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February 28 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:50PM BBT: Chelsia, Josh and Sharon are in the HoH discussing Allison wanting to go home. Chelsia says she's going to talk to her because she doesn't want her to go home, it would really

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9:30ish BBT: Allison is washing dishes at the kitchen sink.

Ryan, Adam, James and Matt are now outside talking about whether Allison is leaving and Ryan tells them she never said anything to him. James wonders if he would get Jen back and Ryan says that it wouldn't matter because they would still be a target. They discuss the disadvantages of partner or playing single and Ryan says, "Yeah when you're partners, someone hates your partner they hate you." Matt tells him that it's only Josh that hates Allison. Ryan says that it's all that really matters right now.

12:35PM BBT: Chelsia is washing towels in the shower. The boys are still outside chatting. Natalie joins her to help wash the towels.

9:40PM BBT: FotH

(off to bed now - sorry :sleep1: )

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9:40PM BBT: We got a fast flash of Allison and Sheila in the sauna room going off about something then FotH again and the feed was changed when we came back.

When it comes back, Allison is upset that she forgave Sheila about things that went on and she feels stupid and then on the show it was all brought back up [she forgets that we see stuff on the shows that has happened day before sometimes and Julie wants the details - Jem] Sheila says why are you angry. Allison says she's not; she was shocked that Sheila made it look like she was running her mouth. Sheila says she didn't say that.

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Adam, Matt & Josh in Kitchen. Matt saying today was the most stressful day of his life b/c he didn't know what would happen. Josh said that he had two already, that the only question was Ryan & Alli. [Yeah, right! Joshie...you know you were gunning to have them go home, and that the only reason you changed your vote was that you didn't want a bigger target on you! :rolleyes: ]

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Quick Foth.

10pm BBT: In HOH room, Josh is telling Sharon that Alli is talking shit to Sheila about him & he doesn't care. Josh says "she's freakin' out". Then he asks Sharon "What did that bitch say to you?". Sharon said something about, "You better watch it b/c he doesn't think he was out of line.


Sharon saying that she likes things in her room in some kind of order.

Then they are talking again about Allison. He said that everyone was coming up to him & asking why he had so much rage against her. Josh says it's because she was up in the HOH room & set up Matt & Natalie to go home b/c they're strong & and Amanda/Alex is on slop. Then she went & told the rest of the house that Josh threw Matt/natalie under the bus. Then he's upset b/c Alli was trying to campaign to get him & sharon out of the house. (HELLO! That's the game!) Josh said that she was also the one that spread the rumor that Sharon was outside the door listening to their conversation. Alli said that Sharon called her a bitch.

Sharon said that the only thing she said to Natalie was "Is she pissed?" not She's a bitch. Sharon saying that she never talked bad about someone behind their back unless they deserved it.

Sharon now telling Josh that Alli told her in confidence that she has feelings for Ryan, but she doesn't want Josh to use it against Alli b/c she told this only to Sharon & Alli will know who said it.

Sharon is saying that she's scared that Josh is going to physically go off on someone. josh says he would never hit someone in anger. Sharon says Josh is so much like Jacob, he does the same thing. Sharon doesn't want Josh to look like the bad guy b/c if America votes at the end, she doesn't want to lose b/c he's acting CRAAAZZZYYY!

Josh is saying that Dick was a Dick & he won. He asks Sharon, Don't you think it was effective, and sharon said yes. He tells Sharon that she is his PR person, and goes around to clean up all his shit. sharon keeps talkign about the future and how his actions will effect them in the future. He told her that he was sorry for what happened in the SR earlier, and she said it's okay. She thinks of the future of the game, and Josh doesn't. Josh thinks that he and Sharon are stronger than James/Chelsia.

BTW-heard BB saying that they are on indoor ld. Josh says he thinks it's about the food comp tomorrow.

Feeds switch to James/Chelsia and nat in br.

Sorry, stepped away & came back to foth

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We're back & Allison,Ry & Nat are in another room. Alli's saying, "You know it was b/c of me that you're still here, right?" Natalie agrees. Now their talking about hoh comp & natalie saying that she didn't know some of them & that she was hoping sharon would get it wrong so she would be the winner. She said that she knew all the questions for the guys.

She's out.

Alli is telling ry that she feels that BB shouldn't tolerate this (with Josh),s aying that this is out of control. She's tellign Ryan that she's had it. She's over it. Their laughing that josh said he was a linebacker in football. She says wait until he goes up against his 6ft brother. she said if Josh took one step closer to her he would have hit her. She's asks if he ever met anyone like these people, like Sharon. She's "blown away" by all of this & has no idea why Josh went off on her. "He's just mad b/c we didn't agree with what he wanted."

Feeds switch to the rest of the HGs (except Josh/Sharon & Alli/Ryan) who are in the bedroom. Matt tells james to dry hump Chelsia (who's laying on top of him with her back facing him). She says, "Yeah baby, that's how momma likes it, in the back!"

