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7/17 - Live Feed Updates


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6:30 PM BBT Nothing new to report. Russell and Natalie are whispering again on the coach by the chess table but Michelle is doing dishes so the conversation can't be heard well. Russell is very good at whispering and Natalie talks to fast. I think they are laying out there next 3 victims: Jeff, Jordan, then Casey.

6:40 PM BBT Russell is telling Natalie that Ronnie is looking innocent while he goes around spreading things about everyone. Natalie mentions that he is the rat that they don't know about. More unheard whispering and Russell tells Natalie not to talk to anyone about it and he will tell Jessie later. (wish I knew what they were talking about-Goldylucks) Natalie, no longer in whisper mode, mentions that the ID LD is ending, she can see the door, and that they will be in OD LD soon. She expects they'll be outside for about 30 minutes.

6:44 PM BBT Ronnie is called to the DR. Brief FOTH.

6:50 PM BBT Everyone is getting up from their naps and preparing for the LD.

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7:00 PM BBT Jessie and Russell meet in the SR. Russell is annoyed with Ronnie. He calls him the Don of the house and says that he is walking around all smug. He mentions that when he won POV he never "acted like that". He kept his mouth shut. Jessie mentions that Ronnie told him he liked Jordan because she was nice to him and he wants to keep her around. He is trying to get Russell to try to make nice with Ronnie so that he'll find reasons to like Russell and want to keep him around too. Russell just mentions over and over that Ronnie may be helping them now but that he doesn't trust him at all. Russell is called to the DR twice but for a while, he just ignores it.

Ironically, Jeff, Jordan, and Laura in the BY and Jordan mentions how they (athletes and their group) don't even have the power this week and they are acting like they do. "I would never act like that"

7:10 PM BBT FOTH then trivia.

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8:25 BBT

Feeds back. Laura, Michele and Jordan in steel room.

Ronnie and Russ in HOH.

Laura and Jeff nominated.

Laura saying at least she can fight for POV. Says she won't be mad if she leaves, b/c she doesn't like the people, but she wants to win the money. She's happy she was nominated and not backdoored. Michele leaves and Laura pulls the covers over her head.

Kevin, Chima and Lydia (bitching) in the red room, saying why Jeff can't sleep somewhere else.

8:30 BBT

Jordan jokes to Laura about all meeting up at the O'Hara airport in Chicago.

Jesse and Nat in bed in red room.

Casey and Jeff in kitchen. Casey comments it's the mob mentality in the house. Jeff calls them scumbags.

8:35 BBT

Russ and Ron hug in HOH room. Russ says the trust is there now and thanks him. Ronnie says he has a poker face and now they know 1000% which side he's on.

8:40 BBT

Laura and Jordan decide to go outside. They change their minds and end up in the recycled room. Jordan asks if this was Ronnie’s plan and Laura says she doesn’t know if this was his plan to put her up and FOTH.

8:45 BBT

Ronnie’s in red room talking with Jessie and Nat. Kevin, Lydia and Chima are also in there. Jess says that’s his first time in 6 weeks (of being in the BB house as a whole) that he’s gotten a key and Jess didn’t know what to do with it. Jess and Nat reassure Ron that he’s fine and they have his back and he needs to relax.

Lydia isn’t feeling good, saying she’s just going to lay around until she can go in the DR again. Jess says about him getting some chicken and Nat says he can’t eat it b/c she (Michele-?) made it. Lydia says it’s poisonous and Nat chimes in that they didn’t make it for them. Jess says she (Michele-?) offered him some.

Jess and Nat join Russ in the kitchen.

Laura and Jordan whipsering plans in the recycled room. She says if she leaves, they must put Ronnie up against Jessie and keep Jessie.

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8:25pm bbt -- f4 steel room; laura, michelle, jordan and laura is saying they planned this out, but if i don't win POV i want you all to vote me out with them, you have my permission... don't go against them.

