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Houseguest "isms"


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Dick - *hawks a loogie* You're going home this week...bye bye!

Eric - I'd do that for a dollar! LOL

Jessica - ????

Jameka - Mmmm hmmmm

Amber - I love you SOOOO MUCH!

Zach - (does this guy ever talk?)

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  1. I promised not to tell anybody this but...
  2. I'm a good person
  3. Thank you God
  4. I have never lied
  5. God bless you God
  6. Everything is preordained
  7. I don't know what <fill in the blank> means
  8. I'm not as small as I look (OK she only said it once but I had to include it :animated_rotfl: )
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Dick - Get the F____ out of here, nobody wants you here!! Do you want to talk.

Zack - I'll vote however you want me to, just let me know.

Jen - Whatever, I'm just a postive person.

Amber - No one wants to be in the F2 with me, b/c I'll win. Everybody likes/loves me. I'm just so liked by everyone.

Dani - I hate this house. I hate these fake people.

Jessica - OMG Eriiiicc Oh yeah Facial - squinting her eyes if she's thinking, talking or listening

Eric - I haven't decided yet.

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Dustin and Carol: "Awkward!"

Jameka: mmmmmhhhhmmm

Amber: "thank you God and God bless you." (how do you bless God?")

Amber again: "what does ____ mean?"

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Looks like eveyone has the "isms" covered.

This makes me happy that I don't have the

live-feeds. lol... I have BBAD and I fall asleep

about 15 mins. after I turn it on...better than

a sleeping pill...lol :sleep1:

JMHO :pixiedust:

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during every POV ceremony or eviction someone has to say; "...with that being said."

Amber starts every sentence with " You have no idea..." or "You don't understand...." or "what does that mean?"

Eric uses adverbs more than anyone I have ever seen...basically, normally any other words that end in LY..he also can't end a sentence...every one that comes out of his mouth has an "and" or "but"...probably so he can continue his rant and not have to field questions..he also uses words such a furthermore and nor and moot...words that haven't been used since Shakespeare days...as you can see Eric irritates the Hell out of me.

Daniele has picked up Carol's theme of "I hate this House" and "it's so hard being in here..."

I could go on but what's the use?

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