me

M: i think the biggest problem i have with you (and i don't want to say anything about religion, it doesn't belong here) but E said you swore on your life you'd keep him safe

K: i did

M: do you think I can ever trust you again after that?

K: I felt that there were multiple promises he was making to people and there was no logic to it,

K: talking about E coming to him asking to be used for veto to get james out on multiple occasions, after telling him to stay out of it when Mike was up

M: so if he would have stayed out of it?

K: ivette would have went up

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Kaysar is still wet from being at the pool and is wearing a beach towel as he talks to maggie. He is letting her know that the decisions he has made in the game are not personal. She questions how this game cannot be personal. Maggie says: "you are actually having fun here". He admits that he did sware to not nominate Eric, but since Eric began to meddle in things the promise was broken.

Mag: So if you have a contract and you see someone else break that then the contract is gone?

Kaysar: Right

Mag: did you talk about it

Kaysar: I thought it was clear, I told him to not get involved.

M: I could have picked him regardless

K: he wasnt willing to take a loss of people, like put ivette up

M: thats perception, thats not what happened, we didn't talk about putting Ivette. I didn't ask Eric because he said he gave you his word

K: I told michael that i couldn't help him, the rules are if they ask you, you have to help

(kaysar leaves, james enters)

James: I know I'm going to be nominated, If what Ivette says, and I just got played, I'm sorry, I thought we were like brothers then it turned into Cain and Able

Maggie: I'm not gonna lie to you, I really wish that you would not have gone to plainly play, Erics word is gold, if he says that he would keep you, he would

James: If I got played, then I cannot apologize enough. When I got nominated and saw Sarah crying it broke my heart. I felt like this guy i thought was like a brother stabbed me in the back. You and I got along well

Maggie: But I heard you say things about other people, things I'd never say about others on national tv, thats not the way i'd play.

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Maggie has Rachel alone in the HOH room.

She says she isn't about revenge, because she isn't going to do that.

Rachel says that she was upset about James and Eric's 21 shirt, and Sarah told him not to do that.

Maggie says that she was surprised Rachel didn't talk to her the first week about this. Rachel says they had an agreement, so she didn't think she needed to. Maggie says they have an agreement of honesty.

Maggie says that she is torn about what to do. Maggie tells Rachel that she saw her alone a lot during the last week. Rachel says she really felt alone. She says she really liked Eric, had a lot of conversations with Eric in the mornings and she really liked it. She appreciated interaction with him and his opinions.

Rachel says that she was kind of uncomfortable with the way things were going in the house, and she saw her partner going in the opposite way from the way she might have gone.

Maggie asks her why she saw Eric as a stronger player than her? (She tells Rachel she doesn't have to answer).

Rachel says he has a commanding presence--how can you not admire him? She did. She saw him build an alliance and people respected him.

Maggie asks what she wants to see happen in the game, now that there is a separation of sides? Or does she see a separation of sides?

Rachel says that there is a separation and she doesn't like it. Rachel says she would like to see them all get along.

Maggie: Do you see that happening again?

Rachel says who is to say? It's unfortunately if it doesn't happen.

Rachel: There are people who, for whatever reason won't like me for whatever reasons. I'm not going to stop saying hello to them. I'm not going to stop cooking them breakfast. That's just petty.

Maggie: What happens when it comes to the point where you and Howie are put on the line, when Eric and I are put on the line?

Rachel says she would want to leave as this is Howie's deal. She says she would feel like Maggie did. She is not as close to Howie as Maggie is with Eric, but she cares for him a lot.

Maggie: You would sacrifice yourself for him? For him to stay in the game?

Rachel: Yeah.

Maggie: Would he do that for you?

Rachel: I don't know. I would hope he would ,but I wouldn't ask him to. I wouldn't ask him to.

Maggie says she thought she and Eric would get so far in the game, and Rachel agrees.

Rachel says she can see that the jury is important, too. Who would you want in the jury, judging you?

Rachel: I'm not gonna lie. I would like to be one of those people. I am well thought out and I have a heart. But that's not my decision, so....

Maggie: Who do you think I should put up?

Rachel: I can't answer that. I don't want you to think I'm not helping you...

Rachel: I wasn't going to be up to all hours of the night practicing a game that was mostly luck...I mean, come on!

Maggie: No matter what, don't change the way we act towards each other, ok? I really don't want that.

Rachel: Ok. Sure.

Maggie: God, this is so difficult.

