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March 24 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:30pmBBT the Camera on the big green pole in backyard Fell off! Sharon saw it fall and came runnin in, Adam also saw. Sharon said "it went (made robot noise), BOOM!" Shelia says BB gonna call a Lockdown. BB:"THis is a lockdown plz go inside and close the sliding glass door." Josh comes 2 KT 2 see why Lockdown. Sharon feels bad 4 Matinance guy who has 2 come on Easter Night 2 fix it.

9:45pmBBT Josh tells Hg's story of gettin DUI. and that the cop let him go with just a ticket 4 "reckleess driving" because Josh told him he has gonna be a BB. Josh said the Cop saids he is a huge bigh brother fan. and The Cop told Josh if hes lying about bein on BB he would hunt him down and throw him in jail with harsh punishment. Josh saisd he was cryin his eyes out and the girls in his car back up his story. Josh said he was driving drunk from a wedding 2 a waffle house.(Know thAt's Texas!)

9:50pmBBT Outdoor Lockdown over(no word on camera yet.)

9:55pmBBT Adam & Ryan playin pool. They talk trash about James. Adam sayin he hates him & Ryan sayin hes weird. they want James gone next wweek

10pmBBT Nat & Shelia tickle Adam and he is creaming and laughing his face is bright red. Adam says his father owns a real haunted house sayin a man died in it. Shelia says her one frioend was haunted by a ghost 1 time. Nat says her grandmaother talked 2 a Friendly ghost for many years.(It must of been Casper!)

10:18pmBBT James tells story 2 Josh/Sharon/Chelsia of him dspeeding onew night and bein pulled over and said he lied 2 officer saying he was going 2 propose 2 his girlfriend. The officer let him go Scotch free. James says his now Ex is a teacher a a College.

10:22pmBBT Shelia has the Big Cholate Bunny has abused(missing ear,leg,and side). Nat asks Adam a question but says "hey Rye-Bread i wanted 2 know if u.... i mean Adam..."

10:30pmBBT Shelia says Ryan & Josh are the best lookin guys in house. Josh asks her "if u could sleep with Adam or Ryan who would u." Shelia says "Ryan" Nat says "but hes off limits hes with Jen." Josh says "You know you have drank to much when Adam starts looking good."(LOL)

10:32pmBBT outside Josh/Sharon/Adam/Ryan. Josh tells Adam "Shelia's horny." Adam & Ryan make an verbal agreement with Josh & Sharon as witness that if Ryan wins HOH next wekk.......... Adam will try 2 bang Shelia every night for 7 days."

10:34pmBBT Nat talking 2 Matt's pic on MW and outside gang sees her and laughs that she been standing their for over 4 minutes. Saying hes "stalkerish."

10:38pmBBT Nat still staring at Matt's pic on MW and outside gang has feet in HT. Shelia washin dishs. James & Chelsia in bed.

10:40pmBBT Nat still lookin at Matt's pic. outside gang talks about Shaving, Shelia's robe saying she never has it off ala Marcellus. More talk of Adam gonna try 2 get blow job or bang Shelia.

10:42pmBBT Shelia(but she is topsy so she "Kimberly") joins Nat at MW(Nat still lookin at Matt pic with glass of wine in hand) Nat says "Matty i know u miss me, i miss u." Shelia says "Natalie u are so on it. 1st with the Evel Dick thing, then the 8 thing, and the Las Vegas dream." Shelia says ":im not insane, let them think im kimberly when im drunk." (Shelia & Nat + Drunk equals :omg::cookoo: )

10:44pmBBT More talks outside of Adam/Shelia banging next week. Josh says he wants 2 hide and hear it. Sharon tells Adam 2 try. Adam says "He will wink if he hits it." Ryan tells Adam 2 wait naked on bed 4 Shelia. Josh says "i dont think you are ready 4 Shelia" feeds switch 2

Shelia & Nat sayin Josh throws away clean & still good items. They clean the shower

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10:50pmBBT Outside gang makes up a new schdule 4 Shelia

5am sleep with a male maid

7am feed then send Mick 2 school

9am Gym & Starbucks

11am Go shoppin w/ Nat

Ryanl says Nat is a complusive Liar. That she & Matt how a BJ and "he heard him sucking his cock" Josh says that disgusting and feeds switch 2 Shelia cleaning shower saying this is disgusting. "16 feet in his thing and only Allison cleaned it."

