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  1. You know, I love Dick, but he is straight-up delusional if he thinks he would not have gone home without the AP vote instead of Dustin. The only vote he had was Daniele. Eric - was told how to vote by America Jessica - was swayed by Eric Zach - promised Jessica her vote Jen - didn't want to be the odd man out since she figured out the majority of the house, at that point, was with Dick. Daniele - was already in the bag That week signified the first week Eric stopped fighting America. I know Daniele is all pissed because she felt Eric didn't fight to save Nick per instructions, but he was still fighting his AP role then and not anticipating what he was going to have to do. Besides, he admitted he really wanted Nick gone, so who cares. Nick leaving brought her ass to the final two so God knows why she's still bitching. But, I digress into my rants about how much I can't stand Daniele...
  2. Loved last nights show. I was so nervous but it paid off - big time. I felt bad for Zach for a moment, although it turned out exactly the way I thought it should. I'm not sure what it says about me (and all my fellow Dick or Danielle lovers) that I would rather see them win (flaws and all) than any santimonious hypocrite donning themself a "good person." But, I won't overanalyze it.
  3. (1) Agreed. So fake and staged (2) When did the sequester footage become the Dustin show? (3) Why did Dustin say, "Now it will be Jameka, Amber, & I together and Jess & Eric..." What about Jen? What does she do with her time?
  4. man, I wish he hadn't slept with her until that AP stuff was revealed.
  5. I agree. Despite how I feel about Danielle, I really want to see D&D in the final two. That girl deserves it for all the comps she's won, for her loyalty to her Dad, for aligning when she had to and splitting off when it was necessary, and for staying out of the "good people" sinking ship. Dick, too. Unfortunately, keeping Zach around looks to have been a bad move. He was lying in wait.
  6. This is the most contentious thread on the board, by far...nonetheless, I felt bad for Danielle last night, which is saying a lot. Apparently, I don't hate her half as much as I thought I did :-).
  7. No matter how I feel (or don't feel actually) about Zach, he kicked ass in that competition. Unfortunately, from the time they explained how it was going to work, I knew it was Zach's game. Sucks for D&D.
  8. That coded letter was a misfire. God knows WHY Dick would discuss it anyway (that was stupid). But, I think it's funny that he couldn't even make out the code "E and J?." Jessica, Jen, or Jameka. Who knows? LOL.
  9. I totally respect that response (and your perspective), Deesapeek. I, personally, dislike Danielle (as I'm sure you can tell). You enjoy your day as well.
  10. Well I guess I stand corrected. 21 year old girls from Southern California act exactly like Danielle and because of this, it is wrong to blame her for behavior indigenous to her culture. Gosh, Thanks guys (and gals). P.S. I love that you just called me bitchy, whatzupbbfans. Sticks and stones, my friend, sticks and stones...
  11. I don't know my fellow posters kids so I am not directly insulting them. On the other hand, bringing a "my daughter is just like Danielle" argument to justify why Danielle isn't so bad, in my opinion, begs for an insult. I am a young woman, first of all. So, yeah, I am familliar with the ways of a young woman. And, I disagree that "that's what they're like." I'm not sure how you can justify making that kind of blanket statement. Hell, Jessica was the same age as her and didn't act that way!
  12. Part cultural? LMAO. Let me get this straight. You find Danielle's behavior tolerable and "understandable" because your own daughter acts that way ?!? Hmmm...Danielle is a bratty, selfish, disloyal bitch. And, I think stating that her behavior is "normal" for her age and culture is an INSULT to anyone her age, gender, and to the American culture.
  13. I usually never vote, but I admit I did vote to evict Danielle. I'm just so over her and after listening to Eric's sobs and her blatant snotty lie to him I would have LOVED for her ass to have been booted out. Oh, and obviously I'm an East Coaster. I could care less that she's not, though. I just care that she's her! And I'm from Maryland and I can't stand Jameka, so that hardly has anything to do with people's "supporters."
  14. I cannot believe you said that. Kaysar is Super Hot. Most everyone I know (men included) agree with that! He's gorgeous.
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