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7/17 - Live Feed Updates


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In HOH they are playing with the playdough that ronnie got.

Casey is the first one out. :2thumbsup:

He excuses himself"I will leave you to read your letter again''

Jordan is next out. She goes out to talk to casey and laura on the patio

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10:21 BBT Well the whole house is in Ronnies HOH. The people he screwed over are mostly silent while Chima and Natalie are smooching away..

Ronnie was a little annoyed BB gave him the soundtrack from Legally Blond rather than the Musical{no comment}

Well Jordan leaves and Laura follows and they head out back..."God I hate Jesse"..."he's an idiot"...Jordan down "I wished we won head of household" and Jordan goes over her mistakes...Laura hopes to be put "so I can fight for the veto"........Jordan says "see how they were kissing his {fat} ass"...Jordan says "we need to work together".........Jordan says "we have to least make the jury house" saying she was more confident going all the way not so much now..

Jordan says "we need to get rid of that load mouth" Laur "who" and Jordan "all three of them"...Jeff comes out...."Ronnie's a good guy"{yeah....sure} and tries to stay positibve that the "those people" suck the fun....and how they made "fun of him all week".....Jeff says "if his people want to be stupid" he doesn't want to get in the "way of that"

10:29 BBTJordan "i like him as a person" and Laura "he has a good heart" about Ronnie {hmm lets see if we hear this after noms}

Laura being strong willed repeating for the millionth time she's not gonna be "railroaded" into doing things and comprimise her integrity...

Again.....Jeff and Laura ragging about the rest not showing emotion.....

10:31 Dead man walking err Casey comes out and trying to stay positive.....talking about the "shit ton of variables".....saying that they need to "stop arguing"...Casey says that he plans to "make em even madder by staying calm" {lets see if that rings true after noms}

Casey "i'm tired of talking about it" and thnking about it........Laura agrees..but Casey keeps talking about it..."i don't know if I'm good enough for this game" saying he doesn't have the desire "to chase people around"...

10:35 BBT Laura "I'm glad were staying outside so they can't hog the backyard"...Casey saying "lame as hell" that they can't be in the same room..{I beg to differ since I don't want to see theit smug faces on my screen}

Casey still saying "we still have 5 votes...I think"..Pity party continues...

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Laura''I hope that if he puts me up that he lets me play for veto and doesnt backdoor me.''

Jeff''I am happy for the guy but I didnt like the 'suck suck'

Casey''we still have a bunch of options, my advise , stop arguing, you cant win'. there is never a sure thing in this house. I just put on the happy face. I am not going to see these people after this. I am not good at this game. I dont like chasing people around.'' chain smoking

Laura''I am glad we came out here so the dont take over the patio''

casey''that is lame as hell we cant go in a room cause they are.''

Jordon''i am skeptical about michelle''

Casey''i based 90% of my vote based on what she said.'

Jordon''casey, wasn't it so funny when jesse and russel were out here strutin' around out here?"

Casey'' like peacocks'

long silence, {they are so bummed}

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10:39 BBT

The the pity is flowing in the backyard with Jeff Jordan Casey and Laura...A little positive with a little defeatist talk.....

Now seems the silence is a moment of reflection....Casey talking like he regrets looking inthe camera "I vote to evict Chima's behind" and says "I feel like an idiot"...Jeff "me too"...Jeff "ronnie is a happy kid" and Jeff hopes they are "ruining it by playing" their games..{Clueless much}

Casey now being real "we got hustled" and now "its just a game" Casey "3/4 is deceit"...talking about what they have out of the house..

Casey said Jesse told him "you're gonna regret it"....."I don't think he knew" Laura wisely says and say he as they weren't on to "Ronnie's mind games"

10:44 BBT Upstairs the smugs being smug...Ronnie called to DR..Chima being Chima...Natalie "who was the first to leave" and says we need to bring that "to Ronnie's attention"...Natalie "I can't stand Michele right now" {most of America feels the same about you}...Kevin says something...unimportant...

Jesse "she doesn't care" about Michele and Chima says we need to be fake to Michele because if she gets power "how am I gonna defend you"

10:48 BBT Downstairs a lot of long faces "I hate losing" Jeff says while Casey says "you hate two weeks in a row of the fucking gloating"......Jeff saying he gets fucked for giving "the benefit of the doubt" here in the house and outside the house...Jeff saying "I made some bad choices" from the start....Jeff even he started over "i can't be one of them" and Jeff says I'm your anchor..

10:51 Michele come out saying she was bummed seeing all the pics "a buzzard away"..Jordan apologizes for saying "fag" earlier....Michele that's ok...."ronnie was so excited" and Michele unexcitedly says "ya"

Jordan "I wish we still had Braden" Jordan talks about sleeping arrangments........laura "jesse doesn't have a bed"...Jordan "why doesn't he just sleep with Natalie" and jordan compliments Laura's HOH performance..