Rachel: It is unique.

Maggie: I never quite saw myself doing this. I'm sure you felt the same.

Rachel: Howie and I, we hadn't seen each other until we got here.

Maggie; You're kidding.

Rachel says they just e-mailed and called, and she is envious of the others who were able to see each other.

Maggie; All right, stay up for a little bit, because I may....No, I can catch you in the morning if I need advice.

Rachel: You are in the spot tonight..

Maggie: Yeah, it sucks. I mean, I wouldn't change it for the world. I needed this.

Maggie says that she wishes that she and Rachel had been on the team together in the beginning. She feels they could have gone far together. Rachel agrees, and says that she didn't think that far ahead; everyone wanted to keep the partners secret.

Rachel says she would like to be hostess of veto. Maggies asks if that means she doesn't want to play veto? She says no, not at all. She would be honored if she was so asked.

Rachel says that she has to be sure that Howie is with her on any decisions. Maggie says that she doesn't have a bond with Howie.

She wants Rachel to call Howie in and says she has something to tell them together that they should know.

Maggie or Rachel hears James talking to Howie, and they comment on him coaching Howie. The other can't believe it. (I'm not sure which one said it.) Meanwhile, Kaysar was talking to someone and saying he didn't have anything to explain; he isn't going up there.

Howie congratulates her, and says congrats on the great play.

She says it is serious.

Maggie asks Howie what he thinks about how they are on different sides.

Howie explains that they had their clique, he didn't see how he fitted in. He says the door was almost slammed in Kaysar's face when he came in the place, and they wanted Michael and Ashlea out the door right away. He says that this is a game, and Kaysar made a play to switch things up. He says that he wasn't HOH--Kaysar was. He says that Maggie made a great play.

Howie says that if she wants him out for strategic reasons, he understands. If she said it was because he smelled, he would be upset.

Howie says that it changes on a dime around here, just as James has said.

Maggie asks him if he was aware that he and Rachel were in the "gray" area with her group up until now?

Maggie: Well, I say my group, but there wasn't a group. Just me and Eric.

Howie says that he started to feel that people were annoyed that he was in "his kitchen," and giving him looks. So no, he didn't know that.

Howie says that "the government" wanted Michael gone.

Maggie: So if I tell you that I want someone gone, and the two of you are not on the block, you are gonna go with it?

Howie to Rachel: What do you think?

Rachel says at this point, the game has changed. It depends on their gut, what they feel strongly about.

Rachel: It's going in a direction that, who knows at this point? I think, I don't know how to answer that. I really don't. I don't like that.

Maggie: What?

Rachel: That whole... there is probably an underlying sense of what people want to see done at this point, and I don't think people want to shout from the rooftops what they want done anymore, because there is the shock factor.

Maggie is going to "throw some things out" and wants to see what he said.

Maggie says she "was told" it was Howie's decision to put up Maggie and Eric. What does he have to say about that?

Howie says that it is ultimately HOH's decision. He says that he didn't feel like things were when they first started. He didn't have decisions or say that it had to be that way.

Maggie: But did you suggest that?

Howie: You were a strong player, and James is a strong player. If someone wants to do well in this game, that's the way you have to play it. If you don't like the way her shampoo smells, that's not the way to play it.

Howie says that there is a long time left in the game, only three people are gone and it isn't even halftime. He says his people are happy last week, but you can't guarantee yourself next week, who knows who will come after you because you wouldn't share a soda with them! You win events, veto comps and you keep going. HOH is a position of safety and I guess there is pressure on you and you have to put people up. That's the way it goes.

Howie says that Eric wanted Michael out and then the next week Eric is out the door. Things turn, there are plays continuously.

Maggie is just saying "uh-huh" all of the time.

Howie: I love everybody in this house. Whether they want to talk to me again or not, that's fine.

He says that he loses at horse with his best friend and he is pissed because he is competitive, but he doesn't hate him for it.

Maggie: So if it is all strategic and none of it is personal, which is a really great way to look at this, let's say that I ask you to make a deal, if it is all strategic and not personal, what holds you to the deal?

Howie says that you want to finish the game with your partner, so if it will keep you safe in the game another week, he guesses that is a reason to believe it.

Maggie says that she likes Rachel, and if she ever puts her up it is personal because she will feel horrible about that. Rachel points out that it is personal and not strategy. Maggie says that when you look Maggie in the eyes and she makes a deal, you know it will hold, because it is personal. Rachel says a deal is strategic. Maggie says if you take the personal out, then how do you know?

