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February 13 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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6:21 am BBT Good God does Parker snore loud! He puts Chicken George to shame... Jen is trying to get him to quite down by telling him to Shhhh, at one point it only made him get louder. She then (very nicely) says shhhhh and puts her hand on his arm... he quiets for a few but now is snoring incredibly loud....

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Ma is left storage room, went to kitchen, heads to bathroom, starts looking in the cabinets, hangs towel over shower door, slips off jammie bottoms from under robe, hangs them up, they fall, picks them back up and hangs them up, goes into WC, out of wc, sans shirt from under robe, sets it down, goes into cabinet grabs toiletries, goes to sinks, starts looking into the drawers to the right of sink, starts brushing her teeth, starts taking shower...

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8:21am BBT ma (sheila) just put on underwear and bra underneath the robe

8:28am BBT putting on her makeup

thanks myss911, didn't know that there was abbreviation for it, thanks

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8:33am BBT ma (sheila) enters the kitchen.

someone is breathing heavy on cam 3 or 4, not sure which one, got quad cam on

8:36am BBT ma (sheila) making coffee

8:38am BBT ma (sheila) putting some silverware away, doing some dishes like a real ma

8:42am BBT ma (sheila) heads back to the bathroom to use blow dryer and now the straightner and then puts some lotion on her legs while sitting on the floor

8:58am BBT sheila back in the kitchen doing some more dishes (wow, she is really acting like the mom of the house, gets up easy, does the dishes, wait, is she going to wake the kids up for school (haha))

9:12am BBT looking around in the cabinet on the left of the fridge for something, now sitting at flower table, drinking her coffee (probably waiting for someone else to wake their ass up)

9:17am BBT FoTH for not even a minute

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8:03 AM BBT: Someone wakes up (Nat I think...) finds her robe then puts it on. Then she goes to the storage room. (i actually think that is Sheila) Messes around in there then goe to the kitchen to put her glass away. Next she is off the the bathroom to shower., but not without using the bathroom first! Well, she does her daily morning rituals first... (Man, I cant get anything right! She hung her towel already, maybe to reserve the shower... even though she is the only one up. Lol) Ok at 8:11 AM BBT Sheila turns on the showewr :)

8:18-8:33 AM BBT: Sheila is finished taking her shower. Does more morning rituals... (She really cares about her looks. lol.)

8:34 AM BBT: Sheila is in the kitchen making cofee. (that woula been the first thing i would do... lol)

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9:37 AM BBT: WE come back from FotH to see that the HoH couple is up and now BB is saying that it is time to wake up and that the lights must remain on all day. Alex Joshuah and Nat are told to put on their microphones... People are doing their rituals... Amanda and Joshuah (? I think its him) are in the storage room. Too early to talk game i think. Food competition today? That is what Amanda is saying. Amanda is up and waking up the people who are fighting to wake up. THE HOUSE GUESTS ARE ON LOCK DOWN.

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10:20amBBT their are hg's in the Red room(Ryan,Jen,Josh) & kitchen(rest). Someone asks how to make toast. James is playing with a glass cup. tossing it into the air.

in the red room Ryan tovers Jen with pillow and wrestles with her./ in

in kitchen Shelia & Allison talk 2 each other "that Neil when he sleep sounbds like a horn" Allison Ryan is annoying loud. "I've never met anyone who snores as loud as him in my life." Shelia says "he shold have surgery 2 fix that." Allison complains to otherts that Neil snores to loud.

10:27amBBT Parker,Adam joke about calling in each other with their phone in the house.

in Red room Jen' s hand is cut open from wrestling with Ryan. Parker & Neil examine her hand. Jen said she jammed her hand in Ryan's mouth.

10:30amBBT Neil,Parker, & Chelsia in boat room. James & Matt joins then 2 minutes later.

I n Kitchen Alex says he slept so great last night. Jen shows Amanda her hand. Amanda says that gross she shold get the doctor 2 check it out. Allison eating cereal and laughs about her banana in it.(either she's playing as the goof thats dumb and gets drunk or that really her. i think "Poker Face.")

