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July 15 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Thank you!

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10:00 PM BBT

Keesha talking to Renny about why Angie was crying, it is now the news sweeping through the house.

Libra joking saying charades isnt even safe these days as she is with other HGs in BR changing and getting ready for hot tub.

10:02 BBT

Angie outside on porch smoking with Brian sitting next to her.

Jerry and Jessie out there as well and the four start talking and joking.

Feed switches to Libra and Michelle in BR still talking about Angie crying. Michelle saying I wish he called me a psycho and about how she has been in fights.

Feeds switch again to Keesha and Steven in hippy bedroom.

Keesha saying the alcohol made her tired. She says hi to her brother Jason and Steve jokes about how much he misses her brother. BB yells Keesha stop that, and she doesn't know why. The mock BB. (exciting stuff)

Steve leaves the room saying he will leave her alone and sit by the hot tub. Keesha says she is NEVER alone in the house.

Steve re-enters room and talk turns to the crashed VW in the bed room. Steve puts on the round blue glasses Renny put on when she entered the house and starts to mess with the cameras moving into corners and flashing his undies.

Feed switches back to BR. Libra, Michelle, and Jessie talking. Jessie says all the guys are waiting in the BY before talk turns back to Angie being upset for no good reason over Jerry's comment.

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10:11 BBT

Angie and Michelle talking in BR, Michelle not understanding why Angie was pushing her away and was laughing outside as if she was never upset. Angie didn't want Jerry or others to know that she was upset. Eventually they sort it all out. Michelle suggests she just tell the others what happened so they can move on. Steven enters BR.

So it hasn't been sorted out, when feeds switch back to Michelle and Angie, conversation goes in circles retelling their sides of story. Michelle upset Angie does not involve her more in her emotions and wants to help her and wants her to tell others about what upset her. Angie just doesn't want anybody to know even though now most of the do.

10:20 BBT

Angie's saying right now she is so embarassed about the situation (and probably wishing Angie would stop burning her about it). Michelle continues to talk about the same story and how Angie hurt her feelings for pushing her away earlier even though Angie just wanted to be alone. Renny walks in and out of BR without a word.

Angie saying she doesn't want Michelle to confuse how she (Angie) is friends with Brian but will still do what she has to do with him gamewise. (I'm watching BBAD and this is all they are giving me)

10:38 BBT

Memphis enters BR and Angie makes sure he knows that when she went inside that Steven was in the diary room and she was not conspiring. He says others think that but he knows its not true and if she has anything she wants to talk about to come to him.

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10:41 BBT

Michelle tells Jerry she was checking to see if Angie was ok because she was crying.

HGs between hot tub, in and out of kitchen eating/drinking, and random trips to BR

Brian and Angie playing a game with the ping pong paddles.

BB says no talking about diary room sessions and everyone in hot tub starts screaming OHHHHHHHHHH

Libra says we just love this house

Jerry talking to Jessie and Michelle saying Angie told Brian that Jerry was going to put him up beforehand. Brian told Jerry he had Angie and Steven and he was in the process of getting two more. Michelle saying how did he know he was leaving. Jessie saying Brian is just trying to cause S**t since as of now he is still in the house.

Jerry says let's just keep to the plan, Brian then Dan then Renny.

Michelle (with her potty mouth might i had) getting angry saying lets go out back and just call all of this F'in S**t out.

She keeps repeating this before Jerry tells her to calm down. Michelle says it is what it is and Brian got played. Jessie sayin Brian just made all of it up.

(I'm done.... someone else take over)

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11:02 BBT

In the kitchen we have Dan and Steve preparing something to eat...earlier Dan had said it was getting to be that time ..refering to marriage and Jesse who was sitting at the table said "hook the plough" and a preplexed Dan said yes that he hadn't heard it put "that way" before

Michelle goes and gives Reeney hug in a darken peace room because BB took her LSU sweatshirt away because it had a Nike logo. Michelle delivers the hug and kiss to Reeney who says that she was just tired and wanted to go to bed early "She was fucken fabulous she wasn't even crying" Michelle annouces as she goes back to the kitchen.

11:07 BBT Back in the Kitchen Micheele says "my mom doesn't know how to use a computer" but says she'll buy Showtime to watch here ..saying "my mom she misses me ...I'm her life"

Michelle belching and saying "fucking" every other word declaring it "her chocolate burp" to Jesse and Dan who are in the kitchen/dining room.....Dan ask what she's making and says "I don't fucking know" they laugh while she says 'i need a fucking banana"

Keesha says Reeney was crying even though Michelle says she wasn't...

Michelle prepares herself food .

Reeney up in the bathroom as Libra and April ask if she's ok and says "they took my shirt..my LSU shirt" (obvioulsly she isn't okay about it)

Girls talk about someone (missed it) saying he wanted to "blow the place up" and April says "we need to hide the baking soda" ans they go over the whole Jerry calling Angie a psycho

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11:14 BBT the girls in the bathroom are talking about Steve with Reena saying he so dramatic because he had told them she was crying over her shirt.

