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July 16 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=89

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:50 BBT Keesha and Libra talking talking in circles Libra telling her sheshould feel used by the other alliance and Keesha talking she's smarter than the give her credit for.....Keesha saying to Libra that she trust her the most again'

News Flash the fight started because Keesha was talking to Jerry about getting "AN ENEMA" and April thought diferently (has to be a first for a bb fight)

They talk how paranoid April .... "She doesn't trust Ollie" Libra says...."you swore to me on your kids life" when Keesha told Libra that April was in an alliance with Brian and that Angie is ready to flip on her at any moment...a very worried libra looked stunned....Libra worried about being thrown under the proverbial BB bus...Libra saying "don't trust her" "she wants to win bad" "don't trust her" ( Iwasn't sure if she was talking about April or Angie)

Outside Memphis and Jesse talking about Angie as she now needs to go saying they can't stand her....Jerry walks out and it breaks up and Jerry and Jesse talks and Jesse reassures that Brian needs to go...and tells him it's Angie...and Jerry says he still getting rid of him even in a 5-5 vote. Jerry sounds like he's struggling to talk

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april talking to memphis, shes in the hammock and memphis on ground.... april saying how ses a fire cracker, she speaks her mind, shes the littlest person there and shes picking a fight with someone bigger then her... she tells memphis is saved because of her seeing what brian was doin and letting libra know.... she says she is so embarrased and says sorry family..... april says she wants to apologize...

12:07 keesha and libra came out of spa room and then keesha went back in with angie and talking about the situation.... angie say she doesnt understand why they can wipser and she cant.... keesha says its because i went into DR with you.... i knew thy were all talking about me.... she then explains that she was asking jerry to help her get an enamma and she tells jerry we cant go in ther cuz their in their and april says "yeah right"... then she says that no she said to april we are going in for my medicine and april says "yeah right" and thats when she went off and told her dont talk to me like that.... keesha says thats why im so mad.

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12:04 BBT

Michelle outside talking to Jerry and Jesse saying that April is worried she's going to get kicked out for going to attack Keesha..Jesse doesn't believe it will happened....

Jerry trying get them to stick together and Jesse saying to get get those three out and they will control the board..Jerry saying Steve is the biggest "flip flopper" .....

Jerry saying she could get a "penalty point" for trying to attack Keesha (Penalty Point???)

They want Dan out next week..

In the kitchen Steve, Dan and Brian talking saying they are all freaking out.....whispeing that Angie caused all the paranoia while the play with ants..Brian whispering about Jesse (can't hear) but go back to playing with the BB house insects when someone else walks in...Reena walks in and talks turn to medication and snoring...but reena accusing steve of snoring loud "you snore too" and Reena gets all bitchy when Steve points out her loud snoring...

Outside Jerry saying that little tiff will get "her a penalty" (he needs to get a penalty for being clueless)..saying she really "was going over here" (she was far away)

Angie bashing going on...Jesse saying "it would be so stupid" if she voted for brian...

Jesse and Jerry want Steve to go next...Michelle saying once the week is over and Brian's gone all will be good (penalty #2 for being clueless)

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12:20 BBT

Jesse fanning the flames and "steven is done" according to libra for being "sneaky" while they discuss "the fight" telling Memphis "you were being this close to going home"...Ollie "we know who the first 4 people outta the house" saying let's be real about it.

Jerry giving them "the enema" update..also saying who the "next three" to go and saying "I don't break deals" and have a deal with em....Jerry saying it will be "harmony and peace" for the next three weeks because they are getting the others out...

April on the hammock pouting whie they all assure her "we're on your side" and now she says she will apologize to Keesha tomorrow...

deal talk continues and "3 weeks of calmness"

Jesse "brian is the only smart one out of the group" and the rest of them will be lost without him (the jinx is on)

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12:30 BBtT

Michelle Jesse Jerry and Ollie talking in the kitchen and stop talking when they thought angie stop to listen

Outside Angie Steve and Memphis (gathering info) talking Steve says he better not "get a bad name out of this" saying "they are imploding from the inside" Memphis playing along as Steve says Reena thinks she might be going home eventhough he told her "you know that you're not going home"

"this is hilarious" ..."this is a lot more fun" then on day one..Angie says.......Memphis telling the he went to "Florida State"..........and Angie says that was her rival.....Steve asks if LSU was their rival and they say no..

Camera switches the paranoid squad in the kitchen while Jerry still stresses the deal....and they are going "to switch the order"...'harmony the next three weeks"..Angie bashing ...and we get FOTH when they sing..."Mission Impossible Theme"

Keesha comes down and is embarrased about her Enema saying "I'm skinny again" as she come back to the group.. Keesha says she doesn't want to "talk about it" because "I don't know who I can trust anymore"...Jesse going a mile a minute how everything is going to be fine..

April and Keesha hug and with applause from everyone and ends Enemagate 2008..

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12:47 BBT

Steve worried he's up next and Angie is assuring him he's not up next (he is) and Angie says he's better off if he wins HOH and Angie wants to put up Libra and April and Steve says he doesn't want Reemy up like everyone else does (or think they do)

Steve says he has Dan's back but doesn't want to be seen as close to him in the house all the time...because they will never trust him......they continue to talk to separate them they sound like they want Libra gone...

Steve talks about "tomorrow we find out the twist"....Steve's says he got comfrimation his goodbye message will be one that aired..

Steve Talking to Angie and Brian that they couldn't "plan tonight" any better than it happened. He talks about their games they played tonight..Angie grosses out about defication talk of Steve and Brian..

Dan comes out says he reads the bible "a little bit" everyday and offers them its use anytime.

