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New Zach Interview


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Catniptoy, I realize that it is subjective, but I do not think Zach even qualifies as an artist amature or not, subjective or not, in my subjective opinion of Zach his pictures do nothing for me, I find them to be medicore at best and I find nothing about them that sparks any interest in my artistic sensibilities, and what ranjake said is what I feel kin to, the way Zach was describing his textures, etc.

I made my statement not as an absolute end all statement that ZACH IS NOT AN ARTISTE, Rather in my opinion Zach is not an artist and I have every right to not just think it but say it, nor does my opinion have to affect you in any way.

I have passion for a lot of things myself, so I understand why Zach would want to put his stuff out there as an expression, but no one least of all me said a darn thing about Zach, other than in my opinion.............you said it is wrong to JUDGE anyone, okay, I am not judging him, I was giving my opinion.

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