Angie joins Reeney Libra Keesa and April reassuring Angie it was okay for her crying fit and that they all have cried since they been there and Libra of course decribes her taers as "the flood gates opened" (I wonder if it open wider than her mouth).

Jerry and Angie talking in HOH and Jerry apologizing and Angie saying "I felt absolutely ridiculous" about her fit saying it was more "the paranoia hit me" and Jerry telling her it was ok and that he 's receptive of talks because "I get along with women" Jerry saying hewas hurt so bad because "I had to betray him" talking about Brian and that's why he can't wear his Marine shirt.

11:20 BBT Kessha and Libra talking about Jerry about something since I missed most of it about some disease that will leave him trembling like Muhomad Ali

Back in the HOH Jerry and Angie talkingand Jerry thanks her for coming up and Angie hope alls square and declare "It over" and she leaves back downstairs.

Angie heads outside.

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11:24 BBT

Outside Brian Steve and Angie laughing about Jerry's apology was the worst ever and it was a "crash and burn" theguys laughing at Angie eating a spoon full of eggs and a cigareete and jokingly says "I hate you guys"

Memphis and Michelle and Jesse playing pool talking about not trusting Angie becaus eshe always runs "to Brian" when she needs someone to talk to. Michelle says "I tried to tell her" that people are talking.. and now that they whisper and talk game.

Michelle says "everything is fucking fine right now" saying "I'm not the one fucking crying" and making fun of Angie and "her demons"

Jerry comes over joking about him hearing she's been married three times. Michelle saying she hasn't have had any "interaction for over 9 months" and Michelle who seems to take it serious and tells jerry "wrong girl..it's Angie who's been married and divorced" Jerry kacling as Michelle asks "are you joking or you serious" and say she's Portuguese and they don't do that and talks about her "3 serious relationships" and say she's been "cheated on" with every guy except her fiance

Bathroom Memphis and Keesha talking about Brian's eventual eviction while Keesha complains people are being "too controlling" and it will guess worse...while Memphis says "shit willhit the fan" even before week 4. They discuss that the order of eviction will be Brian Dan ,Reena and then ... Keesha says" Steven" while Memphis says Jerry while Keesha says she likes Steven and says "why go after Steven before Jerry".Talking about they "have the numbers" and memphis the girls "are always at each other throat" and Memphis says he needs to remind Jesse to keep calm and not flip out....talk about stress and paranoia...Memphis "Michelle is pretty extreme..I'm like whoa" more game talk about drama and the usual

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11:40 BBT

Memphis and Keesha keep taking about "unnecessay drama" while Memphis saying they can't have group games because "it way too much tension" to Dan who's getting ready to take a shower...

Dan talking with Memphi and keesha about personalities that have come out and BB knew when they chose HG. Memphis turns it about him and his girlfriend and how she gets "on my nerve" and that's just normal......Kessha basically being Memphis' parrot just repeating what he says in agreement.

Outdoor the rest of the house sitting around talking about nothing important. Inside Ollie and Brian looking at the memory wall and Steven joins in talking about taking his key home..and the bag asking what they would use it for. Steven complaing his Blue eyes look green in his picture.....Libra comes over staing her first impression of Brian was she thought "he was married" their picture critiques continue...

Kessha says she doesn't want to touch her key" Olie asks if she's touched her key since she's been there and says "no"

They head to the bedroom and ollie,april Libra Jedi training in the room even though Ollie says it will be all physical. Libra going over every detail of the room...

In the bathroom Keesha and Memphis still talking while Dan takes a shower as keesha talks about all the people "who offer her agents and stuff" and dumb for passing it up of course Memphis retorst about all the cards he got when he came out...Memphis telling here "you have to call everyone" when the opportunity and will "go on auditions on a daily basis"...Keesha going all "her offers" that she's blown off. Memphis bragging about his writing skills and the "4 shows' he has out there...(zzzzzzzzz)

Outside Jerry is talking to Brian and Angie talking about San Franisco being a very pet friendly city

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11:59 BBT Jerry talking about having a grandaughter being half hispanic and could use that to get into a good school (as oppsed to her mind)....Angie cuts off Jerry as Steven walks out "there you are" and says he going to play pool with Dan

Joking about Brians exit on wednesday and wearing something of Angie's and Brian says no that he wants to "leave with dignity"

Jerry saying about he has "no association of time" during the day...Angie knows the date and ask how she knows. Memphis joins them as Brian and steve joking about mayors of different cities while steve says "I barely know who's the president" saying "I thought a month ago we elected that black man as president" when asking about if he knew his city's mayor.

Steve says he doesn't wactch current events unless its on "The Dailry Ten"..Angie says she doesn't watch the news either. Steve says "it would be an uneducated vote" when ask if he votes ...saying that he's even not registered..Angie says "to give a try" but says he doesn't want to "skew the results"with his stupidity err ignorance.