Josh says FCC cant do anything about Big Brother online, that they can make rules 4 BB online. Josh talks about Bars in Texas. They all talk about Nat likun Mattm when he strongly dislikes her.

10:53pmBT Shelia gets called 2 DR. Outside gang laughs that Shelia things she is "High on the list." but shes not on the D'List or any list at all."

10:55pmBT Adam says he things Allison hot because "shes a con artist." Ryan says shes a big liar and hated the way she acted.

thern talk about CBS's BB 2night

inside Nat does her hair and weighs her self.

Ryan wonders how amny hrs they have been on TV on BB & BB9AD.(currently over 113 hrs) & wonder online

Josh says American will know everything we do are routine. Sharon says "they must kno i feed the guniea pigs"

Nat called 2 DR.

11pmBBT Shelia comes out and yells "who killed the frigedy bunny." Ryan says James. Shelia goies back in sayin "That freakin Chelsia!" outside laughs saying hs had 2 much 2 drink

inside Shelia says "Some1 must have an anger issue." Josh/Ryan say must be something wrong with Chelsia.

Josh says "i wonder every1 diry little seacrt." "Sharon is that she a prositute." they laugh. Josh says his dirty seachrt was hes gay. Josh says :i filled the quote, its California state law that every reality show has 1 gay male, 1 black man, and 1 blonde." Ryan says "Yeah thata big Cali law." Shelia says "Lesbians are sexy." She says she wants 2 be on the the show the "L Word" Nat comes out and says "Who killed the bunny." Shelia says Chelsia.

Nat says "O Matty" lookin at his pic. Shelia asks Nat if she wants Matt's lofa. Nat says "im not crazy i only like lookin at his pic and sleepin in his shirt. I dont want 2 wash my body with his lofa(lookin at Shelia), or wear his boxers(llokin at Ryan) or usin his toothbrush (lookin at Josh)

11:08pmBBT Shelia says she likes Josh's underwear sayin its sexy but shes a boxer underwear fan, but not cotton.

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11:10p[mBBT James enters KT and talks aboy candy peeps with Ryan/Adam as they are rushing 2 finsh Sharon's Camel puzzle she was working on." And at that moment we get DR Leak of Sharon in DR "Me & Josh are working hard this week...."

Adam tellsNatalie "this is part of the game this puzzle its gonna be the HOHa comp." Nat laughs

Chelisia enters "Nat were you screaming when you were giving Matty a blowjob?" Nat says "No nothing ever happen and whoever started that rumor is a jerk." Chelsia says "It was Matty." Nat says "well then whatever Matty saays he can."

11:13pmBBT Chelisa gets every1 talking about "Gettin off" and she smashs a choate Bunny. Josh & Ryan start singing "we dint start the fire" by Billy Joel. Chelsia breaks the painted eggs over the sink where Shelia is washing dishs. Josh "dont break the house we live in(laughing)"

Sharon exits DR and see her finshed puzzle. "Ryan u said u were gonna wait 4 me, that wasnt very nice." Ryan says "blame Adam." they laugh as Sharon looks at her finshed puzzle.

Chelssia and Nat are goin at it alittle. Chelsia "Only James will be brough back 4 all stars." Natalie "No every1 where has cvharcter." Chelsia is in a bad mood. She yells at Josh 4 cleanin up the dsetoyed bunny. Sharon asks Chelsia "why are u braeking only my stuff." Chelisia says "I ralize im in the big brother house, and im going home."

Chelsia "o no i killed the bunny, its gone, i killed Jesus." (She laughs.) (Natalue looks sad.) Chelsia says i am better in real life. James asks Chelsis 2 go 2 bed. Chelsia says "what else can i brake." and she crushs all the painted eggs with her hands. Chelsia says "OHHH Man ! i crushed all aour hard work. ohh man! That was fun right kids." Every1 laughs but before a moment of Akward!

