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9/2 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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8:57 BBT

K/N grilling, it sounds like they are making steak and tuna.

J/J on couches outside, Jeff play solitaire. Jor watching and rubbing his back


M joins J/J on couches, they all start laughing (I think at N/K)

M comments that she hasn't seen Je smoke lately, said she didn't know he was trying to quit, he said he's not, he is just trying to cut down cuz he smokes so much in here

Looks like the grilling is done and N/K were cooking for the house (WOW! can't believe I just witness this!)

Everyone goes inside to grab there food. M comments that it looks good. K said if it is good then it was his idea but if not it was N idea.


Looks like Jor grab food and went outside.

BB just showed a close-up of the steak (it doesn't look half bad)

K said he thinks they did them well done,

not much else but small talk about food.

M also goes outside

M said she happy b/c sometimes when ppl are cooking he doesn't have the appetite for food, but today she does

Jeff joins them outside, all of them are sitting down enjoying their meal.

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J/J/M talking about the fact that Jor has so many shirt but she likes to wear the "beer" one from the comp alot.

Looks like K/N are sitting in dining room, not going to join J/J/M outside.

M finds this funny, Jor said that it has always been like that.

Not much talk going at both sitting areas.

M comments that they should leave the grilling up to Jeff, Jeff then comments it not bad


K: I hope that once like Jeff is gone the weirdness goes away

N: It doesn't matter, we'll just stick together

more chewing form both groups going on

Jor said that she is full.

Jeff: Not even for a milky way? or cookie dough?

Jor: not for 5 hours

Jordan comments that she is sleepy, and then also said that M mac and cheese today was good

M tells her how she made it

meanwhile inside...N/K were talking about Russell, whether he knows that N is the reason he is gone, N said Ly will tell him. K said that he think R won't be mad, he seems like the type of guy that will give kudos for that.\

Jor comes in to clean up, then the start talking about their cycle cuz N feels it coming.

K said that she is glad he is not a girl

N said that is why she wants to have all boys because of that.


jeff comes inside to put plate up, Jor cleaning dishes.

N getting ready to take a shower in HOH and lay down with her heat pad.

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Nat drinking Mikes Hard Lemonade. Jeff said this is horsesh*t because the 18 year old is drinking and it might be his last night and her can't.

N claims she is gonna get drunk tonight. (Gosh, why won't these ppl realize that she has 21 or BB would be yelling at her right now)


jeff starts singing, brief FoTH.

N decides to take show in big BR, K sat there with he for a little then leaves, said he will check on he every 5 minutes.


K comes back to talk to N

N is drinking in the shower, according to Jeff

Jeff is pissed cuz he wants to drink tonight, but the 18 year is and he can't.

They start to talk about the game, M thinks K is trying to pull a Dan

K comes out


J/J decide to have alone time on the hammock.

K said can i tell u something Mich?

she said yes

K precedes to tell him the deal he had made and broke with Jeff, and how he wanted her gone. K is happy she didn't use the veto on him because of this. Mich said she knows this because it has been awkward between her and the J's. K even said that when he told Jeff he was going on the block, he said that if he won and N went up, he would still vote M to go. K said that he might take M to the end. Told M she telling her this because he didn't want to let her be loyal to someone who is playing her.

M said because of all she has done, she is playing for 2nd place right now

M said that she knows that she has to win to get tho that point, b/c she knows that no one wants to take her. K wants it to be Thursday already.

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J/J start talking a little game, and said that M is the biggest liar, even bigger than Ronnie.

They mention Nat (didn't hear what tho)


J/J quiet and rocking on the hammock.

M/K talking about Pandora's Box, K said that she is losing trust in N because K had a screen showing what was going on and and he saw Nat go back and collect money. This and her not telling as much is causing a big lack of trust in N.

M suggest that maybe N think K won't take N to F2 because N has too many friends in jury.

K talks about the creative words to say how she is on K side and has never had a F2 deal with her.

K thinks N has a deal with one of the Js (didn't hear which one, most likely Jordan)

M said she has been the lone wolf all season, and K brings up that him and N are together b/c of their loss of partners


K doesn't think that Jeff will vote for him, and Jor will not because she knows he lied to Jeff.

K: You know what's funny, I did the same thing that he did to me back to him. He said he put me up as a pond, and I did the same thing.


K/M talks about jury votes. He knows he can't win against N.

K said that N has Russ vote

M:even against me?

K: but i don't know how your relationship was with him.

a little more talk about the Russ/M relationship.

K: Russ knew I was trying to get him out.

mentions other times he was one board for evicting Russell, such as with Ronnie's HOH.