Okay, just general chit chat now. I gotta go to sleep folks. Hope someone can take over. Thanks to everyone for great updates! :bedtime: Have a great night everyone!

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10:20 pm BBT: Allison trying to tell Ryan that nothing anyone says bothers her. Ryan points out that it seems like it did earlier. Allison then recounts Sheila saying how she's going to tell the rest of the house guests that Allison was upset about what Sheila said during the live show and not upset about Joshua. Allison screech's "NOOO" don't do that. As she's relaying this story to Ryan, she says, "I'm like are all these people retarded?" Allison goes on to explain how she's sick of how ignorant everyone on the game is.

10:25 pm BBT: Joshua and Sharon are talking about who they think would win between them and James/Chelsia if they are the final 2 (four.) They're pretty sure that everyone but, Allison would vote for them over J/C. Now they are discussing who they are going to put up for eviction and the different scenario's of what if so-and-so win POV and use it, who goes up... how the votes will go, etc. Bottom line is... Allison and Ryan are screwed because no matter how it works out... Allison and Ryan are going home unless they win POV.

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12amBBT Allision goes outside by Josh,Allison,Ryan,Adam & others. Aliison yells at Josh, he yellsa at her and he says BB said 5 feet he must stay u are in my space FOTH. comes back Josh its over. Allision yells more and says ppl ill makefun of hi moutside these walls. She says she dosent lie(lol) Josh yells at her saying "eave, cunt & other things. Allison heads inside. Ryan yells at Sharon tellin her she said stuff and Adam! backs Sharon up. Natalie then backs up Sharon. Josh "shes just tryin 2 make me get into her space and get tossed out and i won t do that." Sharon & Ryan yell more. with Adam,Nat, & James laughin at Ryan. Josh heads inside. Adam & Sharon say Ryan's lying.

inside Allison goes 2 DR. matt & Shelia get told by as Josh approches and yells more the 2. Allion comes out of DR Josh says "youre fuckin going home" so we get FOTH at 12:04amBBT till.... 12:12amBBT

Adam,Josh,Nat, & Sharon in HT & Allison is in bed. Adam & Josh say she is "Deliginal, making her own stories up." Josh says hes gonna put lip stick up on miroor with her name on it. Adam: "she caused 2 many lies so far." Ryan heads to see Matt and tell his side of story then gets into bed with Allison. Ryan unhappy with Allison on what he said. Allison said Sharon is lying not her and she tells Ryan not 2 talk 2 her and leave. Ryan "so youre lying to me." Allison "just leave Ryan, lewave. I dont give a shit ok, bye good bye what ever Ryan. All the good stuff i said about u was false you are a peice of shit." Ryan leaves and tells Matt & Shelia how Allioson tottaly done.

outside Josh says Allison actully afraid of me. let us all go and yell at her tommrow and tell her what we feel 2gether.

Ryan asks Matt & Shelia if he can sleep on their floor 2night. they say yes. Ryan gets pillow out of SR and lays down on pull out coach. Matt "Alli's gone nuts." Shelia laughs.

Josh,Sharon,Adam, & Nat realize all the lies Allison told since day 1.

12:20amBBT Chelsia checks on Alison. Allison says "Ryan a fucking retard hes looks like a gorlilla hes a retard!" (i wonder how Autism group feels about her now lol) Allison says Ryan's lying and Allison says she dosent care about game and will never go 2 DR. so we get FOTH at 12:22am til..... 12:24amBBT

Allison tells Chelisa its not Josh its that nobody in this house cares about her. She keeps saying "i feel sick" "BB dosent care about me and wont punish Josh 4 threats." "im done i dont care" "Ryan a retard." Chelsia keeps tryin 2 calm Allison down saying she a good person and stuff. Chelsia tells Allison to fight. Allison says a pig(josh) threated her and shes dosent want 2 play till they punish him. She says im done. And my Gorilla(Ryan) of a parter dosent car 4 me. Aliison & Cheslia say all the Hg's this year are kids. Aliison says this isnt Big Brother(then what is it? is that the twist?) Chelisa hugs Allison. Allison says she dosent need this and that BB shold throw Josh out and put him in jail. so we get FOTH at 12:28amBBT till....12:30amBBT

Allison says shes leaving tommrow unless they punish Josh. Chelsia leaves. Allison trys 2 sleep.

outside Josh,Nat, & Sharon trash talking Allison. BB calls Sharon 2 DR.

James,Chelsia head 2 bed. Matt & Ryan are layin in same bed. Shelia & Adam are in bed and Adam talkin 2 James. Outised Josh & Nat talk.

12:32amBBT in LR Chelsia tells Ryan to pull Allison back into game. Cheslia says how can Alliosn feel threated in a house with 24/7 survallence.

outside Josh covers HT.

