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April 10 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

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Thank you!

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9:45 PM BBT: Natalie and Shelia in the Kitchen talking. They are whispering so its hard to hear... Talking about Adam, i think, and how Adam told her that she HAD to win this one for his safety and her own. They are talking about Sharon and how she said that Shelia would have chose Adam over Natalie if she had to. Shelia said thats wrong. They say she said that because Sharon wants Shelia mad at NAtalie. They wonder where she is and say probably the DR. talk is staying on the same topics....

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9:10PM BBT: Everyone hanging out in the kitchen. Ryan wants to eat everything in site. He wants pizza and steak. Sheila gets called to DR and carries her tooth with her.

Ryan and Adam go to play chess. They start whispering. Ryan promises Adam that if he wins PoV he will take Adam off the block and no matter what happens Ryan promises Adam he will vote to keep him.

Adam is not happy with Ryan, Natalie or Sheila. He wants to know what Sheila will do and who's actually going up on the block? Ryan pulled Adam into the boat room and told him that he'll (Adam) will probably be nominated, but it will be okay because Ryan will win PoV and take him down. Even if he should stay up, Ryan will vote for Adam to stay. Ryan said that he didn't know if Natalie and Sheila made a deal, but that he agreed to drop if she wouldn't put him up.

9:25PM BBT: Natalie goes over to Ryan and Adam and says it's better this way because all 3 of them can play in HoH next week and get rid of Sheila. Natalie told both Ryan and Adam that she needed to drop so she can look after he boys next week.

Sheila comes out of DR and Nat says, "You won something." Sheila says,

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10:48PM BBT: Sharon/Adam/Ryan/Nat making James' bed back into a sofa. No one wants to sleep in his bed because of all the sex he & Chelsia had in it. They talk about all the flour on the floor around the bed. Sharon says James was going to pour it on Nat while she slept but he didn't get up in time & when he went to pick it up the bag busted & flour spilled all over the floor.

They are wondering what Sheila is talking about & why she has been in DR so long. (me too I want her to come out for the HoH reveal so I can go to bed bored)

10:55PM BBT: They are reading the condoms beside James' bed & Nat says "Oh Snap" they expired in 2006. Adam tells Nat no they expire 06/2012.

Natalie is going to sleep in Sheila's bed this week & Adam is going to sleep in Natalie's bed (since Ryan has not offered to give Adam his bed back)

11:03PM BBT: Sheila finally comes out of DR. She tells them it took a long time because they had to get a dentist in there to look at her tooth. They go up for her HoH reveal & she gets tons of makeup, pictures of her son, peppermint ice cream, a non-nude Penthouse pic of her, a letter from her son. Ryan reads the letter aloud for her.

Ryan keeps talking about what a hottie Sheila is in her penthouse pic.

11:17PM BBT: They are hanging out in HoH & about drink Sheila's wine. Sheila reads her letter from her son aloud again & she starts crying really hard.

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HoH room report. Sheila got a Penthouse publicity photo from when she was 25, pictures of her son when he was a baby, a kid at the petting zoo, and at 16. A picture of her sister, Gigi and her brother Michael. She got Coldplay's X and Y CD.

Ryan opens Sheila's letter. By prior arrangement, Sheila knows she will not be able to get through it so Ryan reads it.

Dear Mom,

I'm doing good and I miss you. I've been promoting parties and I am making money. I've been walking Kitty and she misses you. She sends your love. George is good and taking care of me. I love you.


From GiGi

Dear Sheilabugs, I am so very proud of you. The family has been waiting and is ecstatic for you to win HoH. You have not lost your integrity and you have persevered through all of this. I know you have said you could not walk in my shoes but I this is one of those times I could not walk in yours The family has been in constant contact to see how you are doing. Mom is especially proud of you but we all are. Keeping working towards your goals. You are in my prayers constantly and I wish I could give you a hug right now. You are in my prayers, love GiGi.

Sheila got her make-up kit, her favorite pillow, and peppermint ice cream. In the makeup kit, she got some kind of eye pod that she is sharing with Nat. One of the photo's she doesn't recognize. She also got her Penthouse key when she won Pet Of The Year.

She said David Letterman made fun of what she wore when she was Pet of the Year.

Ryan shows her how to spy on the nearly empty house. She got wine but no beer, and soy crisps among her snacks. She also got new slippers.

Ryan is the first to leave. Nat offered to leave the wine to Sheila but Sheila insisted on sharing with Sharon and Nat. Ryan can't drink (due to his neck medication)


Who thinks Mick is probably a lady killer in HS...

