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Your Ultimate All-stars Lineup

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Tells us your Ulitmate All-Stars Lineup if you were able to chose all the members

You can choose your faves, the best players...whatever you would like

We'll set the cast members at 14 total...choose away!! (Include BB season numbers if ya can)

My list

(Didn't see seasons 2 and 5 so sorry for not including them)

1. Chicken George (1) - Decent player and loved by many

2. Marcellas (3) - Loved the guy...just plain loved him! Made the dumbest move in BB history IMO

3. Erika (4) - Wasn't 100% sure why I dug her but I did

4. Jack (4) - I liked the former FBI-guy :-p

5. Kaysar (6) - How could I go against possibly my favorite alliance ever..yet he made the second dumbest move in BB history

7. Howie (6) - Jedi Howie...you're my hero

8. Janelle (6) - Janey...I loved Janey's bubbly personality and that it angered so many that she won every Viewer's choice :-p

9. Eric (8) - I liked the guy and he had it rough with Viewers Choice. I ADORED when he had to imitate Dick and the resulting cereal moment

10. Daniele (8) - Do I need to say anything here? :-p

11. Dick (8) - Love the Evel...Father of my favorite player ever. I was so touched how he protected her

12. Natalie (9) - Ditzy...yes, ignorant...yes, endowed...yes, Loved???? VERY much yes

13. Adam (9) - I think he REALLY deserved to win that season. Played the social card well.

14. Keesha (10) - Still getting to know her, but so far I dig her

That's my lineup...obviously I chose my favorites...the only flaw I see here is that I would see all my faves at each others throats


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My line up off all stars would be:

1 Eric BB8

2. Jen BB8

3. Jess BB8

4. Natty BB9

5. Amanda BB9

6. Parker BB9

7. Alex BB9

8. Dustin BB8

I'll add season 10 people once I learn the names. I think I'd rather not see anyone from season's 1-6 again since they've already had their turn.

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