Brian "you guys are fine their power is an illusion"...Dan say the "internet people" got a good show tonight...Brian felt bad for Keesha "I wanted to giver her a hug" but decided not to because he didn't want people "to get mad at her"

Brian "i'm sad I'm leaving you and steven" Angie say he can cheer us on..Brian reassuring them that "you guys are more intelligent" ....Angie explains the fight(see previous posts) and Libra comes out and again says "I was just laying down"...laughing about the night's events and gets a waring about talking about production and dr....

Ollie comes and and so does Angie...."Is everyone cool" Steve asks and Michelle "yes"It's girls being girls"...Brian says he's fine when michele asks saying it's his balck magic and voodoo dolls that caused last nights drama...

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1:05 BBT

April and Oliie hug on the bed rassure their showmance/alliance and ??was the one who put a big target on their back...April goes on what happens to the water being thrown on Michelle and how that "made her mad"...still wanting to be a person "who stuck to their word" ...Ollie pep talking if anyone disrepecting her to "let me know" saying "I didn't have a clue what was going on" and felt that "i was going against you"......next time he wants to know right away...

In the kichen Jesse Libra and Steven joking around..while Libra continues her compulsive cleaning...Jerry who's voice is gruffy x 10 now talks about moving downstairs and where he gets his towels...

feed switch to a Reeny lying in bed watching Keesha fold her clothes..very little talking Reeny saying someone likes to Stir the pot...Reena saying she's always "twisting twisting" and then Libra come is...as Libra say how desparte they are for trying "to tag team" her like that....Libra "it worked out" tonight and she "put her hand on the bible" and Keesha wonders if she really did and assures Keesah "I saw her hand" and again she talking about "that person" turning on her I think its Michele they don't trust..whispering...and talking shit that's hard to hear and follow..

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1:20 BBT

In the kitchen Brian and Dan talking and jesse comes in Brian offers him food and tells him he can't eat right now...April comes by and hugs Dan saying "i'm sorry you had to see that" Dan says it was alright..

[Well it's getting quiet despite" the fight "and numerous paranoid events it's a certainty that Brian is leaving tomorrow and that the group will evict steven dan and angie in that order and have calm and peace for 3 weeks..or will they...good night and I'll be back tomorrow ]

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3:03amBBT Brain & Jessie talkin, Brian sayiong "I wanted to build a big army, i had this big army but this was no enemy, so it just fell apart of me. I had every1 with me and they all found out. Jessie: "U had your Nike laced and u just had your army ready to early." Brian "Yes, but if theyhad POV cermony early it would of been to late for every1 to gather together." Jessie "it would of been a bomb after every1 figuring it out."(every1 else asleep, Convo is in BY)

3:09amBBT Brian "i made the dumnbest move in BB history, 2 bad i cant send a hand grenade"

Jessie "Ever1 was just like feed me more feed me more."

Brian: "but what i did showed every1 cards how they will work, some will do stupid things now, & put paint on their back."

3:12amBBT Jerry telin Jessie, how he saved Dan & Ollie from going on the block. Jessie "u got him, i saw him glassy eyed at nomination, but i think he would of got ur ass in the end."

Brian: "but Jerry got the good choice back out & be safe"

3:14amBBT Brian "I had the house of cards built and they crashed. Their all together saying 'Get evil Brian' out i got them parnoid, when i leave this house will crumbe & will be a huge battle." Jessie: "i have to had that to you u were ready"

Brian "weell i love this game, it was fun, my oringal plan was to make play after Veto." Jessie "you could of sat in the wait and then took over."

Brian "well i guess i have spys." Jessie "Libra is smart and spashs everthing, Keesha is dumb and can be led easily. Libra takin credit for spashing the Jerry thing."

Brian "Just look at Jerry, he only does whats best for him. He will swear to be on God, the USA, the preisdent, the miltary, the marines his clothes, the logos of his stuff, but he will always do what he wants for himself. Just look how he fliped so easily for the huge group. Just take what i saw and use it well."

Jessie: "well u get to see Julie, she hot."

Brain: "Yeah she smoking hot, an did u see her wow!"

Jessie: "Well shes married to some producer or somebody, i think a director, hes just a nobody though thatrs why she kept her last name." ( :boat: )

Brian: "i just want to be her to the jury house, i want to last longer then the floaters, nothing matters till the final 6th, then game on, You need to keep Jerry till right before Jury house, same when Renny shes gotta so soon, i dont want her in jury house, every day its the same annoyin thing, theirs no way i could stay in this house with her."

3:25amBBT Brian shows Jessie his Renny sock puppet.says he may wear it out to eviction, but he wants to leave it here for they can do another show. You shold of saw it it was hillarous.

3:26amBBT they head inside, Jessie to BR, Brian brushes his teeth

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5:15 AM BBT: Someone is snoring very bad!! (Sorry I havent been posting... I am in Los Angeles on orders for the Army, and to be quite frank the early wake ups are kicking my ass :) I am sorry!! I will try and update tonite when I get off work!!!--Sheldon)

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11:51 BBT -

April and Libra talking, April says "I just can't believe they were able to fuel the fight between Keesha and I"

BB "Renny, please put on your microphone"

April and Libra in bedroom, Michelle joins. Some whispering and discussion about cleaning. April discussing that people think Keesha attacked her and that she felt stupid for the whole thing.

9:58 BBT -

Jerry awakes and joins most of the group in the kitchen. More cleaning prep happening.

Kitchen discussion is about liking certain brands of peanut buttr and jelly and laundry.

Ok...I need my day sleep....adios!

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There is a lot of general chit chat in the kitchen and everyone is doing ADLs and deciding who is cleaning what. All four feeds are showing the kitchen.

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