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July 9th Live Feed Updates

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Guest Familiar Realm
April and Jen just confirmed they are together and they are trying to figure out who might also have a partner in the house. They are saying they think James knows someone, but they didn't say who.

They said maybe James and Eric. They also said that they know Janelle & Ashlea are a pair or April said she seen them talking and that they are really close. April says "Maggie" and thinks.

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April & Jennifer are trying to figure out the pairs. April figured out about Jan & Ashlea. She guessed about maybe James & Sarah or James & Eric-I wonder what Jenn was thinking when she said Sarah. Jen didn't say anything although I know she likes him. Then April gave her advice on who to be sure she was friends with to get "in the group." April said she didn't think Jan would be here long so not to worry about her.

Howie's joking about being a twist-saying "I'm gay, I'm a raging homosexual man."

4 girls are sleeping in the gold room. They discuss that sleeping w/Beau doesn't count as sleeping w/a guy. He's one of the girls.

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Guest Familiar Realm

Ash and Mike in the Gold Room

michael- if i win and take you off it puts a

target on me

ash- they cant nom you

i did not ask you thinking

i would have asked you to compete with me and give

me the veto

ash- you think you wont use it if you win

michael- if i win and use it i will be putting a

target on my back

ash- i have never seen someone use the veto and

get nominated

michael- where are my sweat pants?

Someone opened the door in the middle of the convo. I don't know who it was though.

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Ashlea (to Michael) says Howie told her he'd compete for her and not do his best-lose for her. Mike says it's her choice. He'd compete but he'd do his best to win. He'd rather leave the vote to "fate." He feels if he uses the veto it would put a target on his back for a couple weeks down the road. Ashlea says she's never seen anyone use the veto & get nominated the next week (he said several weeks not next week).

Michael's trying to find his sweat pants-real or excuse to leave?

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Guest Familiar Realm
michael is pretty much gone looney... running around making animal noises....

I thought I would really like Mike, but he is crazy or is it an act? He makes Jase look normal. I hope he can calm down and act normal. How long until one of the girls tell him the F Off?

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Actually Janelle told him that several times last night, although she wasn't mad about it. Read the live feeds from last night-apparently he is crazy that in real life as well. He gets crazier by the hour!

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Guest Familiar Realm

howie's boob theory

Howie--you can shape boobies any way you like them

Beau--i'm dying to know what kind of shapes you can make out of boobies (lays on table in laughter)

howie--womens boobies , held the right way can really do some interesting things for a man

(jen washing dishes, howie drying, beau and rachael at table)

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Kaysar & Jan are talking at the chess board and apparently playing as well. Jan says she broke her hand in 6th grade and the kids created this rumor that she broke it from masturbating.

Kaysar talks about being beat up in school-says 1 kid smashed his face against the wall and scraped half his face off.

Ashlea & April are talking in the gold room. Ashlea was more reserved in the beginning because she didn't want to look like she was "kissing ass" getting to know Rachel. She preferred to become her friend for real. April is trying to reassure Ashlea that everything happens for a reason. So if Ash goes home, there was a reason. Ash says "I love my friends." She'd do like anything for them. Another problem is that she eats, she loves to eat but she's on pb&j so she's restricted.

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Ash says that she would be happy if she made it to the second around of nominations, basically she just doesn't want to be the 1st to go because she feels like she didn't really get the experience yet.

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12am BBtime - cam 2

Jennifer comes in -- Michael didn't tell Jenn where april was sleeping .. they talk for a bit .. beau comes in, climbs on one of the beds and begins doing a cat walk. You look like paris hilton Jenn says, ashlea says she doesn't like paris hilton. Michael enters .. 'do you think I'm sexy he asks?' He's wearing his sweatpants, and little else. (Yum!).

Michael: Jenny wants to make out with me. Jen gets up and pretends to make out with michael. 'She likes James though .. ' Howie likes Jen april says .. now michael is saying he will date Jessica Beil when she gets out. He actually means the girl from Flash Dance .. Jen like Topher grace from that 70's show.

Beau is pretending to do the flash dance. Ashlea wants to know if anyone has a sweater. April gets up to tell Janelle they're going to bed.

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Guest Familiar Realm

about 12:50am - Janelle and Kaysar on Camera 4 playing chess

K:Sorry, I'm starting to get really stressed. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight.