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11:21pmBBT Chelis washs the egg's dish.

11:23pmBBT Chelia rips the marshmellow peeps Ryan was about 2 eat. then smashs Nat Beaver state egg. She says "ohh no did i just destoyed the beaver state egg, Nat's $500 egg on ebay just like her car on ebay 4 $1000." She bashs Natalie some more. Josh is coverin his mouth from laughing. Ryan is tryin not 2 laugh. Chelsia makes Fun of Natalie some more about sayin she gonna be more famous then winner of BB9 (no clue wher Nat is now) Chelia has lost it. She says "oh no am i I the Anti Christ! i broke the fuckin bunny on Christ day! Fuck you Natalie you White Trash Cunt! Are u the fucking best artist in the world!"

Natalie is prayin in Sauna room(i actully feel sorry 4 her.) Chelsia still yellin in kitchen. she says "Im gonna fuck Matt till his crocken eye's staright." Josh burts out laughing. Shelia asks Chelsia 2 stop it. Chelia says "happy birthday Jesus Christ! I hope u like ur birthday. Natalie no Christian she went against the 6th commanment. I never killed a baby in my life."

Natalie talking 2 god in Sauna and talks 2 self about what Natalie's saying. "Plz god judge her beacuse she judged me."

11:30PmBBT ChelsiA smashed Sharon's puzzle and sits down 2 do it her self."

Nat in sauna "she picks on me cuz she jealous."

Shelia asks Chelsia not 2 say things about Matt's eye. Chelsia says "i do just because Nat loves... i mean Nat & Matt asre in love."

in bedroom Josh 2 Sharon/James "who is that, thats not Chelsia, she lost it!" James "Shelia must be Matt's mom the way she sticvkin up 4 him. Ya get it Matt....Mick." Josh says "Maybe."

11:33pmBBT Josh sits by Chelsia in KT as she struggles with puzzle. Chelsia says "this puzzle is fucvkin diifucult." "Is James mad at me." Josh "no hes not." Chelsia ":well i dont care im a bitch 2 american, i killed Jesus fucking Christy on his birthday." Chelsia sings "Me & James just had sex, we justy had sex!" Josh "finnaly thats good."

feeds switch 2 floowd Sharon around the house.

11:35pmBBT Josh tries 2 help Chelsia with puizzle

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11:36pmBBT Chelsia makes fun of Natalie praying and makes prays as if shes Natalie. Josh & James sit by her.

in HOH Ryan/Adam watch the Chelsia beakdown. "she fuckin done(Adam prends 2 shoot shotgun ast HOH screen."

11:38pmBBT Shelia cyrin in boat room as Josh tries 2 consule her. Josh tells Shelia that Nat can hear Chelsia from sauna. Shelia says i just dont like her beatin Matty.

11:41pmmBBT Chelsia/Shelia talk Chelsia says "i dont fuckin care., and tells Shelia i told Matty this 2 his face,

James & Josh wonder if they can caryy Chelisa 2 bed. Chelsia brushs teeth. Sharon says shes headin 2 bed. Nat talks 2 Josh then Shelia says she gonna hide in Boat room.

11:43pmBBT Shelia uses BR, and Josh/Chelsia talk.

11:r44pmBBT BB calls Nat 2 DR. Shelia tells Chelisia "i never said that!" and walks away and talks 2 Sharon/James. Sharon wishs Josh will stay away from Chelsia and get his ass in here and asks Shelia 2 get him 4 her,.

11:45pmBBT Adam/Ryan say if Ryan wins HOH 2 put up James/Josh 4 James 2 leave.

Chelsia & Shelia in BR. Chelsia tells Shelia "god job cleanin BR." Chelsia tells Shelia shes sorry 4 all she said. Josh gets in bed with Sharon.

