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Things Hg's Should Buy


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What do you think the HG's should buy with their stipend or winnings ?

Dick - A couple cases of Beano

Amber - that Bible with the 'pop up pictures' in it that Jack mentioned in another thread

Dani - A years supply of Nutrament

Eric - Motivational tapes on how to relax and learn when to shut your yap

Jamica - Some soft knee pads

Zack - A course on How to Relate to The Opposite Sex

pssst... Mod.... if there's another thread in here like this... please plop this in there

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Eric - medication to control his weird facial tics

Jameka - the soundtrack of the music BB uses when she prays

Dani - long-term therapy

Amber - a picture dictionary illustrating commonly used words. Large and multi-colored print.

Zach - plastic surgery for his face, and a mirror.

Dick - a blow-up woman to play with.

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Awee.. I like Zach's face. He's far from ugly in my book ...not that I have the hots for him or anything.

I had hoped Amber would win more money on the game show to really get somewhere in life w/her kid

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Dick - "How to Win and Influence People"

Danielle - feedbag

Zach - better haircut

Jameka - a membership to E-Harmony

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