Maggie: So if I ask you for this week, for the next week HOH if you win, if I don't put you up that you will be safe, will you not put me up?

Rachel says that sounds fair.

Howie says he goes with Rachel--she has made good decisions for him in the game so far.

Maggie: If your key is in the box tomorrow, we have made a deal. I don't know whose key will be in there. I'll be thinking about it all through the night.

Howie (joking): OK Can I get anything for you up here??!

Kaysar says he wants to talk to Maggie, so she says sure and they talk in HOH.

Kaysar says that when he tried to talk to either of them last week, they wouldn't talk to him. She asks who "they" are (she is being very cold)? He says her and Eric. She says that she and Eric are two different people, so she can't answer for him.

Kaysar asks why she wouldn't even look at him. She says she never even thought about looking at him, but talking with him, she says that she was okay with getting him out the first couple of weeks. She felt safe personally with Kaysar, and he patted her on the back when she left, and she is not touchy-feely, and patting her on the back when she felt okay with that, and she was uncomfortable with that.

Kaysar: That's okay. I wanted to know where you were coming from in general. I felt that I would learn from it if I knew where you were coming from. I really like Eric. I know he is angry with me and you probably are, too.

Maggie says that she doesn't like religion being brought into the house.

Maggie: Eric told me, and I believe him, so this isn't debatable. That you swore on your life to keep him safe.

Kaysar: I did.

Maggie: Eric and I don't believe in swearing on things like that. Maybe if you swore on the Koran..

Kaysar: It doesn't matter if I swear on the Koran or my life--it is still a swear and it is important.

Maggie: Then what happened? How can I ever trust you?

Kaysar starts explaining, saying that he started realizing that Eric made multiple promises to people that they were final four. He didn't understand where Eric stood, and Kaysar knew that Maggie and Eric were partners, so he wanted to see what Eric would do, who he would side with. He says that he felt it was dishonest, or "cheating him" if Eric stood by Maggie.

Maggie: So what kind of a friend is that?

Kaysar says he couldn't help it, he had to cut his losses. He had to stay out of it and watch Michael fall. Maggie questions his type of friendship. He says that Eric told him to stay out of the veto, and he did. She says (in an incredulous voice): You told Michael NO?

Maggie points out that Eric agreed to stay out of the comp, but Kaysar put him up anyway. Kaysar says that Eric tried to get around that and told Kaysar he would play POV for HIM. Kaysar says that he told Eric to stay out of it, but Eric didn't. Maggie asks if Eric had stayed out of it, would he have put him up? He says no, it would have been Ivette.

Kaysar: I swear. You probably don't believe me, but..

Maggie: Don't bother to swear on anything.

Kaysar: That's fine. I was going to swear but I stopped myself.

Maggie: Good. Don't bother to swear. Talk to me, but don't swear on anything.

Maggie questions what happens with Kaysar's friends in the game. He says that after this is over, if people want to have coffee and stuff, they will go after that.

Kaysar says that he sees it like a chess game. Kaysar says he truly doesn't have anything against her or Eric. She says she DID think that.

Maggie says that Eric was really not going to interfere in the veto. Kaysar says that he was backdooring him by trying to play for him, because he wasn't willing to give up Ivette or Maggie.

Maggie; That's interesting. Because I know things that you don't know.

Kaysar: I would rather leave this week and know that you don't have anything against me. That's how I feel.

Maggie: It's good for me to know. I can't say..I mean you know how I feel about swearing on things.

Kaysar says that he told Eric that he swore not to nominate him, and Eric said he was safe. Then Kaysar told him that he swore not to nominate him, and for Eric not to meddle. He told him the contract was void if he did, but then Eric came to him telling him he was going to play for him.

Maggie (in a condescending, cold tone) is saying over and over that she wants to understand, that Kaysar feels that if there is a contract, then if any part of the contract is broken, the contract is void. She questions whether Kaysar talked to Eric about this, and he says he felt it was understood.

Maggie says that she could have picked Eric, and he would have had to play veto, but she didn't, does Kaysar understand that? He says that Eric was not willing to take a loss of people.

Maggie: I'm gonna tell you, just so you know. I knew Eric was the only one I could trust going up for veto. I didn't pick him because he said that he had an agreement with you.