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Sheila opens the wine, pours four glasses and they toast the Final Five, friends forever. Adam drains his glass while the ladies sip. While Nat and Adam look at her Penthouse photo, Sheila remains in front of her son's pictures. His first words were Da Da, which kind of depressed her.

In other news, Ryan left HoH to take a shower


Who notes that Sheila describes her son as slender and but older looking than the photo suggests...

11:45PM BBT: Sharon and Adam talk. Sharon tells her she understands she needs to go on the block and Adam also says he understand but doesn
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10:14 And we have feeds. :) Sheila comes down from HoH room and Ryan is also moving around. Lights are still off in bedrooms.

Sheila and Ryan hug and start comparing aches and pains from yesterday. ADL time for Ry.

Sheila says her back hurts and prevented sleep. Ry says he had to sleep on his side. Sheila offers Ryan a specific pillow if he needs it. Sheila gets some yogurt.

10:20 - Silence as Sheila chows yogurt then heads upstairs while Ry in BR and the other HGs still in bed.

10:27 Sheila in HoH doing ADLs and Ryan getting some food.

10:31 Ryan tells Sheila the ants are in the sugar. He says he's got to dump about half of it. Sheila asks if there are any comps today and Ry says no. Sheila says "So it's just nominations." Ry says "Yep."

Sheila dumps trash while Ryan exterminates as many ants as possible.

Sheila says she slept ok but woke up in the middle of the night and complains her upper ass/lower back hurts. Ry agrees his does too.

Sharon greets Sheila from her bed.

Sheil comes back from the trash dump run and tells Ryan she saw something in the SR and "it was all sitting there and I put it in the refrigerator for tonight." She asks Ry if he can drink booze yet and Ry says no. She was apparently talking about beer. :)

She says her wine last night was excellent. She says her ex George used to buy that wine for her all the time. Sheil says "remember what Jen said to me when I was doing dishes?" She tells how Jen doesn't like to dig food out of the sink. Ry laughs.

Sheila asks if Ry misses her and Ry says Yes, a lot. Sheila says Jen must be so proud of you. Ry says yes and they are in the same boat..that he misses Jen like Sheila misses her son. (*uh, not the same dude*)

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10:37 - Sheila says she's going to have to get some meds for her back tonight so she can sleep. Geez, can she sleep or not? First not, then wakes up a time or two and now couldn't sleep again. Ryan offers his BenGay! Sheila says her hip hurts but that her legs are fine, she could run a marathon.

More chit chat about how the comp went and muscle strength.

Sharon up and around now goes to the SR to change batteries.

More rehash of the comp. Ry offers Sheila half of a bagel. Ry pronounces it Baggle and Sheila says it's cute.

BB- Houseguests, it's time to get up for the day.

BB- The bedroom lights must remain on for the day.

BB - Natalie!

Sharon comes in to Kt.

Nat turns the light on and crawls back under the covers.

Sharon talks about dreams.....

Sheila and Ry whispering but I can't hear. Ry says he's going to look out for Sheila and she says she's not going to be like James. Ry says more I can't hear then

Sheila goes back to her yogurt. More whispering.

Meanwhile, Natalie whining as she tries to wake up.

BB- Ryan, please exchange your microphone for one in the storage room.

Natalie - Why did they make us get up Baller?

Adam - I don't know.

BB- Attn Houseguests, there are fresh batteries in the SR. Have you changed your batteries?

(*gotta run folks*)

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11:55 Sharon and Ryan kibbitzing in the BY. (yes, kibbitzing)

Deciding that they need to take one another to the end. Sharon trying to convince Ry that he can win against her because no one would vote for her and that she stands by Ryan because of Jen. Ry says it would be close between them and Sharon says no way. Ry says only if he doens't have to screw anyone over. She says Nat will vote for Ry over Sharon because Sharon is the Mole. Sharon says Nat is a fuckin' bitch and stupid idiot.

Sharon says they need Ry to win POV so things go the right way.

Sharon says best case is Ry wins POV, Nat goes home, Shar gets HoH and they need Sheila to the end because she will get frazzled.

Sharon says the reason she pushed Nat to drop last night is because they needed Nat to not win.

Sharon says worst case if Nat wins HoH she will evict Adam. Sharon says Ry needs to convince Nat that Adam is the biggest threat so that if Nat gets through the week, they don't have to worry.

Adam comes out and bitches about being on the block. Ry and Shar reassure him.