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Casey''lets lick our wounds. Live to fight another day. He cant put all of us up''

Laura goes inside

long silence

Jeff'' i hate losing"

Casey''I hate the gloating'

Jeff''i believe people and get it in the end. I made so many bad choices''

michelle comes out

Jordan''michelle, i am sorry i said fag, i didnt mean to offend u''

Michelle''i know''

Jordan''I am not sleepin with lydia tonight''

michelle''jessie doesnt have a bed'

Jordan''he will just sleep with natalie''

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jeff ''they better not try to take my bed''

Jordan''they tried to kick u out?


Jordan''who's bed is it?''


jordan''lets go in there now before...''

jeff''i dont want to play that...i might snap''

Jordan and Laura are goin to go lay in jeff's bed.

jessie-chima-natalie are already in the room talking ab out bed and who sleep with who

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Kevin is trying to get jeff to sleep in the pool room with laura and jordan.

laura'' i want to stay in my bed''

Kevin''natalie is on the raft''

jordan''ask jeff''

laura'' I would rather not have to move my stuff''

kevin leaves

Laura'' they are trying to get us out of our beds. Lydia just wants to be in there cause jessie is in there. I am not moving''

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10:54 BBT The smugs upsatirs making fun of laura and people from other seasons....Jesse smooching Kevin's ass saying what a good player he was this week...Jesse talks about his season....."should we give his room" Natalie says...they leave "its gonna be awkward" Chima says about going downstairs... They leave HOH..

10:57 BBT Jeff still bitter about being "nice" and his prediciment...

Michele laying on the hammock...

10:59 BBT...Lydia talking..but I'm not listening to Russ in the pool room...actually they are talking about moving people around in beds...Russ gives a barfable smirk and heads up to the camera....

11:00 BBT "tomorrow's a new day" and get up and tan and enjoy "the California sunshine" Laura sumises...

Red room the smugs move in.. "after the have nots" comp things will be different Chima says...they discuss sleeping arrangments..Natalie totally dominates the convo and tells Jesse he has to sleep "with Lydia"...Natalie wants Jesse to do "icy hot" for her shoulder..{hears to getting it in her eye..i kid}

Their sleeping arrangements talk and actions continue

11;04 BBT Michele and Jeff& co being mostly silent...Jeff in deep thought...Michele looks sad....."I'm gonna hide in some random room" Michele says and wonders why jeff won't talk and Jeff says he's thinking and needs "to sleep on it" and come back with some "positive vibes" and Michele says "good night"

11:07 BBT jeffs outside alone...

11:08 BBT Kevin comes in to Laura and Jordan in bathroom to explain sleeping arrangements....Laura says "she would prefer" to stay in her original bed....and talk about who snores...and Laura and Jordan says they will sleep in the same bed....

They leave L aura "they're trying to kick us out of our room" and Laura "I'm not doing that"...I'm gonna spend the last week "in my own damn bed"...Laura and Jordan go back and forth "they hate me" and Laura says "they hate both of us"

11:12 BBT Natalie's big fat mouth trying to decide who sleeps where.....

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11:14 BBT

a very looking desponant Michele come in to BR and says she was moved from her bed...and says after tomorrow's have not comp she'll probably be put with the snorers..

11:15 BBT Joradan and Luara laying in bed inthe red room staring at Lydia and Jesse with disgusted looks in the other bed..

11:16 BBT "he's an idiot" Russell says talking about Casey...as he rubs loud mouths Natalies shoulder.

Natalie "Ronnie wants Casey gone"

back inthe red room Laura makes a gun out of her fingers and pretends to shoot Lydia and Jesse..{it was really funny}

The look on Jordan and Laura's faces are priceless

11:19 BBT..Nat gloating that Ronnie was loyal while Russell wants to take the more confrontaional route and remind him they could have easily put him up at POV...

Back in red room Kevin comes in...to go to bed...neither acknowledge eath other....

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Jesse and lydia are in one bed. laura and Jordan in the other, Kevin is folding clothes.

Jesse''oh there is bad energy in here'' {trying to start something}

Jesse''I am not going on slop. I am not going down like a b itch.}

lydia dropped her mic behind the bed and bb yelled at her

Its very awkward

Jesse and lydia are whispering under the covers.

laura''i am losing my eyelashes, this damn waterproof mascara'

jordan'' get maybaline''

Laura'' my other one fell behind the dresser''

Jesse turned out the light, there is some rustling of blankets with jesse and lydia

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Ronnie''I have a great idea, we can all play a game with the clay I got, we make a shape and someone has to guess it''

Russell only if we are drinking''

ronnie goes in to tell jordan and laura about his fun game.