Kaysar: Right. And when Michael wanted to ask me, I told him before he asked me, because the rules say that if you are asked you have to play, I told him not to pick me.

Maggie: That's horrible!

(Maggie seems to think it is more horrible of Kaysar) Kaysar asks if they had more to say, and she says they can talk tomorrow if there is more.

(Maggie has the attitude of a queen right now, very calm and cold)

James comes in and says she wants just 5 seconds.

James: I know, obviously, that I am going up.

Maggie: That's right.

James; If what Ivette and everybody is saying is true, then I want to apologize. If I was played, then.....

James says it was like Cain and Able. Maggie says that it stinks the perceptions that people have in the game. Maggie says she won't tell him anything about nominations. She says she isn't saying that Eric and Maggie were going to vote against each other in the game for James. But he would have kept James around as long as possible.

James: I know. After hearing what Beau and Ivette had to say, then I can't apologize enough. Because I had a bond with him like a brother, and I can't apologize enough.

James says that he saw Sarah crying, and she means the world to him, and he didn't know how to react. He felt he was stabbed in the back and he will find out in the end whether he acted irrationally.

Maggie says that James is the one who said it was a game. She heard things that James said about people, and as much as she let people talk about other people, she won't let people say certain things on national t.v.

Maggie says that he said things she wouldn't ever allow said on t.v.

Maggie says that James played in a different way than she would, and it might have been smart strategy for the game.

James: I knew all along that his promise to me could be broken through you.

James says that he thought that would be Eric's out on their agreement.

Maggie: James, Eric doesn't need an out.

James; If I got played, then I got played, and I will find out soon enough. I'll be home watching the show.

Maggie: I know. I understand that things in the game are unfortunate. I actually feel for Michael. Not for the things he did in the game. He has to go home and explain things that no one else in this house saw.

Maggie: I think we both see each other as a huge threat, and the way I see you move yourself through this house is very threatening.

James says he went to Kaysar and asked him if the stuff about Michael was true. James says that two girls and several houseguests owe Michael a lot, and that is not something that can be changed easily.

Maggie says she saw certain things in the house with Michael that she didn't approve of, but she won't talk about that now.

James; There are very unfortunate things in this game.

Maggie: There are. Some things that I didn't have any idea could happen before I entered this house.

James says he had never seen the game before he came there, and shit happens, and you have to deal with it.

Maggie; So if I put Sarah up tomorrow (FOTH)

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Guest Shockalot

[Oh Thank Goodness you are here Catnip and Spring .. I couldnt transcribe all these interviews whewwww ]

James interupts the Maggie/Kaysar interview and wants just 5 minutes alone.

Kaysar leaves and James is now in the interview chair.

He simply wants to tell Maggie one thing: Sorry.

He and Maggie go over all the flipping and flopping, alliances and what not.

James suggests that he was maybe 'Played' and even if he was 'played' he still says he is sorry about Eric.

Maggie is telling James that its a shame he switched sides because he doesnt realise that if she was gone, Eric intended to take James all the way to the final.

"Erics Word is Gold" she tells James.

James is running off a lot of scenarios and regrets and how he thinks things went wrong.

They are seemingly already understanding James is one Nominee.

James says "Who would I put up with me?"

Maggie "Well if you want to talk that way then yes.. who do you think should go up with you?"

James: "Im not a bad person"

Maggie "... I know you dont want to be a bad person"

James "You are not gonna get that out of me heheh"

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Guest Shockalot


Agonising between Maggie and James about who he thinks should go up against him.

"I hate this.. I hate having.. to do this...."

Finally James comes out with is... "Sarah".

I would be better off without her. I realise that only one of us will be here anyway.

Maggie: "And you would rather it was you?"

She asks James to think of who he would put up if he was not on the block?

He cant answer.

James: "do you know what I orginally came here for?"

Maggie "5 Seconds.. thats what I remember you saying... or did you just want to take a dump in my toilet?"

I guess I wont be doing that this week.

Maggie "No, you wont."

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Guest Shockalot

James tells her he cant stand it because he can NOT read her.

Maggie asks rhetorically "What do you really do for a living?"

James "Oh boy.. "

Maggie "What if we do the same thing for a living?"

James "Are you a Cop?"

Maggie "Are you?"

With that the meeting is adjourned.

At the door.. James stops Maggie and says "Revenge you will put me up.. but for strategy, Kaysar and Janelle"

James leaves and interview is over.

