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March 25 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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(*Okay, first time this season, so bare with me, lol)

BBT: 8:55am

Sheila and Nat sitting up in balcony seating trying to "not talk game. but of course all discussions lead back to game. Trying to figure the odds of 1 in 7 in winning $500,00.00 dollars. Sheila was still complaining of who everyone was put together with being "hot" and what does she get, "Adam"! Don't get her wrong though she says..... Nat misses Matty, they miss Parker. He had alot of character and even America voted him 2nd. Sheila said he was hot but not her type and Parker told her white women wasn't his type, but Amanda was the most his type of the girls there. Nat said she has never dates a black man, Sheila said she went out with a 7ft black man that was gorgeous. She said she went out on one date with him and never saw him again.

Ryan and James are playing chess in the LR, very little discussion

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9:15 pm BBT: Nat and Sheila continue to talk about old times, Sharon talking to her furriends, Josh has joined Chelsia on couch watching Ryan and James playing chess. So, boring.,,, James got his hair dyed and cut tonight, Ryan has buzzed the hair on his arms.

9:25 pm BBT: Nat and Sheila now talking about how Chelsia has been acting even though she has won a fabulous prize like 21 thousand dollar trip to Las Vegas, had the chance to be on BB and she is acting so ungrateful. Smashing eggs and candy given to them by BB. They say that Chelsia should not be judging people when she is not perfect. That Chelsia is only 20 yrs old what will she do in the next couple of years if she gets pregnant., Nat said she likes Matty but she is not going to be like "Oh, nooooo" just because Chelsia says that Matty made out with her. (*I put that much nicer than they actually said it.) They cannot wait for Weds.

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9:40 pm BBT: Sheila talking to everyone about dying her hair, Josh tells her she can only change her hair certain days of the week because of filming on the show. She shows them the color is red. Chelsia said she has had her hair literally every color. Sheila went and ask the producers and they told her she can color her hair after the live show "you can change your look." (*Sorry, it really is this sloooowwww)

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9:40 pm BBT: Josh and Sharon went outside, Josh said Sheila cannot even win a spelling bee much less an HOH. Sharon says Sheila said the reason she is taking the Matty thing so badly is because her son has the same thing. They still believe Matty is somehow related to Sheila. Josh says Chelsia is not even putting up a fight, Sharon said its because she knows she has sealed the deal after last night. Josh, Lets talk about me for a second, do you think my beard looks good like this? Sharon, I am a little bias because I grew up in a strict military family, clean cut. Who, would I put up if I win HOH? I have no beef with anyone.

9:45 pm BBT: Talk changes because Ryan comes outside. Adam and Chelsia come out as well. Just general chit chat now.

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9:58 pm BBT: Ryan asks Josh how he feels about HOH this week. Josh is confident but unsure of who. Adam says that "Kimberly" is crazy, if she wins HOH he will have to hide because she will probably put him up. Ryan tells Sharon she better start campaigning, what can she offer him, (*obviously kidding her)

Nat just announced (?) to the house she got her period, what a relief. (*I wonder why????) She is a happy camper.

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BBT: 10:00 pm

Chelsia just fell in the Sauna, Sheila yells are you okay, oh shit, he just hit her... James runs to her asking her if she is okay, he didn't mean to hit her? They were not on camara so I think they were playing around, he hit her with soap. She fell. James discovers his face is pink from rinsing his hair. Chelsia goes to SR

Josh tells James that he thinks Chelsia is very fragile right now, she looked like she was going to cry sitting on the couch, James said its because tomorrow is the goodbye messages. James goes to SR to check on Chelsia, whispers something, I couldn't hear.

BBT: 10:10 pm

Camara switches to outside where Sharon, Sheila, Nat sitting eating Icecream talking to Adam, general chit chat. Again with Nat starting her period, 2 1/2 wks late.

Back to kitchen. Ryan, Chelsia, James, Adam (*Adam is moving around alot tonight) They are eating nachos. (*Okay, I"m out. When only reporting what they are eating, it's time for me to go to bed, lol. )

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10:24PM BBT: Sharon/Nat/Sheila still at the HT. Talking about Chelsia contradicts herself. Nat says that Chelsia tells her she is bad because she had an abortion but then Chelsia says Matty fingerbanged her. So then Chelsia just committed adultery which is right after do not commit murder. Sheila explains to Nat how adultery is when you are married. Nat says "Oh, I thought adultery was anything sexual acts whatsoever".

Sheila tells Chelsia has committed some sins in her life but she's not going to tell everyone on national TV. Sheila tells Nat not to stoop to her level & she tells Nat she has nothing to be ashamed of. They talk of how Chelsia destroyed the eggs last night. They say Chelsia is a kid.

The kitchen gang goes outside to confront Natalie but they don't confront her. James asks Sheila if she will sew his hoodie. James thinks they will have a luxury clothing comp next week. Adam tells about his wreck. he wrecked a vette.