Laura''you wife looks just like u discribed her. she fits you well''

ronnie' are we all going to bed??'

jordan''i am just laying here''

now in the steel room

michelle''i will play u chess later''

ronnie''yes i am not tired. Its weird how the game changed, now I am the 'in' click' :inquisitive:

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Natalie saying after this week "the populars will be down to one" she tells Russ who's rubbing her shoulder dowm...Ronnie comes out and suggests they play an absurd game "with the modeling clay" similiar to charades..."where's everyone else.....and looks for people to play.....as he looks for people everyone is getting ready for bed....and says In another hour or two" he'll die oops I mean "crash".

Ronnie keeps going on to find participants for his modeling clay charades....everyone politely saying they will {even though its sounds lame}..

Laura and Jordan smoosing a little with Ronnie how happy they are for him...Chima as well as Michele comes over to join the kiss assing...{gag}

Michele says she needs to move upstairs and Ronnie "that's fine"

11:30 BBT Chima says "that sucks" because she can't write inn the BB house...

In silver room Michele and Ronnie packing up their stuff for the move

11:31 BBT Kevin talking crap about Casey..with Natalie...Chima joins them...Kevin "I though he was my fatherly figure".....Natalie to Chima "obviouly he was gunning for you" Natalie says "we want Laura and Jordan inthere tomorrow" in have not room...

11:34 BBT Ruus replaying the events of the day and Chima "ohhh he gets to do the tweeting"...Chima says "i wished I would of won" so she could have rubbed it in...

11:35 Ronnie still packing while Jeff gives him suggesting to use a towel for his crap

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11:39 BBT

Ronnie telling Jeff Michele's lucky she's "on my team" because he would put her up and "Casey too" and Jeff says they don't need to talk game..Laura comes up to ask if she could read his letter...as Ronnie fiddles with his spy screen...

11:41 BBT and Ronnie talking about his "modeling clay" and says "she should count her blessings" Michele is on his team..and goes on about Michele told him she wouldn't want to take him to the "final two"....and says when he asked she told him "she was joking"...Laura "weird" while Jeff says enjoy tonight...and Ronnie sighs like a little {insert favorite insult}

11:44 BBT..and Jeff "your like a little kid with all these games"....Ronnie says its crazy if she "watching me on the feeds" and says "she got the whole season package"....Laura looks in the fridge.."Pepsi" "Root beer" "more beer" and "apple juice"...Ronnie "I love apple juice"

Laura asks about the have and have nots....

11:46 BBT Ronnie talking about being high from winning and almost "forget you're in the game"....Laura tells him to enjoy it...

Very uneasy convo because Laura and Jeff know he's the rat and he wants to talk about it but they don't want to talk game...Laura talks about his cats...Ronnie talks how the cats sleep with him and his wife on their bunkbed {sorry I made that up} umm bed.

Jeff "i like cats"....

Ronnie talking about his pic from Marshall "the Thundering Herd" and how he was there when they filmed We Are Marshall..

11:50 Ronnie talking about the shock of Chima's speech and Jefff "i was kinda embarrassed"....Ronnie asks who the rat was....Laura "maybe Casey"...Ronnie whoever 'had the most to gain from it" probably did it and Ronnie puts blame on Casey.....Jeff says "it definitely wasn't me...I'm the worst Big Brother player in the house"....Fat boy liar says "poor Braden"...

Talk about Chima's stupid speech...and Ronnie talks about the shock....{sorry but this guys is nauseating he makes be sick}

Ronnie goes on about putting Michele up if there is a twist like a "schoolyard pick"...and Laura asks why "she dislikes you" Ronnie says "i don't think she dislikes me" {yeah she does" but "I'm just getting in her way"...Ronnie says "Michele" who was the rat.......and Chima told him Michele came to HOH and told them they were going to vote for Braden to stay...and said he told Chima "I may not vote to keep you"...Ronnie keeps ragging on Michele throwing her under the bus..Jeff says "maybe it was her'...and both say "i believe you"

11:58 BBT Ronnie "i'm a straight-forward guy".....and talks about how he would put up the first two to drop......Michele walks in oblivious to Ronnie inexplicable plan to attack her character {makes no sense}

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12:11 BBT

Jesse at Chess table and is saying he made a mistake "of keeping laura in the house"..Ronnie gloating about his devious plan..and continues his Michele bashing..."bitch I'm married" he said when Michele sais "i get to sleep in a comfy bed" Ronnie contiues {man he's unbearable}...Jesse turning the convo back to Laura who according to Jesse "has the IQ of a chimp"

12:14 BBT Ronnie goes over his convo with Jeff laura and Michele

Russell has joined them and all seems to interested what was said by Laura

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12:19 BBT

Jesse "they are washing their hands of Casey because they think he's a rat" and Jesse says "I want her gone" about Laura..