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Maggie is obviously trying to prove a point about things being "personal" or strategy.

Maggie asks who he would put up if he had been HOH this week. She asks if he would put up a couple? He says that she wants vengeance (laughs). She says that if it is all "strategic" then it doesn't matter.

James says that you can put up couples, but there is one left. He says that he saw Sarah crying, and that is what upset him and caused him to join the other side. He says Sarah is a hinderance to him just because she can cause him to be emotional.

James keeps feebly "joking" and she says "At least you can laugh about it now."

James: If you put me and Sarah up tomorrow, which is what is expected, that wouldn't be a good idea, because we are one strong player and one weak player.

James brings up something that Maggie brought up earlier, and she says that she should never have said that in front of people--she should have said that in private. He says she needed to get it off her chest. She agrees but said that she should have said it privately, because it was PERSONAL (her emphasis on the word).

Maggie is asking who is a good partner, and he says that he told Eric already. She says Eric never told her, and he needs to tell her if he wants her to know, but he doesn't have to tell her.

James; (sweating now) It's a lot more than 10 seconds up here, huh?

James: I can't say because I don't wanna....If I've already screwed myself in the loyalty department or whatever, then I don't want to continue the downward spiral.

Maggie asks who James doesn't think he has screwed himself with?

James says Kaysar, maybe a few others.

Maggie: Then why did you ever leave our side?

James says that she has to look at it from his side. He knows that Howie and Janelle wouldn't vote against him.

Maggie: And now you are working with them?

James: It is just strategy. I'm not going to go into the whole birthday story or anything, because I don't wanna...

Maggie: I don't know about a birthday story. Do I NEED to know about a birthday story?

James; It's just more rationalization for me.

James says that he thought that Sarah's b-day was later, and then he breaks off and says that it is just personal for him. He tells Maggie that he is not going to "rat out" people or tell her who to put up, and she is a smart person and already knows.

James says that he is sure that Maggie already knows who she should put up, because Eric probably told her.

Maggie: Huh. Who do you think should be on the block with you? Who do you think deserves, strategically and personally, because I don't function on one level, who do you think should be up there with you?

James says strategically he doesn't think he SHOULD be on the block, but when it comes to revenge...

Maggie says she isn't going to play for revenge. He questions that and she says she and Eric discussed that.

James; That's your word?

Maggie; I am not giving my word in this game. My word went out the door with Eric. I choose not to play with my word anymore.

James; (whispers) God, I hate to do this.

Maggie: Go ahead. Do I have a heart? Yes. So if something is going to hurt you, don't do it.

James; Strategically, I can tell you that if I am not on the block and if I am used to do the veto contest, I will not use it.

Maggie: And what if Sarah is on the block?

James: That would be a stupid decision!

James; To be honest, I think I would function better if Sarah was not here.

Maggie: So you would feel comfortable with me putting her on the block?

James says that he thinks they would do better individually.

Maggie: And you want it to be you over her? (Staying)

Maggie: You know what? Don't give me names. If it is gonna cause you that much, don't do it. Will it help you or hurt you in the game? I'm not gonna tell you that. It's for you to figure out. Is there anything else you wanted to talk about.

James: Do you know what I came up here for?

Maggie: I don't know. Five seconds is what I remember. Did you want to take a dump in my bathroom?

James: No, I don't think I will be taking a dump up here.

Maggie gives a sarcastic laugh and is very derisive. She says at least they can laugh about it. Isn't that an improvement.

Maggie: What do you do for a living? What if it is the same thing as me? Wouldn't that be ironic?

James; You are a nurse, aren't you?

Maggie: Am I?

James; Are you a policewoman?

Maggie: With that, the meeting is adjourned.

James (desperate now, starts to talk fast): Strategically, I think Kaysar and Janelle. Personally, me.

Maggie: If I want revenge, shouldn't I put two people up? You and Sarah?

James; No, because with Sarah there is a chance I would stay.

James leaves.

Someone was just sobbing and April hugged her. "She" says there are no bad people here. April says that there are no bad people, but there are right and wrong ways to play the game.

Now, Maggie's team are in the HOH room together, having a little party.

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Guest cdmon

april, beau, ivette, april and jenn are going to sleep in the hoh room w/ maggie.

They made a bed on the floor and jenn is in the bed w/ maggie.

maggie grab the remote to turn the spycam on

kay, james, howie and jan are in the gr and talking about what they said to maggie and what maggie said to them

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