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July 9th Live Feed Updates

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Sounds likeSarah is upset with James. " be nice to me now"-Sahrah

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James just said Rachel didn't like kaysar because he's Iraqi

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Sarah: nobody knows we're a couple. I was cuddling with mike earlier.

James: i know, i saw, I was jealous.

Sarah: we need to get rid of jennifer this week

James: yeah janelles alliance is going home this week.

Sarah: I'm throwing it, you're throwing it.

James: I don't know if im throwing it yet.

James: we need to split up howie and rachel

James: I said kaysar who do you think is the hottest girl, he said janelle or sarah.

Sarah: I think kaysar would keep me around

James: Rachel and howie have to go

Sarah: im threatend by rachel.

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Has any one realized the time posted on this forum is wrong?  it is confusing when trying to catch up with the live feeds.    Can anyone change it? :D

Change your time in your profile to either reflect your time or bb time. You have to figure it out from Greenwich Mean Time. I think California is Greenwich Mean Time - 7 hrs, so Florida would be -4 hours. I could be wrong, google GMT to find out for sure

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Sara and James are in the hammock chatting about how they have to keep their relentionship on the down low....James telling sarah that she rubbed his leg in the LR this am. And sarah rolling her eyes that she had to give mike a massage to throw the other houseguests off.

Sarah when I first met Janelle I though she was a drag queen...HAHAHa

James to sarah I love you

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All times are GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2005 2:19 am

So for Eastern time, subtract 4 hours (Sat Jul 9, 10:19 pm)

and for Pacific time (BBT), subtarct 7 hours (Sat Jul 9, 7:19 pm)

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April & jan go outside to smoke.

Beau is making is sun tea that he makes everyday.

James & Sarah on hammock: James says it's been really hard today. Sarah asks why. He doesn't know. James says he's starting to think that other people are couples too.

April says James was being mean to her. He keeps calling her a pet name-snuggly bear? She says she just feels stupid. "I guess you're right, the money is the most important thing right now."

Sarah rubbed her hand down the side of his leg-he says but she says she didn't.

She says she's cranky. She tells James she was cuddling w/Mike earlier. She asks do people think he & I are hooking up-but knows the answer is no. It's partially a conversation over whether they should "hook up' in the house or whether people suspect me. Jan & Jennifer are going up next week according to Sarah.

Sarah-"How much do you love me?"

James-"More than you know."

Sarah-"When I first saw Jan I really thought she was a drag queen."

Kaysar thinks Sarah & ? are the hottest in the house but then he & James agreed that Sarah wins-body & personality.

James-"April is dirty. She doesn't like Kaysar just because he's Iraki." James thinks April & Jenny are a pair because April went "nuts" when he mentioned voting off Jenny.

Sarah said she slept next to James last night & left her contacts in just so she could make googly? eyes at James.

James says he can actually see a real tree.

"Hey, let's do the spin & get it over with"-Eric? This is the nightly spin for gold room.

Sarah "I'm still made at you."

James "I'll make it up to you when we get out."

Sarah "How?"

James "Lots of hugs & kisses."

Sarah "Not good enough"

James "Lots of sex."

S-"Not good enough. I want shiny things."

J like a Tiara from Tiffany's. I can't do shiny things.

Gold room-James, Howie, Beau? I got totally confused. Howie says he's gets to hook up w/ his little Jenny & Jannie.

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James: I hate ashlea, i cant wait for her to go the hell home.

Sarah: she doesnt wanna be here, she didn't even try today, she totally gave up.

James: well yeah, howie totally screwed her.

James: funny thing is, ashlea still talks like shes gonna be here.

James: ithink there might be 7 couples.

sarah: you think so?! no. who would kaysar be with?!

james: maggie, or mike.

SaraH: maggie, rachel ,michael, beau scare me

James: rachel and howie scare me the most.

Sarah: i like eric a lot.

James: if ivette wins hoh will she put me up??

Sarah: no...jen and janelle will be put up.

Sarah: today I was like, honestly its not guy vs. girl the only guys that deserve it are eric and james, because thats who ivette wants. she [ivette] know we are on the same page.

James: kaysar sad jens too much of a slut.

Sarah: she isnt sweet at all..shes so needy. if she touches you one more time i swear to god I will break her arm off.

Sarah: can we get one of these in our yard? (these = hammocks)

James: we dont have a yard

Sarah: but we will when we are married.

James: i wanna go to the diary room. i love the diary room.

Sarah: do you talk about me?

James: no.

Sarah: really?

James: well every once in awhile.

Sarah: so that buys us two weeks.

James: what if janele wins hoh

Sarah: she wont.

James: you never know.

Sarah: well if you get that cocky....I hope janelle wins. she won't put me up. she'd put up eric and mike. i'd vote mike off. you don't think she'd put up kaysar?

James: no.

Sarah: what if you were put up?

Sarah: would you be my veto partner?

James: we'll cross that road when we come to it.

James: I'm going to go. love you beautiful.

Sarah: love you too...

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James just said Rachel didn't like kaysar because he's Iraqi

Sorry it was April maybe. Can anyone confirm?

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James to Sarah on hammock-Everybody loves you

Sarah-I'm just being myself. (But she's keeping up a lie about being from Orlando like J is lying about being a teacher.)

Jenn runs over & lays across hammock on Sarah & James. Sarah looked really annoyed. Jenny wants to play a game, she's bored.

They say Ash gave up today.

James says Ash & Eric both said April's sweet & innocent.

Sarah-I'm not taking Howie home to my daddy (so Howie can call Sarah's dad Jimmy).

James-I really think there might be 7 couples -speculate about Kaysar & Maggie

Maggie, Rach, mike, Beau? scare Sarah

Rach & Howie scare James

Maggie says she really likes Eric.

James said he made up that Jan was talking shit about Ivette becuase he needed a girl on his side besides Sarah. So now Ivette trusts him & told him when Mike was talking about him.

James joked about being a little jealous about Sarah and Mike but he actually doesn't get jealous.

When they get a yard they'll have a St. Benard, a horse, & kids.-Sarah

Sarah might sleep w/Rach tongiht if James promises there won't be any girls in his bed. He promises (except maybe Beau). He is definately in the room w/Howie.

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Sarah says every area has a loser hotline-a number you give out to people that you don't want to call you. Supposedly there's a recoding that says "you've reached the loser hotline" It goes on to say maybe your fat or ugly or have bad breath but the person that gave you this number doesn't want you to call them.

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