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K beleives that Ly will vote with Jessie and Russ, not for him.

said nat is working for the J/J vote, K ruined it this week.

M said she knew she was in a fake alliance. She has always been alone in this game.

K tells he that Jeff just wanted to duped M. Part of the deal with N/K was M going out.


J/J leave the hammock, game talk between M/K stop. Jor goes inside

M mentions that she probably has a million crotch shots because she sits unladylike (if she only knew...)

nat comes out :its 10:10m, everyone make a wish

M: I wish i was drunk right now

Jeff: I want to go back to reality, where people who are 21+ drink, not 18 younger drink.

Jeff: I don't understand how pp get so drunk off so little here.

Nat trying to convince pppl she is not drunk

N: let's do something fun, like play bullshit, because you're all a bunch of bullshitters.

Jeff: what planet and I on?

Nat trying to convince everyone to play BS. (she is clearly drunk, and this is quite funny)

N/K inside, N starts whispering something, then ask if anything happen in the shower, he mentions he told M about Jeff screwing her over.

N still trying to rally everyone to play BS.

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N to K: what should I say, cuz i can call anything out cuz I'm "drunk" right now ( while she might be acting a little, you can tell she is at least buzzed)


Jeff still pissed about no alcohol. Lots of in and out FoTH because Nat is talking about her dad working for Nestle. (she is acting more drunk than she is now)


game finally starts, N is getting "sassy" with her responses to ppl.

(taking a quick break, Brb)

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10:27 BBT Oh great Bullshit is going on in the kitchen ......A tipsy/drunk 18 yr old Natalie being {more obnoxious and} louder than usual..

People really seem not to be into the game as they were a few nights ago {so I predict an early end to Bullshit}


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10:40 BBT

Well bullshit has ended as Natalie insists they play 31.. everyone giving a half hearted..yeah..

Other than that nothing going on of interest..

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Jeff and Jordan have invited Natalie as a new roommate tonight..

"Is Jordan a good kisser" as Natalie asks "what else is Jordan good at"...as Natalie tries to ask Provocative questions..as now Natalie saying "its messed up" Jeff doesn't take Hawaii....as Natalie tries to "instigate" J&J trouble.....Jeff "i should have just took the cash from Kevin..no argument"

10:49 BBT Jeff a little annoyed.."first off you shouldn't be able to......nevermind" as Natalie inquires what he was gonna say...

10:50 BBY Kevin looks just as annoyed as Jeff...

Cards continues....Natalie still acting/really drunk.........and candy munching...

10:51 BBT 31 continues.."so I can stay in the room with you guys for real" Nat asks..J&J

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10:56 BBt Natalie trying to cheat as she declares "there are special rules for me" as Michele tells it "there are no special rules for you"...

Jeff "you slugs those back like an old timer' as she swigs her Mike's like a dude...natalie singing her praises about her "over cooked steaks' from dinner...as Jeff keeps getting BB warning about his singing..

10:59 Michele's getting annoyed with Natalie...as [all of are] as they continue playing

11:01 BBT Card playing "playing truth are dare ..I decided" as she is saying she's making house decisions.....as her obnoxious level is reaching epic proportions..even for her..

11:03 "you should cuddle with me instead of Jeff" natlie says as Jordan snickers.."you straight up laughed at me Jordan" Natalie grates..

11:05 The game goes on and michele says Wednesday is "vacum day" as Jeff gets mad when Michele says he never does....Natalie grates in "don't throw stones" about jeff not vacuming.....

Michele "i was just kidding' {you know she wasn't}

11:07 the torture continues...

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11:09 BBT

Natalie tries to question if J&J will talk to her after its over..{like she doesn't know the answer to that when the facts emerge}

Jeff still complaining about the BB house being dry tonight..

Jordan returns from SR check as Jeff says "can we get a reason why" no booze...

11:11 BBT Natalie "why do you keep giving me dirty looks" as Natalie says "don't mad dog me" to Kevin.....

"that was like a $5000 package" natalie throws out there about Michele POV prize....

11:15 BBT Natlie being an {insert favorite insult here} while playing cards...

11:16 Kevin looking downright pissed...as Jeff is being extremely tolerant of natalies booze act as he needs her vote....

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11:19 BBT

Jeff "no ones playing truth or dare"

Natalie "Casey would still be in this game if he kept his damn mouth shut" {hopefully she's saying that about herself next week}

11:20 game breaks up as everyone scatters fast..even faster when russell use to make his room clearing farts....

12:22 BBT

Natalie declares she's done with the Mikes as Natalie stalks Jordan as she like Jeff have to kiss up to her for votes...