J: You don't need to be stressed just you know try and win the veto.

K: I feel bad that we shouldn't have had such a deep conversation. I feel bad now because your really close to Ashlea and you want her to stay.

J: Mhm yea.

K: and I hope you understand I'm not trying to get close to you to make you change your mind about anything.

J: YEa

K: or to make you fall hopelessly in love with me.

- they laugh-

K: I'm just kidding.. I know I look serious, but I'm joking.

-he laughs-

they go back to playing chess.

K: I know what I'm doing.

J: Oh I know what your doing.. you little sh-t. what the f-#k

She talks about how she broke her thumb

J: I broke it playing softball sliding into second base. I was trying to impress a guy.. show him how sporty I was.

My feed cuts out and back on again K is telling a story about his childhood

K; I tripped he grabbed the back of my head and scraped my face into the asphalt. It ripped half my face off.

J: what, oh my god

K: others time, same school, I would be drinking water and kids would slam my head into the wall.


K: you name it

J: that is horrible, kids are so mean. they are so evil

K: There was this one kid that use to bully in the 6th grade. He use to bully me all the time and I took his baseball bat because I knew he was so proud of it and loved it. I was like I'll show him, he hurt me so bad. So then and he had it taken away during class.. so I waited behind something during lunch time. said he told the teachers he was going to get something out of his of desk, but took the bat from the teachers desk. Not that I wanted it, I've never stolen anything in my life. I just wanted to hurt him as much as he was hurting me.

J: Mhm

K: so i held on to it. and like two years ago or for like the longest time I was like I wanted to give back I wanted to give it because like in islam you can't get be forgiven unless you ask the person you hurt for forgiveness.. Then my feed cut out sorry.

Now he is in the HOH room looking at the spy screen.

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Guest Shockalot
Is Howie the dumbest male on earth?

Yes he is!

And the most obnoxious and disgusting on earth.

Howie, Rachel, Beau, Kaysar in the HoH Room:

Howie talking non-stop about 'Jerking Lil Howie' about how he will do it using a condom when he is in HoH.

Previously asking to Jack-off other guests and requesting they jerk him off.

Howie now getting tips on becoming a better person by losing his disgusting obnoxious comments and attitude.

Beau is 'Breaking it down' to Howie.

Gives him many examples of future 'thrills' Howie will persue.. then suggest he will get bored.

Suggesting Howie will turn gay out of boredom.

Whoa.. Howie confronts (nicely) Beau about how Beau reconciles his homosexuality with his Christianity.

Beau is explaining that only God judges him.. and that its no bigger sin than any other including gossip (how fitting) and that everyone has to work through their own sinful natures.

Beau says he may be delivered from it in 20 or 30 years.

Kaysar asks if other homosexual Christians agree with Beau on this.

Beau explains his mother is a Minister and this is the way it is - and they have talked often about Beau working through his situation.

Beau agrees with Howies rhetorical question that only when he is in the act of having physical gay intercourse does it become an actual offense to the Lord.

Beau mentions he has only had gay sex three times [and i think he said 'with one guy']

Then agrees with Howie that thinking about it.. 'lustful thoughts'.. is also a sin.

[Actually.. this is a surprisingly deep, interesting and intellectual convo]

Kaysar comments to Howie that he is really surprised Howie would think about these things.

Kaysar says "Guys.. we are starting to speak the same language here"

Oddly enough.. Howie, Kaysar and Beau are all agreeing strongly that its the 'intention of the heart' that constitutes a 'Sin'. Example: Its not 'Money' but the Love of Money.

Howie: "Kaysar you can be the Greatest Pencil SHarpener in the World and nobody in the house will pay you for it!"

(Howie making some hilarious 'profoundities')

"An ugly Geek makes a Computer work for him and becomes rich.. now a gorgeous babe wants to marry him .. because money buys Co-OperATION" Says Howie of course.

Kaysar tells Howie that he thinks underneath all the gunk and crap that Howie has a 'Method to his madness"

Howie replies - "Everyone King Arthur Needs a Merlin"

Kaysar (seemingly happy with Howie now) leaves but not before Howie strikes again:

Howie to Kaysar: "Bro .. you got a can of steel!"

between you and Beau I cant say for sure I wont become a Homo.. If there is one thing that can turn me gay....