Ry says "Baller. Quit fuckin' freakin' dude." (*lol*)

Sharon says dont worry because Sheila didn't promise not to backdoor Nat. (*putting someone up is putting them up no matter when, isn't it?*)

(*sorry, can't stay*)

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1:52p.m. BBT - Ryan and Adam in BY playing golf baseball, Ryan trying to hit the ball to Nat and she tries to catch it. She's not having much luck so Ry says she's fired. Ry says his palms hurt and he may not be able to grab his weiner.

1:54p.m. BBT - Game of golf baseball is over, Ry sits down and he and Nat's conversation turns to what is hurting them from the HoH competition. All except Sheila is in BY. Sheila must still be in DR.

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2:22 pm BBT - HG on indoor LD, Sheila has been in the DR for quite awhile... Sharon filling ice trays, Nat going to cook something... There is a fire outside and they said that it is smoking so that is why they are on LD... Sheila out of DR and they ask her if they have to get dressed, Sheila tells them yes they need to get dressed up... Sheila goes up to HoH room, Ry follows... Sheila - I've been crying... Ry - It has to be hard for you... Sheila - Yeah... FOTH... Sheila tells Ry that he has to do this for her, if he wins POV he has to take off Adam... Ry says that he will do whatever she wants him to do... They are talking that they have to get Nat out... Sheila is asking Ry to secure that he is going to do that for her... Re says he swears... more Nat talk...

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BBT 3:15pm Nat goes to HOH room and Sheila assures her she is not going up. Sheila tells Nat that she was talking to Ry because Adam is freaking out and made her cry. Nat tells her that all they have to do is win the POV and leave noms the same.

BBT 3:20pm Nat leaves the HOH and goes outside to talk to Sharon who tells her not to stress because because worse case scenario Adam goes home. Nat tells her that she has to win the POV for her own guaranteed safety. Sharon tells her it will be fine and not to stress about it. Nat says you know Adam and Ry are smooth talkers and they will conv her to put her up. Again Nat is second guessing herself on giving up on the HOH. Sharon reasuring her about that as well and saying that she wasn't going to risk POV by hurting herself on that HOH. Nat still talking about being scared because if Sharon wins the POV, she will use it and then she knows Sheila would put her up. Sharon asks her how she knows Sheila would put her up, Nat says, I just have this feeling.

BBT 3:25pm Nat says she is a huge target because everyone says she is a strong player. They talk about how Adam is the strongest mental player in the house. Now talk changes to how they think people in jury house is going to vote. Nat says James isn't king master of those people, if she goes there she will tell him that too. "The game is over, let people vote the way they want to vote". Sharon tells her just don't stress until tomorrow.

BBT 3:30 pm Sharon tells Nat she would have the votes over her. Nat says she doesn't know if the boys are in kahoots (?) (Sorry lost feed)

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3:30 pm BBT - FOTH, when we come back, Sharon and Nat walking in saying BB told them they might want to put some clothes on.

Methinks we are heading into a loooong FOTH for nom ceremony.

Sheila getting some food, Adam trying to tell Sheila to put Natty on the block.

Sheila complaining about her chipped tooth, that it is sensitive if she touches it. (DONT TOUCH IT!!) :animated_shocking:

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3:53 pm BBT - Call for outdoor LD. Ryan check with Sheila really quick, we ok? Yes, We're good. OK. He walks away, Sheila calls Nat over. Whispers in Nats ear, "I need to know that what we talked about last Friday, I need to know if you win the POV that you will save me next week." Nat: "100% Sheila!" Sheila "Alright, you know what I'm saying, if you win, I need that from you" Nat "We have to stick together, because those boys next week will come after us.

Nat walks outside.

Adam "going up babe" Nat "you are, its official did she tell you officially?

Adam " What do you think?"

And they are back in the house?? I guess its not noms just yet.

Adam and Sheila getting testy with each other regarding her putting Adam on the block.

Sheila says Adam is making her feel horrible. Asking if Adam gave her a heads up when HE put HER on the block LAST WEEK. Ryan backing up Sheila (idiot) about the noms. (would he feel same way if he were wearing adams shoes???)

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3:58 PM BBT: Feeds are up. Natalie is talking to Shelia telling her to nominate Adam and Sharon. After veto they will talk scenarious. They are told that they have five minutes and to grab wwhatever they need. Ryan runs and grabs food, Shelia goes to HoH. Natalie tells Adam that they have to win Pov. She tells Ryan that too. Shelia asks what they are doing and they say chillin. Shelia says that this is a hard thing to do. Shelia gives a little speech saying how hard it is and pre-apologizing for nominating one of them... Natalie says that she wouldnt wanna be in Shelia's shoes.

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