11:23 BBT ..Natalie asking Jordan we still cool and says "we have our deal" as Nat tells her "you've come to your senses" to wanna stay..Natalie saying "i'm winning" next week as Jordan has no worries...as Natalie says "you're coming with me to the final two"

Jordan says "i don't think she trusts me....she's real standoffish" as Natalie "she's offering me everything to keep Jeff" and offering her "HOH" Jordan "oh my God...she wants him here that bad"

11:26 BBT...Jordan telling Natalie what michele's intentions are...as Natalie tells Jordan "I'm not voting for Jeff"..and tells her "you're good girl" as Jordan thinks Michele would waste her HOH/POV to get her out...

11:27 BBT Kevin comes out..as Nat whispers "does Jeff realize he's going home" as Jordan who was ready to throw herself down says "i think so" and seems happy to be staying.. Natalie tells Jordan not to tell Jeff..

11:29 BBT Jeff back outdoors as convos halt...just general chit chating about sleep..

"fun in the sun and picture day" Jeff says....as Natalie says "you and Jordan making out" as an idea for pics...

11:31 BBT Natalie "i'm about ready for bed"

Natalie grates..."why you in the corner by yourself..she says to Kevin whose on the hammock..as she says "you look like an L" "a loser" as she asks Michele if kevin looks like "a loser" who throws her a look and if looks could kill we'd have our first BB casualty

11:33 "i would be talking to Chima right now if that skank wouldn't have taken her out" as Michele says "you're ridiculous" as Natalie asks "why you looking at me like that" as Natalie roll calls if she's ridiculous...

11:35 BBT Natalie changes her tone as Michele takes a seat at the couch.."what up Jordo" as Natalie repeats.."Jordan is sleeping with me tonight" as Natalie says "the guys upstairs..the girls downstairs"

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11:39 BBT Natalie dictating where people sleep..as Natalie says "who wants to spoon with the crazy bitch" and Jeff says "relax"...

Kevin in HOH pissed as Natalie asks "where's Kevin".....

Jeff sings FOTH

11:41 BBT Natalie just going on that's Jeff says to her "don't make trouble where theres no trouble" asNatalie tries to instigate about Jeff "ex girlfriend"

11:42 BBT J&J jordan doing their laundry folding clothes on the pool table...as Natalie goes on about Jeff's ex....Jeff who has no choice but to take it buts says "jordan for sure" when Nat asks "whose's prettier"

11:43 BBT Natalie trying to asks about long distance realtonships ask natalie ask if they would move to where each other live.....as the walk to the red BR with natalie in tow..as Nat tallking about "break away" from the families....as they agree to "go steady" just to shut Natalie up but she getts louder as "the matchmaker of BB11" as now is making living arrangements for them...as Jeff asks "can I work in the salon"...as Jeff says he can't leave his job..."a family takes money"

11:46 BBT Feeds are foth for several minutes...

11:47 BBT there back as Michele goes outside mumbling to herself..as she parks it by the HT and sticks her feet in..

11:48 BBT Jordan comes out "chillin by the Jacuzzi" Michele says as she wonnders what's going on..and Jordan 'you mean everybody's crazy" as Jordan.."i'm gonna lay down" and heads back in as we keep getting FOTh...

11:50 BBT Natalie asking if Braden was going to Austraila.."he's homeless how is he going to Australia" as Natali continues "i din't like him..or didn't know him"

Jeff asking about wrap party..as they talk about it being in "Vegas" as Natalie "this ones not BB" as she guess "evel dick' is hosting it..foth..

11:52 BBT FOTH and Michele playing solitaire on BBAD...

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11:54 BBT

Michele talking to her cards.."my back hurts"

Natalie talking about seeing and smelling her BF "just for 5 minutes"

11:55 Natalie in SS room with J&J asking him who he's bringing to the wrap party "probably one of my buddies" as it triggers a FOTH

On BBAD Michele accidentally dropping some cards in the HT...

11:56 BBT Back in SS room Wrap party talk...as Natalie telling the,m BB paid for 1 person and another foth...

11:58 BBT talking abot season 5 when they met diane..Natalie didn't know who she was....and J&J knew as they had watched the DVD as they talk press day..."that was a nightmare" Jeff says..

12:00 BBT talking about the finale and since eveybody is there why don't they just have the party that night.....as Joordan says "just pay for own drinks"

as Natalie goes on about them staying together for a few days....Jordan says "3 days max..then I would"

Natalie "where's Kevin and Michele" as Natalie "there scheming".."those bastards are making a final two" as she yells "schemers...schemers" and leaves..

