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March 21 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:58BBT Natalie playing with the GPs and making noises at them.

Chel and Ry in the SR talking about votes if the noms stay the same and chel can't imagine Nat voting for James to stay. Chel saying if James wins then she is gone. Chel being funny saying she told Josh that she would give him a BJ if he threw it and he said something about it better be good for half million dollar BJ

Nat still talking to GPs, Ry peeling an orange and Chel making a sandwich.

feed switches to James sleeping.

Now Chel, Nat, Sheila and Ry speculating whether Neil is shown in the beginning credits of the show.

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9:10BBT Ry saying that he has spent about 4 weeks on the block and Mat only had a few days because the first time he got off with POV and last time he was backdoored.

Sheila saying if she had heard the stupid name of sexy six she would have evicted them all at the first.

Rehashing now Parker saying they were all 6s and that allison is a negative 6. Saying that he shouldn't have made negative comments like that while on the block. Chel wondering if guys really rate girls.

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Nat saying Sheila needs to come visit her and bring her son. Talking about the the further north they go the prettier it gets. Sheila just ask if it was all white people. Nat saying Oregon is a hippy state.

Sheila is saying that they can't let someone have more power. (i think josh) Sheila says she can't take another week of this.

9:15BBT Chel lays on top of James to wake him up. Chel told Josh and Sharon that if they won POV they shouldn't use it for their own safety.

Chel saying this sucks and she can't campaign against James. Josh said he turned on the sauna and James said he didn't want to be that relaxed. Chel asked James if he wanted his BJ. Josh said he didn't cuz it would relax him. Chel said wait c'mon lets do that (being funny)

feed switches to Adam snoring :(

Feeds are on Adam snoring or Nat and Sheila talking... be back in a few :)

Sheila and Chel bashing Sharon wondering why BB casted the most boring girl in America. Sheila says she is very very smart. Nat says her voice makes her nuts....

Now Nat says that Adam is very smart. Nat says he threw the last HOH cuz he didn't want to win it... well not the last one but the one when it was him and Ry left.

Sheila please go to the diary room. (thank goodness)

Chel is giving James a massage. Josh asked Sharon if she would give him one? She said sure. Josh said he feels jealous if James is geting one he should get one.

Chel says she wants to make deviled eggs. Josh says great, Sharon says you don't like eggs and Josh says I know I just like to watch people eat them.

Chel says she wants eggs to dye.

Nat praying about being able to get James out and that Mat is gone because he is good looking and has big muscles. :dontgetit:

Nat went to HOH looking for Ry and woke up Adam. Nat thinks that POV will be at midnight. Nat is telling Adam that she prayed for him or Sheila to win POV.

Apparently during POV there is an order cuz Adam said that James is number 6. Nat says knock him out first if he can cuz Josh will buckle under pressure.

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Ryan and James talking about how they smell their clothes at the pits and crotch and if it doesn't stink they will where it... James says sometimes the crotch smells really bad (ewwwwwwwww)

just general chit chat... James and Josh showering... very boring

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sheila and nat having a zit popping party in the br.

chel, sharon and ryan talking about the baby names their mothers chose for them and their siblings and names they didn't use.

sheila and nat complaining to BB about being bored (tell me about it!!)

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they are all getting ready to go (want to add that on house calls Evil Dick said that he was going to be there for a comp that would last 4 hours and asked BB to lock house guests inside at first so he could do one last dick at night)

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12:45BBT Adam, Sheila, Nat and Ryan in kitchen munching. Adam tells Sheila to go to bed because it's a big day tomorrow. Ry wants to smoke and is sick of the inside of the house. Sheila chows on Pepperidge Farm Cookies. (*yum*)

Meanwhile, the James Gang is sleeping.

Ryan says he's going to bed and takes off to his room.

Adam is heading to bed too, he says.

12:50 Nat and Sheila not wanting to go to bed but know it's important for the POV. Sheila explains that in LA on a holiday weekend, people want to get off work early. Sheila says either they will do this early or after Easter.

Nat says that they'll do the POV early in the morning and maybe immediately evict someone. (*maybe so!*)

They all agree that the BB crew won't want to work on the holiday weekend so something will be different than normal.

Adam says "These people eat sleep live and breathe BB. They ain't going nowhere and takin' off."

Adam heads to bed and lays reading bible in HoH bed.

Sheila and Nat only ones up now.

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5:15AM BBT -- Just noticed no overnight updates, so I'm assuming HGs all went & stayed asleep since last update -- currently, all HGs are still sleeping. (*FYI- ED waking them up Sat. morn, not today*)

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