In LR Ryan tells Chelsia that Allion just flipped out. Ryan says she called me a liar and yelled at me. Ryan says she not talking 2 her until she apoliges. Chelisa says she dosent kno if Allision is truthfull about leavin or just 4 attencion. Josh enters and Ryan apoliges as he says Allion just yelled at me. Josh says she lied 2 many times from the Lesbianallicane 2 this. Josh says hes bringin that out tommrow. Chelsia says Allison is breaking down. Ryan says he dosent hav Allion's back. Josh said im will stay away from me in the BY she confroted me and i only confroted her earlyer. Chelsia says BB shold lie 2 Allison 2 get her 2 stay. Josh says im not like Evel Dick i havent touched any1. Foth at 12:38am TILL.... 12:40amBBT.

Chelsia tells Josh 2 hold off on bring everything forward. Josh says he will bring out all of Allison maniplating things tommrow. Josh leaves. Chelsia tells Ryan how Allison lied 2 ger about Shelia(every else is talking in a bedroom with light out & Allison in boat room)

12:45amBBTall HG's are in Pull on coach bedroom talking 3 ppl in each bed and Allison is in boat room alone. & Sharon in DR. & Josh loistin 2 music in HOH(hes ddancin 2 it lol) and wearin a tirarea. Josh is slow dancing with a stuffed animal(lol) still wearin the tireara. he then does the sprinkler!

Chelsia & Nat are feeling Shelia's breasts. Chelsia tries 2 take off Shelia's top but Shelia rols her anbd spanks her. Shelia gives her a wedgie and spanks her. Chelsia gets out of bed holding her butt. Shelia leaves 2 her own bed in other room.

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12:55amBBT Josh must be listin 2 a romatice song now as he is pointing 2 his stuffed moose on the bed.(some1 plz tape this lol) Josh sees some1's in kitxchen so he pours himself a snapple and runs downtsairs. and joins NatALIE in kitchen. Sharon exits DR and head up 2 HOH. Josh went 2 DR on his own. Sharon,Nast & Adam talk about HOH comp in kitchen. Josh exits DR and joins the 3 in kitchen. Nat telkls Josh that Allion threw Ryan out of bed.

Allison yells 4 Matt he runs ain and they talk in boat room. Allisoin puts down RyAN 2 Matt.

1:05am BT Josh hugs Adam & Nat and him & Sharon go 2 HOH room. in HOH room they agree American hates Allison. Sharon says Allison has 2 stay 4 her & Ryan 2 be evicted. Josh says she leave as Allison is sleepin tyhe cursed boat which is also brocken that Jen/Parker then Amanda/Alex used. Sharon canrt belkive "Baller" stoof up 4 her.

Matt in boat room trys 2 calm down Ryan & Allison. Ryan's mad cuz she gave him middle finger. Ryan & Allison cont 2 argue and Ryan walks out. and tells froupo it kitchen their done. FOTH at 1:11amBBT till..... 1:13amBBT

Ryan and Allison try 2 make up in boat room. But Ryan call her out that she changed her story. She says she was mistakin.

in BT Josh & Adam talk sittin on pool table. Nat comes out and says she made at Matt talking about gettin hand jobs from her. FOTH 1:15am till 1:18amBBT

in HOH Josh & Sharon say Allison knows shes done

in BY Nat & Matt are yelling'

in boat room Ryan & Allison are arguing.

1:23amBBT the groupss above are still fighting

Joshh & Sharon bring Adam & Shelia up 2 HOH room. and ask Shelia about Lesbian allinace

in BY Nat leaves, James & Ryan go ourside and Matt is yelling! they are smokin outside. Matt says he pissed. Ryan says hes unhappyy 2. James goes inside 2 mic. Matt & Ryan say their protect each other in votes and tell each other what happen w/ their girls. James rejoins themn as they rehash their stiories, then Chelsia joins them.

in HOH room Shelia trash talks about Allioson.

in BY Matt yells "i cant belive i have 2 sleep with a mental case!"

Nat & Allison are now 2gether in a big bed. but Ryan and her go back 2 boat rioom and argue.

Chelisa joins the 4 oin HOH room. eveytime the group refers about Evel Dick harashing ppll we getr FOTH

in BY hamickt Matt & Nat talk about things and try 2 make peace each sayin their side of story.

Allison tewlls Ryan she sorry they hug & go 2 bed.

the group of 5 is still in HOH room

Matt/Nat are still arguin in BY

im out

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2:16BBT - Matt tries to get Natalie to admit that she's completely in love with him, when all she seems to want is him to treat her like he does everyone else. [Matt needs to man-up and tell her he doesn't like hanging out with her and that she annoys him instead of playing with her head and trying to convince her that it's all her fault - Liv24]

2:18BBT - Liv24 now hates Matt more than anyother houseguest ever...including Amber.

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Sheila is taking a shower. Sharon is running her mouth something terrible (if someone was talking to me that much first thing, I'd have to smack them!).

Josh and Sharom are talking about the PoV. Josh says that they're all playing for PoV this week (don't think so) and they're talking about next weeks HoH. They're talking about making a deal with Matt and Natalie for final 3 and assuming that Allison and Ryan are going this week.

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