HOH is Ronnie and Russell talking... didn't catch what was said, but Russell said well it is what it is and I made a deal with you then feeds switch to red room and Nat telling Chima just to take Jeffs bed and Nat saying I don't know why Jeff cant sleep in the steel room, chima says i'll get a matt and sleep on the floor, I do not care, I am not in the mood to fight tonight.... (for sure laura is up) not sure who the other one is.

at 8:29pm we get trivia again

8:31pm feeds back: Jeff eating at kitchen, Casey comes in and says the mob mentality around here is amazing... Casey says when do we get to go out.. Jeff said I don't care, Casey said just asking... Jeff gets up and throws his plate in the sink and says I'm not washing it... Casey smiles at him.... Jeff walks back, I'll wash it, don't want to be a scumbag. (F1/2 on kitchen with Jeff and michelle going about their business not talking F3/4 on steel room with Laura and Jordan talking about how it might help their backs sleeping in there... feeds switch on 1/2 to HOH with Russell and Ronnie and Rus asks if Ron wants him to talk to Jordan and Ron says not tonight if the opportunity comes up and Rus says well she needs to understand you have a wife and family.. Rus says well thanks man, well I know I can definitely trust you.... They leave the HOH.

8:36pm bbt Jeff in kitchen getting a drink and rus and kev walk in,not one word said and kev actually gets out of Jeffs way when he puts the milk back up. In steal room jordan says who is next, laura said well it depends on who wins HOH.... red room rus walks in and asks why everyone is so somber... chima says I'm just hot.... steel room jordan and laura decide to go sit outside and at 8:38 we get foth

8:39 feeds back for a few seconds and laura and jordan in green room and jordan says i don't care if they like me or not, then says do you think ronnie had this planned all along? and we get foth again at 8:40pm

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8:40am bbt -- ronnie in red room talking with jessie and nat... cant hear it too good.. but i hear jessie wispering saying don't worry dude we got your back and then how excited he was when he saw his key jessie says i didnt know what to say "thank you ronnie"... nat says i saw russell go up with you what did he say, ronnie said ill tell you later... now kev and chima wispering to ronnie in red room and as he leaves he asks if anyone wants anything from his room, sour patches, candy or something and they all jump up except jessie and lydia then jeff comes in and just walks right past nat to get something and then after he leaves the rest of them leave the red room.

back in the green room, Jordan said I cant believe he turned on us though i mean with braden, laura said why are you surprised then jordan says yeah but if it had been the other way he would have done the same thing so it doesn't matter, laura says yes exactly....

8:45pm ron, kev and chima in HOH eating and talking and ronnie saying i guess they are not that popular... kev says i wish i could be like you, ronnie said what do you mean, kev says all calm cool and collected.... nat and lyd show up and say we're here... ronnie says how was my speech and nat said it was good, ronnie said rus said he was sweating it, nat said im not gonna lie i was too... of course nat takes over and says that laura told her what ron did was smart cuz it makes no sense to put two of them up cuz they would still have the numbers .... now they are laughing because lydia says she heard jordan ask if she ws gonna try for the veto and laura said yeah i'm gonna try and im gonna get it... nat says yeah just like she got HOH?

Michelle and Casey in the LR... casey asks rus if he's gonna work out, rus says yes how about you, casey says not at 9 oclock, it hard to get wound up for that... he says to michelle hey at least we got to see another human today, another voice, michelle says another boy too and giggles... casey says thats true.... casey is joking around that he hopes his wife doesn't get another man, you know people change... casey says i dont know am i naive i mean i don't know if ill be able to handle this kind of attention outside of the house.... feed switch to green room... laura says you have to be nice to people, i learned the hard way, whatever they say just smile at them, play it cool and do what you have to do, if they ask how your voting you say i dont know, laura said i should have never told them i was voting out chima....jordan says god i wish she was out of here..... laura said i think they just put up jeff just to tell him to start acting right, athletes wont vote for him, jordan said noooo, laura said think about it, why would they, if jeff wins HOH they are safe.... laura says i wont even campaign, its ok, theres no point in me campaigning, im gonna try to win the beto and if i dont then its ok, i will just go home.

(im off to watch bbad... be on later in the am)

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