Ruus says "i think Jeff might try to slow us down" in tomorrow's have not comp...

jesse saying Casey shot himself "in both feet" he "screwed us" and he "screwed himself"...They are talking about getting "those three out" and we all will be inthe Jury house..Russ says

12:22 BBT Ronnie now talking about betryal to Michele.....and if they cross him..then all bets off...he heads out to his chess buddies..they continue to talk

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12:30 BBT

all four feeds on the Athletes plus the pasty troll Ronnie minus Jeff ..whispering....Ronnie talking how he's going to stand up to Casey when he puts him up and is accused of being the rat..

a lot of silence which is odd for Natalie....

Ronnie ragging on Casey and Laura so I'm sure those will in fact be his nominees tomorrow...

12:35 BBT

Jeff outside talking to Casey and Jeff saying "i don't know who the hell it is" {boy he is dumb" and says Ronie would "win an oscar" comparing him to brando and Depp if it is him..

Casey ragging on Ronnie...and talking the HOH...Casey "now I pissed off Jesse and Russell" for eliminating two athletes...Casey frustrated about Kevin and Lydia and how they don't understand his prespective when he understands and respect theirs...than they need to respect mine...

12:41 Feeds switch in middle of Casey's rant..

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12:43 BBT Ronnie talking to his new Clique of Jesse and Natalie. still a lot of patting hiself on the back. The talk turns to his snacks and high calorie drinks and Natalie says his snacks are better than Jessie's.

FOTH {thank God}

12:46 BBT Feeds return with them talking about the comp..whispering....while Natalie talks about the vote and Laura who promised....{you won..move on}

Natalie i don't care who goes.."I'd even vote Jeff out"

12:48 BBT Jesse saying he can't believe they had the "cajones" to talk to Ronnie...Jess happy he was the first to ever break the first week tie""peace"

they get up and head downstairs as Ronnie still talking about his comp...Ronnie "you guys hungry?" as he pops his pasty face out the door..everyone says no..

12:52 Natalie slams a dish "people don't know how to wash fucking dishes in this place" and tells the other resident complainer Chima if they don't learn to wash "then don't wash em"

Ronnie talking about Chima's speech..going down in history "for better or worse" {did anyone actually hear it}

{I'm done for tonight be back tomorrow}

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1:20 AM BBT

Lydia, Natalie, Kevin, and Chima are talking in one of the bedrooms. They badmouth Laura about her implants, her boyfriend, and the HoH competition. Natalie tells Lydia that Ronnie wants her to think of a good alliance name. After brainstorming a few ideas, including "The Technotronics," Lydia thinks they should call themselves "The Naturals." She says they have natural breasts, natural muscles, natural brains, natural attitude. Then she thinks of "The Natural Born Killers." They bring Jessie into the room and he likes the name. They decide they'll call themselves NBK.

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4:07 BBT

Lydia snuggling with Jesse and now Jesse is quite obviously moving around to get her to move, he looks hot (temperature wise, not appearance). Now he grabbed her wrist, threw it around his neck, smelled her armpit and then put her arm down away from him. Very odd, but he definitely wants space.

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7:32 am BBT

HG's in bed Ronnie snoring like there is no tomorrow. Earlier someone screamed (sounded like a banshee!) and there is a lot of moaning and such coming from the HG's, mainly Ronnie. Lydia is in bed with Jesse ( think it is him), he is smooshed and looked like he was awake but just chilling there.

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8:27am BBT -- all HG's asleep except Casey... he just woke up and is getting dressed... feeling around in the dark for something on his dresser...his shoes... he gets them and heads out of the pool room

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8:29am BBT -- Casey now in the potty, comes out and does not wash hands and heads back into the kitchen... he looks very tired, has one eye open... he then grabs his hat with his cigs n it and his shoes and heads back towards the pool room, stops at couch and puts his shoes and hat on the floor then goes back to the pool room and walking very slowly using his feet to find his bed, finds it gets back in bed and at 8:32am bbt we get WBRB

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8:41 BBT... they are back... Casey in kitchen... Michelle up in bathroom.... (before the feeds came back I could see the on the monitors on the we'll be right back and could see Casey bobbing around so they must have played something he liked to wake them)

Casey now sitting in LR on couch, lipping words and bobbing head

8:42am someone comes on and says good morning house guests its time to get out of bed

Ronnie on 3 up and at em in the HOH getting dressed and at 8:43 we get again WBRB

(i'll brb too in a few minutes)

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