10:34am Josh & Alex talk about Josh's degree in advertising & Alex says he got that in nbachlor's degree. They are also looking at the memory wall.

The same group from above talk about how their worrying how gross the Food comp will be. Matt worrys about Snaakes(i guess he's rembering his tie on Fear Factor) James said when he was 10 his mom made a snake bite him. Neil cant beleive that. Neil said hes afraid of butterflies.

10:37amBBT Amanda is cooking, Ryan & Jen kiss. Josh cuts bread. Amanda helps Jen make toast. Jen"so which ones hot." Amanda,Shelia & Allison eat together at tiny nook table. Alex tells Jen to use alot of eggs as BB will reload them tommrow. Jen asks Ryan can you get me some butter. Alexc says he loves any female sports. He would love to see female ootbal, as he loves female lacrosse he says.

10:40am BBT the group in the Boat room is joined by Natalie and they talk about how much road kill their is.

in kitchen Amanda stops eating her toast to help Jen scramble eggs. Jen asks ryan how he likes his bacon.(Amanda is cooking everything 4 her.) FOTH

10:44amBT feeds return. in kitchen Alex has seated himself at the tiny nook table. and is eating cereal. Jen stands next to Amanda as Amanda makes Jen & Ryan'sa breakfast.

in the "room with big beds" Shelia looks in her draw & Adam watchs.

10:48am BBT Alex & Josh talk about what they think is comming up the week in competuions. Alex says he hears them building something outside.

10:49amBBT Shelia asks Adam if she's ever gonna get up.

in kitchen Alex comments how many milk drinkers their are in the house & Amanda agrees. Shelia enters along with Chelsia. Shelia says she parntered with a "yeti"(Adam) shes complains some more about him. Shelia joins Alex & Ryan at tiny nook tAble. Shelia says Adam is just looking at her all the time. Amanda stand by the table. Chelsia cooks and Jen watches. Cheslia helps Jen use microwave. Jen yells she broke her mic. atalie who's in their now tells her "you're gonna have 2 get back your pillows now."

10:56amBBT in kitchen Shelia & Ryan make fun of Alex & Amanda.

in boat room. Amanda & Josh join them and they talk about Survior.

10:58amBBT Alex & Allison enter kitchen. (allison is only wearing a towel.)

in the boat room they talk about Reality TV. they mention "Soup","Reailty Remix" & "G4"

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10:59 am BBT - Continual talk about other reality TV shows... Parker talks about all the celebs he sees and reality stars he films for TMZ. Amanda states that she loves reality TV. James says he doesn't watch TV too much, amada states that she watched CNN a lot and she gets depressed. James says that he watches Telemundo and jacks off to it (ewww) because she has big t******. They continue to talk about Telemundo shows and soap operas... the continue their talk about other TV shows.

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11:01am Natalie tells Chelsia & Jen. "When i started my Bikini.... i mean started workjing for my dad at the Bikini coffee shop."

11:05amBBT Alex has joined the group in boat room.

In Kitchen Natalie tells Jen 7 Shelia how great the food is at her father's shop. That her ucle bakes stuff. Shelia says she wishs to open a coffe shop/store.

(im out have fun Myss911)

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11:06 am BBT - Amanda talking about how she was seeing people in the mirror last night and how it freaked her out. They talk about the cameras following them and how bad it is in HOH (camera following them). They then talk about taking a bubble bath and how they took one last night in HOH and they were clothed.

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11:20amBBT Amanda,Cheslia,Shelia, & Josh sit 2gether in a room(sorry dont know which room) Shelia complains Adam is childish sayin things 2 her.

in boat room its Parker & Neil whispering

11:24amBBT Chelsia tells Josh & Neil they want Allison out & next week Parker/Jen the follwing week.

in boat room Matt & Parker complain about Cheslia. Matt says Natalie told her she wanted 2 throw comps.

in kitchen Josh/Neil complain about

in boat room Matt & Chelsia talk about Amanda.

in other room Amanda sits & says nothing. Shelia & Natalie talk and Shelia says Adam is a cryer she hopes that every1 switchs teamates.