11:46pmBBT Chelsia gwets into PJ's. James says "im srry." Chelsia "im gonnA GO brake the house!" James "dont brake any vases or the MW." Chelsia says "i kno im not crazy, but im a fucking anti Christ.?"

Ryan consues a crtyin Shelia in BR.

11:49pmBBT Chelsia gets in bed w/ James. James says "again i am on the sinkin titanic" Josh goes 2 Sauna and talks wiith a cryin Shelia. Josh "are u Matt's mother?" Shelis shakes her head yes. Josh goes runnin 2 tell others.

Nat goes up 2 HOH and vemts her anger about Chelsia 2 Adam. And says Matt dint try 2 scwre Matty in my bed"

BB calls Josh 2 DR.

Josh rejoins Shelia in Sauna room and she says "she is not Matt's mom." he goes 2 DR. Shelia is crying.

11:53pmBBT Nat tells Adam i hav a crush on Matty but im not heart-broken, i dont have a crtush on him. Adam says HOH is huge. "Hoh now take that key is yours." Nat says 2 camera "Say no 2 aclchol." and tells Adam "Chelasia a alcholic." Nat says she was jokin about selli hooters stuf on ebay

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11:55pmBBT Nat says Chelsia cant talk about her or Matty its not legal. Adam says its true about Matt & Chelsia finger banging in SR. Nat says "thats gross & untrue he would never go that." Adam saysd James will be less a threat w/o Chelsia. Nat says Chelsia weak that she only picjks on me. Nat says "Matt tryed 2 do things with me, but i never let him." Nat says "Chelsia got used bein finger banged by Chelsia, that Matt has a real GF and is not me."

11:598pmBBT Nat says "Matt finger banging Matt thats ewwww, hes a 2 in my book now." "i loose respect in a guy who when hes horny touchs manny diffent women, iknew he was gross that why we never did nothing, im golden ill never sink 2 that level. Matt just sunk in my book" "i cant even look at Matt know, Chelsia fowl & disgusting!" "ive wited over 10 months 4 a guy and still be waiting 34 the righht guy." "Matt weent from a 10 to 3 in my book."

in sauna Josh/Sheliua talk

12amBBT in HOH(Nat/Adam talking in Sauna(Josh/Shelsia talking) Asleep(Sharon/Ryan/James/Chelsia)

im out

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2:07Am BBT

Josh and Sheila are in the Bathroom, Josh is trying soooooooooooooo hard to find out the connection with Sheila and MAtt. Sheila said she isn't his mom, they aren't related BUT there is something but she can't talk about it yet but after all of this she will. Josh asks what is it, what is it. She starts asking him about his ( Matt) tattoos, the initials he has and etc. She said you have to ask BB if you can talk about something before you do and she said since the other party isn't here ( Matt) she doesn't know if she can say anything. She says she feels so sorry for Natalie and that people are going to do whatever it takes to win in this game. ( Hmm ya think?) Josh turns convo back towards Matt. He says her tears are tears of a Mother he has seen them before and she had them that her tears for Matt are that of a Mothers. ( Forgot to mention how she said Matt is Italian and so is she she's trying to make him see the resemblence) OK seems now she is saying she IS HIS MOM! Josh asks how she feels about the Natalie thing and she cringes. ( HOLY CHIT) SHE IS HIS MOM!!!!!! Talking about how they never had a house and he ( matt) wanted to buy his mom a house and she's like yeah, I never had a house. Talk turns to how Nat has someone on Joshes team on her side, Josh says JAMES? SHEILA says nooooooooo..( OK it's 5am here in FL so if i'm hearing things wrong let me know) Josh asked where Matt lives, and she said in an apt. that his grandfather owns , whom she's not related too. Josh asked why he comes to cali she said because he has a GF here. GRRRRR Now Sheilas saying she's not. Josh says theres 4 colors in the guinnea pig cage so 4 twists, she says there IS another twist but it doesn't include her. JOSH is saying he IS your son, she says well, his birthday IS in April. Now she's denying it Josh isn't buying it keeps diggin for info. SHEILA is saying Natalie is VERY naive. SHEILAS talking about how Matt was making moves on Chelsea and Sharon, Sheila says she didn't know he had that much time to make his rounds. Josh says Sheila your son, he's scary and Sheila says, well, his moms scary, his mom is nuts ( meaning herself). Josh says let's talk about something serious Natalie. Sheila says when the games over she isn't going to leave she's going to hold onto the key and parachute back in. And how many damn bible lines can she find! SHEILAS saying everyone in this house is nuts. She finds the Allstars and EvelDick exciting but the rest was boring. How they are going to have to throw Sharon out the door and have security take her out away from the Guinnea pig cage. Sheila asks what he will do if Nat wins HOH he's pretty sure James is going up but if she does put him ( Josh ) up he won't go kicking and screaming he'll go quietly. SHEILA says if she wins HOH she will put up Josh and Sharon as a pawn so she can backdoor someone. JOSH says you can't backdoor someone because only ones sitting out. SHEILA says she doesn't trust Adam and Ryan like she (Natalie) does. Sheila knows they will turn on her in a heartbeat. Sheilas talking about how Adam wouldn't let her in the HOH room but he let's Natalie and how when he won HOH his true colors came out. Theyre pretty much talking about how Natalie is his lil slave. 2:26AM BBT Theyre talking about how BB has stopped Chelsea from doing some mean things, she says well didn't EvelDick do bad things??Josh says yeah, but they have cracked down on that this season. She asked about the pickle juice why they allowed that and Josh said that was an impulse what Chelsea wanted to do was pre-meditated. Josh is telling her it's only going to get crazier in the coming weeks.