HOWIE SHUT UP they all say LOL!

They try and sleep now..

Howie: "Condoms are at the right of the bed!"

Howie gets up to use the bathroom but feels the need to fart really loud and yell 'Sorry!'

Howie leaving water running and in for a while but I dont think its a shower.

"Howie you are wasting water"

[ed. Please tell me he was not 'jerking lil Howie']

R, B and H all sleeping now.

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its 4:30 am EST - Kaysar, april and jennifer are talking in the kitchen talking about Kaysar not turning off the alarm clock in the mornings because he wakes up to pray.

Now talking about howie spraying the Bod right before he goes to bed lol.. Kaysar called him a 80s nightmare.

They think Howie has some type of mental problem lol they keep playing with him. April says he goes to Howie land and just zones out.

Jennifer says she has to go pee .... Again.

April says big brother keeps yelling at them to put their mic's on.

Jennifer thinks she has a UTA and April says she needs to ask the doctor for a script.

Tomorrow is their last day on PB&J.

April says no one has used the big table except for eviction.

They dont think big brother was fair not letting them get to know each other at all before the first HOH and food comp.

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Guest Shockalot

April and Jennifer Scheming away in the bathroom.

Whispering but its sounds they are agreeing that if April goes up and everyone agrees to kick her out - Jennifer should vote with the group.

April 'seemed' to suggest that if just one of them gets to the final they are going to split the cash of the winner.

April showing contempt and hate for Kaysar saying how she warned people not to coach Kaysar.

"They will wish they didnt when he is winning the money"

Kaysar cant sleep and has done 'extra prayers' because he missed a few earlier in the day. [He must do 5 prayers in a day]

He finds the girls who quickly come out of the bathroom

April "Kaysar.. we were just in the bathroom together because we knew you were doing prayers and we wanted to give you privacy"

Discussing sexual frustrations, discussing not to take gossip seriously, Kaysar explaining he is not as naive as people think he is.

Girls complaining about Howie and Michael groping them.

Lots of joking around about Kaysars insomnia.

April discussing how Howie has a heart of Gold .. they all agree that Howie is a real soft heart.

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4:43- Jennifer says that she cant do another week of PB&J, she is too weak... she says she almost fainted today.

Jennifer says that if she has to go through another week of PB&J she will have to leave the house.

April thinks jennifer is so weak because she is also on her monthly period

Kaysar is saying he feels that way sometimes even tho he doesnt get PMS. Jennifer says men get male PMS.

They are wondering if the food comp will be in the morning.

Jennifer is going to head to bed, So is April.

Kaysar has a sore throat

April and Jennifer are looking at the picture wall.

April thinks she looks 30 and grumbles and Kaysar says he looks 40.

Jennifer thinks she has lots of lines and wrinkles on her face in her picture.

April says all the girls look nakid in their pics.

April says she has alot of wrinkles but she guesses she has to age gracefully.

April says the fish are getting it on and mateing.

April and Jennifer are whispering now on the way to the bathroom but i cant hear them.. I hear your good at memory right to jennifer.

lol April and Jennifer cant find the door to the secret bedroom.

They are finaly in bed, whispering about jennifer cutting her hair.

Jennifer says another day to turn it around, to stay in the house.

April says she needs to just be herself. She asks april im ok right. April says to just be fun and interesting. Jennifer says its hard to be goofy when you have howie who is off his rocker.

April says james thinks shes a wild women even tho shes just being nice.

April says Jennifer should try hooking up with James to help her in the game.

April says the people Jennifer really needs to get to know are the head people, she says names .. something about those three.. its hard to hear them.

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April and Jennifer are still whispering I am having trouble understanding anything they are saying.. They seem to think the comp tomorrow is going to be something to do with memory.

If they would lay still i could hear them but the sheet rustle is drivin me batty

Ok they have now rolled over and looks like they are going to go to sleep. Finaly..

BTW im up at this hour because I have a really bad sunburn lmao.. so hope your enjoying

Kaysar is just laying in bed stareing at the wall lol

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James or howie is signing to someone.. to bad I dont know sign lang

Big brother went to fish

its 5:18 EST

I cant tell them apart in the dark lol

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