10:42PM BBT: Josh/Sharon/James/Chelsia are getting ready for bed. They get in bed & turn the lights off but decide they are going to talk because it's early. Sharon starts reading her bible in the dark.

At the HT Adam/Nat/Sheila talking about how bad they have to win HoH. Sheila telsl them to know no matter if it looks like she is flip flopping it's an act. She is on their side 100%. Sheila says she gets information from then. Nat says yeah Sheila lies to them & tells them she doesn't like Nat because she is stingy with her make up & the alcohol. They say even if one of them (James side) makes it to final 2 they will still have the jury votes for one of them to win.

11:06PM BBT: Sheila/Adam/Ryan/Nat on the By sofa talking about how James runs around telling everyone he has them. They say if James goes Josh will turn into everyone's bitch. Nat says if she wins HoH she's not going to allow any butt kissing & James side can all kiss her butt. It's her decision & she doesn't want to hear jack shit. Sheila says if James is in final 2 there is no way he can win. Nat & Ryan says that James won't be there anyway. Sheila is not so sure.

Adam says he will be happy if any of the 4 of them win the $500K or Sharon as long as it's not Josh, James, or Chelsia. They talk about how ungrateful Chelsia is after winning the $21K trip. Sheila says it's funny how Chelsia can say Sheila is crazy after the way Chelsia has behaved.

11:32PM BBT: Nat starts preaching how God is going to reward her for being persecuted. Nat says James doesn't believe in God & she doesn't think a person who doesn't believe in God should win the money. Adam says James told him that the reason he started his bike ride around the world was because he owed an E (ecstasy) dealer some money.

11:35 pm BBT:Natalie says that if you don't believe in God then you shouldn't be able to win BB.

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12:45AM BBT

Natalie is in the DR. James and Chelsia are talking about farts in the bedroom. Adam is in bed reading the Bible. Seems everyone went to bed fairly early tonight.

Natalie out of DR and heads to bed.

1:45AM BBT

Ryan is snoring really loud. Natalie throws pillows at him and he finally rolls over and stops snoring.

2:45 BBT - All houseguest still snoozing

Cam 1 - Adam

Cam 2 - Josh/Sharon

Cam 3 - Natalie/Ryan

Cam 4 - Shelia

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4:50 am BBT: James is is up; cooking some breakfast, playing air guitar, a little dance, looking at memory and finally cleans up kitchen mess.

5:10 am BBT: James is eating his rice.

5:18 am BBT: Now he's burping the words... "I am so bored."

5:25 am BBT: James washes, dries and puts away a pan. Washing the bowl he used for rice.

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10:20 BBtime Ryan & Adam in the SR both agree that they don't trust her(Sheila), and that she has to go........now they are in the BY playing pool, still discussing that she has to go and that they don't trust her.

Sharon and Sheila in the Boat room....Sharon listening as Sheila says that she knows everyone in the house talks crap about her.... she knows that everyone wants James out, but she is not that foolish to vote him out...that would be crazy.. he is like a cat with 9 lives...he can jump from a building and stand land on all 4's (OK we get it Sheila) All of the things that he has done..been rich and poor, sleeps on dirt, eats out of dumpsters....WHO DOES THAT?!! SHE EXCLAIMS!! iF HE WINS HALF A MILLION $$ HE DESERVES IT!!

(sorry 3:30 am MY TIME...HOPE THIS WAS OK!!!)

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Adam and Ryan playing pool seems they have caught on too Shelia has been going over to the "other" side and giving information to cover her butt, Adam says can you blame her and Ryan says no and it mad about it.

Ryan states that he wants HoH cause if he does he has big plans he says he is gonna do it "BIG" :party_smilie: Adam says you gonna put up big she and he said I am not saying that.

Now all the feeds are in the blue boat room and Shelia and Sharon and Nat are just doing general Chit chat and talking about Nat and her painting.

Nat is saying she has been selling her paintings for about 6 or 7 years. :artist:

Now talk goes about to things that Chel has said about Nat... blah blah blah

Now BB voice asked james nat and ryan to change batts in mic.

Shelia is telling Nat she does amazing faces and Sharon in back ground humm huuh huum huh :animated_scratchchin:

Nat is bragging about her painting BB tells her once again to change her batts.

Shelia says that that is all Nat talks about is what CHel has said and that once she is gone to seq... Nat will go crazy about it.

Shelia now tells Sharon that she or Sharon or James needs to win HoH cause the whole house is gonna change and flip.

Feeds now in BY

Chel and James talking about how Josh thinks James is turning on him and James says nothing. James says that he called shelia out on being matts mom and shelia said no.

They are now talking about a bug. (sorry I am trying to give the scoop to ya but not much going on)

They are now trying to get Josh to look at a bug and going to throw it on adam...(but they dont)

Josh says so shelia is turning on her own group right? James says not she is really covering her azz. She wants protection from us and James says "I am not giving her any protection"

Chel and James and Josh are talking smack about Sharon.

(ok if there is any good news I will try and report)

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