11:30amBBT Matt mad about a Natalie sayibng she wuld throw comp's.

im out some1 plz take over!

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Matt parker james and neil talking about states and cities. There talking about how a guy on the Real World got the shit knocked out of him. Niel is now in the bedroom with them.

Now they are talking about the real world and its challenges. Alex is talking about how he got cast for the tila tequila show but he didnt go. Now there talking about how they would never do a dating show. Amanda also now joins in the conversation. James is talking about how he was smoking pot in his dorm and when New york from i love new yorks mom came on they just started cracking up because her face was like a drag queen.

James is now talking about jacing off to telamundo hosts and how Telamundo gets down with there soaps. They end up getting into a convo about Telamundo.

They are now talking about The Most Extreme elimination challenge and the comps on that show.

Talking about talk shows now like the Megan Mullally show.

Alex walks in and tells Matt that natalies upset that he dosnt hang out with her and that hes not attracted to her.

Matt is saying how natalie wants a kiss on valentines day and that she isnt going to get one.

Matt is talking about how hes not attracted to natalie and hes not trying to lead her on and how hes trying to tell her that.

Natalie and amanda tried out last season but never got called back.

Amanda talking about how she got yelled at for talking about her DR seshions and she wasnt even talking about them she was talking about her work at a drs office.

There talking about the noises they kept hearing last night. They now are talking about the bath in the HOH room and how it kept making noises.

Alex saying how he wasnt going to get naked in the bathtub if Amanda wasnt. James talking about peeing in the water.

They are talking fountains and how alex put so much suds in one it went across the street.

They now talk about the blair witch movie. I think mat or alex got payed too see it in the theatre. They also discuss Cloverfield.

now its just neil joshuah and james in the room. They talk about how people start getting cranky by 5 and by 7 evreyone gets furious.

They start talking about what happend yesterday. They are now talking about Showtime after dark.

Joshuah talking about the diffrences between him and Niel and how if he tries to flirt with neil, he runs.

They are talking about how crazy would it be if Joshuah had a boyfriend in the house.

They discuss how the week will turn out. Jen and Amanda come in the room and lay on the bed with Mat. James leaves the room.

They discuss what will happen today. The girls leave to give themselves some pedis and mat and joshua leave the room.

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12:00 BBT

Matt, Parker, and James are debating if they get 500K or only 250K if they win, insisting it had better by 500K each - even if a couple wins together.

In the spa, Sheila is telling her story of being discovered. The girls get distracted easily, but Ryan is listening. She mentions that she wants Lindsay Lo-ham to play her in the movie about Bob and the Penthouse saga. Jen corrects her with "Lohan" but Sheila covers by saying she likes the ham ending better. Amanda and Allison leave.

Natalie chimes in with some of her stripper background - how Mom found out. Jen continues on with Ryan's manicure.

12:15 BBT

In the kitchen, Josh is putting on clear nailpolish. Also in the room are Neil, Chelsea, Alex, Matt and Allison. Two feeds each on both groups. Others are in unknown places. Amanda just showed up - doing whatever with Parker's hair in the boat room.

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12:00 pm BBT - Sheila is telling everyone of her modeling career and seems to be getting frusterated because the folks have a short attention span and keep drifting from the convo. Ma says "Well to make a long story short, since we are going to be here for like months aren't we? I was trying to drag it out..." so she keep going...

12:09 pm BBT - Natalie starts telling the story about how her family found out she was a stripper because her uncle saw her driving out of the strip club. She says that her family was all calling her telling her they are worried about her and that her cousin was there and she danced for his friends. Natalie says that she was a stripper because she wanted to pay for college.

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Fireplace screen in living room just lit up with "Nominations Today." No one has seen it yet.

FoTH and back again.


per Amanda: "Jacab and Sharon were here for Thurs, Fri, and Saturday nights." (*So they must have left on Sunday.*)

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12:22 PM BBT: Amanda is talking to Parker while grooming his hair in the boat room. Joshuah (I think) is in the boat room now. They are talking about him playing football and being the center. Even though he was gay. FotH now.

12:24 BB Puts on the board that Nominations are today! No one has yet discovered it though.

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