Jerry asks about the women who voted for Hilary and who they will vote up and talks about them voting republican..Angie "I don't care who wins as long as they clear things up" (rolls eyes) staing again she doesn't know about the process because "I don't watch the news"

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12:13 BBT

In the bedroom Libra talking about the fans of the show and getting noticed afterwards....Reeney talking about cosmic lining up and things just happen..Ollie saying "do you really belive it" and Reeney says things just happen like her life of a beautiful home and 3 beautiful kids etc....

Ollie talking about someone apologized and insulted him at the same time..I think it was Brian....Now they talked about "the Colonel" and we get Foth

12:19 BBT In the bathroom Dan and Keesha talking with her going on about the paranoia rampant in the house..keesha laughing how they called him 'the mole" and everyone knew about his alliance with Brian..Dan saying it doesn't bother him and says in time "some of these people will bury themselves"....Keesah "its going to be an interesting few weeks"

Dan and Keesha talking about going to the jury house about being the frst one or the last one ..keesha says "i don't know" because they say it really doesn't matter...Talk turns things can change on a dime Dan say "it takes only one blow out" or freak out for things to change....Keesha says being in the house makes her "feel young again" without the real life responsibilities........but she misses her puppy.

Keesha say if she win HOH she would love to have her dog as it would be "so uplifting"....Keesha talking about taking her dog everywhere even on the plane and has to play for him to go on the plane under her seat..Dan surprised as he thought dogs had to go underneath in the cargo hold (me too)

Dan talking about his sister living in Ohio and that she like it and Keesha talk how cheap it is to fly from Columbus and she bought a ticket for $20 to LA one time and Dan doesn't believe it saying "no way" Cheap flights talk continues....

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12:32 BBT Dan asks Keesha what made it think she could make it out here in LA "because you're pretty" she says because she really wanted it. Keesha says "theres a certain lifestyle I wanted" with acting and the big city experience ans she goes through her modeling and agency talk......saying she came toa big modeling and acting competition and had the most call backs and got "1st place" even though her parents had to pay for it...he didn't like NY and her agent says she need come to California...and says she's luck because her parents have supported her and has been the experience of a lifetime and says she will "never" live back in Ohio...

12:37 BBT Keesha and Dan continue their talk in the bathroom.

Now she's telling him that her brother moved out here and works for her boyfriend working as a grip (production slave) in the business.....

Reeney walks in and basically does one of her freak shows (this woman is mental) and Keesha says she loves her for all her shout outs and calls Reeney back in and Dan wants to see them and does her Asian one and "my sistas" at Walgreens and goes through em all..Keesha laughing and Dan politely laughs at her kackles and "cut the crapola" and Dan says "I've never met anyone like her"

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12:47 BBT

"she's a fucking trip" Michelle says about Reeney in the bathroom and Dan laughs...Michelle imitates her and Dan laughs amusingly.. Michelle contines to do her shout outs and Keesah "you know them all" Keesha leaves and Dan asks "are you going back out there and Micheels says she doesn't think so even though they are being "ridiculously funny out there"

In the bedroom Jesse Libra and Keesha sitting on the bed listening to Reeney do her "cut the crapola " again..

12:54 BBT Outdoors Memphis is making a sock puppet with Brian and Steven and Angie. Steven working on his puppet talking about what went down earlier with the puppets. Dan has come out and joined them saying "this not what I expected when I came out here" "a bunch of grown ass people with sock puppets on their hands" and foth

1:02 BBT The puppet show goes on with a lot of laughing and giggling...

1:50 BBT The hilarious puppet show concluded and all of them went into the DR (Brian,Angie,Dan,Mephis and Steven) and the rest of the house minus Jerry and Keesha freaked out....they all ran into the bedroom and freaked out together. Hope someone captured the puppet show..it was great!

[i'm out til tomorrow night]

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8:07 BBT

All houseguests still sleeping.

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8:34 am BBT

Jesse was up briefly in the kitchen (I think he was getting something to drink, missed it) He is now back in bed.

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8:41 am BBT

Jerry got up and peeked over the railing to see if anyone else was up (they weren't) He is getting dressed in the HOH room.

(First day posting)

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8:50am BBT

Jerry just woke Jesse up to tell him he is going to go work out. Jesse is now up and appears to be going to work out too.

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9:01 am BBT

Jerry and Jesse are outside. Jesse is giving Jerry exercise tips.

Ollie is up and went to the bathroom.

(Thanks Jem)

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9:06 am BBT

Game talk between Jerry and Jesse. Jerry thinks everyone should chill out, he thinks Libra is the ring leader. Jesse says that it's good though "because she knows when to sqwash the Sh**". Jesse says that everyone is so bored and when something happens they just run from room to room talking about it (creating drama). More workout talk.

Can't see Ollie on the feeds (I think he went back to bed).

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9:14 am BBT

Jerry and Jesse still outside. They are talking about Angie feeling bad for Brian. Jesse says there is no way Brian could possibly stay. Jerry says if it comes to it he would need him to break the tie and he (Jerry) won't do it. Jesse says it could come down to 5-5 vote but he seriously doubts it "Not gonna happen".

Back to the workout. Jesse is the "trainer" and only Jerry is working out.

Renny is up and in the bathroom brushing teeth.

(I'm out for a bit)

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