12:02 BBT Michele "is going to be pissed" as J&J laugh at the dirty looks Michele was giving natalie..Natalie returns...saying "she's coming after me anyways" as natalie returns...

Jordan rips one.."That stunk" as Jeff hightails it out of there...

12:04 BBT Michele in bathroom kinda making those goofy smiles at herself..as Jeff comes in "what's going on" she asks as Jeff says "she's drunk" and Michele "is she really?" and Jeff says "yeah"..OK as Michele giggles her way out...

12:06 BBT Jeff back in SS room as Natalie instigates some more......this time about cuddling.....

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12:09 BBT

Jeff flips the lights off as Jordan talks about "not seein nuttin" before the eyes adjust...

12:09 Natalie seems to be passing out.."she gone....she's out" Jordan declares {as all live feed updaters aroung the globe celebrate}

12:10 BBT J&J talking about noy getting drinks tonight....

12:11 BBT Michele comes in...and makes some jabs at Natalie "i'll go back outside and scheme...or do laundry".....

J&J just small talking in bed....

12:15 BBT Jordan keeps saying "No not today" to Jeff as Jordan swears she just heard someone say her name......"little jeff is trying to hook it up" as Jordan says "its not up to little jeff" and Jeff asks who then and she says "big Jeff"

12:17 BBT J&J in bed....Jordan being a little chilly towards Jeff tonight...as he flings the covers off because he's hot in his sweatpants..

12:18 Jeff complaining "i ate so much tonight" as off the pants go.......Jordan now "ow..." about her sore "people" as Jeff jokes about the pimple POV.."pop that veto"

12:20 BBT "you look like a very sexually frustrated person"Jordan tells jeff...and her saying "i'm not doing it on camera" as he says he's always getting "shut down"

Jeff "we lost" as Jordan says it feels wierd about the game as Jeff says because it was "so close" as Jeff says he'll "go out with class" as Jordan says she'll do the same .....when she's evicted..."its over..time to get over it" as Jordan says she thought he would be bitter and pouty....

12:24 BBT Michele outside alone....{why doesn't she just talk to the cameras..} as she mumble while checking her laundry...

12:26 BBT She heads in to the BR

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12:30 BBT

J&J talking about BB10 as Jordan talks about Renny.....

J&J talking about his haircut as Jeff says "i do get frustared easily" as he says Jeff insults Jordan as "leanring through the process and" she's "not"...as Jordan "why are you trying to make me better" as Jeff laughs who's he to tell anyone to be better..

Jordan "you're suppose to believe in me"..and Jeff "jordan i wouldn't be with you if I didn't believe in you" as Jordan laughs as she says he sounds like a card...

12:34 "oh my God that tickled so bad" as a lot of ruffling under the covers....Jordan makig fun of Jeff as he laughs at her imitations of him...

Jeff "this fucking toona" about his tagline he's got from BB...

12:36 More J&J giggling over her imitations of him...

12:37 Jeff talking about 'my Buddy Andy" and FOTH

12:38 BBT Camera on the BR dorm...so I assume Michele is in there {maybe crying?} 12:40 BBT Michele emerges..as she washes up...

12:41 BBT Michele heads back outside and finishes up her laundry...

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12:49 BBT

Michele making her rounds around the house as she eneters the SS room.."Michele?" Jordan says and all you hear is Natalie's breathing...

Michele "this is the earliest" they have ever been to bed..."what?" both J&J says as she says if they are suffering from "hearing loss"..as Michele giggles and mumbles..as Jefff hears something and says its a "mouse"

12:52 BBT

Everyone in SS room in bed and Kevin in HOH....as its getting quiet now...

12:54 Jeff "i lost ..its over" he tells Jordan in bed...as they talk "armpit" as Jordan sounds really sleepy..

12:55 BBT "something smells like garlic" J&J observe as Jeff balmes the balnkets...and Jordan says its Jeff's fingers..

Michele says "you can send me out of the room" if they think its her..."you're fine Michele" Jordan says as Jeff thinks its him..

12:57 BBT Everyone in bed...small talk with J&J..

1:00 BBT a lot of restleesness except Natalie who's out..Michele gets up....."i'm bored"... and anwers her growling stomach.. Michele gets up to put on her purple hoodie and heads to the kitchen.. and Jeff gets up to pee

1:03 talks to Michele briefly as Michele cooks up a late night snack..of overcooked steak...she saws through it..as Jeff goes by and heads back to bed...

{I'm done for tonight.....be back tomorrow}

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7:14 am BBT - Starting to hear some bed sheets rustling around but, all still asleep.

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