2:30AM BBT Feeds on Chels and James in bed if they are talking can't hear anything.

2:37AM BBT all 4 feeds on empy bathroom.

2:42AM BBT we have movement, Nat is out of the Toilet and washing hands. You hear someone snoring LOUD. James and Chelsea walk out of the room you hear Josh scream in another room they don't show why, now he is in bed.

2:53AM BBT Josh is hiding on the floor waiting to scare James and Chelsea when they walk in the room to get in bed.

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10:20amBBT Josh runs and puts on Shelia's lights. Josh said he neeeded that exersive 2day but that was one of his weaker dancing days. He liked the 1st song. Chelsia makes fun of the BB voice "Shelia plz put on the lights, Shelia!,Shelia! Shelia!" Shelia laughs. Josh & Shelia talk about Josh going to act extremly happy givin every1 a hug every morning. Shelia "OMG! i love it!"

in Bedroom Sharon asls Chelsia "Was that the alchol last night?" Chelsia says "No"

10:25amBBT Josh hugs Chelsia then Sharon. Shelia hugs Chelsia. Josh says from know on hes gonna be "extra nice Josh." Sharon making eggs

10:28amBBT Shelia says she had 3 action packed Easter' in a row. 2 yrs. ago her son hadd a food fight covering her car. Last year she was in ICU. and last night "was fun." Chelsia lAUGHS "Fun? u think lAAST night was fun."

Sharon "Hi Babies! Babies! come here ! look the banaa right there."

Shelia asks 2day and Sharon says its her Parents "29th Anniverary of their Marriage. 2day." Shelia "Wow! thats rare nowadays." Sharon "their gfoiing 2 eat at TGI Fridays." They talk about birthdays thats Parkers is 4/6, Matt 4/7, Chelsia's mom 4/17 & Mick 4/26. Adam,James,Ryan, & Nat still not up

10:33amBBT Shelia "last night 's easter is one oi will nevewr 4get." Chelsia "thats good, im glad i made u laugh." Shelia also makes eggs

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Josh & Sharon are sitting outside obsessing over whether Matt is Sheila's son. Doing the math, they calculated Sheila would have been 21 when Matt was born. They are convinced they are mother/son.

10:50 AM BBT: Chelsia is serving James breakfast in bed.

11:15 AM BBT: Chelsia & James are snuggling in bed. Josh is sleeping in the bed next to them. Ryan is determined to learn how to make pancakes today. (Right now, the pancakes don't look very tasty!!)

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